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Outside of the basketball account, all of UT's media accounts are as tone def as UT's administration. Oh wait, they're run by the same people. Nevermind
Yeah, that's why y'all are sad, pathetic, and entitled. Can't enjoy anything. Lose in a very competitive and enjoyable game, and you want to burn a house down or stab people. Plenty to boast about
Vanderbilt AD and fans, My name is Butch Jones, and I want all of you to know that this coaching position is now and has always been my dream job. The prestige of this university is everything any coach could ever ask for. I have always said that anchors are my favorite nautical object, and I have an illustrious history with black (eyes) and gold (champions of life). In summation, I fully believe this university and myself are the perfect pairing. We could go together like hollow recruiting tactics and motivational cliches. Please feel free to call me any time on any day at the University of Alabama. I am there putting in work 24/7 showing my tireless work ethic and commitment to this game that I very clearly know so much about. Please make sure to use ext 409 (the laundry room) because that is where I perform my main duties and draw up my plays that I cannot wait to break out in my inaugural season as a Commodore! Your future coach, Lyle "the hardest working intern" Jones PS: I loved Lionel Richie when he was in your band!
*cough* Georgia State is ranked 42nd in the entire country, and higher than 8 SEC teams *cough*
It's hard to adjust when you can't trust the pass
I don't know. Dude got as creative as possible given the situation. Multiple offsetting looks and unique play calls. He had a great game plan dialed up, and it showed in the first half
He played high school ball in Chattanooga while living with his host family. He signed with Arizona St because his old Slovenian coach got signed on as an assistant. During his first year they fired his old coach and sent him back to Slovenia, so Uros wanted to transfer back to be closer to his host family because they're LITERALLY THE ONLY PEOPLE HE KNOWS IN THIS ENTIRE COUNTRY.
Literally ZERO reason for his waiver to be denied. The NCAA giving so much power to petty adults and denying kids an opportunity to do what they love is an atrocity.
Oh, his name is Jauan Jennings, and he's a hoot and a half. He says really fun things and has a very alpha male-like attitude. Look him up! You may become a fan or you might hate him. A lot of people, with bad taste, can't stand him. But, to be fair, he's usually the one putting a bad taste in their mouths. Anyway, have a great day.
This stems from Butch Jones' infamous (and optional) strength and conditioning program.
I'm sorry? Butch Jones left UT in horrendous condition, yielding the worst season in program history. He hops over to a rival school, and watches his team, that he mostly built, get almost 60 points put up against them. And you have the audacity to say that Butch Jones deserves to smile. It was tacky and classless. Pour into lives for 4 years then pretend they don't exist. Great job
If he knew what was best, he'd have instituted a proclamation to wear black. We're heading to a funeral on Saturday.
If that press conference was your first flag that UT isn't a good team, you obviously don't watch Tennessee football games. Which wouldn't be a big shock considering you think the QB is the biggest issue they have.
Unsurprisingly though, the Georgia defensive players, from when he was there, love him. Their quotes arent hard to find. Just because these guys scream the loudest doesn't mean they have the only opinions that matter.
Are you going to listen to Aaron about coaching qualities or Saban, Smart, and Fisher?
That young man is responsible for one of the most devestating losses in recent Tennessee history. Our hallowed university has been under a most heinous curse since the bereavement of one Phillip Edward Fulmer Sr. For a most painstaking decade, we the faithful have endured gnashing of teeth, ridicule, and yes, shame. In 1 Samuel, the Israelites cried out for a king, and though it was against the wisdom of the Lord, Saul was appointed. The faithful of our hallowed university cried out similarly with similar results. Saul was a failure, unwise, easily influenced, and a poor leader. Characteristics so easily seen in tenures of our previous kings of the football program. Just as the Israelites, we too were unwise, and therefore were to be punished for our sins... For a decade we wandered in wildness, devoid of hope, devoid of joy. Through these trials we grew more humble and understanding of our program's fall from Grace, but these trials caused the faithful to band together and grow with fervent passion not known since days of glory. And on one brisk winter morning, the faithful awoke from their slumber with a renewal of spirit, a renewal of purpose. What was this vigorousness that seemed to be rushing through those veins that had become so desolate and dry? Our eyes glistened as we watched the stage. Memories of feelings that had long been forgotten began to stir in our depths. "Let's go have fun winning championships." Fireworks of joy illuminated the souls of the despairing as their weight of sin was finally removed. Freedom... Freedom from this deplorable curse because Phillip E. Fulmer Sr. had made his triumphant return back to the program. What better way to make statement of retribution than to overcome a young man responsible for one of Tennessee's most heartbreaking moments. Keep your eyes upon that hill, dear faithful. On September 1st, poetry shall be in motion, and the resurrection shall begin as the phoenix arises. Selah.
I imagine Michael Scott saying "boom roasted" after all of these.
Everyone knows, but doesn't want to admit, that the true number 1 is Trevor Daniel. For the last few years, Butch Jones barely scrapped by with wins over teams they were supposed to blow out. Without Trevor's consistent performances, those wins would be losses and the facade of Butch Jones would have cracked even sooner.
Why? Those are just words. Tennessee fans haven't cared about journalistic opinions for the past month.
Still better than the hot garbage can we have coaching on our sideline. At least we know someone on our team is passionate. I'll take Gaulden flipping double birds on the back of Neyland over Butch any day.
I think it's perfectly fair to place UT last. This coaching staff couldn't spell football.
There is a huge problem in all of this. When the fans boo, they aren't booing the quarterback. They're booing the vanilla play calling and the coaches who can't cut it. The fact that players believe we are booing them means the coach's are telling them that we are. Butch Jones has tried to vilify the fan base, and that's not acceptable.
1.Chip Kelly 2.Mike Leach 3.Jeff Brohm 4.Justin Fuente No PJ Fleck he's Butch 2.0 with his cliches Don't think Stoops will be back for a few years Les Miles is settling for middle of the road Franklin won't leave a historic program Tee Martin was beaten by Mike Leach and has expressed not wanting to come back to TN
Could you give an example of him sucking under pressure? Given the few experiences he's had, I still can't think of any.
Haha, a lack of humor? You've obviously never seem the glory that is Vol twitter.