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Bama may lose to uga if we play. You can't beat a teams ass year after year. At some point they'll win one, see lsu in 2019.
Correction. Only trail by halftime. End up losing by 40.
Obscurity? That's funny coming from a fan of a team that had won nothing for 50 years. Then CNS arrived and Lsu became relevant. I know it stings that he left and ended up at the greatest CFB program. Get over it.
Not surprised at all. Historically lsu is a mid level program. Saban made them and he brought them back down.
No way I'd take Hurts over Tua or Mac.
Got that right. Hopefully your game with the barn will be decided on the field and not by refs this year.
Bama is THE GAME on every SEC teams schedule. Bama gets everybodies A game, gets the win and moves on.
Keep crying. I love when Dawgs fans cry like little girls.
Agreed. I would assume this is the perfect game to get him some experience.
Somebody has their feelings hurt. Poor little barner. At least you beat Akron.
When you beat a tough team like Akron that easily, you should be top 5.
That's funny. Have not won 1 championship and talking about a dynasty.
Every year everybody's dissing Bama. Maybe they can scrap and claw a few wins this year.
Dave Magadan in 1983 CWS was 11 for 20 and you got freaking Will Clark on the team over him.
Auburn at 15 is crazy, should be 25. Lsu at 10 is a stretch. 1,4 and 6 I agree with. Florida is too high, should be around 15.
Don't argue with lsu fans. They had one lucky season with a moron coaching them. Never happen again.
It'll end up hurting non power 5 schools. I don't think it'll hurt Bama, Osu and Clemson. I think schedules will be reduced to account for additional games. I doubt you'll ever see a 16 or 8 seed upset a Bama or Clemson.
Auburn always gets those calls at home.
You got 2 gift wins and a crappy incoming class along with a new staff. Besides Bigsby, I'm not sure what area auburn is strong in.
Guarantee they'll try to drag this rape investigation out and hope it fades away. Dirtiest program in the SEC.
The fact this cheater is on the sidelines, should be embarrassing to lsu.