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Aggierider, Bainbridge Dawg here. I know lots of FSU fans and FSU definitely was the problem in the Jimbo situation. They regret not giving him what he wanted.
This is off-topic but the alternate wildcat logo on that hoodie looks great.
Yeah Auburn is definitely a wildcard this year, but I can't see them finishing last in the west.
I agree with how absurd the Daniels statement is. He has really brought our offense to life. No other qb on our roster has proven they can carry the offense the way he has.
Lattimore was such a good RB. I hate the way his career ended. He straight terrorized UGA for years.
With the lack of depth at db for us right now, I don't think you can say he would get more playing time in Lexington over Athens right now. Would be a great get for either of us though.
Yeah what an embarrassing performance. Sucks to lose three straight at the end of an otherwise good year. I sure can’t wait to play y’all next season. Give grantham an extension lol
Can’t believe you’re openly wanting bama to win.
I mean he got 8 last year, so he has already surpassed 7 wins. Don’t listen to this gump. I think Pruitt is a good coach.
Yeah I don't know where they're getting that from, Burrow is just as athletic if not more-so than Tua.
What are you talking about? Kirby is 3-1 against auburn.
That's funny, I don't remember Mullen taking Florida to the dance.