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As a longtime Gator, I particularly hate the block F helmet. What I like is the current script Gators helmet. Then again I'm a young whippersnapper and only remember about the last 40 years of Gator football. I realize the only way something could have sentimental value is if it were used at least 50 years ago but I guess given my short 40 years of Gator memories, we'll just have to make an exception. Really stupid article.
I have no idea what you're talking about. Florida fans treated Meyer just fine. In fact, they consistently defended him against the torrent of BS negative stories in the media catering to all those bitter fans of teams Meyer's Gators kept crushing year after year.
Quite real. What they did was spend stipend money they were entitled to by NCAA rules on impermissible items and then try to sell those items for cash. Essentially they ran a scheme to convert their stipend money into cash. Then tried to cover their tracks by claiming the cards had been stolen. Dumb but hardly some kind of crime against humanity.
LOL! You pulled the "athletic department was covering it up" claim straight out of your ass. You have zero proof for this - as usual. What Smith did was different from what the others did - as I said from the start.
Read the NYT Article. Here's an actual sentence written by Wilder as part of the paper he turned in for this class: “Brazilian coffee is one of few places that has a carnival and the coffee place a major role just as much as the dancing and the food,” This tells you all you need to know about florida state "university".
You don't know if they were trying to get more to do it again....or simply cover their tracks for the first time. If you have evidence to support your claim about what they intended, let's see it.
Nobody said it was "ok". Try to stop lying if you possibly can mmmkay?
Yes that's what I said about Smith. What he did was different from what the others did.
That matters in terms of being on some kind of hot seat? Of course not.
The only point you made is what a moron you are and how you can't back up any of your BS claims
or maybe it was just to cover their tracks for spending their stipend money on things the stipend is not supposed to cover. You of course cannot show they intended to get more stipend money issued to them as you claim.
Yes Smith's case is different because he apparently did something the others did not - which was to use a credit card with his apartment rental. That is different from the other players involved from what has been reported so far.
Absolutely nobody will miss his commentary. I notice he wasn't on the broadcast schedule released a few weeks ago. It seems more like ESPN/ABC was done with him than vice versa. P.S. Is there any way we could get Beth Mowins to adopt this stance and give up broadcasting football?
I always found the argument that "the SEC cheats" to be particularly funny coming from a school that was in the SWC. That whole conference was blown apart for the massive cheating by numerous conference members. I think Texas would have been smart to join the SEC 25 years ago but that ship has sailed. Rest assured, aTm, Arkansas and Mizzou would all vote against Texas joining now and that alone would torpedo any chance they would have. Over and above that, Texas has always exuded an air of having to be the Queen Bee in any conference. They could get away with that in the SWC and they can get away with that in the Big 12 since the entire conference is dependent on Texas eyeballs and Texas recruits. That simply would never be the case in the SEC - and that would be true even if aTm were not already in the conference. There are several major programs in the conference who have the fan support, money and recruiting base that simply would not ever allow themselves to be pushed around by Bevo behind closed doors. A situation like that is the last thing Texas administrators and boosters want.
Lies - as usual coming from you. Of course the university suspended them. Its a university investigation. Duh.
An allegation. One in which the accuser sent out text messages to her friends at the time which completely destroyed her credibility. There is a reason she didn't take this to the police. As for the Title IX hearing, UF was in compliance with the terms of Title IX. Lots of schools have qualified alums/boosters etc preside over these student hearings. Callaway was not found to be responsible for any wrongdoing - and given the plaintiff's own text messages, would not have been anywhere. He is not under Title IX investigation. That ended a while ago. His lawyer filed a Title IX complaint against UF's former general counsel for her treatment of him. That is what is ongoing. By the way, Callaway was suspended when all of this came out. He missed all of Spring and it wasn't resolved until late in the Summer. Keep spinning though., it was not "credit card fraud". It was university issued debit cards for their stipends as allowed by the NCAA. You claim UF tried to cover it up. Prove that. Oh can't and we both know that. Just more of the usual laughable rival fan BS.
What a pile of BS. Hardly surprising. If you think UF is the only program in America that has guys do minor stupid stuff like this, I've got some beachfront property in Arizona you might want to buy. Coach Mac is right - a lot of programs just sweep things like this under the rug.
What an incredibly weak article. The writer obviously hasn't done his homework and doesn't know what he's talking about. Firstly Callaway hasn't had a "major" off the field incident. The worst thing he's done is be cited for weed. Next, Thompson is not slated to start. He was 4th string before this incident. He had been surpassed by Perine last year and all reports from Fall camp are that true freshman Malik Davis has surpassed him on the depth chart already. Malik Zaire will not start. Franks was just announced as the starter. Even before that, all reports from Fall camp were that Zaire was running 3rd string behind Franks and Del Rio. Then finally, we move on to the lazy "control of the program" line of argument. Yes, several players were suspended for the misuse of stipends, but that hardly implies a lack of control over the program. Not suspending them might have led to a good argument along those lines, but suspending them surely does not - quite the opposite actually.
The WLOCP is one of only two annual neutral site rivalry games in the P5 along with the RRR played in Dallas. It is a festive occasion and like a bowl game in the middle of the season - one which both fanbases thoroughly enjoy. After almost 85 years of playing it in Jax, why should the two schools move the game? For those who don't realize this, much of South Georgia is a lot closer to Gainesville, FL than to Athens, GA. UGA agreed to play in Jax every year as a way to stay better connected to alums and recruits in South Georgia. If UGA were to tuck tail and retreat from Jax, I'm sure UF would waste no time in stepping up its efforts to poach more South Georgia talent. Playing in Atlanta every year (well other than for the SECC game which we seem to do every year anyway you mutts LOL!) would only help UF in recruiting efforts in Greater Atlanta. Is that really what UGA wants? I doubt it.
Zook was like Knute Rockne compared to Muschamp. Sure Zook had his problems and lost games he should not have, he recruited extremely well and pulled off some major upsets too. Muschamp inherited a pretty talented team after Urban Meyer's run of great recruiting and managed to run the program right into the ground immediately. UF experienced a staggering 25% decline in winning percentage from Urban Meyer's tenure to Muschamp's. The Muschamp hangover explains UF's Offensive struggles the last two years under the current regime. For example, last year 17 of UF's top 22 on Offense were first and second year players - ie recruited after Muschamp despite the fact that the new regime only had one month to recruit the first class. That tells you how utterly empty Muschamp left the cupboard on Offense.
I have a great suggestion for the media to stop being wrong about this year after year. Stop picking Georgia and Tennessee. Brilliant huh? yet it works.
The last quarterback we had start every game of the season was Tim Tebow. That was 8 years ago. The top two healthy Quarterbacks we had in the Spring are both redshirt freshman who have never taken a snap in a college game. The other guy returning is Luke Del Rio who was always noodle armed and who had surgery on both shoulders in the offseason. How the hell could Zaire not significantly improve the Quarterback situation? Even if he is just a reasonably decent backup, that alone would significantly improve the situation because history says, the Gator QB will get injured at some point. The football gods will not allow us to have a healthy QB apparently.
The last quarterback we had start every game of the season was.....drumroll.....Tim Tebow 8 years ago. Between Grier getting suspended and everybody else getting injured, we will welcome a guy who has at least been on a roster of a major program for several years with open arms. What can it hurt us? We were a couple scholarships under the limit. If all he does is provide solid depth, that alone would well be worth it.
Anybody who has watched the team for any length of time knows the problem was not and is not the backs. The problem the last two years has been the Offensive Line. Former Coach Will Musschamp signed six Offensive Linemen total in three years. He then compounded the problem by running off one or two of those. When Jim McElwain took over, he had SIX healthy Offensive Linemen none of whom had ever started a single game. Of those six, only three of them were even remotely serviceable. That is a problem that nobody could have fixed in a year or even two. This year for the first time in three season, UF should have an Offensive line that is at least decent judging from the numbers and from the experience level. That will be a titanic improvement over the last two seasons.
Its funny Luginbill says that. UF has never signed a single player from IMG Academy. Not one.
Florida should adopt the Cam Robinson policy at Alabama or the LSU policy of allowing a team vote. In other words, he should not miss a single down. Why should UF place itself at a competitive disadvantage by suspending key players when other SEC schools don't suspend their key players who get arrested. All Callaway did was smoke weed which is less than what Robinson or Jeremy Hill were accused of.
and yours means nothing to me. I'm not the one spinning some sort of conspiracy theory for which I have no evidence. You are. The state said they could not guarantee the personnel would be available. At that point it is impossible to hold a game. Those personnel MUST be available. Can you even imagine the legal liability if so much as one person were injured because cops and EMTs were not on hand? I doubt the insurance would even cover it if the AD decided to hold a game under those circumstances. No AD would choose to do that. The personnel could not be guaranteed Saturday or Sunday or Monday. The storm did a lot of damage and they were fully engaged in rescue and cleanup operations. Quit spinning BS tales based on some grand conspiracy theory about how an annual opponent was suddenly oh so scared of a 2 loss unranked team.
Wipe off your computer screen. No there was not time. We're not talking about a couple of rinky dink high schools here. These are big events with tens of thousands of fans. You keep claiming some kind of conspiracy theory on Foley's part and yet you have ZERO EVIDENCE to back up any of it. Indeed there are numerous reasons why Foley would very much want the game played in the Swamp on Saturday as scheduled.