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I'm sure Pittman will keep himself on four wheels. We should be fine in that regard.
Please stop saying that we're gonna make it to Omaha. You jinxed us last year.
I understand replying to the wrong comment on accident, but an entirely different article?
Can y’all just go fight it out in a WalMart parking lot or something?
“Go figure that Arkansas scheduled a nonconference slate without a Power 5 team, and it got dealt an opener against Cincinnati coming off a Playoff berth and BYU fresh off its second consecutive Top 25 finish.” Welcome to life as a Razorback fan!
Thanks Mizzou, but we already knew y’all were a bunch of clowns. Thanks for the conformation though.
Another natty? Didn't Bama just win one in football last year? And Mississippi State won it in baseball to?
That is quite the understatement. We will never forget.
GG Georgia. Just goes to show that we still have a long, long way to go. I’m kinda bummed that we couldn’t even score right now, so I’m just gonna go cry for a while lol.
Apparently it's just a bruised knee. KJ and Burks should both be good to go for Saturday.
gg Aggies. SWC champs! Also, has there been any news on burks?
Let’s hope it doesn’t get canceled this time.
There isn't a single man in this world who I'd rather have as the head coach of Arkansas. Sam Pittman proves time and time again that he is perfect for the University of Arkansas. Yessir!!
Hey, don't compare us pigs to that of an Auburn fan. It makes us pigs look bad.
They never do. They never will. Texas fans cannot fight their own nature. A self-aware Texas fan is an oxymoron.
You seem to be just as butthurt as he is. Both of y’all won’t shut up lmfao. Look at all that bs I had to scroll through just to get down here.
Football is soon to join that top 25 list, mark my words.
A big thank you to all of the WPS’s and congratulations from our SEC brethren! Tuck Fexas and go hogs!!
Yessir! In all honesty though, and I may just be delusional at this point, but I genuinely think we could make #7 or #8 and finish the season 7-5.