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Clemson, fsu, Miami, and unc yes. Notre dame, no. They belong in the big 10 with their rivals.
Lol you aggies give Texas way too much credit. They’re not all-powerful, they need the SEC not the other way around.
I think Michigan deserves some blame as well, they would have been in the B1G a long time ago if it weren't for Michigan blocking them.
1st of his name, the Saban Slayer, the breaker of b17ches. HBTFD is what he told them.
There was a video released after his commitment of him saying he wanted to go to texas back in 2016. So this is probably the right answer.
@ PFARMER UGA had 3,778 passing yards last season. In comparison LSU had 3,308 and Texas had 2,705.
@ gwhite Our WR corps will be much healthier this year and our TE unit is the best in the country. Monken is going to exploit mismatches all year long.
Kirby's worst defense is still better than Tennessee's best. "middle of the road" drop-off, lol what a joke. UGA's offense will take a step forward this year, and the defense will only see a slight drop-off. No team in the east will be able to hang with us this year. but I see the rankings as: 1) UGA 2) uk 3)usc jr 4)tennessee 5)florida 6)mizzou 7)vandy
Gabriel, how did those players get hurt? Oh thats right playing Georgia. Is it our fault yall's S & C doesn't properly prepare your players to face a REAL team? Oh yeah since we hired Cochran I guess it is our fault. 33-18. Saban fears Kirby.
While I understand your point of view, its pretty obvious that Arch is getting this coverage because: 1) He is from a family that is "SEC royalty" 2) He just spurned the top two SEC programs for Texas 3) Texas and OU are going to be SEC programs by the time Manning plays.
I agree, its going to be exciting to see the battle for runner up in the East. (Please make Florida finish 3rd or worse)
Something tells me “Neck” won’t make it in for LSU either. It would be so awesome if they both were in though.
THIS is the real solution. Man the East would be a whole lot of fun if they did that.
I expect fsu to back up the brinks truck after they give up on Norvell.
A & M's rival wouldn't be Texas once they're added? Or I guess they would be paired with OU?
Bama hates ATM, Florida hates Jimbo. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Lets go aggies!
Speak for yourself, I love falling asleep halfway through Hawaii gameslol
If it was really that deep, we wouldn't be hearing all these excuses from fans and Saban about the top two receivers being injured. Guys would have easily stepped up right?
Negan, there's no way they would have fired Spurrier...
33-18. Gumps know Saban is on borrowed time and fear Smart and Georgia because you all know we will continue to dominate for decades to come.
@ Ron, sadly you're right... They routinely shock me with their bad decisions.