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Wouldn't it make much more sense to give the kid a certain amount of money each game he won?? As far as that goes, coaches should also get paid by how much they win..
If Alabama is never in the playoffs again, I'm happy to say, nobody will miss them!
Glad to see Georgia playing for the championship over Ohio state and also glad we have a team other than Bama playing for a change! What needs college football interesting is mixing it up.. Hopefully next year, we can get two teams in their that are not Alabama, Georgia, or Ohio state.
If Kelly can beat Alabama in back to back seasons, I'll be a believer. But not until then..
Welcome to Gator Nation. Might be putting a team together for next year after all.
Sad that players that have had mediocre seasons are now bolting for the NFL, leaving teams without any talent to try and fill the gaps..
Doesn't matter who the coach has been the last 13 years, they've all been more or less the same, so we might as well quit switching every 2 or 3 years to a new one and just keep one for a while
I'm just gonna come out and say it, SB was too white to win.. Enjoy
I'm sorry, but if Richardson had so much "talent" we wouldn't be sitting at the edge of a losing season, and going 6-7
If AR goes undrafted, he can't come back to college right?
2 losses and everyone acts like it's the end of the world! What I wouldn't give for just 2 losses! Welcome back to the reality of everyone else Bama fans!
So happy we don't play a boring big ten opponent!!!
I'll tell you why Ohio State got in over Alabama, simple, college football is simply tired of Alabama getting in every year, Bama fatigue you might call it.
If the cops and feds cared about child pornography this much, there wouldn't be any left on the internet and lots of people would be in jail that aren't.. Why the special attention on this individual?
AR should transfer to Alabama and play there.. Good riddance
I agree, whomever is calling the plays in this game should be fired! They singlehandedly cost us the game in the second half
So are rappers only recording their raps for black people to listen to? Do they expect no white people to rap their songs?? Imagine trying to rap one of their songs in karaoke, you'd have to not rap every 4th word!
College football is great because the unexpected can happen any given week.. If there is no unexpected, like the same 2 teams in the NC every year, college football becomes boring..
Play calling all year has been mediocre at best, time to fire whoever is responsible for calling plays.. Also, how can you not stop the same play from vandy?? They've been running it all game with 10 yards or more per carry!
Congrats Tigers, really when anyone besides Alabama represents the west, it's always good for the conference! It's been a fun year in college football, too bad it's almost over!
Brice young would have never won the Heisman without those wide receivers last year, this year he's just another Anthony Richardson.. Not that great
LSU is playing great, Alabama is struggling, yet LSU barely beat Bama, so, how is that struggling?
Hendon Hooker will still win the Heisman, I don't see them losing anymore games