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Keep in mind that both game plans changed. Not just one. UTPHD, the same way everyone knows TX would have won with him. Ultimately, don’t be a one-man team.
Colt McCoy’s injury was not the reason Texas lost. I do hope they keep believing it, though. Don’t get me wrong - it didn’t help their cause - however, they would have lost anyway. Please keep making excuses.
1) I have not talked to any A&M fans. 2) They are not the only ones saying bad things about you. That category pretty much spans all of college football. 3) Texas is as arrogant/confident as any of those, just with less tangible success on which to base it. 4) You are correct in saying that TV revenue changed all of that. Specifically, the revenue coming from the Longhorn Network. No one in the SEC, no matter how much they have won, have been with sell the rest of the conference down the road to attempt such a thing, including those in your list. Shall I continue? I think you have been isolated in the B12 for so long, you have convinced yourself that it is just those three or four teams which had beefs. Apologize for the bad pun.
Dude, the most recent game before 2009 featured Bear Bryant as coach. The vast majority of the other games are even more ancient history than that. Typical Texas. Don’t worry. Rumor has it that we will get to see more of you soon.
Aren’t you the”fairly normal and humble” person from above? Just saying…
You can’t really think that OK, TX, and every school in the SEC, including SEC administration, would do this without knowing the answer to that question?
…and if we simply add TX to the west, how will they react to being the third/fourth best team in their division?
…and if anyone thinks Alabama should go to the east where we would play Auburn, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee every year plus LSU as a crossover…and occasionally OK/TX on top of that…
Fayetteville is very pretty. It is farther into the mountains than one might imagine. It is only about 1400 feet, but it feels higher. The road in and out winds back and forth up the mountain to it. Makes it hard to leave when there is traffic, but…
I am not upset or whining and I am not complaining. Bama does not have to lead every discussion. Just making a point. If Saban wins a title this year (a lot of football left - I understand), having lost six offensive players in the first 37 picks, three Heisman finalists, and four receivers in the first round of the last two drafts, the award should be renamed for him, much less given to him. I like the variety and the “surprise” element, but just saying…
I got Notre Dame in the delusional and overinflated contest.
How is Saban “36-10 vs. the top 10 and 27-15 vs. the top 5?” Am I misreading it?
Honestly not shooting at the Dawgs - I have lots of good friends who are Bulldogs, and I have no problem with the school - but the kicker was the year that B Daboll was the OC for the Patriots when they came back to beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl after being down 28-3. Less than a year later (the next season), he beat GA as OC for Alabama on the same field - the Benz in Atlanta.
If you are right, you will have no need to destroy that with which you disagree.
MAKE them be vaccinated??? We are living in America, right?
I am not an anti-vaxxer. However, to fire a coach for not browbeating his team into getting a vaccine that is still EXPERIMENTAL when the vaccine obviously failed to protect four players is waaayyy out of line. Everyone who disagrees with you should not be fired.
Say what you will about him stealing Nico Collins. I was also upset (strong word when we are talking about football, but let’s go with it) at the time about losing Justyn Ross. I hope Ross is better and has a great season - nothing against either young man - but when I look at Ruggs, Waddle, Jeudy, and Smith, I wonder if either would have played. He did not steal anyone.
One game should not be able to eclipse an entire body of work unless the two teams have equivalent resumes.