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lmao at this guy talking about qbs in next years draft like caleb williams, quin ewers, drake maye and sam hartman arent better prospects way higher up on boards.
I think this is the worst article ever posted on this site
I wouldnt be concerned about losing Hyatt, Squirrel looks good, and so does the incoming talent at WR
Say you dont understand college football politics without saying you dont understand college football politics
UGA is ranked last in the SEC in sacks with their best pass rusher, that defense is overrated as hell.
the dumbest possible comment you could make about tennessee is saying they have a "sneaky" good offense
all these flavors out here and you chose kentucky salt
Tennessee can score with anyone, it doesnt really matter how many yards young throws for. richardson threw for 450+ and Daniels had 300
Tbh it looks alot like Tennessee is going to be kirby smarts kryptonite. At no point during his tenure has UGA been good at defending the pass. Year to Year they dont play alot of teams that do pass but when they do they lose. Look at the last florida loss, or the loss to LSU or last year against bama in the sec championship game. UGA still couldnt stop alabama in the nc game either until bama ran out of recievers. Tennessee will be just fine against a guy that lost to butch jones twice
its not kentucky. Like I said all offseason, they will lose to florida and tennessee
kentucky and south carolina looked bad, so did their qbs.
stetson made an almost identical td play compared to richardsons 2 point play, not saying it wasnt nice. but "mortals" can make that play
what? uga is only ever an underdog when they play alabama, and theyve only beaten them one time. UGA definitely sucks as an underdog
i stopped reading it after WR, why list Williams Thomas and not Sampson? I feel like the author should also know Bru got cleared yesterday, this article sucks and so does the writer
its funny when corch dork quotes 1998 at Tennessee fans. UGA hasnt had an undefeated season since 1980
This comments funny cause Kentucky fans are so salty they can't beat Tennessee at basketball anymore, and it was the only thing they ever had
Ty simpson definitely wouldnt start at most schools right now. He needs a lot of work. His entire HS career was spent in low A ball and he had 3-4 different coaches and never got to settle into a scheme.His arm strength isnt going to impress any body either. If there has ever been a qb profile that screams "must redshirt" its Simpson's
It also seems like he missed that Muschamp was already promoted to co-dc
I agree waegl. O'brian is just a guess, but I def think there's options out there, I just really don't think that Freeze is going to be the one.
I predict Freeze stays at Liberty for another season. I think he believes by staying its a good move to continue to rehabilitate his image while also holding off to wait for the UT job. I think Freeze comes back in the East and wants it that way. Im gonna guess that Auburn hires Bill O'Brian.
id like to ask uga the same question? with all these high ranking classes uga pulls, where are the results? Pruitt has made obvious strides across the board over the last 2 seasons while UGA is the only school with multiple number 1 recruiting classes without a championship over the last 15 years
Classic UGA fans, stuck bragging about beating a Tennessee team that hasnt been good in a decade. Lot of good those 5 stars have done for them come playoff time...ohh wait.
lmao, its funny cause uga cant beat south carolina and this guy thinks that offense is ready for clemson
IMO James Franklin proved you can win and recruit well at Vandy. These "were an academic school" excuses really gotta go.