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Typical SDS. That Twitter handle legit says @notcoachjohnson. @jay they got twice as many titles if memories correct.
Gus has two SEC titles has been 3x and a Natty (Chiz didn't win that one we all know that).
Hire him back please.... Any other school he sleeps with someone he's still an hc
Yo legend, remind me the score of the last Ole Miss UGA game again? WDE!
Post Spring I'm guessing one would regardless. However to be fair, Ta'amu looked better to me than Shea.
Don't dish it out if you can't take it Bulldawgrock. Go hide behind the Egg Bowl trophy for comfort... oh wait.
It'll be interesting to see our fate Vs. UNC.... That being said, prepped for the worst circa 2 year bowl ban.
What size 4? You know what they say bout lil feet fella. Simmer down lil man.
If we're the evil school up north. I love embracing it. Oh, and thanks our interim HC will kindly take that egg from your "elite" HC.
CFFan since the BCS never had a playoff anything you say is now invalid. Good job. That's why the BCS ya know is gone and has been for three years.
Who cares if he is Rebel to the core. A crap coach is a crap coach and Luke is mediocre at best.
I'd focus on y'alls dumpster fire of a season as well. Dan's now what 4-22 against ranked teams? Great HC ya got there.
Grew up with Johnny and played ball with him way back when. Dude's been doing this since age 10
Any other school and Freeze doesn't get fired. Spineless move Bjork. Built the whole case around em then showed em the door.
Makes sense, still all for Ackbar. However this is the best option, the Bear just flat out blows and at least with the Landshark there is identity.
Cody McClure, I don't think you could have written a more incorrect article on Senquez if you wanted to. 1) this entire article is garbage. 2) He was a four year letterman for Ole Miss, played through 14. Are you dumb or just bad at research? 3) Go watch the 14 UT Ole Miss game and you'll see him tearing y'all up. 4) He was also a Senior that lead the SEC in interceptions in 2014 before going to the NFL but hey what do I know right, I'm not an esteemed writer for SDS? (10$ this thing gets edited soon.
Louisville an ACC Powerhouse? Hot take for a team that's never even won it's division. Save those spots for FSU, Clemson, VT, and GT pal.
Rivalry aside. Go look at Mullens record Vs. top 25 opponents. He's a good coach but no where near the others mentioned.
Alright Weagle clearly you know nothing about some of those MONSTROUS YouTube channels. The kid's busting his ass making content and getting paid for it. It's no different than him getting a job at school. He's still in college (shocking there is more to it than football) and if anything else he is making a name for himself and will probably generate more revenue off it. (Wow that whole thing called marketing works!) Keep yourself in the 80's or go do some research on some of these big name channels, because there is loads of those guys making more money than you ever will.
The current plan is to bring down the uppers on the east side after this season and shrink the overall size. If you google GA St new football stadium you can see the master plan. It's going to be really nice when it's all said and done with their baseball facility.
I mean rivalry aside. It is called Starkganisthan for a reason... Four warehouses, cow pastures, and a University is basically Starkville.
Was never the biggest Freeze fan just for the game management side of it. However didn't see this kinda thing coming.
He's perfect for Louisville, between the scum of petrino and petino
Ya know, I didn't mind UK... Now I can't wait until we demolish y'all in Lexington.
Why is this any different than him having an actual job outside of football. It's the same flippin concept.
Tech a distant second? They've won 2/3 and a new years 6... Whats UGA done recently aside from consistently disappoint a fan base?
Are you drunk? Sorry but if UK is dumb enough to line up right on the line they're going to get cut. Nothing dirty about it. Stoops pissed off CPJ but it won't change the score. Go Jackets.