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King: UGA is very impressive on paper, that's definitely true. Bama, Clemson and Ohio State also have incredibly deep & talented rosters. Not a shocker that all are viewed as strong CFP contenders.
I have not dug into the issue, but my understanding is that Ohio State - along with Iowa and Nebraska - opposed sitting out the season and voted accordingly...Nebraska was in the news early, probably due to the threat of legal action. Plus, I think Frost may have said something in public. Later, as the PR disaster unfolded for the B1G top brass, Day began to makes some noise (sensed an opportunity to push the issue?) and the media confirmed the initial voting tally. Again, that's my's logical, though, as Ohio State clearly wants to play. Can't say that's obvious w/all of the B1G teams, though. I think Rutgers was excited to record 2020 as their first undefeated season.
Get your point, but intersectional conflict/rivalry - especially SEC vs. B1G - is a huge part of what makes college football so compelling. By the end of the season, when it matters, the B1G will have teams in the top ten, barring some weird COVID-related problems. In the meantime, B1G teams will be ranked, but they'll rise and fall (probably mostly the latter) in much the same way that teams do in normal years when they have byes on a particular weekend.
THIS is probably why they're good with the 21 days and 5 percent.
History makes clear that it is downright foolish to forget about Bama. Simple media types like quarterbacks, which means that Ohio State and Clemson get hype for their guys - Fields and Lawrence. They're both superb, but it's a team sport and Bama may have the best team. Time will tell.
Their other would be first rounder, Wyatt Davis, also returned to the team. He's a beast. Glad they'll have full complement of players. That's best for college football.
Apparently, Shaun Wade & Wyatt Davis - both likely NFL first rounders - will be back for Ohio State. Well, that was quick.
That's great! Hope they can pull it off.
Let's revisit the original post: "After today, the teams in the B1G are no different than those in the SEC, ACC or Big 12 -- all trying to win games and play for championships." It's a simple point. The teams in the ACC, SEC, Big 12 & B1G are all all trying to "win games" and "play for championships." Thus, on these points, the teams are alike, meaning not "different." There is nothing about number of games mentioned in the original post. "There was never any asterisks," is just dead wrong. Anyone can plainly see that the 2020 season is one huge asterisk. Oh, and by asterisk, I mean that the circumstances of the current season are exceptional, not typical, just in case that part was somehow lost in translation. Conferences in, conferences out...players opting out and, in some cases now, back in; games canceled, postponed; testing protocols; players are being held out, etc., etc., etc. It's unprecedented and it is exceptional, not typical. It is one huge asterisk. It has nothing to do with specific conferences and whether or not you personally believe that some teams have "been factors."
Looks like B1G finally took charge of the narrative. Let the kids play and the PR disaster subsides from the headlines.
Who knows if they'll be able to make it work, but it looks like they have a plan. Copy and paste (partial) from other SDS article below. "One reason the Big Ten may now feel more comfortable with fall football is advanced COVID-19 tests. Chicago Tribune sportswriter Teddy Greenstein shared an interesting tidbit from Northwestern Director of Sports Medicine Jeff Mjaanes: Big Ten teams will be able to isolate players before they are contagious by detecting COVID-19 before they become infectious with daily antigen tests." If the test works properly, the teams will be able to identify COVID-19 positive players before they are infectious. Time will tell.
Why do you think the media "fondle all over the big 10 at the expense of all other conferences," exactly? Not trying to be contrarian here, but that same media has been pummeling the B1G leadership for its handling of these issues, deservedly so IMHO, and top tier teams perennially beating weaker conference foes is not at all unique to the B1G. Personally, top to bottom, I think the SEC is the best conference. The Big Ten is second best, again IMHO, primarily because the top end has more quality teams than the ACC. FSU and Miami should be better, but as long as they're down, Clemson will thrive in conference.
Three teams from one conference in a four team playoff would be a disaster for the sport. Totally agree.
To be precise, and fair, it's the Big Ten conference that's been an "embarrassing side show," not Ohio State. Ohio State, Iowa and Nebraska have wanted to proceed w/the season since the beginning. An 8 game season is less than ideal, of course, but that excludes the B1G championship game, which makes a nine game season. That's a little better, but I do get your point. At the end of the day, it does not much matter whether we think it's fair, but it's clear that an undefeated or even one loss B1G champ will have good to great chance of making the CFP. Personally, I think it's better to settle it on the field than try to exclude the B1G right out of the box for no reason other than they played one less game. Just my .02.
Brennan is a diehard Michigan fan. She loathes Ohio State, just like her Daddy, but for reasons that go beyond the rivalry that is played on the field. Brennan, and many other B1G fans - particularly Michigan fans - view Ohio State as a "SEC North,"" which is not meant to be a compliment. Ohio State, Brennan would argue, has debased the good reputation of the Big Ten by unabashedly pursuing football championships. Brennan holds the B1G leadership responsible for the "darkest day" in league history, yes, but she blames Ohio State for using its influence to affect a policy reversal. Her references to the SEC are a not so thinly veiled means of leading the reader to conclude that Ohio State is a mercenary program, one that cares much more about winning - and money - than the well-being of its student athletes, just like the SEC teams. For less perceptive readers, Brennan added a photo of the Horseshoe to drive home this point. For Brennan, the whole thing is just so unseemly. It's irresponsible, short sighted and anti-intellectual. It's red neck, too, which is precisely what a person like Brennan thinks about the SEC and her father's old nemesis -- Ohio State, the presumptive founding member of SEC North. Funny how competition brings out the worst in some people.
...Ole Miss & Miss State to the B1G in exchange for Ohio State & Michigan? That would spice up the SEC West.
Interesting point. You may be right, though I suppose what matters most is whether and where a team is ranked at the end of the season, especially if you're a playoff contender. Time will tell.
Yeah, the B1G leadership is a clown show. For the kids, though, I'm glad they can play. College football is better with guys like Justin Fields on the field.
They look stupid, but they would have looked much, much worse had they not reversed course. Until today, the story of the B1G this season was that they were not going to be part of it. They drove a stake into that narrative earlier this afternoon. Settle it on the field. Always the best way.
I think you make a great point. Had the B1G sat out the season, there would have been recruiring ramifications. As it stands now, they'll be fine, especially the teams at the top.
It would have hurt B1G recruiting had they opted to skip the season. As it stands now, the clown show at the top will not significantly affect recruiting, at least for the top teams. As far as throwing kids to the curb, obviously B1G recruiters will find ways to spin it -- "unlike other conferences, we actually care about your health and wellness, Player X. You're not a commodity to us and you come first, always." Parent smiles, kid signs. It could have hurt them, but it's not going to now. Unfortunately.
Agreed. I'm glad they're playing, too. Inclusion of the B1G, particularly Ohio State, means that the eventual national champion will be legit. No excuses, fewer asterisks. If a team is highly ranked, then loses a game due to a Covid-depleted roster, people will wonder how things might have turned out under different circumstances, but since all teams run the same risk, more or less, it's about as fair as it can be given situation.
Agreed. I like it, too. From a bottom line standpoint, it's a shrewd move. Those games will turn on millions of TVs.