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If we do this in Tennessee, Vandy will need to sell another 10,000 tickets each game.
Did he by chance call this the "Vanderbilt Doctrine?"
As long as Oklahoma is in B12, it's fairly easy to win 10+ a year. They only lost about 5-6 starters. I kind of do expect TN/KY to claw into the top 25.
Just don't lose to Florida unless it results in Tennessee winning the SEC East!
If they are all 4 competing in the fall, it could really reduce the reps to the eventual winner of the competition, unless one QB separates from the pack early. New OC, 4 new starting OL, QB with limited reps, no more Rodrigo. It's gonna be on your shoulders early area where Geo should shine. With Top 6 recruiting classes since 2015 and #1 classes in 2 of last three years, I have pity for Dawgs if things go South.
1. Smokey 2. Woo Pig 3. Lassie 4. Roosters 5. Lizards 6. Kitty's 7. Pachyderm 8. War Birds/Tigger 9. MSU Mutt 10. Geo Mutt 11. Tigger Mike 12. Land Shark/Bear/Rebel (etc) 13. Land Locked Admiral's 14. Mo Tigger III
I don't see SCar winning 3 SEC games with LSU, aTm, Fl, Ga, Ky and Tenn on their tough SEC Slate, plus a date with Clemson. I see them as 2-6, 5-7 They have decent talent and some pretty good recruits who could play right away. Best chance for an upset is Tenn or at Ky. I see them as 2-6, 5-7. This is the hottest coaching seat in SEC and team has a chance to check out if they get discouraged early or suffer more key injuries as their depth isn't as good as other teams. Kentucky will be a dangerous team to play early with that veteran team and linemen. They could upset Auburn. I favor GA over Fla because game is late in season. Early game and Fl takes it. Things like injuries due to no Spring Training/limited S&C and sudden quarantine of players could lead to some surprising upsets.
Cowboys can't afford him. Send him to the Titans or Broncos, my favs!
A bird in hand is worth two in the bush! Tennessee has a 5 star QB on campus in Fr Harrison Bailey.
I thought the 4 SEC Coaches in the Top 15 would be: Muschamp: Scorching hot seat Mason: Toasty hot seat Jimbo: Warm if he wins less than 8 games. Gus: Warm because he has bipolar seasons of greatness and disappointment but more so be cause of friction from the AD and some boosters. For Pruitt to be on the hot seat, Vols have to win less than 6 and even still, I don't think Tennessee is ready for another coaching search. Stoops, Orgeron, Saban, Mullen, Smart are all safe. Pittman, Leach, Kiffin, Drinkwitz are all first year coaches and therefore safe as long as they can win 3 games. However, Kiffin and Leach are much more capable of getting fired for non-performance reasons such as recruiting violations, personal conduct and such.
Get well soon. Sounds like an injury more than an illness with the physical rehab. 5th leading tackler, he's obviously a key cog to that stout defense.
I saw the headline and said to myself: "Definitely under". But then I see that cupcake schedule and 6 or 7 is possible. I got to thinking today at what could go wrong for teams this season. 1. More injuries due to cancellation of Spring Practices 2. Just before a game your highly favored opponent loses several players to testing positive for Coronavirus and are quarantined. And if they all hang out together, like OL or WR groups, this could be devastating and set your opponent up for a major upset. Or this could happen to your team as well. 3. Possibility of home field advantage being lost due to mandated empty stadiums or 50% capacity due to social distancing. 4. Some P5 conferences, notably Pac14, have mentioned only playing conference games this season. This could mean one less game to some teams due to losing an OOC game (AL vs USC is in week 1 for example).
I think he was just being overly political in his statement and to put pressure on governor reduce pandemic restriction currently affecting school.
There's a running joke in Volnation, that when you commit to Tennessee, biased recruiting services will automatically downgrade you.
He's a high 3* recruit that's off the radar because he's only played one year of HS Football. He hasn't been to the football camps, so he has a lower rating. As a TE, 6'7", 260lb nightmare matchup. As a DE, he would be an Ed Too Tall Jones ball swatter for QB passes. He could also put on weight and be the perfect size for an OT.
I won't rule out Clemson. Dabo is getting the most out of his players and that cupcake ACC schedule almost ensures he will be in the final 4. OSU could win it too, hope not. Bama rides on how good Mac Jones is. They would have to beat Georgia probably twice to get in, same for Georgia.
Isn't Laura a Florida Alumni? Florida has a slight schedule advantage over other SEC Contenders. Jimbo is due to earn some of his $75 million. Can he be the sleeper this year?
I mostly agree with you and see 8 wins. Gus has shown a penchant for the occasional upset. Tall order but we did it to them two years ago @Aub. I think Cats take care of MissSt, SCar and Mizzou. Plus they always play Florida tough in the early season. Vols and Cats will be another slugfest, probably low scoring game decided by a TD or less.
I like 15 wins on the over. Seriously, I see 8 wins with a possibility of a couple of good upsets. Of course, the Vols can't trip up against SCAR or KY or any other team for that matter. I think they learned their lesson last season. We have a veteran team and OL should be a strength. QB is ? and we are reloading at WR but still have great returning talent there. Special teams are solid. I feel pretty good about an upset or possibly two against the big 4: bama, OK, Fl and Ga.
Enjoy the dreary, cold Columbus winters! If that was his reasoning, he should have went to Clemson.
Is it the starkness of Starkville or is Coach Leach making um walk the plank? This kid looks good on paper. Four-star, #18 Safety from just a year ago. He could be a good addition, if he doesn't have to sit out a season. Arkansas is hiring among others! B1G could use his SEC Speed.
Well since I can't pick 10.5, I'll go with the under but just barely. Dawgs have turmoil on the offensive side, especially the OL but also QB and RB. Their defense is among the best and they rotate a lot to stay fresh. It would be safe to assume that there will be a drop-off at PK with Rodrigo gone. Even with the losses, their top 5 recruiting classes the last 4+ years should have ample replacements ready to fill in. The lack of Spring Training will hurt them more than most, especially on Offense which is more timing based. Alabama game early hurts too. I see 2 losses, but that's about it. Hopefully one of them is on 14 Nov!
I think Trask is being over hyped. I believe the gators lost quite a bit of their offense to include WRs and RBs. Their defense should be salty though. Mullen has done well in most of the close big games so far. 9-11 wins certainly possible. I would say 10 and hope one of those losses is to Tennessee. It will be a competitive game this time around. If Florida played Georgia earlier, I would favor them but after 7 games, Kirby has time for his new players to gel.
Mental Health problems are among the worst to treat. I think it is one of the most lagging for breakthroughs in the health professions. Most of the meds have god-awful side effects too. I wish him the best and hope he doesn't hurt anyone including himself.
Sounds like added depth. Of course with no Spring Training and limited S&C, this could be an awful year in NCAA for injuries. Depth will be important.
That was a reasonable comment. A great recruiting class, and recruiting momentum going forward. He didn't say this season or even next season. He implied that the team will continue to improve each season and be a legitimate competitor in 3-4 years! Heckle on but you know it's true.