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I was going to respond, but I could not decide if he was insulting me or paying me a compliment.
1 Field goal kicker who is a difference maker with ice water in his veins.
Alabama has at least as many years when we were robbed as we do years which are claimed that others find questionable. 1966 leaps to mind.
Name one year when all of the semifinal games were competitive. Heck, just name me two or three semifinal games ever which were. If the top four teams are not evenly matched enough to play a competitive game, why would the top eight be?
The basketball tournament has 68 teams and yet there is still a yearly discussion about who is left out. It has taken on a life of its own, has an insatiable appetite, and is the worst possible way to name a season's champion.
Agree completely. Terrible idea. Also not fair to ask college students who are not being paid to play one more game. Their season is long enough as it is. It is selfish of anyone to ask for more. Say what you want about teams being left out, but the basketball tournament has 68 teams and that is STILL a yearly argument.
Yes, I was there in the USC section in 2010. I am still trying to figure out who wore Stephen Garcia's jersey.
...Quentin Dial in no way affected the outcome of the game. Instead of a chip shot field goal at the end of the half (21 yards?), it would have been a chip shot plus 15 (37?). I know, "...but Alabama's kickers..." No call in the SECCG truly cost GA direct points. This is not true of AL. The (not) tipped pass missed both live and on the replay (it was obvious) resulted in a negation of a pass interference and the blocked field goal was returned for a TD on the next play. Most GA fans miss that. CJ Mosley also got held on GAs last TD and taken out of the play. It was painfully obvious. Go watch it. That would have made the next play like third and 23 with the penalty. At least seven and arguably 14 of the Dawgs points should not have happened.
Hurts and his dad want the NFL and believe it is warranted. Just an observation from afar, so take it for what it is worth...
I know what all of the Dawgs are about to scream - Quentin Dial and the Pass interference at the end of the title game - those are not the entire story, though.
I would have to watch the entire game again, but I did not see much in the title game that would have moved the needle.
Just an FYI - Alabama had the worst end of the officiating in the 2012 SECCG.
I spend a fair amount of time near Athens. I have always wondered how many times in a row Alabama would have to beat the Bulldogs on the biggest of stages before they would stop shooting their mouths off before the game and blaming it on luck and officiating after.
Depending on what is meant by "biggest free agent in college football history," I think that Jalen is not it. Unfortunately, that title would go to Scam. Of course, if we are speaking literally, it would be Terrence Cody.
"I can’t see Alabama missing the CFP." Dude, I know Saban has made it look easy, but dang... You know only ten teams have ever made it, right? Could you see us losing to Auburn last year? A&M/Miss twice? Just don't make it too hard with expectations. Roll Tide.
Saban will coach at least four more. Maybe more. Hope you enjoyed the wishful thinking. Neither of these two coaches will succeed without having to deal with him successfully, even if only early in their tenures.
Agree completely. I thought Mcelwain might do good things at FL - he surprised me - and yet he still managed to go 2 for 3 on east titles. It is much different now with the rise of the Dawgs, but it is still easy sledding in the rest of the division. A&M has a much steeper mountain to climb.
This is a ridiculous threat. There is no similarity whatsoever. It is a completely different group of people and the scissors in the logo are even turned a different way.
I think everyone may be missing the point here. It looks a lot to me as if we are setting up a farewell tour for Saban. Don't be surprised if both of the road games happen before either home game. Those would both be fitting sunset games. I don't think Saban has wasted much time thinking about the implications of GA-ND last year. He was able to get into the playoffs with no conference title for the second time in seven or so years.
Tiger, didn't we just discuss labels? :) I have nothing against any one person because of football. That would be asinine. Now, Auburn fans in general? :)
I am not afraid of homosexuality or of any homosexual, so I am not homo"phobic." I usually avoid labels because they paint lots of very nuanced situations and individuals with a very broad stroke. The NFL locker room situation is utterly out of control as it stands. I would never undress with women who are strangers in the room. I would include homosexuals, as well. When we actually need to have this discussion, society is broken.
Adam, wading into such territory has threatened to bury ESPN. Sure you want to go there? Sure there is a reason to want to know. He will be showering in a team locker room, right? Just because you try to normalize homosexuality does not mean it is right. It also does not mean that everyone who disagrees is an ignorant hillbilly hick. I know the community would love to portray it as such, but...
Washington will not beat Auburn. LSU could beat Miami by 40 with three pick sixes and could also lose to Miami by 50 with seven turnovers. It is just how things go in the bayou.
I know it was not yesterday, but the classic example for me will always be Geno Torreta. I am sure you remember, Chris.
No disagreement whatsoever at kicker. QB, though? Let's just be real. I could throw the ball to Cooper, Jones, Ridley, and Howard. Once the WRs are good enough, the QB can be mediocre. For proof of this theory, go pull up videos of Terry Bradshaw.
...and how many times will the NFL blow the whistle surreptitiously on a college kid?
These things all pale in comparison to the real biggest danger. The XFL will be under constant pressure to get stars. This will put smarmy recruiters and agents on every college campus. The NFL, which has never had to worry enough to do this, will have to follow suit. How many seasons will be tanked because someone took some cash or signed an agreement?