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SEC tournament: 1 is better than every other number SEC regular season: 1 is better than any other number Just trying to help Cajuns with the simple math...
Connor threw the AU thing in there to try and answer the obvious retort that was coming on this article. The answer is, “no, you cannot point to something similar for the SEC.” Calm down about that one. One game.
The B10 (and let’s throw Notre Dame in there, too, because it is the same) consistently writes checks with its mouth that its performance cannot cash. It has a grossly over exaggerated view of itself. It looks at itself in a funhouse mirror and believes it sees reality.
You throw the Baptist thing in there why?? Baylor has been a Baptist school in distant past only for quite some time.
Bringing rumors about a coaching legend into this why? To impugn his character for getting drunk and angry and placing a bet or two? Again, RUMORS? He was not perfect - no one is. He did, however, do a great many good things.
Saban was even nice enough to recruit a couple of basketball players this cycle...
The NCAA uses this measure to determine player/team eligibility. Sounds like it is better than dubious.
...yet a total stranger posting in the comment section on a website can unilaterally declare Georgia to be academically superior to every SEC school except for Vanderbilt based on nothing? This is credible?
2020 results are in!! Georgia 61st Florida 43rd Vanderbilt 20th Alabama 6th. Not making this up. Florida and Georgia, you can still take solace in looking down at Florida State at 125...
Still laughing at that one. In 2019, Alabama's football team was 14th in the nation with a 984 APR. This was second in the SEC to only Vanderbilt. Georgia was 84th. Florida was 47th. Look it up. Not sure if 2020 results are in yet...
The thing is, when it does end, all of these people who have been predicting it will happen tomorrow for the last decade will all be standing around like idiots saying, “See, I told you so...”
The premise is the best combined basketball/football year, though the column title says, “dual sport school year.” My premise is that we are already ahead of the pace, having had one of the two best years in college football history. Acting as if anyone has “been there, done that” is a fallacy. I will be beyond surprised, honestly, if we so much as make the final four. However, so far as the best combined sports year goes, we are the leader in the clubhouse right now.
Depends on the measuring stick, but yes, to argue between those two seasons would be to split a hair or two.
The Gators had the most dominant season in the history of college football? I didn’t know…
The Gators had the most dominant season in the history of college football? I didn’t know...
Keep in mind that AL had at least as many players hurt as O St had hurt or out due to COVID. Don’t buy the lie that we beat a depleted O St team.
Please tell me you are not defending someone who is impugning another man’s wife while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet?
Look - greyshirting someone who knew it was a possibility is one thing. You are still following through to give them a scholarship, as promised. Springing the same situation on them at the eleventh hour is slimy. This is far beyond the pale. Don’t even try to put lipstick on this pig.
Rivals at least, if not others, had Marcell Darius at three stars. He would fall somewhere just behind J Jacobs, I would think, especially given that W Reichard is too high on the list. I quit flinching when we kicked this year, though, so I will not complain about it.
This is Texas’ true problem, similar to a few other programs, but on steroids. The culture has been toxic for a while.
The ONLY thing attractive about this scenario would be Auburn paying a coach to call plays against them for Alabama in the Iron Bowl.
I see I am still not making my point. It is like going to a fine, upscale restaurant with a Michelin-starred chef and ordering a corn dog. Or conversely, like going to the Varsity and ordering steak tartare with caviar. It does not fit. You don’t do it. People stop to stare. When you talk about SEC football, think Skynyrd - maybe even REM if you are in Athens and have no other choice (never been a fan...). You might go ZZ Topp, even play some rap if the kids are around and your street cred is on the line. The Clash and Social Distortion just don’t fit the tailgate scene. Hope this helps.