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While I wish that were true dcroz, I think Saban has elevated Bama to such a level that it would take hiring and firing at least 2 bad candidates before that would happen. It will be interesting to see who accepts the Auburn gig with all the stipulations I hear the boosters are demanding. I thought when Gus was fired, we already had our guy but boy was I wrong and wish Gus was still head coach.
I find that surprising as well. I wonder if they were going to offer him the job with the stipulation that he keep Steele on as DC. While I would like Steele to remain as DC, Napier may have wanted to hire his own defensive staff. Although speculation is futile at this point, I cannot imagine why he would choose to stay on at Louisiana. The way this hiring process is going, I would have rather just kept Malzahn at least another year. He never had a losing season at Auburn.
Are you really saying Steele is as least as good of a DC as Bo Pellini? You must have not watched much SEC football this year if you think that. That comment is beyond ridiculous.
Agreed tide fan. While I wish Steele would stay on as DC, I will be dumbfounded if he is the next head coach at Auburn. I just can't fathom why they would pay 21 million to get rid of Malzahn and promote from within. If that were the case all along, I would have given Malzahn another year and if he did not have at least 10 or so wins, can him then (we aren't losing but a few players so that should be a realstic goal). The lack of recruiting elite OL prospects over the last 3 or 4 years is telling and may have had a factor in letting Malzahn go. I was growing weary of Malzahn but do not understand how some Auburn fans despised much and afraid we could go the way of Nebraska or Tennessee if we screw this hire up.
I believe LSU's pass rush will cause Nix to make a few mistakes that will ultimately cause us to lose the game. I hope I'm wrong but I think LSU has improved more as the season has progressed. Plus the geaux tigers and Other in seem to have our number.
Coozie I would worry more about your team. Last time I checked, they were down 21 to 2 to Kentucky.
Arkansas' new coach has done what Morris couldn't achieve in 2 years as head coach. Before last weekend, I thought this would be an easy W and a chance for Auburn to play a lot of new faces and gain experience. Now, I think the game is a toss-up and would not be surprised if Arky won.
Our OL is not physical enough to hold up against good defenses as evidenced by Saturday. When one of your starters is a former defensive lineman that just converted to OL this season it should raise red flags. Another starter is a transfer from Akron which also raises concerns.
Our OL recruiting has been pretty bad the last few years. We signed around 6 this cycle but not one 4 or 5 star. I think OL play and the offense will be Malzahn's undoing. If it starts to bleed over to the defense like it did against Georgia it could equal a losing season. I hope I'm wrong.
Judging from that performance,Arkansas has a legit chance of beating us next weekend. Even our defense looked suspect in this one. We got exposed by Georgia.
I would be thrilled with an 8 - 2 season but realistically think it will be 7 - 3 or 6-4 with losses to Alabama, Georgia, LSU (Orgeron has our number) and see Texas A&M or Tennessee as a toss-up.