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Ok... I'll be the first to say it. I, along with many other LSU fans, had very high hope for this season. It's another lame duck offense... again. Bama will probably be the power house in the SEC (and probably the nation) again... and Les is coaching for his job... again. Which he will probably lose. There is still time to turn things around because it is so early on in the season. But, I'm done having high hopes. I expect LSU will have a season similar to the past 2 or maybe even worse. Still love my Tigers but I'm a realist. LSU was very much overrated.
...Umm, I think it's too early to say that LSU is overrated. Yeah, we haven't played the top tier SEC opponents yet, but this weekend against Florida is our chance to show the nation what we are all about. Do I think we will go undefeated in the SEC? No. Our last 4 games will be the rough, but I do think LSU will be in the SEC Championship game.
Amari's numbers don't blow Josh's number away. Amari has more touchdowns but not receiving yards. Yes, Amari might have deserved the #1 spot but to say his number's blow Josh's away is an overstatement.
I disagree. This ranking system is based off a number of statistics put up by each quarterback. Which is why the quarterbacks are ranked as shown. Yes, AJ is a great QB but his numbers aren't up there with the listed top 3. Reason being, Bama doesn't have to rely on their QB to make the big plays through the entire game.
I'm a die hard LSU fan. Thus, I love SEC football. Even though I do want LSU to beat Alabama on November 9th, it will be very satisfying to see Alabama win out the rest of the season undefeated and beat whoever they face in the National Championship. Because they will if they get there. SEC is the dominate conference in college football and will be for years to come. Get used to it.