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If he's anygood, Tennessee is thin at LB position.
UCF has one of the largest enrollments in the country. They will get a bigger stadium soon and a conference like the Big 12 would love to add the state of Florida to their broadcasting footprint.
Ark schedule doesn't look that tough especially compared to typical Arky schedules of the past. This will be the easiest schedule Tennessee has had in years. Yet we still have @AL, @FL, uGA, and about 3-4 tossup games with good teams.
Well we certainly helped them with three good transfers this year!
Nice succinct retort Negan! Between: A) The Earth is Flat B) Bigfoot really exists C) Georgia Bulldogs will win another Football Championship I think Answer "C" is the least believable....Even if you threw in the Atlanta Falcons!
Anything based off of last season's conference only schedule will be flawed. Tennessee has a much easier schedule as do many teams. I would put them around 35-40 with this schedule. Arky is well coached but I still think they lack the talent to be that high. MissSt would have to be mistake free to finish that high and Ole Miss needs to find a defense. Kentucky is a little to high as well. Mizzou has a great young QB and a super good coach but they are lacking in overall talent. They will win more than they should. LSU is embroiled in controversy but they have have talent and the defense will rebound strongly. Top3 in SECWest.
Ever since disney bought them out, they have been more of a political outlet for the left than sports reporting. They have also been losing broadcasting rights left and right and are now down to pedaling European Soccer to uninterested Yanks. What's next Cricket?
Both analysts have there good and bad attributes. I like to hear Herbie most of the times. I will say that Herbie will go to great lengths to defend Ohstate and their players/coaches. I suppose that's what an alum should do but be a little less overt about it as an analyst. FWIW I do feel that Fields has the most risk of the top 7 QBs in this draft. But he also has a talent upside better than most. I would pick Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Mac Jones and Trask ahead of him for that reason.
S u c k s when you fall off that high. It doesn't take much to bring a program down either.
The whole Volunteer state has nasty fans after Vandy swept LSU as well. lol
Mac seems like a low risk draft pick to me whereas Justin Fields is a high risk player. All he did was surpass many of Tags records without his top WR after week 4. I don't even know how Trey Lance is. Trevor and Zach are great gets.
He looks good. Great size. But I've seen better highlight tapes from 3 stars. I'm guessing it's the other measures that make him #2 overall like size, weight, speed, etc.
Let's keep those replay over and over mishaps limited to Air Force One Stairs! lol
Georgia has the depth, they will be fine. Good luck kid on the injury.
Josh Dobbs masked how bad and predictable of a coach butch jones was. Without Dobbs, butch probably gets fired after season 2 or 3 and Tennessee loses 3 - 4 more games in each season.
Oklahoma picked up a boat load of great players from the transfer portal, including 3 from Tennessee. They should be thankful they are only losing a backup QB.
Not really, their usefulness is revenue generation for the conferences, just like football.
Kind of hard to believe that Drew Lock's numbers weren't higher than they were. But Drew had a great 1-2 punch at RB. The numbers from the last three years reflect the modern offenses. It would be interesting to think what some of the QBs from yesteryear could have done with those offensive schemes (Manning, Murray, Couch, etc).
He'll get a shot at a Group of 5 school or FCS. Hopefully he learns his lesson. I certainly won't defend what he did but I made some mistakes at his age (not nearly that serious). He hasn't played since 2018 and the ACL tear, so I honestly don't know how good he is anymore.
Anybody at Tennessee that gets drafted should outperform. The Pruitt staff wasted some good talent last year.
M-Dow: Returning talent is certainly the foundation but Offensive and defensive play calling/coaching changes make a huge difference too. Also, team chemistry: Sometimes gaining one key player or losing one key player makes a huge difference in the team by creating a distinct advantage, shoring up a weakness or vice versa. Just look at what Sam Pittman and Drinkwitz did with Arky and Mizzou. In terms of WRs, you really can't separate them from the QBs returning. You lose a Drew Lock or Joe Burrough, the same WRs would probably see huge dropoffs in production.
Counting returning production from last season isn't a great analysis at all. Tennessee will be at least mid-pack on WRs with Coach Heupels proven high octane offense. More and more it appears our assistant coaches last season were severely micromanaged which stunted player development. That and the QB debacle put the brakes on our offense and wasted some great talent.
I can see the Broncos being interested in Jones or Trask to give Lock some competition. Just don't know if that's how they want to part with their first pick. It might be an edge rusher instead.
Stadium vendors are hurting. Athletic departments are losing money too. 6 more weeks of vaccinations and herd immunity. I think 35% capacity is very doable.
Just a pun because it was a car boot he removed.
I wonder if Georgia gives him the boot! lol
Well at least we get the Tennessee - Georgia game in. I wonder how much longer it will be before athletes start getting the vaccine? Probably after March madness I presume.
Kentucky had one heck of trio of RBs. I don't know how many are returning besides C-Rod. But KY needs to get some balance in that offense. Passing game cost them some games.