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TN 3-1 9-4 9-4 7-6 5-7 GA 4-0 8-5 10-3 10-3 8-5 Jones and Smart are both 12-5 over the past two years (the time Smart has been HC at GA). Last week GA was favored by 3.5 against MSU and GA won by 28. Tennessee was favored by 28 over UMass and TN won by 4. That has everybody talking. OddsShark reports GA favored by 7 over TN on Saturday. I look forward to the game. And Yes Sir, I think that Butch Jones is a really good coach.
These reporters would have us believe that if Nick Saban were cloned 13 times and each clone placed as head coach of an SEC team, we would end up with 14 undefeated SEC teams. Both Tennessee and Georgia are well coached. I look forward to Saturday's game.
1) You do not fire a coach who has turned your program around and whose current team is at 3 and 1. 2) This past Saturday Tennessee was flat and still won the game. 3) A note to the Tennessee football team - Get over it. Tennessee fans expect our team to show up and play football every weekend, and we don't like flat!
SDS is not being bold, they are merely repeating their party line. They repeatedly say that the SEC West is stronger than the SEC East, so no analysis needed, Mississippi State will win. As always in the SEC, East and West, we will find out on the field. Georgia - MSU will be a great game between two outstanding SEC teams.
Thank you Mr. Henry and Mr. McClure. Alabama has an incredible record, the more so because every week that they play an SEC team, that SEC team comes to play to win. It is a matter of pride in the SEC. By the way, where is the SDS article about the fact that the five undefeated SEC teams are playing for braggin' rights this weekend?
Best explanation I've ever heard. Here's to you, John Kelly.
It was an exciting game. Both teams showed up. Florida won. No excuses or apologies required. Let's go play Massachusetts.
I love this Tennessee football team. Never a dull moment. I hate that we lost, but wow, what a ride. As for Florida, good game and welcome back.
This game is really important to Tennessee and Florida. Today we find out what our respective teams are made of. No "stumbling" about it.
You are right. Both teams will show up to play the SEC brand of football. They always do. GO BIG ORANGE!!!
Upbeat article for those of us who do not bash the SEC. Reading it provided a great way to start out this SEC football Saturday.
Head to head, SEC teams are ahead 89-60-2 against Big 10 teams to date, including the Florida – Michigan game last Saturday. The average score has been SEC 24.5 - Big 10 21.4 In bowl games to date, SEC teams are ahead 51-29 against Big 10 teams. The average score has been SEC 27.0 - Big 10 22.4
Good article, Mr. Crist. An interesting slant and a fair assessment of Team 121 and our Coach.
In the latest AP Poll there are fourteen teams ahead of the highest ranked SEC East team. If an SEC East team goes undefeated, winning the SEC crown, it is possible that they will not break into the top four because of the perception that the SEC East is somehow inferior. The SEC would lose the chance to compete for the National Championship. This perception is promulgated by sports writers. So, for now… BACK-OFF!
It was a good game. By the way - on September 16, both the Tennessee defense and the Florida offense will show up to play football, SEC style. The respective adjectives "mediocre" and "offensively challenged" are simply not relevant.
I remember the Battle years. Seven seasons, and the team went from 11-1 to 6-5. That was negative and Tennessee fans felt it. Butch Jones' team, in four seasons, has gone from 5-7 to 9-4. That is positive, and Tennessee fans are feeling it. I agree with Luke Glusco - the idea is totally the creation of Colin Cowherd and his media brethren. Tennessee fans are rooting for Butch Jones and team 121, and looking forward to the 2017 season.
Alabama will win twice. The rest of the SEC teams will only win once.
Alabama earned the SEC braggin' rights this year, flat out. Every other SEC team is living in a glass house until they prove themselves in their respective bowl games. And to keep the record straight - Butch Jones is an SEC coach.
I'll be happy if Tennessee takes all the frustrations of this past SEC season out on Nebraska and beats them 100 - 0.
Mediocre? If you cloned Alabama and Saban 13 times, substituted those 13 teams for every other SEC squad, and played the season over, would you now have 14 undefeated SEC teams? Hardly. Alabama is great this year... and so is the SEC.
Naw, he thinks the Big 10 is the best conference in college football this year. It's up to Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama (assuming Ohio State gets past Clemson) to set him straight 'bout that.
Thank you. I'll be rootin' for you guys in the Citrus Bowl.
Before the bowl games: "The Big Ten has been the best conference in America this season." After the bowl games: "The Big Ten has been."
SDS Article Last week: "Butch Jones doesn’t understand criticism over current state of Tennessee program". Anyone think he understands now?
Good comment. I'm glad that somebody noticed.