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You must be looking at a different video or have a better phone. I have not seen anything that is definitive at that level of detail. However, I am not wasting time searching the Internet for it.
Again, do you have proof that I agreed with that? I am not a fan of writing people off for life. I believe in second chances. However, that behavior cannot be tolerated. Where does that leave one in a situation like that? It is a difficult question. Let’s just not jump to conclusions about anything, including what I think, until we know.
I have the utmost respect for all women. I have taught many children and teenagers to do the same. Without knowing you, I would still have respect for you in bumping into you on the street. I am only saying that it is impossible to know the nature of this incident from a grainy video with no sound. We are far too quick to judge without all the facts. This is a problem that has plagued our society in recent days. It has nothing to do with Alabama or with football. If he had treated this young lady in a demeaning way in this were PROVEN, I would lead the charge.
Tell me for certain that he actually touched her from that grainy, out of focus footage.
Every word you just said is false. He did not “punch” anyone. It is not clear if he even touched her. You have obviously not seen the video. Go watch it before you try to impugn his character any further. I have also yet to hear anyone ask her what she said to him. This is not to say that anything would justify any form of violence (though this appears to be far from that), but if we are going to analyze the situation, shouldn’t we ask?
Anyone who believes Urban is a fit to handle the egos and power structure at Auburn needs to slide their cheese back on their cracker.
It is shameful that Guantanamo had to resort to wearing makeup in a desperate attempt to beat us. Maybe all of the Vols could “go rouge” this time. It would at least be interesting… Sorry dude - I never point out grammatical errors. I hate people being rude to writers. It just struck me as funny. It made it through spell check…
I always tell my son that the main problem with any RB or WR pass play is that the only thing they hear when you call it is the word, “pass.” They will do exactly that nearly every time. Whether it is open matters not. Any coach worth that money should also know this.
I am merely saying, “Thank you” for the bulletin board material. I would much rather spend the season with the team chasing rather than defending. Not sure what is offensive or self-centered about that.
Thanks, Matt. Please keep making Alabama second. We appreciate it deeply.
I just hate that everyone has a conference title game now. I would love to have seen the AAC figure out who goes to playoffs with a three-way tie in 2014.
Not that I wanted to blast him, or even to criticize. Do not misunderstand me. Just do not drop some diatribe and then try to squelch all disagreements.
I read part and skimmed the rest, knowing what was coming. I guess we are afraid of free speech ?
Is it just my imagination, or did Saturday down south just publish Matt Hayes’ hit piece on college football with no option for comments? Are they afraid? Can anyone else see the comment section on it?
Dude, THE O could lose two games by four TDs and squeak through the B10 by the skin of its teeth and much of the media would still be saying, “Ohio State had its problems early in the season, but no one wants to play them right now. They are easily one of the top four teams. CJ Stroud blah blah…”
ND has talked itself into countless games it could not win and did not deserve.
Absolutely. Not to be a homer, but Alabama did the bare minimum it had to do and Cincinnati never forced them to take any risks. It could have been far worse. Saban played Washington the same way a few years ago. He knew he had what he needed in reserve should he need it, but he never did.
On behalf of the Crimson Nation, I would like to thank you deeply for making Coach Saban second behind one of his former assistants. You are reading this, right coach? How about that yummy rat poison? Roll Tide, A’ight?
That is not what the B10 said. The entire planning of any potential scheduling had to revolve around the Rose Bowl on New Years Day. Non-negotiable breach of tradition, they said. It all changed in an instant when, in their minds, they were falling behind. They torpedoed it like an enemy submarine. Not hard to see.
Buckeye, if you recall, one of (if not THE) the major obstacles in moving the playoffs to twelve teams was the sanctity of the Rose Bowl. It was college football’s greatest tradition and had to be protected at all costs. Period. …until the B10 needed a couple of teams to keep up… Deceitful? Disingenuous?
Some pretty iffy O St teams have run roughshod over the B10 in recent years. Might be good to have more firepower in the B10.
The contract says that if ND joins a conference prior to 2036, that it must be the ACC.
The contract says that if ND joins a conference prior to 2036, that it must be the ACC.