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Right. I think this is a very even game between the two teams this weekend. Could honestly go one way or the other. I'll be excited to watch this one. WPS!
I don't even want to talk about Morris in general, let alone measure how much of a failure he was at Arkansas. Let's just say that Razorback fans like myself suddenly took a strong interest in basketball during those two seasons.
Is Jalen Catalon still out for the first half after the COVID postponement?
As much as I agree with you, we gotta put those games behind us at this point. This season has gone great for us regardless and we have a very promising future next season (covid permitting... fingers crossed!)
Chris predicting the Hogs to be up by 40? I mean... I'll take it!
Oh no... I guess it's been happening to everyone sooner or later but of course this happens during the winnable LSU game. Couldn't this have happened against Bama or something?
What is wrong with y'all? Watch too much Fox News and CNN? Trump isn't a fascist and Biden isn't a communist. Both of them are just senile old men who lie to your faces just to get your vote, which they then use to just sit in office doing nothing for 4 years. Wake up.
There's no point in trying to convince them anymore, although I applaud your attempt. Apparently I've figured out that it is really hard to convince Auburn fans of the obvious because it might hurt their pride. At this point, the Hogs just need to put that one behind them and focus on the upcoming games, especially next week against Florida (which might be a possible upset if we can get Pittman to pull a Saban after his positive COVID test.)
Oh c'mon, we all come here to talk about football, not politics. In fact, I'm sure that a lot of us come here to get AWAY from politics. The only thing that articles like this does is divide us all even further, when we should all be coming together as both Americans as well as football fans. Now start talking about your Week 8 game predictions or something so we can all be happy for a little while.
Well, this ain't good. Praying for Sam Pittman to get well soon and for the Hog team as a whole to stay healthy this year! It appears that nobody is safe from COVID this season and it's only going to get worse before it gets better.
Seriously! With the way he flopped, you'd think you were watching a soccer game with extra padding.
Oh lord, don't remind me of that. It still hurts...
If you would've told me last year that next year's game against Texas A&M would be called "The Battle for #2 in the SEC West", I would've thought that you were either smoking something, or that the vengeful spirit of Frank Broyles decided to come do the head coaching job for himself after growing irritated of rolling in his grave every other week during the Morris Era. So proud of Sam Pittman and this years team! WPS
Of course, I am not to say that we are without our own errors. Special teams still needs some work and going for two instead of taking the extra point eventually became deciding factors in that game, but just the fact that we are competitive is the SEC again makes me ecstatic.
We should be 2-1 right now. Just as we get out of the SEC basement, SEC officiating tries to shove us back down there. Still pissed after that game, but I've been more than proud of this Razorback football team this year. WPS.