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Alabama had an awfully impressive ultimate frisbee club team a few years back...
This is as supposed to be a reply. See above.
Just swap the team names in each section. That is your article. The wife comes back, the disease goes away, and the stock market skyrockets. Call it the reverse Barry Manilow effect.
Just swap the team names in each section. That is your article. The wife comes back, the disease goes away, and the stock market skyrockets. Call it the reverse Barry Manilow effect.
You have obviously not paid Kentucky any attention in the last three years. In my book, Stoops might be ahead of Mullen or Smart.
Does Melvin Gordon really deserve to be on the ballot ahead of Amari Cooper?? Cooper would probably get my vote over any of the others on the list with the possible exceptions of Mcafree or Tua, even though he finished third.
I will never forget being in Legion Field and watching Derrick Thomas turn the Penn State game into a field goal contest before winning it with a safety. I can’t believe more people have not mentioned him. It is also hard to imagine that Tua has entirely avoided the discussion.
Great article. Thanks. Does anyone else have trouble with being told they made the five billionth search on Google on this website? It only seems to happen here...
If an SEC Mount Rushmore were carved into the side of, oh we will go with the other side of Stone Mountain, Robert Neyland would belong on it. His is one of the most unique and interesting stories in SEC history.
I know a Gator does not want to hear or admit this, but Tennessee is the second most successful team in SEC history. Just not lately...
Amen to the touchback fumble rule. I would also set the four-team playoff in concrete so that people could stop whining when their two-loss team with its best win being an OT victory over Chulafinney St didn’t make the playoffs because the Big Ten has to be represented.
Derrick Henry did things at all three levels of football that Herschel Walker never did. He succeeded in doing something in the playoffs this year that no one in NFL history had done. He set the national career rushing record in high school, set the single season rushing record in the SEC (including Herschel), and ran for 180+ yds in three consecutive games for the first time in NFL history. Those three games happened to be the first three rounds of the playoffs (and he is not done in the NFL). Name anyone else with those credentials. I don’t get those who argue he didn’t deserve the credit he got. I don’t believe he gets the credit he deserves.
Yeah, Alabama has played no one out of conference during Saban’s tenure. USC, FL State, Michigan, Clemson - and Texas and ND on the horizon - all trash.
I thought we were still in the primaries? Right? Bernie Sanders has still not legalized pot yet, or am I dreaming? Maybe this article was written in Colorado? I am confused.
Featuring the whooaaahh Black Betty spelling of the Yellowhammer State. Just kidding Wayne - not shooting at you. Easy mistake.
Football teams do not wear “tops.” Maybe at Auburn...
Say what you want, the SEC has led the NFL draft by huge numbers for several years. If the SEC has more draft talent than anyone else (obviously so), then it stands to reason that they have more players sit out. If they are STILL dominating bowl season, then that speaks volumes.
Also not sure if I were starting a team that I wouldn’t take Irv Smith over OJ just from a receiving standpoint.
Respectfully, I think Amari Cooper is second.
You are 100% correct. There are not enough teams. When the committee cannot identify enough teams which are competitive in a four-game stint, why should they go and find more? It appears that there are more evenly matched teams at the top this year than in any year of the playoffs. We will see. Until competitive quarterfinals happen, everything else is sound and fury. Teams such as UCF and Boise St will always exist - playing weak schedules and clamoring because they are undefeated. The committee has consistently told them “no” due to scheduling. Others such as O State have played easy slates and have seen that one loss can make a huge difference. Even Alabama was third this week because of an uncharacteristically light workload. That changes starting now. Four is enough. Football is not basketball.
See my comment above. Why am I adding more teams when only two of ten semifinal games have been competitive?
Show me a competitive semifinal game. 2 out of ten.