I Bleed Orange

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Exactly, and they see the development taking place now with our current coaching staff. Pruitt is a no nonsense coach (unlike the shyster Jones), and the recruits connect with this. However, nothing is for certain until the ink dries.
He’s the type of player where you do this as a coach: 1. Scan over all his stats 2. Rip them up 3. Tell him to suit up 4. Get him the ball 5. Win
Given all the talent they are losing, it looks like "one and done" for LSU. Looking at their 2020 schedule, it is not inconceivable for them to lose at least three games next season.
I checked the official Auburn football website this weekend. He is not listed in their 2020 early signing class. So, either he didn't sign during the early signing period, or Auburn is in on this ruse to "extend" his recruitment.
Given this list, I’ll have what Connor’s having.
With all the negative GA comments about TN, it sounds like, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”
Tennessee can tell you it only takes one or two of these locker room “cancers” to begin seriously derailing a program.
Might be a 5* recruit, but how much locker room drama/cultural disruption is he going to bring to the team he ends up signing with? Seems like a lot of red flags.
You may be right, but have you never heard of using the lower end of the spectrum to enhance the point you are trying to make? I am sure that was all CJP was doing.
Actually Coach Pruitt said when he got to Tennessee 18 months ago there were only 2 linemen that weighed over 300 pounds. 18 months ago would have be February 2018. He immediately revamped the weight room and turned the reins over to Craig Fitzgerald, Director of Strength and Conditioning, and Rachel Pfister, Director of Sports Nutrition for Football. They then had 6 months to develop and transform the 12 linemen (provided your data is correct) from ~265 pounds to over 300 pounds for the 2018 opening game on September 1 against West Virginia.
Unbelievable no call on the blatant Notre Dame reach-in foul at the end of the game. Mississippi State got robbed. I hate that for your fans and program.
Even though I am a Vol for Life, I just want to congratulate the Lady Bulldogs and the Lady Gamecocks for again showing the world that the SEC is the premier conference in the country. Good luck to both teams in the final. As a SEC fan, I can't lose.