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Well he's already had the virus. If he can gain some traction on rehab, he could still play, assuming you can't catch it twice (jury is still out on that one but probably not).
Well if there ever was a year to get suspended this would be it. The Red_Things didn't get a very good ROI with Guice. I wonder if they get a compensational pick?
New OC and you pull MissSt and Arky. Good luck with that! I feel your pain!
They should have kept Notre Dame game to soften up the schedule!
By my count Arky plays the 7 toughest teams in the SEC but doesn't have to play #8 UK which is nearly or on par with #7 Tennessee.
We are losing the bidding war to Georgia and Florida. A few months ago, everyone was like...."this is finally the year that Georgia has a tougher schedule!" Scratch that statement and then some. Miss St and Arky, who could ask for more! Florida did ok too with aTm and Arky. Who did they Pizz off? Arky plays top 7 teams in SEC: bama, UGA, FL, LSU, aTm, Aub, Tennessee. At least they got a pass on Kentucky.
As Vandy goes (kicker opts out), Auburn goes! Sucks for Auburn but they have better depth than most teams in SEC. I'd be more worried about the chemistry between new OC and Gus and implementing new system with legacy players....oh and replacing those incredible DL from last season.
This should be a pretty easy decision: If you are a starter for Florida, Georgia or Bama, then you should opt out of the 2020 season. lol
If Mason and Muschamp only win two games this season, I hope they are against Florida and Georgia. lol
If Auburn is known for one thing, it's probably DL. No disrespect to Bo either.
What will they get? A 33% interest in a 25 year old single-wide trailer. Better hope those dust mites are worth something! Plus I heard he was turrible at landscaping!
Can't wait for the SEC to mandate fanless stadiums (sarcasm) They should have went with the 10+1 to preserve rivalry games between ACC-SEC.
They should give TN Ole Miss and Miss St. Then we'd have the Kiffin reunion in Knoxville and Mike Leech who was almost our coach in a botched coaching search hosting UT in Starkville. MissSt could even have Greg SchiaNO be a guest of honor. lol That would be some made for TV ratings right there!
If you are gonna allow ACC teams to do a 10 game conference +1 schedule, then why take away the opportunity from NC? I can see cancelling Georgia as they still have GT rivalry game. Maybe replace them with another SEC team such as bama, Vandy, etc.
I seriously don't see LSU losing to Florida but it will be a back yard brawl to the end.
My bold prediction is that at least 8 of these bold predictions will not happen this season. Next year anything is possible for uga.
Jim Chaney hold the highest winning percentage as a Head Coach in Tennessee 100% wins, 0% losses. Just sayin!
They should probably change that from in-state only to a 300 mile-ish radius. That way if Tennessee - OK game is cancelled, then Tennessee and perhaps even Vandy/AL teams could play ACC teams for the conference +1 game. At present there isn't an ACC-SEC rivalry game for NC, NCst, Duke, Wake, VT and VA, etc. TN and Vandy playing teams from NC/VA would make since and fill that +1 requirement with a very desirable game. You could extend that to the Alabama teams too. Every one else should play a B12 team for that +1 game or Miami.
That should be enough to knock him down to 2nd overall in the 2021 draft! lol
Tennessee should add Ole Miss and Miss St to their normal eight games which includes bama and @arky. This would be good for the Kiffin reunion in Knoxville and almost hired Mike Leech in botched but happy ending coaching search to replace butchy. As far as our +1 game: it could either be @Oklahoma or an ACC team like NC, NCst, VT or Duke. This is going to be a tough revenue year for Group of 5 and FCS programs. Some may never recover and that would be a shame. Those blowout games with P5 teams like TN, LSU, Mich, OK, etc generate up to a years worth of athletic department revenue for the small schools.
It's for the best, hopefully he has a productive life after football.
Yeah, I feel your pain. We already lost at least one starter (Pope TE back surgery) and potential starter at DL (Gooden - Dismissed). We didn't have Gooden last season due to ACL, so we should be ok there but we are thin at TE.
At 34 yards per punt average, he'll be sorely the other 13 SEC teams.
ND is like an pseudo member of ACC and normally plays 5 ACC teams a year, so 10 games wouldn't be that much of a stretch, especially with games against uscW, and other B1G/P12 teams being cancelled.
True on the recruiting but you also have to consider transfer portal attrition under Morris which will take Pittman a year or two to correct.
Even with Odom, I felt like Mizzou produced more wins than their talent level should. The reason Mizzou lost to Wyoming is that their stadium along with Air Force is the highest elevation in NCAA, about 6,500 above sea level. Mizzou had a big lead in the first half and then ran out of gas at the higher elevation, squandering a big lead.
Initially I had a problem aTm at second but you look at that schedule: Crossover games: @SCAR, Vandy @aub @bama LSU at Kyle Field Got to be the best schedule for an SEC West team!