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I kinda want to see ole Fulmer take up the reigns for a year or two and wait for a top tier coach to come available. It's not like he hasn't got a clue what he's doing....
About damn time they brought him back. Good on you, Tennessee. About your first good hire in a decade.
I'm interested to see where Penn State falls. They're certainly not out of the race for the playoffs. Outside of Michigan State, the rest of the schedule is wide open. If OSU manages to lose a couple of games (Mich St, Michigan, and Iowa still remaining on the schedule), PSU is back in it. Wisconsin should be in the top 4 right now. Unbeaten and looking damn good. Initial rankings, if we're being fair, should be: 1. Bama 2. Georgia 3. Wisconsin 4. Ohio State
You're absolutely right. Who would want to go there? Kiffin is better off spending a few seasons at FAU and waiting for a job to open up at Auburn or Michigan or some place that won't fire him in an air terminal.
I doubt they'll be able to attract any of these guys with what they've just done. Why would anyone want to come to Florida and get fired after two years and a few divisional titles? Maybe they should be looking at Bill Clark or PJ Fleck. Somebody like that would be bound to be interested. Fleck could be a ton of fun. Had some great success at Western Michigan and I'm sure he'd love to get out of Minnesota once the snow starts falling.
How in the hell do they fire a coach that has won two divisional titles in two and a half seasons? This is ridiculous. Who would want to come to Florida with absolutely no job security? At least Tennessee gives you time. This game is becoming a joke. Not every program can have a Nick Saban or Urban Meyer. Even top tier programs have to settle for a Jim Harbaugh. I guess Lane Kiffin is available and Bill Clark probably is looking really good right about now. IDK, maybe they'll hire Charlie Weis or some other washed up coach.