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This came from an academic, pointy-headed type who has never watched a football game. 100%.
How long did you spend typing that?? The longer it takes to explain, the higher the chance you are wrong. Amazing the lengths to which Tiger fans are willing to go to justify this season.
Don’t be such a glass half empty guy. I still enjoy blowing Tennessee out tremendously.
No, it is not rocket science, but this does lack a lot of perspective. When AU gets ahead, they run the ball to milk the clock. When they are behind, they throw to slow the clock and try to make up more ground. Therefore, the games when they run more are the ones they are leading. The games when they throw more are the ones they are trailing. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy which has nothing to do with Nix. It has a great deal to do with Malzahn, but only insofar as whether his game plan works or does not.
Is there really any Tennessee fan out there who would have wanted to win that game after the clock hit zero because Cody took off his helmet? Keep in mind that Kiffin might have hung around longer and that all of these graphics about assistants playing Saban would have included an asterisk for him, given that he was not a former assistant yet.
Masks are useless unless they are super high quality. They are either window dressing or a political ploy, depending... Tell me this - has anyone smelled anything while wearing a mask? Run the numbers for yourself.
The jury was not there to witness the crime and could not watch it on replay.
Keep in mind that the ruling on the field was “determined to stand” and not “confirmed.” This is due to the fact that the officials had mangled it beyond repair.
It also clearly states that if the officials had not botched it ten different ways, there would have been a recovery. Despite all of the Auburn fans who either have vision problems or cannot bring themselves to admit it, that recovery would have been made by Arkansas.
Who are you, Hilary Clinton reading an FBI report on her emails and concluding you did nothing wrong? The statement clearly says that it was a fumble. However, as officials, we blew that call so badly that we cannot go back and fix it.
I was not in the room where it happened, but from here, it looks as if Tennessee was pretty serious. Not sure the logic that no one was ever serious is completely true. It all just provided Phil another back to stab...
Easy, guys. Be nice to him. Liberals see it as a microagression when a member of the media does not bow to the donkey.
Agree, Kevin. It is refreshing to see that someone else sees it and is willing to say it. Thank you.
2020 is certainly an anomaly, but you also have to consider the politics of such a thing. Even in a weird year, that would be like dropping a nuclear weapon into a fireworks factory. I will be shocked if it happens.
The Sun Belt champion should take Oklahoma’s perennial spot in the playoffs...
Hard to believe that 101119 passing yards only gets you 9th in SEC history. That is stiff competition indeed.
Not saying they can win the East, but don’t sleep on KY. This is also a big boost for them. I am not convinced that they are not better than TN.
War Memorial was great. We were shown great hospitality and it is a wonderful place to see a game. It is always cool to hear the crowd call the hogs. Go Razorbacks.
War Memorial is one of the alternate sites to which I referred. Yes, I have been to a game there and in Fayetteville.
I have been to a game in every SEC venue - even alternate sites - except for three. It was one before A&M and MO. This list would be more or less on the money, with a couple of exceptions, even when full. When I was at Vandy, it truly did feel like a home game. That part is 100% true. It is sad that their chances went UP without fans. Most underrated when full? South Carolina.
Yes, but it goes both ways. SEC schools need seven home games. To do a home-and-home with someone costs one home game. No, there is no poor SEC school, but if someone offered you ten million dollars to play a high school team and you were already playing in the toughest division in the country, are you telling me you wouldn’t take it?
The criticism of teams which needed help to reach bowl games is valid. However, in terms of should teams play these games, remember that football has to fund 85 football scholarships plus 85 more to offset title 9 rules. One home game can be worth 5-10 million. Teams are often forced to find opponents who are willing to play a one shot deal and not a home-and-home. Competition is not the only factor. Economics are huge.
Having said that, if I am on the committee, OK needs to do something to show me they can win before I am willing to give them another shot...
Say what you want - even in a crazy season, I would be very surprised if two of the first three listed do not make it. Covid, Smallpox, and the Bubonic Plague could all break out at Clemson and they might still make it. After them, either Bama or OK would have to get in to make 2/3. You think that is a bad bet?
Give us a minute. Our backup quarterback is warming up.
Say what you want about Bama’s schedule - and don’t hear me say we are afraid of Kentucky - but having what will probably be the best Wildcat football team since Bear Bryant sandwiched between LSU and Auburn is the ultimate trap. Mark my words.
Pitts is a weapon - no doubt. I would love to have him. Would I pick him over anyone ahead of him? Probably not, unless I am Alabama and already have two of the receivers already there.