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…so my logic should still say GA is the better team?
We played A&M, FL, and AU on the road. Don’t leave out that vital detail. You played at AU, but it was not the Iron Bowl. You also did not play A&M and LSU. LSU and AU do not hate you the way they do us. Lots of differences. This is why all of these arguments about who is ranked where are noise until Championship Saturday.
Thank you, red and black. Very classy. May the rest of your season go well. Best wishes.
Who are you, the IRS? Don’t make yourself feel better by belittling others.
GA, OSU, and Notre Dame are perennially the best teams in the history of college football on paper. Their records in the playoffs (which ARE reality) tell a far different story. GA less so than the other two, but still a lot of heartbreak on that campus, too. Buy the hype if you want.
Thank you for writing this article. Please keep pumping the Ohio state/Georgia narrative.
I get it,Chris. Thanks for standing up for the little guy - the one with no real voice. Having said that, please put Cincinnati in the playoffs.
I like to believe that, at some point, the committee will stop giving OK the benefit of the doubt. They are far and away, without question, the biggest farce in playoff history. They have been to practically every playoff and have yet to win a game.
Adam, since you mentioned the Penn State/Illinois game, if I had told you before the game that it would feature nine overtimes, how much would you have bet on the over?
If Alabama should run the table and beat GA for the title after losing seven players in the first 37 draft picks, it is easily Saban. I know it gets boring to say it every year, but I don’t know how you leave him out if he wins out. Others might have worked with less, but…
He was trying to get one of the Alabama players to throw a shoe. He knew it was their only chance.
Lane Kiffin should probably be listed under the winner section. He had a pretty good day…
All of this has truth, but… I was having a conversation years ago with someone in South Carolina before Saban. They started talking about the Bear Bryant era. They looked at me and said, “That’s never happening again.” It is easy to say, but that’s not to mean that it can’t happen.
Anyone care to bet they anyone stupid enough to throw a golf ball from the stands is also stupid enough to brag about it on Facebook? Just wait…
You have obviously not spent much time around middle/high school sports.
There are lots of players who play because of their last names. Sadly, there are lots of really talented kids who never get a chance because of it.
If Alabama is the #1 seed, the only way they play in Miami is if they play Oklahoma. That is the only way Saban picks Miami over Arlington.
I had to read this twice. Are we really complaining about how Fuller was treated? Tell me you are kidding. Want me to count how many people (including a hall of famer or two) he stabbed in the back???
We played GA and FL in back to back years…
We played GA as our crossover last year and FL this year. Not sure what you mean by that…
I think I can speak on behalf of the entire Crimson Nation in saying that Cincinnati in the playoffs has our full, unequivocal support.
GA did not really want to be there and decided in the fourth quarter that winning a bowl game they did not want was infinitely better than losing a bowl game they did not want.
…though I will say that I agree with your Notre Dame argument…
Oh, my gosh. What is up with Arkansas whining about not playing Vandy? Insofar as it concerns Alabama, keep in mind that we played FL and GA in back-to-back seasons the past two years, not to mention playing FL in last year’s championship game…
Don’t look now, but Alabama just won a critical game in large part due to a kicker.
I am not in ANY way condoning or trivializing any of the above, but to be fair, the most recent was twenty years ago. Should those follow him for his ENTIRE life?