I LOVE College Football! Especially SEC Football. And , most importantly, Alabama football. I'm a Conservative. Christian. Gun owner. I am a big hearted guy. Get along well with the vast majority of people.

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I can honestly say its realistic. I said we may have the best passing offense ever at Alabama last year. Top to bottom this will definitely be a better team. A little on O. Moderately better on Spec Teams and better on D with a world more depth. LMMFAO but, sad to say, can we make a 20 yard field goal?
A lot of what you are saying makes sense. However the one about the money, 2000 alumni give the same guy $1000 each, its "2 milly"!
An Ole Miss guy talking smack? LMAO! Reality check, it happens. As long as its not systemic.
Im guessing Dabo has great talent and depth at the position and knowing that Tennessee is the in-state school and Alabama is where his dad played combined with Sabans success at getting 5*s drafted in the 1st round it was a waste of time and effort
University of Tennessee and Auburn University
Agreed. Encourages you to mislead if you are under attack. Why cooperate?
He actually apologized. His wife told him to apologize immediately. He did. I love coach but I think she was in the right.
Dont pretend to be an Alabama fan and be antiSemitic do boy. There is nothing cute about it
Yes Finebaum is annoying at times but his beliefs arent to be attacked. Quit being a dill hole.
Saban kills the porcupine by "death by a thousand cuts" while mocking it and calling it "Lincoln"
Atrocious call. Thats up there with the LSU D White targeting call
Congratulations Bulldogs! Great game. Don't overlook Tech. Look forward to the SEC Championship game! Roll Tide Roll! Go Dawgs
Those Togers were asking for it. I'm going back to Toomers Corner with a fuel truck filled with a Monsanto product! The only thing left green in Lee County will be some Kawasaki products and the Auburn students teeth
Very well said. I can't believe how dumb some people can be. He hasn't been there a year yet. Alabama lost to a Sun Belt school when Saban first arrived. He's going to move people around and see if they can help him in spots. Make note of it then recruit like a mad man. This era we live in... people are ridiculous.
If Harris signs with us, Bo , Najee , Joshua , Damien. Monster
They do have some very nice uniforms. And please don't get it twisted, they are VERY talented but I think experience in certain areas will be the difference in the game. But we win , Goooo Bama!
Herbstreit has managed to be as unbiased an announcer as I can remember. He is, zero doubts, an OSU man. It's a shame Buckeye fans give him problems. He's simply calling it like he sees it. OSU fans need to be concerned with selling their school and not letting MeeSheeGan gain momentum