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Yeah the LSU fans are still waking up and shaking of their hangovers. The night game at Red Stick is much louder and rich in fandamonium!
Tom Herman is the only one on that list I didn't like.
The egg bowl will be relegated to who wins the fights now. We already know an Ole Miss blowout is looming.
I was thinking the same thing, unless there was fight or something, I don't see it happening. Of course, if it was the last game of the season, then it's more likely.
That was a big problem, you have to transition your offense based upon roster. The other problem is that MissSt hasn't kept up with the big boys in recruiting for quite some time.
One game, both head coaches fired! That has to be a first!
I hope aTm helps Jimbo fill out his unemployment paperwork. Poor guy needs to feed his family.
I bet Dan Lanning gets a good look Harbaugh wouldn't surprise me but I think he's going back to Sundays I could even see Dabo wanting a change of Greenery Send them Dion. lol
There's a good chance 3 or 4 worthy teams don't get their shot at the playoffs and get AuBURNed. I believe Auburn had 2 undefeated teams get dissed. It will be a great argument for the 12 team playoff format. Honestly I'd prefer 10 game regular season and then start with 32 team bracket!
For whoever wins it will be a great win. And more than likely a tough, competitive loss for the other team.
Pretty obvious, 3 SEC losses would automatically lock the Vols out of first place in the East. Mizzou is pretty much eliminated already as they also have 2 SEC losses including one to UGA which would be a tie breaker.
He'll be coaching the bears, cardinals or some other nfl team next season
Wright took some friendly fire in the 2nd quarter when our OL ran 10 yards and popped him in the back while trying to move the pile forward. Lucky he didn't fumble on that one.
We got UCONN to hopefully rest some OL starters. UGA will still be a tall order, even at Neyland. I think we can run very good against Mizzou, but it will be another road game...hopefully an early game. Night road games are much tougher.
Yeah but I think the Kentucky player faked an injury at the wrong time. Without that, Tennessee either has a medium FG attempt which leaves about 5 seconds on the clock or they run around with the ball and try to milk out the clock.
Well, I'm glad it's not a night game. We seem to do poorly on the road at night. Big slugfest. This is Bamas 8th game in a row. We have to run the ball against a great run defense like we did with aTm and limit the penalties, especially the ones that stall drives which really hurt us down in Gainesville.
I didn't see anything on the replay. His facial expression indicated that it was a serious injury though.
I don't see the University of Spoiled Children beating Utah, or Washington State. Toss ups with Oregon State, Oregon, UCLA and Washington. ND is probably better too.
UGA looked vulnerable all season, especially last week. Kentucky was overhyped and oversold. Kentucky picked the wrong week to play UGA as this was their 2023 coming out party. We'll see how Kentucky or Mizzou bounce back next week in a much more evenly matched bout.
Game flipping between Red River showdown and this game. Correct me if I'm mistaken but I don't think Mizzou WRs are all that tall. FSU had tree-tops playing against short LSU DBs and they took full advantage.
LSU Love um - Hate um! Still don't know how good they are with an unrestricted offense and porous defense. One thing is for certain: they have some of the most entertaining games on TV this season. Oh and they are still alive in the SECwest.
uscWest and ucla will respond with battery electric vespa scooters. lol
Their next NIL deal needs to be for Auto insurance. lol better call Jake
I agree with your predictions. Somewhere between 5-7 and 8-4 but trending towards 6-6.