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Daniels is a good bit better than Bennett. It's not close. Bennett will help get past Kentucky too. It didnt matter if we even lost to Auburn. Kirby sat Daniels to make sure he is healed for Florida. He is making sure we are in the SEC championship and move on from there.
So he couldnt cut it as a quarterback or a baseball player so they bring him in at a position he never played over tight ends with 14 years experience in college and NFL? He found out quickly that being a missionary doesnt pay a lot of money or give you fame. Maybe they will at least sell some tickets since they are taking a spot of someone that deserves it.
All very true. No one wants to leave Athens after they graduate. There are police officers, bartenders, cab drivers, and business owners in Athens that got a degree and wouldn't leave. I would love for my son to use his UGA engineering degree instead of still working at the college but, hey, that may require leaving Athens!
Looking to bounce back from two losses when they host Alabama LOL. They may as well hope to win the SEC, the Natty, the lottery, and the knowledge of how to please a woman hahahaha. Cade is getting what he deserves after being fed, trained, housed, and educated for two years and then leaving UGA.
And the Oscar for crying to get points and get people to think Im a good person goes toooooooo. Kirk Herbstreit!
This kid is better than a 3 star. He will make a difference.
Thats a big boy. We are still building the O-line up.