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Georgia has won SEC Championships in every decade since the 40s accept the 90s only Alabama has done better ..gators have only won in 2 decades and then not until the 90s ..
love it Franz Beard (gator writer)said yesterday with foley and pittman gone Georgia could no longer recruit
legacy wawawa we were missing quite a few players as well and calls went both ways and we weren't worried about your last score it used up the clock just as planned lose by 7 lose by 40 ..it is still a loss ! sit down liazrd
statistics are for losers only one that counts is in the w column and in reality last years Deandre Baker was a 3 star as a Dawg I do not believe a whole lot in stars but the people that win more usually all are in the top 5 year after year
3 wins in a row and you play 2 fcs schools out of conference but yea that hurt worse than cox..native Floridian from Ocala says go Dawgs
I do not understand the can't throw far he throws the hardest passes of all 15 yards across the field making it actually a 55 yard pass
actually Georgia's defense is ranked #5 and Gators #12
he forgot to mention Georgia's defense is ranked number 5 and the gators haven't seen anything close to that