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Got to quit hiring coaches who's last names start with "M" and "Z" lol
I knew this was going to happen. LSU always gives the gators fits. LSU has found their run game which is what they really needed during those 3 loses .... some balance on offense. Tigers still have a long way to go on defense but at least they still have some fight as they hit a tough stretch of 4 games. Injuries are also hurting them but they are a lot deeper than most teams.
Since when did it become taboo to complement a woman for looking sharp? He was referring to her "Western Wear" which is a lot different from the typical reporter clothing. Political Correctness has gone so overboard people don't even know how to communicate anymore!
They way this season is going, every team in P5 ACC, P12 and B12 will have 2 loses come November and ND will too. They might be best served to let the 2 best SEC and B1G teams play it out or maybe let Cincinnati squeak in too. It would be a good year to have 8-12 playoff teams.
She's a great gal, competitive and smart. She's done a lot for Tennessee and Hail State. Prayers!
The Guice incident should have been it's own entry. It will ultimately result in Ed O getting fired for cause and no buy out.
It does have the feeling of "Dead Man Walking" down in Red Stick. If Ed O is still recruiting well, then maybe he just needs too overhaul his staff starting with OC/DC and pretty much every defensive assistant. If the AD is looking for "an out" he can be fired "with cause" for the Guice incident and a few others gaffs so they won't have to shell out any Sacagawea's for his buyout. Who are they going to replace him with? Campbell, Franklin, Napier? Need a proven and mature HC to come in take the reins. Just look at what we have endured at Tennessee with Dooley, Butch and Pruitt. Trust me you don't want to travel down that road.
Yeah they aren't supposed to be on the field but this one is justified by everyone who isn't underwriting the insurance policy for aTm.
Skip the sweet stuff. taters, eggs Sausage and grits smothered in Colorado Pork Green Chili and Sausage Gravy!
Well if they tried to do that to a Bama girl, the security guard would be in concussion protocol. lol Seriously, unfortunate event but she'll have something to talk about for years and years. Starting with "There I was..."
I've read more than one comment about that. Either there is some truth to that, it's TV playing tricks or a lot of people with slight color-blindness.
Well ... they host Vandy this week. Vandy has no offense and no defense. Carolina has no offense and a pretty good defense plus and home field at W-B. Don't blow a golden opportunity.
Doesn't look good for that Carolina prediction right now.
That's my thoughts, SCAR D is good enough to keep it close but the Vols will score too many for the SCAR O to keep up.
Maybe Urban should coach the Ravens or Raiders? .....I don't like those teams.
Wyoming is a trick game because of the elevation, about 6500' above sea level. It's tied with Air Force for the highest elevation football field and really tires out players in the second half as they are constantly out of breath.
Doing ok considering we only have about 69 scholarship players.
LSU needs to find a run game and fast. That imbalance was their biggest weakness last night if you ask me.
A huge difference is only a handful of penalties, only one in the 1st half and no turnovers, no self inflicted wounds either. If we had played that way against Fl, it would have been a lot closer...not close enough to win though.
Is it Wilks or the player talent? I don't pretend to know but I know Mizzou has been a bottom tier SEC recruiting team historically but has somehow overcome that in the past. Missed tackles is my biggest observation thus far. Tennessee has only 1 penalty and no turnovers which has been the biggest thing to slow down the Heupel Offense.
My Bold Prediction: Bad day for Home Depot and Lowes as not a lot of work will get done around the house because so many people will be watching great games on TV.
Probably come down to who has the ball last and turnovers. Should be a good one for the fans, especially the ones who like high scores.
Hasn't been a good halftime show since Tom Petty.
That would be something if they were the 3 best ACC teams and UGA beat them all in the same season. 2033 ACC might not even be around anymore. Who knows.
Corral ..... JK Will Rogers and honestly if you look at the talent he has with WRs and TEs, he's probably better than Johnson at LSU.