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Yes and no. If the coaches whose tweets are shown are being authentic and not just playing both sides, the new commish is obviously beholden to another group of people. This would also explain the sudden about face. One would have to believe that this group is the presidents or administrators or a subgroup thereof. The question then becomes, “”Who or what is motivating them?”
Agree. If Bama cannot beat GA, we do not belong. That is not to say that a one-game deal can measure that. There is beating GA in our third game after playing MS and MO. Then there is playing GA the week after beating TN, LSU, and AU in consecutive weeks. That is the thing. Schedules can never be fair. Don’t get me wrong. We are afraid of no one and I am not complaining. Just don’t let me hear that we have not played anyone ever again. Keep in mind that the last scheduling fluke shot down one of our best teams ever. No one else will ever play six teams coming off a bye week ever again.
Every contender (apologies to KY and AU) plays Vandy and SC except for Alabama.
Look at the number of top four teams from the opposite division avoided. LSU - 3/4 FL - 2/4 GA - 2/4 AL - 1/4
When you look at it from the standpoint of who they do not play, LSU wins by a MILE. FL and GA probably tie for second. AL, with Vandy and SC on the list, is last by a large margin. Alabama — Vanderbilt, Florida, South Carolina Florida — Alabama, Auburn, MSU Georgia — Ole Miss, LSU, A&M LSU — Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee
You mean that one game back in 2014? Was it? On another note, was that a Tennessee fan?
Maybe O State can stay within four touchdowns of Purdue this time.
For eight defenses to rank in the top thirty nationally, SEC offenses will need to take a huge step backwards from last year. This is especially true if non-conference schedules are jettisoned. Are we predicting little to no offense this year? There is an awful lot of talent returning...
...while Clemson and Notre Dame have to beat WHO to get to the playoffs??
In what parallel universe is having AL, AU, FL, GA, and TN in the same division fair to any of those teams?
Kentucky wins. Auburn depends on which team shows up - the one that wants to play, or the one that goes to bowl games.
I am not completely sure that this is not a move to attempt to exercise more authority over the playoffs. The Big 10 has been left out several times, much to its chagrin. Sankey needs to pick up the phone and call Bob Bowlsby and schedule every B12 team to play an SEC team on opening weekend.
This is nothing but bush league elitism. If it were not a posturing power grab, they would have cooperated with the rest of the power five. There is an agenda here. Don’t be fooled by the benevolent platitudes you will hear from grumpy old men. It is about power and money - not public health.
Colorado, Arizona State, Florida State OR Texas, Florida State, GA Tech > Notre Dame, Ohio State???? Not sure what kind of math makes that work. Not sure anyone who believes that has watched much college football in the past decade.
Rioting. It is rioting. Protesting looks different entirely. The murder was senseless, especially from s policeman whose job is to protect the public - the entire public. Sadly, there are other policemen out there with outsized egos. However, they are a minority and give the rest a bad name. It is a tragic situation. However, let’s be clear. It is not protesting. It is rioting, and it is unlawful and unhelpful, just like the murder.
Two things: 1) Not to be a homer, but I guess it is obvious - the dip in tenures coincided with the arrival of Saban. 2) Anyone who sees a long tenure for Kiffin at Mississippi is smoking something.
Tua and any of Spurrier’s former QBs should be the players. Saban and HBC should be their caddies (minus carrying the clubs, but with a towel over their shoulders for cleaning golf balls). The players should have to play every shot exactly as the caddies directed. Both coaches should have a backup to put in if needed. Saban’s should obviously be Jalen. Spurrier would need a couple. Les Miles and Ed O should be the correspondents following the group and reporting. Mike Leach and Charles should be in every tower.
Tennessee is the new Auburn. They are going to go 14-0 and shock the world. I mean, they got a couple of five star recruits to commit verbally. They will be this year's story! Anyone want to set the odds on whether they keep all of their recruits through signing day and do better than 8-4? I am sure the Florida writer would love to beat Tennessee and then have them beat Alabama, but...
Stoops got his starting QB hurt last year and won eight games with a converted wide receiver who was shaky at best on any pass beyond ten yards. Over.
Phil Fulmer is trouble. He always has been. He is a contrarian and I believe he does it for attention. Admittedly, this is an opinion formed from afar based on news stories. He stabbed both Johnny Majors and John Currie in the back to get where he is. Be wary of him.
The difference is that Vanderbilt’s stadium would be filled with the other team’s fans.
Have you seen Alabama play in week one since 2008? They show those games in Texas, right?
As I said, Kareem Jackson does not get the credit he deserves... If I am not mistaken, he is in the top ten or so of playing time in the NFL among Alabama alums.
Kareem Jackson often does not get the credit he deserves. He should be mentioned. Maybe Eddie Jackson, as well.
At 85, he could still rip the six iron from Steve Spurrier’s hands and wrap it around his neck.
Gene Stallings. We don’t really need one - terrible idea, but - Gene Stallings.
...a record setting year for this quarterback. Let’s go to Tom Rinaldi for the story of how his sister was born with cancer before her battle with addiction.
They do not mean it and it will not change. They have been doing it forever. “...another great run by Mark Ingram as he plows his way into Heisman contention. I am sure his father enjoyed watching that from the maximum security ward of the federal penitentiary in...”. It has always been this way. Pathetic.