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Tiger, didn't we just discuss labels? :) I have nothing against any one person because of football. That would be asinine. Now, Auburn fans in general? :)
I am not afraid of homosexuality or of any homosexual, so I am not homo"phobic." I usually avoid labels because they paint lots of very nuanced situations and individuals with a very broad stroke. The NFL locker room situation is utterly out of control as it stands. I would never undress with women who are strangers in the room. I would include homosexuals, as well. When we actually need to have this discussion, society is broken.
Adam, wading into such territory has threatened to bury ESPN. Sure you want to go there? Sure there is a reason to want to know. He will be showering in a team locker room, right? Just because you try to normalize homosexuality does not mean it is right. It also does not mean that everyone who disagrees is an ignorant hillbilly hick. I know the community would love to portray it as such, but...
Washington will not beat Auburn. LSU could beat Miami by 40 with three pick sixes and could also lose to Miami by 50 with seven turnovers. It is just how things go in the bayou.
I know it was not yesterday, but the classic example for me will always be Geno Torreta. I am sure you remember, Chris.
No disagreement whatsoever at kicker. QB, though? Let's just be real. I could throw the ball to Cooper, Jones, Ridley, and Howard. Once the WRs are good enough, the QB can be mediocre. For proof of this theory, go pull up videos of Terry Bradshaw.
...and how many times will the NFL blow the whistle surreptitiously on a college kid?
These things all pale in comparison to the real biggest danger. The XFL will be under constant pressure to get stars. This will put smarmy recruiters and agents on every college campus. The NFL, which has never had to worry enough to do this, will have to follow suit. How many seasons will be tanked because someone took some cash or signed an agreement?
He said, "Where is my mother? That was fun!" I am a good rip leader.
Alabama reclaims its world in six days. Great win, though, dogs.
A pac 12 crew also doing the AL game, unfortunately. Am I concerned? Absolutely.
1) Build a weight room over the current site of the rock and relocate it to the bottom of the Tennessee River.
Excuse me. That was Spurrier at SC, not FL. My bad.
I quit reading when Spurrier was not #2.
Dude, making Malzahn frown like that is better than making Spurrier throw his visor, but stay away from the kids.
...so a two loss team with one loss by 30+ points which won its division and title game should go to the playoffs over a team with one loss to a top ten team and conference rival on the road even though the one loss team wins the eye test? Is this the argument?
I once ate lunch at a cafe in Oxford right before Alabamabeat Mississippi. It had a life-sized mural of Nathan Bedford Forest on the back wall. Would this be the culture to which you are referring, Colonel reb?
Bo lost in his Junior and Senior seasons. Just an FYI.
Everyone said the same thing about Oklahoma's offense in 2015 before Clemson trucked them by 20.
To want more is to care nothing about students who are not being paid and are already putting too much wear on their bodies due to a regular season that is too long. Do we care about them?
Four teams is plenty. To want more is to care nothing about students who are being paid nothing and whose bodies are already taxed due to a regular season that is too long now. Teams should have to be stellar to get in. They should not be rewarded for dropping a couple along the way unless they play their butts off to get back in. The regular season should matter. Eight teams this year would let Ohio State in. They are a classic example of a team which would be given a pass at eight teams when they are not deserving.
...more like one in a million.So you're telling me there's a chance!! (Imagine stupid grin)
Thank you for not saying Wisconsin. I am sick of them hiding in the B10 W, playing no one, and running their mouths about being undefeated. I will acknowledge that Bama's schedule is uncharacteristically weak this year, but they are in the SEC W, which has recently been the best in college football. They also took on FSU to start the season.
I just hope we have enough linebackers left to play GA.
No, not really. I was actually hoping for that. Have fun wearing that target while Saban works everyone into a tizzy about being disrespected.
...and you think the conference would not have interests to protect? You think that it would be equally as easy to suspend a star at South Carolina before a bowl game and the Alabama starting QB the week before the playoffs? Speaking, of course, of the last few seasons hypothetically and not assuming that we will make the playoffs.
Imagine that Jacob Eason has an all-world year. Imagine that he is nice enough to sign an autograph for a kid and the dad slides ten grand in his pocket without his knowledge. The NCAA finds out and suspends him for the GA FL game. FL beats GA and then would have to lose to TWO of the following for GA to catch them: Missouri, Vandy, SC, Tennessee, or Kentucky (all while going undefeated). All because of some stupid idiot. I understand that the FL/GA game is last - just an example.