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I suggest you worry about the Vol's dumpster-fire of a program. See you in Knoxville crying like little girls when we curb stomp your orange ass.
I hate to sound like Captain Obvious here but the new hires that Coach Odom is placing are looking like he's also very aware of recruiting opportunities in AR, FL and TX. Jest sayin'. (I know for you 'seasoned' advocates, my statement is a BIG Duh!!)
Well said Virtual... Most on here are sounding like a bunch of whiny babies. To them I say, go find a 'Safe Space' on the Quad with your little, stuffed Trumans for some thumb-sucking and,'Oh how can this happen to MIZZOU' attitude. We are in the SEC and the SEC is no place for the faint of heart. There is NO crying in the SEC (Unless you're a Tenn. Vol.)!
Missouri OC Josh Heupel: 'Everybody on offense' to blame for bad home loss RYAN BLACK | 3 MONTHS AGO ... Saturdaydownsouth.comRead the comments THEN (including my mine) & NOW.Oh, how the Fair Weather Fan's wind does blow.
“Its [sic] a major flaw of republican predatory capitalism.” ?? Really Zoucat? Throwing a Flag for "Unsportsmanlike stupid comments"
Frost was pulling down a cool $2 Mil. Although I haven't seen Josh's comp, I would hope it is more than "few hundred thousand". Nice raise from $700,000 to whatever. Even to a cool million $s. Smellin' what you're cookin' riff raff.
For the love of all that's Holy would you people grow a pair and just fu*king stop whining about what might be and what might not be. Get back into the real world of college football, suck it up and move forward. “I've lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” ― Mark Twain
C. O'Gara -- Dude, this is the worse piece of crap you've ever written on this site. Did you even do just a little research. I know it's a challenge for you but a least attempt being legit. You are just a pathetic shill for the likes of those you wish to suck up to. You should be embarrassed by this effort you call journalism. FAKE NEWS by A FAKE'JOURNALIST'
Thanks Wolfman. Great insights and couldn't agree more with your assessment of the SEC officiating.
Go ahead Coach Heupel point that finger but point while looking into a mirror. Sir, right now it points back to you! I will suggest our new DC & HC Coach Barry Odom should take a look; a long, reflective look in the mirror as well. Can either one of say you see a legitimate SEC coach in the reflection?
Tony, I didn't say or infer the D was brilliant the 2nd half; only they played better the 2nd half. Considering the 1st half D, marginal improvement was better than nothing. (I too am very discouraged by the D and very disappointed in their approach of 'lowering the floor' rather than 'raising the bar' "The MO State qb started missing wide open receivers for whatever reason." I'm optimistically surmising the reason was better pass rush and secondary coverage in the 2nd half. I can't agree more with you about the abysmal tackling and positioning. Only Saturday night will provide the real proof as to whether tackling yellow do-nuts vs churning legs & knees hitting against the chin is the tool MO-D needs for improved tackling.
The Tiger's defense regrouped and played much better the second half. Granted, they need to play all 4 quarters but the 'about face' change was reassuring. My prayers are directed to the kicking game.
Haha ! I hadn't seen this gal before. Leave it to the Vol's fans to keep it classy.Go Dawgs!!!
Wolfman, I enjoy your posts and quite honestly look forward to your insights into the game of college football and MIZZOU Football specifically. But not this time my friend. I believe in the coaching staff and its brave, broader, new view of today’s college FB culture. I can only speak with my limited knowledge of SEC (please excuse the mixed metaphor), ‘inside baseball’ football culture; I am only able ascertain from my interpretations of my observations and many discussions with friends at other SEC schools. And I’ve concluded if MU doesn’t periodically assert itself, run up numbers, benefit from opportunity and yes, take advantage of the other team’s deficiencies we can never be validated as a legitimate entity in the SEC. Most of the SEC fan base, media folks and various SEC schools have an arrogance that surely borders on fanaticism; I agree this is harsh and maybe a bit non-PC but lack of harshness and being PC has it is place on other parts of campus but not on a field where SEC Football is played. I don’t think the SEC hands out participation awards. It’s about time for a new, assertive and bold departure from MIZZOU football and Missouri athletics of old. In contrast to your view Wolfman I support the team and the coaching staff for their decision to dial it back enough to allow for a much needed, confidence boosting attitude of, ‘ hey SEC, we are good but daring to be great.’.
Hoping 'Lady Luck' smiles on you in Oxford as she did in the ZOU last week. You guys are my favorite fans outside my MIZZOU Tigers. Go Dawgs!
SEC Man ??? Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
Just heard thru 'grapevine' Josh Heupel is the one. Also hearing 'Kool" is out. Right now rumor more than speculation.
I like Seth Littrell, N. Carolina. Watch his work tomorrow vs Clemson. Plus he and Coach Odom are buds who played HS football together. The guy's got some good numbers and the recruiting in the area could pay good dividends.PS: SevenT: Way out of line, dude.
Thanks Wolf for your insight and your objectivity; I do appreciate it. I too will not bet against Coach Odom. Now let's see who gets placed in the all important slots.
D, I can't agree with Coach K as DC. He knows tactics for sure but word is a little too weak in the strategy dept. Big difference in teaching rip, swim & spin and developing a D Game Plan. Knowing it will be on the job training for Odom, I have confidence his head for the game will pay dividends if not 2016 surely 2017. I say hire Barry & get on with the real important business, hiring a competent OC & OLC.
Coach Odom is the fit we need. He has MIZZOU history, he has a good head for the game, he knows the players and the players know him and he knows the MIZZOU culture. Mack, hire Coach Odom as the HC and then let's get on with the real serious business of getting a competent OC & OLC.
To all: I have a question based on recent observations of our O-Line's issues adequately protecting QB Lock and/ or executing the blocking needed for a healthy run game. My question is why the 'clap' instead of a traditional cadence or leg raise? I started noticing while in Athens and again last night the D-Line was nearly a 1/2 second ahead of the ball being snapped and consequently crossing the scrimmage line as Lock got the ball. It seems to me that it is very easy to anticipate the snap when it's a clap giving the defense a true advantage over the O-Line. The one true advantage of the offense is 'they know the snap count, the D doesn't'. I'm also curious how often, if any, has an opposing defense been called for off sides/encroachment since implementing the clap.
I feel your pain, dude. Can say the same things about our OL-Coordinator and OL-Coach. Welcome to our world, sans the hideous G-Shades.
I'm expecting a BIG difference in the O-Line performance. For whatever reason(s) I do not believe MM had established the needed gravitas between himself and the Tackle-to-Tackle guys. I'm hoping DL will be able to step into the leadership void. I'm saying we should all be very pleased with the O-Line this week. If I'm wrong then I'll feast on crow while lamenting the lost 2015 football season and all it should've, could've been.
I'll be very interested in watching the O-Line's motivation Saturday. I can't help but wonder why they have been playing so uninspired. No gravitas with the QB or the OC?? Nothing against Maty but hoping the 'Kid' with Hansbrough will create the 'want to' the O-Line is capable of.