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He is a verbal description of click bait, just says ridiculous things to get a response. My favorite was about a month ago, when he claimed to think Jimbo Fisher was a better head coach than Dabo Swinney. The likelihood of him saying that if Fisher was still at Florida State, is equivalent to the likelihood of me running the 100 dash in 10 seconds flat.
Just think how funny this could have been if said by someone with more zero career wins in Tallahassee.
In the last 5 years, they are 11-4 against the SEC. And none of those games were against Vanderbilt or Arkansas. They are 2-2 against Alabama - who else can say that? All this whining about their schedule is absurd.
If UCF wins, will we hear the same lame, BS excuses we did last year from Auburn?
You mean like 9 months ago, when they manhandled Auburn in the bowl game?
When Auburn played at home, they were the best team in the country. But alas for them, you don't get to play all your games on your home field.
Who decided UCF was an inferior team, talent wise? This wasn't a fluke. Their lines (both offense and defense) more than held their own today.
I wonder if Gus Malzahn will use a lame, absurd excuse like someone else and say his team wasn't ready to play in a "consolation game." Nah...he has too much class to do that.
That's every bit as shocking as Nick Saban saying Alabama is more deserving.
Definitely agree. All the more so when you consider Clemson has 4 road wins against ranked opponents (Louisville, Virginia Tech, NC State, and South Carolina), while Auburn has zero such victories. Even if they hadn't defeated Auburn, they should ranked higher, the head to head game is the cherry on top.
Wow, so a 2 loss team that is playing great (but still has not defeated anyone of note away from home) is ahead of a 1 loss team, who is the defending national champion, who defeated said 2 loss team, at least according to Paul Finebaum? Wow. Especially considering the 1 loss team has 4 road wins against ranked opponents, including a 24 point rout yesterday. While the 2 loss team has zero such road wins. But remember, he isn't biased.
Here's hoping Mississippi State's AD does a Bo Schembechler move, with the bowl game coming up.
Interesting how Finebaum neglected to mention that if Ohio State beats Wisconsin, they will have 2 wins over teams in the top 10. Which is 2 more than Alabama has. It's silly to take credit for a win over a 5-6 team that was grossly over-rated at the beginning of the season.
Since they are targeting a ridiculous option, I think they should just make it official, and go for Nick Saban. I mean, if you're going after someone with zero chance of winning, why not make it official? Why would Jimbo Fisher leave Netflix to join Billy Bob's corner video store?
Personally, I'd switch 1 and 2, but other than that, I like it.
He very well could be right. The problem for Oklahoma is they'd probably allow 40 or more.
Why would Franklin consider such a significant downward coaching move?
Sure it was a hold. But nobody can be blamed for allowing a receiver to get past every defender on a hail mary, except the coaches and defenders who allowed it to happen.
Marcus Spears is simply wrong. The cut block is allowed in the NFL, unless the defender is engaged already. Which is an excellent rule.
To me, it's bad enough that Ohio State is in, but even worse they are #4. I wish there was a rule that said if you don't win your conference but still somehow get in the playoff, you have to be #4. They should have to play Bama in the first round.
Wow, I figured both Arkansas and Ole Miss would each need to lose 3 more times before they were booted out of the top 25.
Is "controlling my own destiny" a code for "I don't get to play 2/3 of my games at home, or have games against Louisiana-Monroe, or have a distinct advantage over other teams in bringing in players, so I have to work tons of hours like Bill Belicheck to be successful?"
If the move is made during the season, Petrino is the most likely candidate. He's already proven he'll abandon his players mid-season once, so he'd have no problem doing it again. Herman, Shaw, Fisher, etc. all have enough integrity they wouldn't consider screwing over their players like that.
I'm kind of dubious about this. Why why they grossly overpay for a guy who was 15-17 and lied through his teeth? Is that something a team wants?
Here's hoping the next coach has the same level of success as Ray Goff. It would be just what Georgia deserves after firing a coach who has averaged 9.67 wins per year over 15 years..
Tom Osborne never coached in the Big 10, not even one game. And last time I checked, Nebraska was west of the Mississippi River. So even if you accept the claim that Osborne has undo influence (which is sketchy at best), why would he favor teams from conferences he's never had any connection with?
I'm very glad to see him referred to Pacman Jones. It's so insulting to the real Adam Jones, who is a class act and plays CF for the Orioles, to have this a-hole called Adam Jones.
It's great that he is acknowledging this publicly, although it should have been done a long time ago. If Auburn is that petty, it should be publicized instead of kept quiet. Actually, I think Corso should just do it. What are they going to do, put him in jail?