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I thought Florida was going to have a good defense this season. Most rated it be pretty good. Sometimes it's just a small piece missing or chemistry that screws it up.
That's cool and his parents get a little bit of financial relief too!
He played 13 games last year and none this year. Appears as though he was recruited over.
Do I think CJP is a better defensive mind than CKS? Yes But the talent gap between uga defense and TN defense is huge. And as they say defenses don't play each other, so it comes down to match ups. Can our offense squeeze enough points out of that NFL Caliber defense? Can our defense effectively shut down the dawgs offense? I figure if we can go plus 2 in turnovers, we can win the game. Odds are against us but I'm sure we will put up a better showing than Auburn did last week. Go Vols!
I think a lot of it depends on the situation. I saw a video of a woman at a middle school football game ( I think in Ohio) who was sitting 20 feet from anyone else get tased and drug from the stands for not wearing a mask. On the other hand police had to guard a man in Kentucky with the Virus because he kept going out in public and infecting others. A little common sense in both situations would be nice.
Too True, there are many other public and even private places to catch something from others. Buses, bars, toilets, school dances, malls, etc. The opt outs are the ones I don't get. Many of them still practice with their teams. I didn't know the virus could distinguish between practice and games. lol
In all honesty the number of COVID and Flu deaths combined this year are only about half the average number of Flu deaths over the same period of time in a typical year. Usually about a million Americans die each year from the flu. Social distancing, masks and sanitizers play a large part in the greatly reduced number of influenza deaths though.
So do the LSU Tigers only get four home games or do they work out a 3 way switch with common opponents to keep the 5 home and 5 away games? I say send Florida to LSU and Mizzou to Florida. lol but it won't work because they both go to Florida. LSU could host Arkansas and Mizzou could go to Arkansas. Then everyone would have 5 home and 5 road games.
I'll be honest with you, Arky looks primed for the upset right now. Auburn will get better down the stretch but right now, none of the three Tiga teams looks ferocious!
Stetson looked good on short and medium routes but has serious arm strength issues on the long ball. Once or twice the WR had to stop and wait for the ball. Somehow it was still a completion.
This is a much better list than the Author's. I would just replace Georgia OL with Georgia Defense or at least part of it...pick one. I would also add Shi Smith from SCAR and Henry To'o To'o or Eric Gray in place of Kylin Hill and?
Looked like an nba flop to me. Ref faked it.
Well at least Wilson had 119 on the ground. I honestly wasn't sure how effective he would be after the knee operation last year.
Kentucky just made far too many mistakes. They should have won this game by 14-17. They need to let the running game decide their fate not passing. With that said Ole Miss can put up some points.
Hill was clearly better than Hilinski and he knows Bobo offense better. I don't think their defense was that great. Take away some mistakes and drops and Tennessee could have put another 17 points on them. Even without Clemson, SCAR schedule is brutal and 3-4 wins would be a major accomplishment (Vandy, tossups Mizzou @Ole Miss and @Kentucky).
ABB: Anybody but Bowden. He was something else.
Besides Tennessee, who had significant players (starters) held out for COVID or contact tracing?
Tough call for Saban costume: Troll or Elf? Or Mini-Me1
Somebody want to let CBS know we almost always play in the Sugar Bowl. If only one SEC team makes the playoffs, they will go to Sugar, not Rose bowl. If two teams get in at least one will go to Sugar bowl and depending on the seedings perhaps both.
QB play was better. They also ran effectively to the left side.TB looked good, like a bowling ball at times. Tennessee did have 3 starters out on Defense but still that was a better offense for SCAR than last season. One concern is most of the offense was passing to one WR, Shi Smith....a good lockdown corner could bottle up that offense.
Concerns: sure But keep in mind: Middleton and NB Shamburger were out. McCollough was banged up and didn't play til 4th quarter so Bryce Thompson played safety, Kenneth George played CB for Bryce and Fr Slaughter played Star for Shamburger. Also, Banks had two bone head personal fouls to keep drives alive and LS was real bad at times, negating a FG and punt. We still don't have Cade Mays....will we this season? Many of these concerns will be put to rest this weekend but we still have to play harder and smarter than our first game!
I'm surprised QB Hill is still playing let alone starting after 3 ACL tears.
I would imagine Hill was much more familiar with the offensive schema from Bobo since he played for him at Colorado State. I don't think there is too much separation between Hill and Hilinski.
Florida instead of Mizzou would be nice. lol Then Bama would have the Top 4 SECe teams with GA, FL, TN & KY. Bama obviously didn't benefit as much as GA and FL did. As for Tennessee, I think it was somewhat fair with Vols picking up Aub and aTm. I would rather have Ole Miss & MissSt for Lane Kiffin and almost hired HC Leech. Those two would have made for some good football drama.
That's a real tough and ugly opener for Auburn who I'm hearing lost 14 starters. I think Kentucky brings about 15 starters back. Kentucky is built for the OL and DL trenches. Auburn has new OC and OL with no spring ball. Home field advantage effectively negated too.
I doubt it but you have a great HC now and vg DC. In three years Arky will be a force to reckon with in SECwest. Your schedule is beyond ugly with the top 7 teams in the SEC.