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Yes, had the Florida game happened after Manziel had been on the field for at least one game, I am sure that we would have won that one, as we nearly did anyways. Aggies still lose to LSU, but they go on to win the SEC and stomp ND in the NCG like Bama did. bummer.
I agree that A&M is going to be in great shape at RB next season. Bradford being back is truly great (for him and the team), but if we are talking about replacing what Carson gave the team, Keith Ford and James White will be the two that fill that bruiser back position. Jay will be replacing what we were missing all of last season, which was a replacement for losing Trey Williams. He (and to a lesser extent Bussey) will provide some great Lightening, but our Thunder will still come from the two above. It will sure be nice having both types of backs available again... now I just hope they are used in situations that suit each of them better.
I think next year all depends on how Mazzone runs the spread offense at A&M. I think rudder is correct on most of the player info - although I am hoping that Hubernak beats out Knight, personally. I think he is a little optimistic on the final standing - but I do believe that 3rd or forth is the worst that A&M finishes. The QB doesn't have to be amazing if the system is being run correctly (which it hasn't been due to Spav's inexperience). The offense is tailored to be fast-paced with enough moving parts that it is too hard for the defense to adjust to it and predict the next play. These elements were missing in Spav's playcalling. The actual passes can be really simple, though, and we have the talent at WR to make plays. We just have been too slow and predictable. I would have been more confident if we had pulled Meachum in as OC from TCU, but I am hopeful that Mazzone brings the change we need as well.
Kenny Hill was a 4* recruit and had to sit out 1 year (this year) after transferring, which is why you haven't heard from him. He will likely start for TCU next season.
If Sumlin gets fired, A&M would keep Chavis (unless the defense falls on its face again). Chavis and Sumlin are not tied together.
Which is why I would love him to end up back as the tu HC - I love to hate that guy.
If he can't make that throw or is hesitant to make it, then he shouldn't be a QB in the NFL. More likely, though, (and I would hope this is the reason), he simply did not see the *truly* wide open receiver because he doesn't allow the play to develop at all and keep his eyes up before he decides to run it. I like Tebow, but he needs to have his head up and avoid some of these hits when there's a great options during him in the face. I think it's something he can work on and get better at it, though.
I don't think his point was that you can compete with 'average players'... I think his point was more that there is not a *huge* difference in the quality of players for the top 15 recruiting teams. If your team is consistently in the top 15, you have the talent quality necessary, but you might not have the coaching to utilize the talent to its potential.
'Brother of Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr' Ha - I bet that is a new feeling for both Derek and David!
Sumlin inherited mediocre recruiting classes from Sherman and helped develop those players into NFL Draftees. So you are saying that the fact that he has had several top classes of recruits of his own, you now wonder if he can develop them? Yes, I am sure it will be harder to develop 4/5* talent that you picked out to suit your system rather than 3/4* talent that was picked out for a Pro-Style system. That's silly.
Ricky Seals-Jones was a class of 2013 recruit. Didn't play much in 2013 before getting hurt and got a medical redshirt. So he is a redshirt Soph and Speedy Noil is a true Soph.
Of course it makes sense... he is regretting his decision to come to a school that lost to a team that OSU beat by 59 points.
" Just play ball for goodness sakes. If you play the game you state you are capable of, the cowbell shouldn’t matter." So let's turn this around... leave the cowbells at home and just play the game. Cowbells are the Vuvuzelas of college football.
Yes... and I think it should be obvious why I will be quite happy with a UCLA win. Shutout, even!
I think that is the first time anyone has considered being in Lubbock as 'lucky' :D
...and that doesn't even get into the recruitment he has done on the offensive front to staff an amazingly deep set of skill players. Arguably the deepest / most talented / youngest WR corps out there, and (with his commitment from Kyler Murray for 2015) he will have 3 QB's that could likely start for most teams (and I am afraid Kyle Allen will likely have to transfer because of this). This coach gets the talent - kids really want to play for him (and his staff). His offense and special teams are already top-notch and the Defense is going to get better and better.
Not sure how that can be attributed to Sumlin when he inherited very poor defensive talent. You will see that he has been recruiting for Defense extremely well and is even having to fill over half of the depth chart with Soph or younger. And these kids are stepping up and improving the defense immediately. I would bet that you will see a massive improvement this year (hard to get worse) - but with even more top defensive talent coming in 2015 and 2016 and these 2014 young guys getting experience, that Defense should be turned around very quick. And this turnaround will be the direct result of Sumlin and his staff's recruitment efforts.