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You have every right to be overconfident based on track record. What games have you watched Alabama play this year that would suggest (outside of Will Anderson) the defense is that good? I’m not making a prediction, but what are you smoking?
It’s also fair to address the fact that Georgia has been in blowouts most of the year and self imposes offensive production. They start rotating through second and third string pretty early.
They lost a lot of from the secondary from the draft and the portal, but fairly experienced everywhere else except for receiving corps.I can’t see George Pickens being ready to be a difference maker in the SECCG.
Isn’t it crazy how fast it went? I hope the Dawgs are focused in practice this week. Stay healthy and get prepared because that game is going to be a fight to the finish.
Seems like Mullen taught you all of his deflection techniques. You’re very coachable!
The Vols imploded in the Bama game. The score was more about UT not finishing than Bama dominating.
As an addition to your points, field position has played a role in fewer yardstick when you only have to go 60 yards, they don’t add up as quickly…
The three times he mentioned were SECCG wins… 2002, 2005, and 2017 (all were since 1998).
So, is it a championship mentality to fire a coach, that was an alum, and won a national title for your program?
Probably a certain transcendental player that should’ve been starting all season…
I’ll put it to you this way: Am I happy with the UGA offense? Mostly. Am I happy with a defense that shut down the “second coming of Cam Newton”? Yes. We hung 34 points on a team that had two weeks to prepare for us with QB play that couldn’t have been much worse… Oh yeah, that same gator team hung 29 on Bama. Not saying that proves anything, but it’s certainly more than nothing.
Hopefully we can stop hearing about how transcendent a certain Florida QB is…
I think the only bold prediction was a Bama/UGA rematch IF his first SECCG prediction is true. How would Bama get into the playoffs if they get “rolled”?
Peyton and Kirby are friends and there is a relationship with Matt Luke (former Ole Miss coach). I’m not saying there’s anything there, but that’s where it’s coming from…
Just curious as to why you think Richardson is unstoppable? I’m not saying that he isn’t talented, but the Alabama game should be viewed as an anomaly. That game illustrated way more about Bama deficiencies and lack of preparation than it indicated Florida’s otherworldly talent. Your team is missing far too many pieces to think that one QB would make the difference between 7-0 and 4-3. I’m not trying to be a jerk; I’m just stating facts. Grantham is a poor coach and recruiter. That part we can agree on… I think.
I know one thing for sure. That Oline for Arkansas will be a beast to contend with if Sam Pittman has anything to say about it.
So which amazing Mizzou QB has done amazing things in the NFL?
Thanks for a great read about a young man that seems to be finding his way. Great job, Latavious, and kudos to you on a well-written article, Sydney Hunte!
Ordinarily, I would agree with the above two commenters. However, after having watched Ole Miss nearly score at will, I'm not sure this won't go down to the wire. I know that the offense is a work in progress, and I know that Bennett is still less than 6' 0", but I'm not betting against that kid either. Betting lines aren't the final score, and I'll wait to see it play out. Let's see what Mac Jones does with constant pressure. Go Dawgs!
What makes you so cocky? Oh, right...
I fully expect Wisconsin to destroy, by a much larger margin of victory, Michigan State than OSU did. I think the Badgers are the best the B1G has to offer. ESPN’s prediction on the game between the two seems ridiculous.
I get that Gators’ fans are cocky @$$holes, but what has you thinking your $#!% doesn’t stink after that gift of a win? Whatever that was on Saturday against Auburn wasn’t football. Neither team wanted to tackle on defense or hold on to the ball. The entire game was laughable. Good luck the rest of the year...