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Maybe one day you Georgia fans will be able to experience the feeling of winning a national championship. Any UGA fan under 40 has never had that experience. Maybe yall would settle for at least playing in one???
I can actually see Auburn having about the same average as last year because two of Auburn's biggest rivals (Georgia and Alabama) were played at home. No matter how bad your team is, people still want to watch the big rivalry games. Last year Auburn had a better record but played Georgia and Alabama away so things just evened out this year.
Auburn should be expected to do better this year because their defense should be expected to be better. The combination of the addition of Muschamp and several important key players (the return of Carl Lawson, Tray Matthews being eligible again after transferring, and several returning experienced linebackers (Frost and McKinzy)) should help boost Auburn's defense to perform better than last year. With even a slightly better defense, Auburn would not have lost to A&M or Wisconsin last year bringing their loss total to 3. I don't expect Muschamp to completely fix things in 1 or even 2 years so I expect Auburn to lose 2-3 games this year which is still better than last year
Double O must stand for the number of SEC wins UT will have next year
Other than Winston pushing a ref, FSU has been pretty clean on the field and the sidelines this year. Off the field is a completely different story though