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Who are the core 6 teams you're referring to?
I would be okay with adding ga tech, fsu, clemson, or miami.
But everyone has been saying Jones is better than JT, how could his starting position already be in question before the season even starts? LOL I knew they were seriously delusional.
57939names, it isn't even true as Georgia and Florida are also public Ivies. Yet none of our fans have ever brought that up.
Houstonhorns85, actually UGA and Florida are public Ivy's as well. If you're trying to show that Texas fans aren't arrogant, you're not off to a good start.
I just can't see Texas going into "dominate" mode on the big boys in the SEC. This is our conference, and they asked to join. They aren't gonna be able to wield power over us.
I'm not sure who we would get. Would it be Miss state for the bulldog bowl? Maybe Oklahoma? I really don't know who would be a good fit. Would UF lose LSU to Bama if Bama moves East with Auburn?
I agree. Also moving bama and auburn to the east would make for some exciting games every year.
Firmly plants the SEC as the first and only true super conference, increases SOS, new rivalries as well as restored old rivalries. It's just a fun idea imo.
They wouldn't be able to. Besides A and M is the superior team in Texas currently. Why not make them a bottom feeder in the SEC?
Yeah Texas isn't going to be able to push around the big boys in the SEC like they did in the Big 12 or the SWC.
I'm for it. I hope they make OU and UGA cross division rivals if they move bama and auburn to the east and mizzou to the west.
I mean they would boost the leagues GPA and give UGA an extra OOC slot.
Right!? Me and you both. Also kudos to you for commenting on a rival’s article and keeping it classy. Respect.
Yeah its super annoying. r/cfb seems to be the only place college football fans can have an actual discussion without acting like children.
Maybe he could find a home back at ole miss where he was committed to. They definitely needed some help on defense last year. Best wishes to him.
Aggierider, Bainbridge Dawg here. I know lots of FSU fans and FSU definitely was the problem in the Jimbo situation. They regret not giving him what he wanted.
This is off-topic but the alternate wildcat logo on that hoodie looks great.
Yeah Auburn is definitely a wildcard this year, but I can't see them finishing last in the west.