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Everyone said the same thing about Oklahoma's offense in 2015 before Clemson trucked them by 20.
To want more is to care nothing about students who are not being paid and are already putting too much wear on their bodies due to a regular season that is too long. Do we care about them?
Four teams is plenty. To want more is to care nothing about students who are being paid nothing and whose bodies are already taxed due to a regular season that is too long now. Teams should have to be stellar to get in. They should not be rewarded for dropping a couple along the way unless they play their butts off to get back in. The regular season should matter. Eight teams this year would let Ohio State in. They are a classic example of a team which would be given a pass at eight teams when they are not deserving.
...more like one in a million.So you're telling me there's a chance!! (Imagine stupid grin)
Thank you for not saying Wisconsin. I am sick of them hiding in the B10 W, playing no one, and running their mouths about being undefeated. I will acknowledge that Bama's schedule is uncharacteristically weak this year, but they are in the SEC W, which has recently been the best in college football. They also took on FSU to start the season.
I just hope we have enough linebackers left to play GA.
No, not really. I was actually hoping for that. Have fun wearing that target while Saban works everyone into a tizzy about being disrespected.
...and you think the conference would not have interests to protect? You think that it would be equally as easy to suspend a star at South Carolina before a bowl game and the Alabama starting QB the week before the playoffs? Speaking, of course, of the last few seasons hypothetically and not assuming that we will make the playoffs.
Imagine that Jacob Eason has an all-world year. Imagine that he is nice enough to sign an autograph for a kid and the dad slides ten grand in his pocket without his knowledge. The NCAA finds out and suspends him for the GA FL game. FL beats GA and then would have to lose to TWO of the following for GA to catch them: Missouri, Vandy, SC, Tennessee, or Kentucky (all while going undefeated). All because of some stupid idiot. I understand that the FL/GA game is last - just an example.
...and this would ensure that AL can play both TN and AU every season? Think you are not killing off a rivalry there?
Losing to a team in your own division is already like losing twice. They have to lose twice for you to pass them because they own the head-to-head. Furthermore, you have lost the opportunity to make it happen yourself. With weaker teams in the rest of the division - see the east right now - you could put an entire season even more in the hands of one freak play or one injury. It would dramatically cheapen the regular season.
Sitting here now, I would take GA over AU. That may change. I have seen neither play. Malzahn needs some street cred, though. You never know.
I was in the stadium when we beat Miami (talked to Langham and Teague before that game) and when we beat Texas. I have been to a couple of hundred AL games, including 3 of the last 4 SEC title games (also the first). I am an Alum. Quit being ignorant.
Just don't poison any trees and embarrass us all again.
I can tell you are over it. Making great progress.
...which is to say, if you beat Alabama in the last five years, that is your play.
Allen and Foster cannot both be the two best Saban players. CJ Mosley is at least one of them.
Pat Dye leaving under the shadow of improprieties could count. Terry Bowden went 11-0 on probation the next year.
The term refers to a goat upon which all of the sins of a group of people were placed. The goat was cursed and then sent to the wilderness to die. Seems to work here.
The next coach will be paid a lot of money to be the scapegoat. The real question is what will be left after that and who will it be then?
John is right. Your comments do not reflect Christ in any way.
There is no lie, to my limited knowledge of the situation. However, to characterize the others in the SEC who have NOT made the same mistakes and are sincere about faith in Christ as "Bible thumpers wearing headsets" is out of line. So is the tone of glee as everyone rushes to throw their shovel full of dirt on another victim who has, hopefully unwittingly, bought the lie.
Absolutely. Without a doubt. Again, not defending his actions - only those of the millions of others who did not make the same mistakes. I am also encouraging others not to be so quick to pile on and throw Freeze on the trash heap. It is probably easier to get to where he is than we think.
I am in no way defending Hugh Freeze or his behavior. His behavior does not, however, represent Christ or faith in him. To lump him with any other Christian and call them all "Bible thumpers" is incindiery and offensive, John. The beauty of it all is that God can still forgive Freeze for what he has done. None of us is worthless.