Huntingdon 08

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Hey just tried to make the classy argument after defending an LSU player that nobody has even heard of talking about the best team and coach in America...on a 20 game win streak. As an Alabama fan, I know this will be a very tough one regardless of a big mouth fan or player.
Yeah we have plenty of interchangeable pieces on our roster to handle a situation like this one...I'm more worried about punt return, although Marks looked decent earlier in the season. It's all about decision making back there
As a former player, it's nearly impossible to determine intent on these type of hits...this is how football works, you get popped. I think high contact to a stationery person, like quarterback or punt returner, warrants a flag.
My top 5 in sec: ala, tam, tenn, ole miss, and auburn. Watch out for auburn...a strong defense travels well. As funny as it sounds, having great kicker gives them chance to pull upsets down the road.
As an Alabama fan and former player, Auburn deserves and looks like a top 25 team. Great defense and close losses to undefeated teams... simple enough. Those ole miss and georgia games will decide their fate
Ok wife beater university...I mean hillbilly redneck dbag Tennessee. You suck, your team is boring, and it feels great to be a fan of the best team and coach in America
Jonah Williams and Jalen Hurts are succeeding in two of the most difficult and competitive positions on the place Gary ahead of them is just plain laughable. I agree Davidson has been very solid
Keep an Alabama fan, the endless Saban leaving talk is really old. LSU needs to forget about the past and try to bring a fresh perspective.
As a proud Alabama fan living in Auburn, I am so sick of people screwing with this tradition. Unfortunately it reminds me of how a few people can ruin everything...I'm still disgusted from Harvey Updike and more importantly how he has become some sort of hero to the psychotic fans.
Saturday down south are just more wimpy analysts who never put on a have to play this sport to understand it, straight up. Saban, like me, hates the limp d media
Oh so now Matt Barrie gives us advice on football... let's remember he never put on a jockstrap his whole life. Wimpy analysts, haha...we are the champs. That guy is pretty creepy if you actually watched him on ESPN...
All I know is that it feels so good to be an Alabama fan...I mean all you other losers make me laugh. We are the best...ever. So please suck it
Oh yeah Rick is so close to our program here in ttown... that is so hilarious. Hasn't left in ten years...let that sink in Saban haters. Maintaining dynasty while cementing status of best college coach ever seems more important than pathetic LSU
I keep hearing on ESPN how LSU just couldn't grab a top rated quarterback... maybe those idiots should do a google search of Brandon Harris. It's the development of players that killed Les
Hey doctor Larry what does the 2013 season have anything to do with his most recent 2-10 mark in the Sec? Auburn has good recruits but still gets worse so obviously coaching is the problem... better to admit than whine.
Excuses excuses excuses... Tennessee has all of the talent but seems to lack mental fortitude. I think they will have a good season but definitely something off about this team. Let's reevaluate after an sec game, VA tech is very average
I'm just wondering why booger doesn't get his chance on sec nation? Wouldn't want two black guys on the same set, huh?
I'm sorry but how can you not be sick of this guy? He isn't good at baseball, proved his lack of abilities in professional football, and makes tons of money off the field. Sounds more like a crush from you people...
So what is your argument? You say nobody wants to go there but consistent top level recruits. Wisconsin is better than Clemson? You lost me with that far as better than Les Miles, how does Houston's coach sound?
This first week of games was interesting but let's slow down all the hype. No one is ever as good or as bad as appears...even LSU will have a good season, just wait.
It's okay to be objective here or reasonable person could agree with the mess of a game malzahn called. Auburn will be fine, no need to criticize anybody who disagrees
I completely agree with you but I'm actually a huge liberal so what does that say?