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Dude, if LSU wants Coach Vito then LSU will get Coach Vito. Don't kid yourself.
I'm rooting hard for LSU and for every other SEC team still in the mix. This said I am SO STOKED having learned that we, Texas A&M, today landed the best college baseball coach in the world! Geaux Tigers. BTHO everyone for Coach Mainieri. I sincerely hope y'all win it all this year. Next year starts a new era in Texas A&M Baseball. Good luck on your next new era, LSU.
Pretty sure all of us knew 3 weeks ago-- when we "fired" our coach-- that this guy was/is the best college baseball coach in America. Originally he claimed that he didn't have an aspirations of leaving TCU. And then Coach Paul Maneiri (sp?) retired at LSU. I then felt pretty dispelled at such an unfortunate coincidence (or was it a brilliantly tactical conspiracy?)... Long story short WE ended up with the best coach in college baseball! And now LSU has to pick from the runners-up. Learning of this hire has made my next 2-3 months. Now let's BTHO Bama and everyone else in football dadgum.
Come on, young man! Come on and help us win! We WILL take care of you FOREVER!
While the LSU and Georgia guys haggle here (and understandably so. Were we ranked in the Top 4 right now I'd be typing crazy crap all over the interweb)... Let me say THIS: Listen to Jimbo Fisher, Ags, and Everyone else: Barring a plane crash this man is building us a bonfire. This offseason we need to do two (2) things: 1) Keep Mike Elko. (Our defense played MORE TOUGH in this game vs. Georgia than we have since R.C. Slocum was in charge) and 2) Hire the greatest offensive line coach in America. (We're Texas A&M. If we thought that owning the moon would help us win national championships then we'd be drawing up the paperwork tonight). We're ONE major fix away from taking this away. Good luck LSU and Georgia. I sincerely hope you both make the playoffs. May the best men win. Just know that we are coming. Barring a plane crash Texas A&M is fuggin' coming!
Hope he goes to SMU. I root for SMU. Hope he goes to SMU and wins a lot of games there.
I have to disagree. On condition. If it's going to be the 1st or 3rd or somewhere between the first and tenth game(s) of the season then no thank you, sir. And if it's going to be played at Jerry World or The Alamo Dome then ditto. But if it's going to be played home-and-home as the last game of the regular season, either on Thanksgiving or the Friday after Thanksgiving or the Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving.. then yeah. And I'll say Hell Yeah. Let them rot in that dumpster fire of their own making for sure. Let them "battle it out" through the """grind""" of the Big 12 while we do so through the SEC. And then let us meet up at Kyle or at DKRM after the smoke has cleared. We'll be beating them AT LEAST 8 years out of 10 forever and ever.
I expect Florida and Georgia will by vying for the East for the next decade. Dan Mullen at Florida is a very dangerous situation. He can recruit and he can coach. He's one of the best of the best out there in my humble opinion. He could be out-recruiting Saban before Saban retires. The other reason Mullen at Florida is dangerous is that ala Hugh Freeze he could be busted any day in a media frenzy sex scandal. I could be wrong here... I'm only following my gut... I have NO bona fide evidence on which to base any of this... But something tells me that if Dan Mullen ever gets busted in a sex scandal then it's going to be with a couple of 19 year old cabana boys.
The Aggies' upcoming schedule is not only hands down the most difficult in America next season; it may be the most difficult this century. Maybe over the past several decades. Clemson, Alabama, and Georgia will probably be ranked 1-3 preseason, and a game against a Top 10 LSU in [the other] Death Valley PROBABLY at night? One would have to pull out the books (i.e. Google) to find a comparable grind recent college football history. Perhaps in ALL of college football history? Sewanee won 5 road games in 6 days in 1899. Could well be that A&M's challenge next season is the hardest since then! Could be that say the 1964 Michigan State Spartans had to play 5 teams ranked in the preseason Top 8... I don't know. I just pulled that out my butt. I haven't pulled out the books, yet. (But I just might over the next several anticipatory months). The fans at Clemson (among the best anywhere) will be extra fired up to prove that 2018's near loss at Kyle Field was a fluke. And so will be Dabo. When Alabama comes to town The Twelfth Man is gonna be crunk. Especially if A&M's only loss unto then is at Clemson (and it probably will be). At Georgia and then at LSU to finish the regular season? In consecutive weeks? It's going to be fun fellow Aggies and fellow SEC (and other) college football fans. We could well lose all four of these games. We could still lose to Mississippi State and/or Auburn at home. (Remember: Auburn is an every-other-year team, and so let's none of us count them out, yet. By the time we play Auburn they might be ranked higher than either of the four we're so focused on!) Here's what helps me rest easy these nights: Jimbo is going to have our hosses ready to play every game with toughness, grit, and determination. It's been a long time since I could say this. I currently loves me some Jimbo.
I love to see a good guy choosing to stay loyal to home. Hail State and Gig'Em Aggies.