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gwhite713: nothing excuses what the fans did. Your team LOST. My team lost last weekend. The difference is my team's fans, while upset, acted like adults, while your team's fans acted like petulant children up way past their bed time, which they were.
Your 'textbook targeting' is laughable. Targeting is lowering the helmet to initiate helmet to helmet contact to the opposing player with the crown of the helmet. The shoulder is nowhere close to the crown of the helmet.
gwhite713: you probably should learn proper spelling if you are gonna attempt to call someone else dumb. But it certainly illustrates why you are in here crying.
VAVOL1: poor thing. Your IQ is lower than what the extra point is worth.
LSU's 'the greatest single season in college football history' lasted until the 2020 season when Bama won it all against an all SEC schedule, and Mac Jones outperformed Burrows in every QB category. The 2020 Bama season is the greatest college football season ever.
I don't see anywhere where he said that. However, ND, as a Catholic school, has an obligation to require its athletes to abide by the same moral conduct as it's theology students.
He wasn't an 'associate' of the Killtons. He was part of the group who had the nerve to dig up dirt on their underhanded dealings.
Maybe if your team had a history of winning championships, you could get better players.
What scumbags. Should had called them worthless scumbags and walked off.
Funny, but none of the LSU players on the Tampa side would have been there if it were not for Brady. Fournette has mostly been a bust at the pro level. And remember, Bama held him to negative yards most of the game when they tore that kitty cat team up.
Are you really that dense? Tua is prone to injury because he is a physical player who doesn’t dump the ball when he thinks he ‘might’ take a hit. He is mobile, moves out of the pocket, and extends plays to make things happen. In doing that, he takes risks that can lead to an injury. He has taken lots of hits and gotten up, dusted himself off and kept playing. Being injury prone means you are more likely to be injured during normal play, or taking a lick. So, now that it’s been explained to you, you can go on and whine about something else.
Who cares? UCF will never play Bama, so whatever Lane thinks is irrelevant.
What do they learn at Fla? How to lose graciously? How to make a chomp motion with their arms?
If I were a Georgia fan (and I might become one.. ), I’d be embarrassed that Kimmel was also a GA fan. That brain addled retard needs to go away..
Wrong. Bear is Bear, and will always be #1. He blazed a trail in College Football that set the standard for what dominance is. 6 NCs. 14 SEC championships. I think that Bear could be successful in today’s programs. I’m not so sure Saban could haven done what Beard did in Bear’s time. And don’t forget, Bear got his nickname by actually wrestling a bear. Until Saban does that, he’ll always be #2.