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The next coach will be paid a lot of money to be the scapegoat. The real question is what will be left after that and who will it be then?
John is right. Your comments do not reflect Christ in any way.
There is no lie, to my limited knowledge of the situation. However, to characterize the others in the SEC who have NOT made the same mistakes and are sincere about faith in Christ as "Bible thumpers wearing headsets" is out of line. So is the tone of glee as everyone rushes to throw their shovel full of dirt on another victim who has, hopefully unwittingly, bought the lie.
Absolutely. Without a doubt. Again, not defending his actions - only those of the millions of others who did not make the same mistakes. I am also encouraging others not to be so quick to pile on and throw Freeze on the trash heap. It is probably easier to get to where he is than we think.
I am in no way defending Hugh Freeze or his behavior. His behavior does not, however, represent Christ or faith in him. To lump him with any other Christian and call them all "Bible thumpers" is incindiery and offensive, John. The beauty of it all is that God can still forgive Freeze for what he has done. None of us is worthless.
Not to be a homer, and not to have to be on top of everything, but...Alabama led the conference last year. This year, the number two running back recruit in the nation is transferring because he can't find playing time (assumedly), the SEC offensive player of the year is back to lead the offense, having spent over a season on campus now, and the best set of receivers, perhaps in the nation, is on the edge, and Alabama does not crack the top five???
...or are you just parroting John Cena?
Tell me the GPA or major of one Alabama football player without looking.
Coach, what do you believe are the most significant social , financial, and academic issues facing student-athletes today?Saturday Down South: beer.
Do one for 50 yard line logos - no love for LSwho, but they would win by light years.
Unless you are a crossing guard, orange is obnoxious, no matter who is wearing it.
Georgia and Kentucky deserve to be higher. If I were not a Tide fan and I were going to pick a team strictly based on how their merchandise looks in the store, it would be Georgia.
Again, I ask: why is this site OBSESSED with getting alcohol into SEC stadiums? The first step to solving an addiction is admitting that you have one. If you cannot think about football without thinking of alcohol, it is probably an addiction.
Why is this site obsessed with getting alcohol into SEC stadiums? The first step to solving an addiction is admitting that you have one.
Having a hard time sorting sarcasm from sanity. Are all of you serious? Please say no. Do you also believe that the Russians and Macedonians decided the election?
Besides the language, I appreciate the honesty and will of this one Auburn fan. I wish more would share the perspective. Auburn's leadership seems to be leaning east so hard that one might wonder if they are running from something.
...let me get this straight. Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, AND Tennessee in the SAME DIVISION? What are you smoking?
Trent Richardson might trump Milliner. Tough call.
Quick - don't look. How many national titles has Texas won?4. Same as Cal, Georgia Tech, and Iowa. One fewer than Auburn and Illinois. Surprised? You have been fooled by their rhetoric.
If Texas had automatic spot in the playoff every season and was spotted two touchdowns per game just for showing up, it would not be enough to massage their egos. No Texas, under any circumstances. OK and Kansas are the only two which make sense. Any other school which comes close just gives you a slightly bigger slice of Texas.
It is not an assumption that only a certain level of depravity would lead someone to insult someone else publicly while remaining anonymous, causing his phone to blow up while he is sitting home relaxing or spending time with his family. I don't know what kind of "kisses" you think I might be after on a message board from a sportswriter I will never meet. Dignity is dignity. Deal with you psychoses by yourself.
How about posting your work address so we can all show up when you are at work and heckle you? Do you honestly believe that your two hours of surfing sports sites on your sofa every night means that you know more than someone who has media credentials and actually attends press conferences and sporting events?
Good article - not shooting at you - but I fail to see how this helps Miles' case. LSU had a better draft than anyone not named Alabama or Ohio State, yet they won nothing that mattered. I have talked with several friends about the draft and all have agreed. LSU has filled the NFL with defensive backs and wide receivers. What do they have to show for it in the last five or so years?
Do you really want to drive home next to all of those people? At least make them work to cheat the system.
Naive is to believe that it would not get worse if legalized. As it stands, everything is forced underground and out of sight, at least to a young mind which does not think in those terms. If you cannot enjoy a game without alcohol, you need to ask some hard questions. Do you REALLY believe that there would be the same number of idiots at the game if everyone were enabled by an IV set up right next to their seat?
There is nothing out of touch with reality more than making it harder for me to bring my children to games. Love the ban.
This is the best article I have ever read on this site. Thank you so much for publishing it.
Not just unbreakable at Alabama - in all of college football.