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Bear Bryant never wore hounds tooth... Bama fans are idiots
Heres a article idea. Gus' w/l record when he gets ball first vs his record getting the ball at the half. I don't know if it's just me, but I swear they always do best on defense first
"This starts with a home date versus a red-hot Auburn squad on Saturday." When was the last time anyone equated a 7-point win over Vandy as with being "red hot"?
That infamous Mark Richt 9-win season sounds pretty good right now I bet... Thanks for getting rid of him for us lol
8th straight season with a 1,000yd rusher, barring he doesn't get injured before he gets about 10 more carries. Kerryon is within arms reach if he pads up his stats vs Vandy and AL A&M
Dammit, do some real reporting and at least attempt to tell us about the other 7 games. I'll google it, but you could have included that info
I want Bama to lose, but c'mon, you can do better than that
It's like an intern made it on their lunch break
Auburns only losses are to the #1 team ad #3 team. Hopefully we can knock off 2, 6, 58, and 79. War Eagle
Everybody knows this goes way back. Bear Bryant always made sure the referees were well taken care of
I sure hope Gus is just keeping this kid in his back pocket for later in the season. If he proves he can throw with success, this kid is going to be big time
Everyone forgets to factor in the injury possibility also. If the freshman gets hurt halfway into the season, this kid has the chance to step back in and play well and get the job back. Look at Ohio State a couple of years ago. Never know what can happen over the course of the season.
He's got a helluva arm, but needs to learn to be a more disciplined passer. For instance with the play in the article, if he had underthrown that ball to where his receiver comes back to it, they get a 40 yd completion and 1st down. The defenders were beyond the receiver downfield and wouldn't be able to get back. Instead, he doesn't make a read on it, and just fires downfield as I'm sure the play was probably drawn up. He needs to be able to make better reads and be able to break from the drawn up play to get the completion and the positive yardage.
I'll agree the 2013 UGA game was a "miracle" [despite still being salty about their go ahead touchdown being questionable at best], but not the UA game. People seem to forget that it was a tied game, with the momentum clearly on Auburn's side, before the kick-six. Saban's decision to kick instead of a hail mary, after they had missed 2 and had one blocked. That was the miracle
JJ and little Sean are gonna have a tough time keeping up
SDS should be ashamed of themselves for this type of Buzzfeed-esque reporting
I also vaguely remember a RB (maybe a WR) getting 995 yds or so, just shy of the 1000 mark
"Big Play" Melvin Ray will be much harder to replace
It's not like Clemson isn't the south.. It's closer to UGA than Bama, or USC for that matter
I've got a mug that says the same thing. And a 2013 Auburn Natl Champs shirt
The flying of the Eagle. A tradition so good alabama decides to borrow it. I guess Mich St fans now know what its like to go to an Auburn home game
I think for the 3.5 mil Gus gets and the 1.5 they gave to Muschamp, Auburn would be happy to give him 5M a year. He could become Saban's kryptonite
The Alabama Rammer Jammers, the Arkansas Sooies, the UGA Sic Ems, Ole Miss Hottie Toddies, the Texas A&M Gig Ems or the Tennessee Rocky Tops. Auburn is the only team they do that to, but it makes as little sense as doing to the rest of them