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The ONLY thing attractive about this scenario would be Auburn paying a coach to call plays against them for Alabama in the Iron Bowl.
I see I am still not making my point. It is like going to a fine, upscale restaurant with a Michelin-starred chef and ordering a corn dog. Or conversely, like going to the Varsity and ordering steak tartare with caviar. It does not fit. You don’t do it. People stop to stare. When you talk about SEC football, think Skynyrd - maybe even REM if you are in Athens and have no other choice (never been a fan...). You might go ZZ Topp, even play some rap if the kids are around and your street cred is on the line. The Clash and Social Distortion just don’t fit the tailgate scene. Hope this helps.
Leave it to a Missouri fan to compare football to The Clash and Social Distortion...
We stole one from the Sooners and two from LSwho. Now we need to take three from Clemson, one from Ohio State, and a couple from Au...no wait...
Matt, look me in the eye and tell me that if you had your wish this year and the playoffs had eight teams and one of them were Cincinnati that you would not still be beating the drum because Coastal Carolina was left out. Tell me that you would not still be couching this in terms of a national emergency with an inevitable conclusion that you are just waiting for everyone else to realize. The media’s job is to report the news and not to make it.
Come on, dude. He is a great story of perseverance and determination. He, so far as I know, is a great example. I have pointed it out to my son. Mac is also a similar story, but that is not the point of the article. It is not always about you. I hope BOTH do well tonight, though I will be pulling for Bama’s defense to do better. Roll tide and chill.
Neither site is “scheduled” for anyone. The number one seed gets to pick. It will most likely play that way, especially if Alabama wins. Saban will make the others travel while he stays as close as possible.
I would reject any job Phil Fuller offered me without thinking unless it had a perpetual 20M dollar buyout.
The eleven point game was AL/OK, which was never a game after the first three series.
Somewhere in the ballpark of one in four semifinal games have been anything other than a laugher. Tell me why more teams are deserving?
Make a coherent argument why, at this moment in time, those four teams should not be the four playoff teams.
High 30s and high chance of rain in Knoxville. Don’t bet too much on FL...
IF Urban is truly talking to Texas about a job in which his former offensive coordinator is still employed, it tells you all you need to know about both parties, as if you didn’t know that already.
I can see not including him in a college conversation. However, if his NFL career is taken into account, there is no contest. He owned records in the NFL for half-centuries. He invented pass routes.
Say what you will, if ND beats Clemson again and Alabama works the Gators silly, who is left? A&M, Cincinnati, and BYU. Of those, whose resume is the strongest? It is no contest.
“...no, son, listen to me. I am telling you - you are really going to like North Dakota State...”
Sure. That is nice. It helps. How do you explain to your kids the reason they will have to change schools, though? Why he can’t keep playing on his baseball team? How to answer the questions his friends are asking? You know they probably enjoyed being seen as SC”s coach’s kids. Why did all of that change? Is it really all about money??
I am not saying that LSU would be anything less than serious about positive COVID cases or that they would not act to protect their players. I AM saying that they would take advantage of the already existing issue to avoid an embarrassing situation. I don’t think - I know.
Since LSU has obviously begged off to avoid getting fed to Bama in Tiger stadium on the CBS game, let them play FL in the swamp in an 11 am game on the 12th. Fly them back to Baton Rouge and let them play Bama at 8 pm, also on the 12th. I mean, they would get Bama n Tiger Stadium at night, right??
This came from an academic, pointy-headed type who has never watched a football game. 100%.
How long did you spend typing that?? The longer it takes to explain, the higher the chance you are wrong. Amazing the lengths to which Tiger fans are willing to go to justify this season.
Don’t be such a glass half empty guy. I still enjoy blowing Tennessee out tremendously.
No, it is not rocket science, but this does lack a lot of perspective. When AU gets ahead, they run the ball to milk the clock. When they are behind, they throw to slow the clock and try to make up more ground. Therefore, the games when they run more are the ones they are leading. The games when they throw more are the ones they are trailing. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy which has nothing to do with Nix. It has a great deal to do with Malzahn, but only insofar as whether his game plan works or does not.
Is there really any Tennessee fan out there who would have wanted to win that game after the clock hit zero because Cody took off his helmet? Keep in mind that Kiffin might have hung around longer and that all of these graphics about assistants playing Saban would have included an asterisk for him, given that he was not a former assistant yet.
Masks are useless unless they are super high quality. They are either window dressing or a political ploy, depending... Tell me this - has anyone smelled anything while wearing a mask? Run the numbers for yourself.