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It’s funny because this off-season all I heard from gator fans was how much better a coach Mullen is than Kirby.
He sure can develop WAY better than Kirby. Remember guys Kirby can’t coach like Mullen!
Kirby isn’t going anywhere. UGA is his alma mater and has deep pockets.
Y’all should offer Mullen and Grantham life-long contracts.
Bullgator, I didn't say anything negative. I have thought a black on orange GA FL game would be fun for a while now. Also my degree from UGA has provided me with a great career, thanks for your concern though.
They should wear these against UGA wearing our black jerseys. Just in time for Halloween.
Burton is from Atlanta, Georgia, not Calabasas, California.
LOL. All these florida fans better keep this same enthusiasm post the georgia florida game. I just can't see EJ and company running on Jordan Davis and the UGA defense like they did on Bama.
That's true. They probably will "look beatable" against ole miss again this season too. Kiffen really has that offense rolling.
I’ve always liked Tulane for some reason. I wish we would give them an invite back into the sec.
Kirby has the highest win percentage against top 10 teams out of all previous UGA coaches. He is a far cry from Richt.
That was Logan, his older brother, who fought Mayweather.
This is the dumbest take yet. Why wouldn't they want a top 10 match-up? It's more eyes and more $$.
Weird.. I don't recall Vandy having any natty's or SEC championships.
No doubt, he would have racked up some serious cash.
I would love to play Clemson every year. The matchups against them in the past decade have been really fun.
He has to own the record for most jerseys sold by a 4th string TE.
You mean special agent Muschamp? We sent him to destabilize USCe and UF from the inside.
Mike Leach is a national treasure. I'm so glad him and Kiffin are coaching in the SEC.