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You are 100% correct. There are not enough teams. When the committee cannot identify enough teams which are competitive in a four-game stint, why should they go and find more? It appears that there are more evenly matched teams at the top this year than in any year of the playoffs. We will see. Until competitive quarterfinals happen, everything else is sound and fury. Teams such as UCF and Boise St will always exist - playing weak schedules and clamoring because they are undefeated. The committee has consistently told them “no” due to scheduling. Others such as O State have played easy slates and have seen that one loss can make a huge difference. Even Alabama was third this week because of an uncharacteristically light workload. That changes starting now. Four is enough. Football is not basketball.
See my comment above. Why am I adding more teams when only two of ten semifinal games have been competitive?
Show me a competitive semifinal game. 2 out of ten.
True. Maybe if we had just written the check, then the FBI could be investigating us, too.
Michigan and OSU were not deserving. Others were arguably not, either. Again, it would not stop at eight. Entry at eight is too cheap, much less 16.
I disagree. You would easily add a few two-, if not three- loss teams. Do you really believe it would stop with eight? 64 was not enough for basketball.
The more teams which are added, the less that is true. As it stands today, you are correct. This is the point.
To all of you who would like to expand the football playoff: this is where we land. We are arguing over whether or not a team which is three games over .500 with a losing record in the SEC deserves to make it. This is a team with double digits in the L column. They are NINTH in the SEC. Think long and hard.
Hi Tommy. The Iron Bowl is a great choice, but it is at Auburn this year. I would pick another game or wait a year. Just saying. Roll Tide.
Referees would stop making calls which allow for replay. For instance, more runners would be declared down instead of allowing the possibility of going back and realizing he fumbled on replay. The end result would be more bad calls which would be permanent as soon as the whistle blew. Not a good idea.
I have come to wonder if they cull opinions they do not like.
Not to mention an entire two-deep at corner. Playing your numbers 5&6 corners should do wonders for a QB.
Ha ha ha ha ha. Rotfl. Brokeback Rockytop, the only thing eight would do is give us more of the first round blowouts we have become accustomed to seeing. People who are clamoring for eight are just shortsighted.
If you will notice, the three highest prices are the three years when Georgia played in Atlanta, an hour or so from Athens. #Maybeitsthebulldogsfault
When you have to go through Tennessee and Kentucky, you lose me.
SiranStacy (that is the only way autocorrect would type it) hyping the crowd after his car accident will probably always be the best as far as personal moments go.
OK would lose big to Bama due to the aforementioned lack of defense. Ohio State is not deserving of the playoffs. ND is. However, I this O State would beat ND. They, too, are overrated. I was In Bryant-Denny yesterday. Saban sending Hurts in to cover the spread was one of the great Iron Bowl moments I have ever witnessed.
Nick Saban, Terrence Cody, or Steve Spurrier would trump anyone between Jones and Kiffin.
Lock - 44 TDS on 385 attempts, 8.555 attempts per TD. Tua - 31 TDS on 227 attempts, 7.323 attempts per TD.
I am sure Lock had more attempts than Tua, given that Tua has only played in one fourth quarter. That should be good to erase the asterisk. Maybe if Missouri had made the playoffs...
The biggest factor in the FCS games is the money. SEC teams make millions on every home game. Football has to support itself and all of the other non-revenue sports. Three teams who are willing to come with no return visit are priceless.
So let me get this straight. The dawgs do not beat Bama for over a decade (four games, just for clarity), and the officials are to blame each time.
Not to say you did, but comparing shutouts in 1944 or even 1980 to today is ludicrous.
That amazing broccoli salad that your sister-in-law used to rock before the divorce. Now she is gone and your uncle tries to do it, but thinks just mixing some mayo and some broccoli will do the same thing.
Starkville and wine are polar opposites. It would be like playing word association and someone says, “chandelier.” No one replies, “Auburn.”
Alabama’s schedule is admittedly uncharacteristically weak. However, keep in mind that: 1) we play the 2nd best team in the history of the SEC annually. Sure, it is a dumpster fire now, but... 2) Auburn was predicted to make the playoffs. 3) Louisville was very good with Jackson/Petrine 4) the reason many of these teams are down is that we have beaten them.
News flash! Breaking news! Alabama has only lost to good teams since 2008. It is an amazing trend. LSU fits the trend. Therefore, they will lose. Bet on it.