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I may or may not be smoking a blunt as I read this article written by someone smoking a blunt about someone smoking a blunt. Brb got to check if my totem is spinning
Who cares? They bought the worst rillos though. That's the real crime. Who the hell buys games unless it's all they have?
Honestly this probably exactly what happened.
Wow. You honestly have no idea what you're talking about do you?
As a UGA fan I would want nothing more than to black out against Bama again. Have the team run out of the locker room as the band plays "we ain't Neva scared" :)
Ya'll will have your opportunity when y'all inevitably pick him up next year.
He said it was a good thing they have depth because two players got in trouble. He did nothing but state the facts.
This is historical. You are just showing your bigotry.
So you're telling me that not even 55% of Athens keeps up with the Dawgs? Yeah, okay, sure man.
Because he is graduating from FSU this spring. He will be a graduate student at Alabama so he will be exempt from the rule.
Um.... NO WAY. It was most definitely Lane.
Less than 5 grams of marijuana? come on. this kid is no criminal.
This should add some spice to the third saturday in october... not that it needed it.
God I'm so sick of you georgia "fans". Richt has us at a level many of our fellow conference members would love to be at. I will admit I had my doubts at the end of the 2010 season and beginning of the 2011 season, but since then he has proven to me that he is the right man for the job. For God's sake we were 4 yards away from a NC last year...
They better jump osu IF that happens.
It is definitely going to make me an ole miss and tamu fan for the next few weeks!
No, the problem lies in the nation's pathetic war on drugs. It is a huge waste of resources and negatively effects a large majority of otherwise law abiding citizens, and a disproportionate amount of minorities. It's silly to punish people for something that is not harmful to themselves or society. I support Scott Wesley and all the other athletes who have been reprimanded for something so minor. As far as rules and legality goes, keep in mind it was once illegal for blacks to use the same water fountain as whites. So just because there is a law, doesn't mean it is a good one.
I love how mizzou wins two sec games and here you are on every article zoucat. I dont recall you posting anything last year
You have a lot of nerve to come on here and spit some next level bullshit like that. We lost an incredible amount of playmakers on offense that no team would be able to replace. We lost more talent this year than Mizzou has ever seen step foot on its field. You dont deserve to be in the SEC if you get all cocky after one win over a depleted georgia team that has has the hardest schedule in all of college football.
I have to agree with you Madgators. Its good to see some fire coming from Nashville.
No to mention the ga tech fans and the south west georgia florida state fans (thomasville). area).
* I'm referring to Emory's list btw