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Isn't that by definition what a booster is? Tennessee, and I imagine almost every college in the country, has the same problem.
Good. That lowers the probability of having to through another coaching search in three years.
I wish I could make the money Patrick makes by spewing utter nonsense, too.
I guess Pruitt's expectation is less than 200 yards and 1 TD in passing per game.
If the ESPN staff thinks we have any chance against Bama, they need to take a remedial math class.
The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over, but expecting a different result each time.
They lost me at mask wearing when they came out and said Californians should not rely on the masks to prevent smoke inhalation from the wildfires. If they can't protect you from smoke, they sure as h*ll aren't going to prevent microscopic particles like Covid from getting into your system. Also, if masks were effective we wouldn't be seeing a surge in cases right now because almost everyone is wearing them. The CDC also did a study and found the infection rate to be the same between mask wearers and those who didn't.
If by rivalry you mean a yearly *ss whipping, then yes, it is still a rivalry.
You are correct. The science does not justify the need fo wear masks.
I tried that. I watched the game on my OTA thinking the “live” radio broadcast would be fully synchronized with the game. The radio broadcast was a full play and a half behind the live game. That was especially irritating when I could see the Vol network booth right beside the CBS booth. It seems crazy in this age of technology the two couldn’t be synched. I even went back to try watching on my streaming service. Again, completely out of synch, so I was forced to listen to the two worst announcers in college football.
So I assume you will just copy and paste this post for all Tennessee articles from here on out.
Given the pie schedule the Big Ten gave Ohio State, it's no wonder ESPN put them at #1. Clemson also learned a valuable lesson, which is shocking Swinney doesn't know this...ALWAYS cover the betting line.
I will go on the record right now and say we finish better than 4-6. This might be the easiest prediction I have ever had to make.
Finally, someone who gets it. True logic in an illogical process.
As my mentor once said to me, Oh, but you will be."
As I stated in an earlier post, the NCAA needs clear, concise transfer rules that apply across the board. Recruits could then take these non-wavering rules into consideration when deciding where to go to school and it might alter their decision.
If the season is not canceled, we are all in for a wild ride this year. As a man much wiser than me once said, "You never can tell what's going to happen when you've got a field full of 18 to 21 year olds." Hold on to your butts.
As a Tennessee fan, of course I want him eligible to play this year, but the issue is deeper than that. There is no rhyme or reason to the NCAA transfer process. The NCAA just needs to clearly define the transfer rules, so the kids can take the transfer rules into consideration before committing to a school. The case-by-case basis just adds frustration and confusion to the process. The fact that these kids have to hire a lawyer to go through the process should tell everyone the process is broken.
The key for stopping Bama this year will be to control Najee Harris. Obviously will have to minimize his rushing yards, but also control him coming out of the backfield on screens and wheel routes. Not an easy task at all, but as Harris goes so will Bama.
Historians researching college football will look back on 2020 and say this is where it all went wrong.
Really. I mean you can loot and set buildings on fire now without any legal ramifications, so why in the world should DUIs and lack of paperwork be any different.
If liabilities are the major issue, we just need to cancel football all together. Last time I checked football is a fairly dangerous game.
Joe Burrow hit the nail on the head when he said if this had happened last year he probably wouldn’t have even been drafted. How many players this year will lose their Burrowesqe season and the money associated with the higher draft stock?
If this virus has taught me anything it is you can’t believe anything you read these days. The real question is who funded the study? “ Today I made an appearance downtown I am an expert witness because I say I am And I said gentlemen, and I use that world loosely I will testify for you, I'm a gun for hire,I'm a saint, I'm a liar Because there are no facts, there is no truth Just data to be manipulated I can get you any result you like What's it worth to you?” - Don Henley’s Garden of Allah