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Biggest difference in college football and the NFL is that they don't have boosters and alumni to pay to cover up for all the garbage Urban creates. Urban needs to just disappear.
He tweeted out an apology to the Tide fans for not playing better. Don't think he's gonna be going anywhere based on that.
Tyson is graduating from his degree program this year. He is likely looking to go for an advanced degree now, and if he can get a football scholarship at another school, he will get a free ride at another school instead of paying out of pocket, and maybe even have a chance to be a starter. He won't be a starter with Bryce Young at Bama
The hate is laughable, but not out of the ordinary. Talking heads cr@p on Bama when they win. And they cr@ on them when they lose. The amount of disdain the world has held for Bama for my entire 51 years can be boiled down to 1 word: envy. They got a name for the winners in the world You want a name when you lose They call Alabama the Crimson Tide Call me Every other program and mindless pundit.
I find it funny that the opt out is even a thing. A player's job is to to play every game they can. That's why they have so many scholarship players. And even with all this garbage, they want to EXPAND the 'playoffs', and increase the number of games, which increases the probability of injuries. We live in clown world.
Your 'magical' 2019 season was out done by the 2020 season. But sure, cling to that one season. We will look at 18 of them.
Don't even need a great winning season to get into half the bowl games now. And relegating previously prestigious bowl games to play off games seriously hurts the historical significance of those games. This is what you get with the 'everyone deserves a trophy' mentality.
There is no reason to expand the playoffs. The season is already overly long. So you are gonna whine and ad what, 3 more games? Or should they shorten the regular season to accommodate the extra games? It's bad enough that there are more bowl games that mean nothing, but this craze to push the substandard G5 into the playoffs is going to hurt programs more than it's going to help.
LSUUSMC: that isn't a new phenomenon. Steely Dan even touches on it in the song Deacon Blues, and I bet that half the current fan base has never heard the song. Hope you had a good Birthday and a happy thanksgiving, Devil Dog
Funny, but not only is Bama the greatest college program of the scholarship era, they also have more players in the NFL. Why? Because of what Saban brought back to Bama: excellence of execution. Yes, we fans get spoiled, and he is right about us being too demanding.
tmactiger: you have one great season, and think LSU is the king. Pretty much everything they accomplished that season was blown out of the water by Bama last season. Have some more king cake and let the adults talk.
More bloviating from an aweburn fan. Maybe you should have one if the Vets at the Anumal clinic check you out. I hear they have a lot of experience with donkeys.
Say the Gaytor fan. Come back when you are a year removed from the playoffs. That should keep you off here for good.
Like I said above, where are your multiple championship rings, as player and coach? And as I said above, osu didn't even play enough games to qualify for their conference championship, but their conference had to break the rules to even be in the picture. If Dabo has even ever thought about coming home and coaching, with low iq 'fans' like you, I completely understand why it's not gonna happen.
Big mouth on you. Where are your multiple Championship rings? He's a Bama alum. And he was right about OSU not deserving to be in the playoffs last season, as they didn't even play enough games to make their conf championship according to what the conference set out as the requirement.
Nice to see the Chinese lab created bioweapon is costing more people their jobs. Thanks PedoJoe, Kuntmala, and the rest of the ruling class.
gwhite713: nothing excuses what the fans did. Your team LOST. My team lost last weekend. The difference is my team's fans, while upset, acted like adults, while your team's fans acted like petulant children up way past their bed time, which they were.
Your 'textbook targeting' is laughable. Targeting is lowering the helmet to initiate helmet to helmet contact to the opposing player with the crown of the helmet. The shoulder is nowhere close to the crown of the helmet.
gwhite713: you probably should learn proper spelling if you are gonna attempt to call someone else dumb. But it certainly illustrates why you are in here crying.
VAVOL1: poor thing. Your IQ is lower than what the extra point is worth.
LSU's 'the greatest single season in college football history' lasted until the 2020 season when Bama won it all against an all SEC schedule, and Mac Jones outperformed Burrows in every QB category. The 2020 Bama season is the greatest college football season ever.
I don't see anywhere where he said that. However, ND, as a Catholic school, has an obligation to require its athletes to abide by the same moral conduct as it's theology students.
He wasn't an 'associate' of the Killtons. He was part of the group who had the nerve to dig up dirt on their underhanded dealings.