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We’re choking in the postseason again, aren’t we? :(
Yep. First football season, and now this. Being a Razorback fan has been really painful recently.
Wait did they lose? I didn’t watch that game today, I kind of felt it was going to happen.
Sometimes you just swing and miss, especially in the transfer portal. These guys just haven’t meshed well at all, individual basketball instead of team play, poor defense, among other issues. But I think Muss earned himself a down year as long as he picks things back up next season.
Never change Mizzou, it’s a shame the SEC makes us play you insufferable c*nts.
I’m just convinced the universe does not allow Arkansas fans to have joy at this point.
Not the best, just the highest-rated out of high school.
We actually had Mitch Mustain for less than the blink of an eye in 2006, so I guess that might count?
This guys name has to be AI generated lmao
I swear they just smash a keyboard for these guy’s last names these days
Kill me. Shades of Bielema’s 2017 death March. I say we go 3-9 next year, calling it now. We will never be relevant on the college football world again.
This year has proven to be absolute hell for anything related to Razorback football. Way too many serious injuries and deaths from both past and current players. It’s like we are cursed or something.
A two game losing streak? I think I’ve heard of worse…
Hold up! Stop the presses! Enos is out. Hopefully Cody Kennedy is out next. I give Pittman one more season. One.
Why does this team have to give me hope I want to die give me more vodka
Nah we’re going 4-8 this year lol
What does it matter? We’re gonna get killed anyways.
First Dion Stutts, then Mallett, then Collins, now Chaney. It has not been a good summer for us…
Didn’t Orgeron say the same thing? I’d be careful where I put my two cents.
Stay bullet? Are you kidding me? Do you people not proofread ANYTHING?