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What an idiot: You can't correct one mistake (Pruitt) by replacing him with another mistake (SchiaNO!). Pruitt was a great DC and a good guy that the players and their families loved but he was a poor multitasker and he let things spin out of control. The assistant coaches under him recruited well (chaching!) but were terrible at development and game prep. He just wasn't ready for the next step. Also, college football has changed. It used to be a dominating defense (like Georgia's) could clamp down on a great offense. Now they don't stand a chance. New Coach/OC needs to be Guru for modern west-coast spread offense like bama, FL, etc.
Georgia and bama are so deep that he might not even start at those programs. He should go to a non SEC school like Mich, TX or OK. If he must go to the Left Coast then I suggest OR or WA.
Terrible write-up! Malzahn and Steele reunited. Ha No! Herman carries a lot of baggage. O'Brian is a possibility. Napier would be better Luke Fickell is another Jeff Monken from Army is a proven leader and he isn't married to the triple option that is needed for the Service Academies. He has had great defenses and Army almost beat OK in Norman. My wild card hire is PJ Fleck. He's done well at Minnesota with lower tier 3 star recruits. The only thing we know for sure is that Mike Gundy, OKSt will get another raise courtesy of the Tennessee Coaching search. lol Chadwell would do great too.
No Doubt! Some of them won't even be starters by the Spring Game or may have even transferred!
Why is Bo Nix rated so high, I'd put him 10 at best. Connor Bazelak and Will Rogers should be much higher, top 6 or 7.
If you pay taxes, you will regret this day. If you are mooch who lives on government crumbs, today's your day!
Yep 1998 is a long time ago. So is 1970 for UGA. Even longer for Miss teams, Arky, SCAR Never for Vandy.
Robinson's: Father and son combo. That's a lot of redshirting! Especially in grade school!
Get better Dude! Get those tough classes out of the way in the meantime.
You can add Eric Gray to the list unless ncaa investigation into asst coach throws up a roadblock.
He's a good position coach but a lazy, terrible recruiter.
Hockey does it a lot, especially for rivals.
I don't think Tennessee was going to clear him to play again. He has an issue with some vertebrae, narrowing of the spine issue. He's a good kid and stayed out of trouble.
I love Kamara, he is a great kid. Down to earth. I don't like the Eagles or Steelers but I always pull for Barnett, Cam Sutton, etc. I also root for other players on teams just because they are hard workers and class acts(Mahomes, Waller, Jefferson) even though they aren't on my favorite teams. I just wish our coaches would have used him much much more in College.
Are they going to try and make up the Air Force - Army game?
That was entertaining. 50 players on defense and they couldn't get the stop.
I wonder if something like this for pre-game would help numb the senses before a CBS Broadcast?
This could be tricky. If you follow your nose you could wind up eating the wrong fishy treat!
aTm is looking pretty good this year though. Winning the tough games.
All those recruits in Texas for the Horns and aTm. You'd think they would be 10+ win seasons as a floor and Top 7 recruiting classes every year. Instead AL, LSU and OK are pilfering the cream of the Texas Recruits. Texas isn't even in a tough conference with OK being the only consistent Top 10 B12 team .
I sure hope we get to play them this week. We are desperate for some good news and a win. Vandy has to be real close on their minimum numbers to field a team. Go grab some of Sarahs roomates and let the kickers play DT, lol.
TDOWTheGreat: While we're at it. Georgia football players looked real sexy with uber-thick lipstick, pumps and mini skirts as they were paraded around by their Gator and Bamer Masters. 1998 for TN seems like a long time ago but 1980 for a Georgia team so loaded with 5* talent? ....inexcusable. 50% of Americans weren't even born last time the dawgs won it all. Clemsoning has been replaced with UGAing! My apologies to the more behaved UGA Fans who this thread isn't aimed at.
I almost feel sorry for Gus. If he doesn't win by at least 17 this Saturday, he will be viewed as a failure. If his team buys in to the hype then they are in for a dogfight too. This game reeks of upset, one Gus should win but doesn't.