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Why do we have to suck so bad at everything we do? We haven’t won a thing in my entire life as a hog fan. This was the best chance we had in a long time and we just blew it.
Nah, go ahead and belittle them. They already got football.
Apparently you hadn’t been watching much Arkansas football from 2018-2019. Then again, neither was I. There was no good reason for watching it.
He is probably the worst head coach in the history of Arkansas football. He’s a candidate for being one of the worst HC’s of all time.
Why is this world filled with such pansies nowadays. People who have never even stepped on a football field are now telling us to quit tackling drills because someone might get hurt. Same mentality that made us get put on house arrest for a year. These kids need this kind of activity in their lives. They probably learned more in that five second drill than they learned through an entire year of online school.
How do you think Ohio State gets into the CFP every year just to take yet another exit in the semi-finals?
You got that right! #1 in baseball & #12 is basketball. Feels great!
You'd think they'd at least try to add an edit function to this site, but I guess not.
Surely you realize that he means that he hasn’t been able to see a lot of them in person right? Of course they’ve seen their tape, highlight reel, zoom meetings, etc.
They’re making another NCAA game?
Yeah, usually happens around here during the offseason.
Both the War Memorial contract as well as the AT&T Stadium contract expire in 2024.
Dan Mullen lives rent free in this guys head.
Thank you sir! Glad we can agree that Texas sucks.
Isn't that just the norm at this point? Not to mention how we screw ourselves over as well, with no home game after going to College Station last year and War Memorial taking away a home game every year.
We have to stop screwing ourselves over with War Memorial and Jerry World. We only have two SEC home games this year.
So they're going from national champs 20 years ago to self-proclaimed national champs? Good luck Rocky Top, at least he's better than Pruitt.
Bud, most of us go here to avoid politics, so please don't bring it here to. I'm getting sick of it.
Probably will never happen, but at least we can dream about it.
He’s right you know. The CFP loves to put Notre Dame in there just to get knocked out in the semi finals because their name gets good TV ratings. So I’m sure we will be seeing them again sometime soon along with the usual Bama, Clemson, and OSU we see every single year with no changes whatsoever.
I hope so. Nothing gets you more hyped up to watch the game more than that theme song playing over an aerial view of the stadium.
It seems like there's an article about him every week now
King Negan is always an intriguing read to say the least.