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He deserved it! That's what he gets for running through MSU cheerleaders while they're grazing.
So sad. RIP Daniel. Thoughts and prayers to family, friends, and team.
Christopher: Ok, I think we've got all the predictions... let's run these by our editor. Brad: Huh? What's that?
I'm happy with the Rebels ranking, but I'm still skeptical. I'm a realist. The numbers now are inflated by inferior opponents. I hope we can make a respectable showing at Bama Saturday. HOTTY TODDY
Yes - And a pick 6 by Ryan... not Chad. I went to the game this week and was very happy with what I saw from Chad Kelly and our receivers. They look really sharp. THAT SAID... Once again, it was inferior competition. And I was a bit concerned about our run defense. I'm sure we're going to have some rough games against SEC caliber running backs. It's still WAY too early to tell what projection the season may take. We'll have a MUCH better idea come this Saturday. HOTTY TODDY!
Yep- I agree with the above sentiments. It's Wal-Mart... We're good. Now show me the sales of bow ties and sun dresses broken down by school! ... LOL.
I very rarely agree with a Bulldog, Daniel; but I agree 100%. I understand that these aren't to be taken seriously, but I'll trust the polls that are comprised of multiple voters.
I agree... This is cool. I'd like to see more things like this and less ranking every meaningless thing you can think of.
WOW. Just, WOW. As my Memaw would've said: Bless his heart. For the record, I actually like the upgrades to Davis-Wade - it's nice. But Death Valley it most certainly is NOT. By the way, if any of you LSU fans need directions to that dump called Starkville, just head north on I-55 until you smell cow sh*t... then head east on Hwy. 82 until you step in it.
Agreed... I don't think they pay much attention to "the maths".
I agree 100%, Tiger-by-the-bay... very well said. While I enjoyed watching the Rebels beat up on poor UT Martin, I really don't feel like we learned anything meaningful (other than seeing that Chad Kelly will likely be our starter for the season). We'll know a helluva lot more in less than two weeks when they roll into Tuscaloosa.
Congrats pjcrimson... With that comment, you've won the internet for the day.