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So happy this year's border clash is in Fayetteville. Love the town, the university and NWA in general. Good folks and now some good football. See y'all there. MIZ WPS
@Marshgator89 You have no way of knowing that anymore than I know that you are not constantly trying to do something to yourself which is anatomically impossible.
Typical verbiage of a Florida Gangster (gator). Incorporating the Miami Hurricane culture. No place for it in the SEC, Mr. Carter & Coach Mullin. Shame on you!!!!
Welcome to the ZOU, Coach. And most importantly, welcome to your family.
Just doing a little Christmas shopping using the often used but seldom successful 'Five-Finger Discount'
Thrilled for Coach Odom and the Hawgs. He's a good man that will develop a culture for success on the field and for player's futures off the field.
Good luck to Davis at Arkansas & good luck to Arkansas with Davis. I must say I was sorely disappointed with his O-Line this year. Blocked like they were blind and on ice skates. So. Carolina was the exception but 1 game does not an SEC champion make.
Blake763, I'm picking up that which you are putting down but you haven't been a MIZZOU Tiger this season either. It doesn't take much inspirational or motivational words to raise the bar in CoMo lately. :-(
Michael, is this pseudo article the best you have to offer? Coach Drinkwitz had an inspiring and motivated presser and all you have to offer is a negative? You are so typical of today's lazy, jerk journalists. You should be ashamed of yourself. But as my father always quipped, "If it weren't for the a$$holes, we would never know who the good people are.".
Sincerely wishing Coach Pittman the best and congrats on the contract. You'll earn every penny.
I foe one have confidence in the MIZZOU systems. As coach once said, "For me as a leader of the group, okay, life is not fair. Okay. For us, as you look at it, what do you control? And any amount of time spent thinking on that, the what ifs, then you get off the focus and habits that it takes to be the successful person that we need to be and the successful team that we're going to be. We don't control any of that. Okay. So, what we focused on is controlling our attitude and having absolutely zero excuses." You bet that group of young men and the entire staff know the 'next man up' will do his job as best he can and no amount of, 'Oh poor us' and self pity will accomplish goals. As D.H. Lawrence wrote, “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.” That is the culture of MIZZOU, teams, staff & hopefully the fans.
There was no mention of schools making more or less money. Your reply is a projection of your misunderstanding of my main premise that such revenue creates a taxable event for the athlete and a cache for the state and IRS. "The players will be making money off of their own likenesses from third parties by appearing in commercials, making appearances, etc.". I see nothing ridiculous about a school being minimally compensated for services and amenities rendered. That's my opinion and ultimately a school's decision.
Fair Pay to Play is, "just OK" for college athletics but GREAT for the state & Fed 'govments' which stand to garner a ton of tax revenue from those 'poor' college athletes. The same athletes (on & off scholarship) who have the opportunity to obtain a debt free college degree, who have free medical, a team of sports psychologists, diets especially designed for their individual needs, injury rehabilitation facilities (most are not rivaled by any major hospital), tutorial assistance for any or all classes and a host of 'opportunities' of intrinsic value by virtue of being a campus icon. Sure pay them but balance their new found 'wealth' with the caveat to offset the other amenities previously mentioned.
I was at the MIZZOU vs GA games in 2013 & 2015 and both times the Dawg fans were very gracious and welcoming. They are a great example of what all SEC fan bases should be. They are my second best fan base and second best place to watch SEC football (next to MIZZOU - but then I'm biased).
K Negan: “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”
Wishes for the best of everything now & in the future for these two men.
Absolutely smsatUGA!!! running 'steps' at 05:00 should just be the beginning punishment for the doofus. But then again, he's a Hurricane. What goes on in the locker room, stays in the locker room. As a side note to SDS... who the hell cares about Miami or Martell?!
“It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt” ― Mark Twain
Dang Dawgs! Didn't you learn from our battle with those NCAA pukes that you NEVER admit or go HONEST with those ba$#&rds. Hope all turns out well for ya'll.
Well done, Vandy & way to represent the SEC. Also won a pizza & 6 pack from my neighbor who is a Mich alum. I knew Vandy was winner from the start as the outfield grass was cut in the shape of 'V'. Hey, omens can be real. :-)
Mr. Golden truly encapsulates the philosophy of MIZZOU MADE!! Well done, sir.
Stran... If you wish to bloviate, do so from your mouth not your arse!
Sorry for the previous errors in my post. I'm so spittin' mad, I can't type!
Typical libtard, 'poundMeToo -- #MeToo -- Pros. atty. Beaches be crazy!
Tyler Badie has MIZZOU Made written in his amazing future. As a Freshman he has become a legit 'asset'
Adam, put the doobie laced with Stupid down and seek help. Your article is sub par blog talk and not journalism. To paraphrase, "It is better the readers THINK you a journalistic Bum, than writing an article like this and confirming their thoughts".
I'm generally not one to criticize officials (too much) and I really don't believe the Stripes intentionally go on a mission to sway the outcome of a game. BUT, that entire crew Saturday officiated the game from their knees as they blew too many calls. IMHO.
I totally agree with you BC. We muffed it too many time to win against an elite team the caliber of Georgia. However, I have to say (and it occurred a few times to GA too) that the officials spent the entire game on their knees -- blowin' the game.