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@gwhite wasn't the spread -62 in the UT vs Austin Peay game?
Hillbilly, are you seriously impressed by your Vols after that debacle today? How are you talking ANY $h!t after that train wreck? Mind officially blown...
I'm still not ready to forgive Murray for not spiking that ball in the SECCG...
@Law at the same time, Stafford's 2008 team wasn't bad either. They did what a lot of really talented Georgia teams did...underperform. That's part of why Bennett has my vote as the GOAT; he wins.
This might be the game where Jimbo pulls his head out of his @$$. Not saying it's likely but see Tenn @ S. Carolina...
Yes. Clemson isn't even a shadow of what they were and the ACC is even less so.
Isn't it crazy considering that AR was supposed to win the Heisman? Mullen was fired for keeping this "generational talent" on the bench; maybe he knew more than the clamoring fans...
I thought Jimbo was overrated, but I don't think anyone saw a 3-7 start for the Aggies. This is just brutal. The right coach could absolutely make A&M relevant. The question is whether or not they will ever find the right one...
If you really think Kirby and staff couldn't have scored more, you clearly don't know football. Go watch every game under Kirby in the second half with big leads and see how much scoring happens after halftime. It took that "explosive" offense almost an entire game to score a single TD. Lick your wounds and bury your "stats" as they mean nothing.
All things aside, I'm not sure the committee will look to put two SEC teams from the same division in the playoffs. I could be wrong, but that seems unlikely. At least for now, I see them correcting their mistakes and moving TCU in and Tennessee out of the top 4.
Two parts: Thanks for the congrats. There are plenty of good Tennessee fans, but the most vocal aren't of that variety. The vocal dawgs are barking at them. The win, regardless of history, was against the CFP #1 team (BS ranking). I'd say all of that makes the "strutting" justified. Enjoy the rest of the season!
It's not about the school or the program; it's about the meddling boosters. They should be forced by the rest of the fan base to expose who they are as a collective and hire the coach on their own. Then they should be forced to live with that choice good or bad. If it doesn't work out, I'd stop accepting a single dime of their donations and tell them to f#*& off!
UT wasn't trying to fire a first-year head coach. Auburn has amazing potential, but a crazy set of their boosters with far too much sway.
"I always hate speaking in absolutes." I literally LOL'd!
Possible, but what exactly are you basing that on? Try to guess less in your response…
EKing, he was talking about the SECCG not the basketball tournament…
Seriously, we don’t pass that much. At least not with Bennett. Go look at how many games he had more than 19 attempts. It’s a legitimate claim. I think it plays a part in us not signing/keeping stud receivers. We’ll have to wait and see if this changes. I’m still reveling in the championship, but I’m not blind. Go Dawgs!
Is your answer to put either of those teams in the East? That’s absurd BTW. It’s already ridiculous that Missouri is an East team.
Is your answer to put either of those teams in the East? That’s absurd BTW. It’s already ridiculous that Missouri is an East team.
You have every right to be overconfident based on track record. What games have you watched Alabama play this year that would suggest (outside of Will Anderson) the defense is that good? I’m not making a prediction, but what are you smoking?
It’s also fair to address the fact that Georgia has been in blowouts most of the year and self imposes offensive production. They start rotating through second and third string pretty early.
They lost a lot of from the secondary from the draft and the portal, but fairly experienced everywhere else except for receiving corps.I can’t see George Pickens being ready to be a difference maker in the SECCG.
Isn’t it crazy how fast it went? I hope the Dawgs are focused in practice this week. Stay healthy and get prepared because that game is going to be a fight to the finish.
Seems like Mullen taught you all of his deflection techniques. You’re very coachable!
The Vols imploded in the Bama game. The score was more about UT not finishing than Bama dominating.
As an addition to your points, field position has played a role in fewer yardstick when you only have to go 60 yards, they don’t add up as quickly…
The three times he mentioned were SECCG wins… 2002, 2005, and 2017 (all were since 1998).
So, is it a championship mentality to fire a coach, that was an alum, and won a national title for your program?