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I'm even shaking after seeing this tiny picture of it on my computer.
How about remaking this list using actual country music instead of this top 40 horse crap.
The Vince Dooley statue is nowhere near the stadium.
That game is one of the main reasons why I'll always see Auburn as the dirtiest program and why I hate them more than any other team. I also remember Cam Newton mocking Aaron Murray by laying on the ground for a few extra seconds, pretending to be hurt after each play that he ran the ball. Each time he would look up with that smug smile on his face and that's why I can never like him or believe that any form of celebration he does in the NFL is nothing more than a mode to appease his ego. Him and Fairley are a couple of P.O.S's.
Big surprise, the nerds have a louder voice on reddit than outside the internet.
You guys are literally the first to always jump to comparisons with these players.
I will always be bitter against the WarPlainsTigers.
According to this logic, Georgia fans should vote republican.
So Georgia fans have been saying this for the past seven years and always catch a lot of flack for thinking we should be way better than we have the potential for, yet here Nick Saban himself has been saying it.
I don't think I'll ever be able to like the new bulldog logo
I'm not one for changing the uniform but I do like the number font.
Especially considering he had to run behind Green Bay's O-line this season too.
Say what you want about Davin Bellamy, but he is honestly the guy I'm most excited about that is returning on defense.
If there was ever any one person who could be the arch enemy of an entire sports program, Steve Spurrier is it. I have to say though, after college when I matured as a football fan (and especially now that he has retired and we don't have to play against him anymore) I've grown to actually really like Spurrier.
Who won the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry this past year?
Hey, didn't you guys lose this season?
The '81 Clemson QB wasn't just from Georgia, he was even from Athens
Why don't they just start nominating bama's offensive line for the Heisman every year?
As a UGA alumnus that graduated recently, I came into UGA seeing FL as the primary rival and I still do. Since we dominate GT so heavily it's harder to see it as a the top rivalry. I think it's just because we're in the same state and Tech fans have severe little brother syndrome and talk the most crap, and they do it in a classless way (i.e. celebrating the deaths of people like Larry Munson and Dan Magill). But after four years at Georgia, I hate Auburn more than anybody.
I thought it would be cool if the trophy was somehow related to The Ozarks, kinda like how the GA/FL rivalry has the Okefenokee Oar (even though a small part of The Ozarks technically stretches into Oklahoma but who cares about them?).
They didn't even use a UGA logo for Georgia, it's Georgia Military College's logo.