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I agree waegl. O'brian is just a guess, but I def think there's options out there, I just really don't think that Freeze is going to be the one.
I predict Freeze stays at Liberty for another season. I think he believes by staying its a good move to continue to rehabilitate his image while also holding off to wait for the UT job. I think Freeze comes back in the East and wants it that way. Im gonna guess that Auburn hires Bill O'Brian.
id like to ask uga the same question? with all these high ranking classes uga pulls, where are the results? Pruitt has made obvious strides across the board over the last 2 seasons while UGA is the only school with multiple number 1 recruiting classes without a championship over the last 15 years
Classic UGA fans, stuck bragging about beating a Tennessee team that hasnt been good in a decade. Lot of good those 5 stars have done for them come playoff time...ohh wait.
lmao, its funny cause uga cant beat south carolina and this guy thinks that offense is ready for clemson
IMO James Franklin proved you can win and recruit well at Vandy. These "were an academic school" excuses really gotta go.
Not necessarily disagreeing with the point your making with his commitment to the team, but I think Dabo should have given him a ring. Even if he wasnt on that seasons team long he still gave that university 3 years and 1 as a starter. It also definitely makes Dabo look petty. But more importantly if that young man had stayed at Clemson for the chance of a nc, he would have likely tanked his draft stock in the process. Getting the extra season to play with Missouri gives him a much better chance to earn those paychecks.
Jalen Hurts had another year of eligibility. Bryant had to redshirt to preserve his only remaining year of eligibility.
Launch, cause wouldn't be for schiano. I believe it would be for interviewing and offering Leach without permission, heard he flew out on a ksu friends plane
cept you forgot that DB also blocked 2 kicks forced more fumbles recovered more fumbles AND scored a touchdown Barnett also didnt start the season as a starter, MG was a starter instantly when he wasnt on the bench for being hurt like always DB easily over MG
Gruden's last college job was as WR coach at Pitt in 91 not Pacific in 89
you dont have to redshirt if you move from fcs to fbs, or vice versa. he is eligible for 4 years since he redshirted this past season
Right? Id give Strong more time to actually get his thing set up as compared to hiring Herman who just hasnt done enough, for me, yet
Who have they played again? UT passed all over them.....and a bunch of 100plus ranked offenses.....
It didnt really bother me, bama was handling us and it didnt seem to overboard, I dont see the need to make a mountain over a molehill, atleast he didnt drop the ball before he scored Trying to celebrate
Nobody thinks we would have won if Kiffen stayed they made a couple of bad hires that lead to a lengthy rebuilding process...9 starters were out and it would have been tough to win with those players in the game, were still gonna win out and lose to bama again in the sec championship game....arkansas is gonna finish the job on fl for us
Dplafoll, fair points our oline vs your dline doesn't look good for us, the depletion of health on defense doesn't help. Point five is about the only one I disagree with as well. I think it will be close at half time, but I dont think we will have a lead. I am going to boldly predict myself that we go into the 4th quarter down by 7 or less, and cant take a lead lose by 10-14 points, but man do I hope we win, good luck! #rockytop
Isnt the writer one of UGAs old washed up QBs?
I think thats pretty fair, injuries are a concern. Depth at a couple positions are thin, and that can hurt against a team as stocked up as bama. Hopefully it will be a good close game where anything can happen, OR Bama will take control and run away quick with it. Good luck to both teams though #rockytop
UGA is out of the east race right now though and UT isnt, good luck finding a loss after Bama
The same could be said about UGA vs UF, Florida owns UGA in thst rivalry, but your expecting it to be a close game? Im not saying it wont be, but you cant say Auburn and GT wont be close reguardless of past, different coach, different strokes perhaps, only time will tell. But as of right now UGA absolutely has not shown a defense that can stop any team real consistently, and Eason is a freshman who could or could not show up. Im not knocking the kid at all, hes gonna be great but let's not disregard last weeks performance
Why wouldnt you present both sides? They have multiple writers, who Im sure have there own seperate opinions Whats it matter if we prove Joe wrong and win anyway? Any given Saturday #rockytop
I agree with lsumc a contingency plan with the option to cancel could have been set in place
Monkeybread....I dont think it matters what we did and didnt do against a&m we still lost, thus they have bragging rights coming up with excuses, isn't a good a look
Not necessarily, uga has very losable games against uf auburn and georgia tech, uf has very losable games left against lsu uga arkansas and fsu
Every scout there will be watching Barnett dumbass