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Armyguy ... I have to agreed 100%! Cody Prewitt is set for a ridiculous season. Hotty ToddyThis crackpot Rriffe is such a pathetic Homer .. Those MisStake Crotch sniffers live in a fantasy land ALL THEIR OWN! LOLBound to happen ... It's tough for them having to live in the shadow of their big brother OLE MISS. THE Flagship University of Mississippi. REBELS on the Rise!
Sad for Blake Barnett ... he won't play a single snap for BAMA... Hopefully he'll realize that and get into a program where he can actually "play football" instead of watch from the sidelines for two seasons and then get ousted because Saban's new "SHINY BALL" gets signed ...remember when Saban "oversigns" he has to get rid of unnecessary dead weight ... no matter how many stars you have. Whomever he plays this year he will continue to play for the next 3 seasons.
Congratulation to Oxford's own, Evan Engram ... More proof of why Ole Miss is on the RISE! Landsharks ... Fins Up! LOVE THOSE REBELS! Hotty Toddy!
Wolfman ... YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!!!!!! That's hysterical! What nights do you do stand up? I'd love to see that show.
Ole Miss REBELS! Capital One Bowl ... I would agree. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't take the SEC this year! Talent RICH and keepin' our eyes on the one's the teams without 'integrity' That should make the games competitive ... right Alabama and Auburn?
McGinnis! Face it of those programs ... You KNOW Ole Miss is on the rise and has the greatest opportunity for you and is close to home.They Red Shirt Miss Americas at Ole Miss they have a great program, great coaches, great fans, great traditions, great facilities, The Grove and you'll be NFL ready when you're done. Best overall experience in college to be had at The Flagship University of Mississippi. Be a REBEL!Landshark! Fins up!
Sorry, I just don't see where MisStake is under-ranked here ... I just don't see it ... Prescott is over-rated ... Just wait and see, his stats this year will prove me right. He was extraordinarily lucky last year. Unless you are telling me that Mullen's is an idiot? Because if Dak were so great why wasn't he the starter for TSBU last year? Face it #Russelling was not a good QB when it comes to heart for the game. Dak just benefited from opposing teams having bad days ... it happens.
Reality, NO seriously "GREAT" baller EVER chooses MisStake over the Ole miss REBELS. I guess we'll have to wait to see if the young man is just good or "GREAT".
The Ole Miss REBELS are looking fiercely solid this season. Can't wait to get to the GROVE.
Be a REBEL Joshua!Remember they Red-shirt Miss America's at Ole Miss ... Great school, great fans, great football, great traditions, great coaches and so close to home.Win The Day! FINS UP Landsharks!
OLE MISS REBELS ... WIN THE DAY! This is why Ole Miss is THE flagship University of the state of Mississippi. Solid talent, solid schedule will bring in the wins to Oxford.
HOTTY TODDY! HC Freeze just keeps hauling in the big fish!
HOTTY TODDY! This REBELS team is packed with serious TALENT .. It's going to be a GREAT season for OLE MISS. FINS UP!
stack up against the LSU TIGERS? LOL ... missu would get their ASSES handed to them ....I'll pay to watch that game!
MR missu all day ... you sir, are a PATHETIC, INSIPID DOLT. You're getting a bit big for your britches because the East was down last year, so you start talking BIG SH*T. That's so cute! (:eyeroll:) ... Let's just sit back and watch the season and see if your little fellas can bring it on the grid iron.GO REBS! *** FINS UP! *** WIN THE DAY!
I'm ashamed to admit I'm from Missouri after that pathetic trolling post by Mr missu all day. Good Grief!! ... You just pissed that your little ole team didn't make the grade on Phil's list. You benefitted from teams having injuries to win the games you did last year. You should readjust your overblown head ... you don't get to sit at the Grown ups table in the SEC .until you have PROVEN with consistency you can play with the big boys.Now go back to your barn and do your chest thumping for those cows and chickens ... "show me" boy.Rebels got talent a solid coach and without injuries would whip you mules all day every day. HOTTY TODDY!
Rriffe Then why are you here? Oh yeah "ENAMORED" with Everything OLE MISS. Thanks for proving that point!ou might want to take a look inward when making statements about "inmates" I dont think MisStake Crotch sniffers have much room when it comes to players with legal problems ... and keep in mind YOUR PROGRAM IS STILL ON PROBATION for violating NCAA rules ... not to mention ALL of the women beating, robbing thugs you have playing for you!
Gotta laugh at the Insipid Dolts that come on here from MisStake and want to put a man in the electric chair because he was without a shirt in his front yard ... But you watch ... Those racist trolls from Starkhell will be out in force on this claiming he's guilty without a trial ... for DOING NOTHING!
Hey, Fugbussel ... can you answer the question as to why MisStake fans are so OBSESSED with OLE MISS? Seriously, just because the REBELS dominate every sport against you ... your fans are truly pathetic ...I realize that Ole Miss is THE PREMIER FLAGSHIP UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI and is known for being the BIG BROTHER to you little crotch sniffers ... and that you live in the shadow of the OLE MISS REBELS 24/7/365 ... but, other than that ... why the OBSESSION to troll every article about The Team that OWNS THE STATE, THE OLE MISS REBELS?*****LOVE THAT BLACK BEAR! HOTTY TODDY! FINS UP! WIN THE DAY!*****