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The white hat in that game is dirty. Everytime I see him in a game there are always controversial calls.
They might deserve the win because they do have a good qb. But there was an incredible amount of holding not being called on Clemson. Bullware even admitted they hold on every play.
Get lost barner. You are loving the Bama loss because that's as close as you scum will get to any championship for the next 5 decades.
The referees were deliberately ignoring the deliberate pushoff the Clemson receivers were doing on every pass. The refs were bought. Wouldn't accuse anyone on Clemson but somebody paid them off.
Nothing about that play was clean. Clemson was interfering on every pass play. They were holding on virtually every play. Dabo Sweeney and his whole team is dirty. But then again that was the only hope they had of beating Bama.