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Maybe Herman could bring along Zach Smith at no extra charge? Anyone? ;-)
So, Jumbo will be the new Saban? Hmm. Maybe, but I'm gonna have to tap the brake just a little on that one. This assumes that the NCAA can be kept at bay, right?
Good list. The current playoff season is going to rearrange the top ten.
Just my opinion, but I would not lump Notre Dame & Ohio State together the way you've constructed your point. These are very different "Northern" teams. ND has had struggles for years and their record against ranked teams, particularly in bowl games, is not good. Ohio State is a completely different kind of beast. They have a very good record against ranked teams. In fact, if memory serves, they have the best record of any FBS team against ranked opponents over the past twenty-years. They're 106-10 since 2012, Meyer's first year. As betting underdogs, they've won 9 of 10 games during that same span, including Friday's victory over Clemson. They recruit at the highest levels & rank among the very top programs for producing NFL talent. It's reasonable to question whether or not Ohio State played enough games this year, but the powers that be decided that they had done enough and, based on the outcome of the Sugar Bowl, the committee appears to have made a good choice. I'm not trying to be contentious, but based on all of this, do you really think Ohio State makes the playoffs simply because they represent for the North? Honest question.
Agreed. It would be foolish to imagine that Ohio State is somehow satisfied or spent after winning their "SB" over Clemson. SB? Was it really even an upset? Yes, they played well and with purpose, as has Bama on multiple occasions this season. But, would Bama ever be satisfied with winning a semi-final game, or beating Auburn, or winning a conference championship, or can we imagine them being just too emotionally wiped out to be ready to go hard again in ten days? Ohio State may not win, but we all know they'll bring it. Coach Saban & Co. understand this point & will be ready.
Coaches are entitled to their opinions, of course, but there is no right or wrong here. It is a subjective ranking. As fans, we argue about which teams deserve to be in the playoff every year, just as we did when we relied on algorithms to make these difficult choices during the BCS era. Personally, I think Dabo could have done himself and his team a favor by simply omitting Ohio State (or any other team that has played less than "X" games) from his ballot. Ranking them 11th, OTOH, was shortsighted, or arrogant, or both, as doing so was bound to incite Ohio State's team, particularly given the history of the series. It's a question of judgement, not right or wrong.
Cooter had it coming, that's for sure. Enjoy the offseason.
I'm not so sure Fields would call himself "well rested" after Friday. Playing fewer games cuts both ways. Yes, Ohio State has endured less wear & tear over the course of the season, but there's also no doubt that the lack of reps for younger players (Oh St secondary) carries adverse implications. Besides, I seriously doubt that Coach Saban or his team would ever cry that they lost because the "criminal" BEE ONE GEE played fewer games. That's not Alabama football. Just go play the game.
Don't know if you've heard, but this season had to be revised a bit. Playing only six games is not a strategy.
Really? Haven't we seen that movie enough? It's like Rocky VI at this point. Mixing it up, a little, is better for college football. Just not Clemson.
Possibly, but not probably. If Ohio State lacked sufficient offensive punch and big play potential, like ND, then maybe...but that's not the case. Half of Ohio State's starters were offered by Bama and vice versa. Both teams are ridiculously loaded.
Agreed. Just as we should throw out Bama's defense versus Ole Miss and Florida, we should throw out Oh State's offense vs. Northwestern or its defense versus Indiana. Transitive property has real limits.
True. Then again, maybe their opponent had something to do with the outcome. Just maybe.
By all accounts Sermon was a non-factor until the B1G championship game. Northwestern lacks playmakers, but they play solid run D. For him to go off for 331 against them was impressive, but most observers still chalked it up to the fact that he did it against NW. He looked beast on Friday, though. More than just about anything else, the emergence of a legit rushing threat in Sermon - paired with what was already a lethal passing game - makes Oh State dangerous. Smart money is on Bama, no doubt, but this is not your father's B1G Ten team.
Agreed on playing 6 games. Less non-Covid wear and tear, but also fewer reps. Oh State's secondary prob could have used the non-con schedule to learn some lessons, but they held up well against TL. Bama is a much stiffer challenge, for many reasons, but it begins with the quality of the Tide's OL.
Agreed. Plus, FWIW, his boys play for Clemson. I don't remember him saying anything about Saban needing to watch out or whatever, but I may have missed it. Doesn't sound like him, though. Heard he moved out of Ohio for a few reasons, not all of them relating to college football or fans.
Clemson's defense wasn't even lined up on numerous plays. Oh State was doing things (huddles, changing the tempo, etc.) to block Clumpson from stealing signs. Apparently, too, Clemson hired a GA from Oh State at some point after last year's semi-final. He knew the playbook and all the signals, so Oh State was well aware of need to change things up. Kinda interesting that Clemson decided to hire the kid, too.
Agreed. Both teams are silly talented at skill positions. Both teams have better line play than Clemson. Win the trenches, probably win the game.
If either team gets three defensive stops, might have a winner.
May be right, but might wanna let'em line up and play the game. Recall hearing similar things in 2014.
Alabama and Clemson earned the top seeds, no doubt. Because we've seen Notre Dame get wasted by Clemson, we expect little from them against the Tide. Ohio State is more of an enigma, though. I would put my money on Clemson, sure, but it would be a mistake for Dabo to underestimate OSU. They are as deep and athletic as anyone, far more so than ND, and they could trade punches in a shootout. Will they? Who knows, as far as I can tell, they've not played two complete halves all season. Time will tell.
I get your point, but if we're looking for a basis to understand how the committee chose the teams, three of them are conference champs. Plus, Oklahoma, another conference champion, vaulted to 6th place. They've always said it matters and their selections have generally (though not always) conformed to that logic. Agree that market value plays a role, sometimes subtly, which may explain why Cincinnati got the shaft.
I might add Georgia and ND to that list, but your point is well-made.
Bama, Clemson and Ohio State and a couple of others (Oklahoma comes to mind) habitually get the benefit of the doubt, primarily because these teams win, often, and that's been the case for generations. Bama, Clemson and Ohio State have all won natty during the CFP era.
Get your point, Pine, but I'm guessing the whining is coming from Oh State fans? Maybe message boards? As a neutral observer, the only whining I've seen THIS season came from Dabo on the Rich Eisen show. He ought to know better by this point in his career. Just my two cents.
Following the committee's logic, Cincinnati should have bumped ND, not OSU. Among the non-conference champions, though, ND beat one of the three other teams in the playoff, which would make it tough for them to push TAMU in at ND's expense.
Neither TAMU nor ND are conference champions, which is clearly something the committee values in the process. Cincinnati prob got jobbed on this one.