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Everything I have seen from him looks like he is a good guy and hard worker. Wish him the best and much success.
@realballlicker Where did I say Washington was better? I did not, just said UGA will be fine with him. Yes, they missed out on Gilbert but I also wished the kid good luck. Learn how to read and comprehend.
Good luck to the kid, glad he found what he considers the best situation. I think UGA will be fine with Darnell Washington. But whatever, you keep fantasizing about sucking
Mond actually looked decent today. Also, Stetson Bennett IV > Jamie Newman which ain’t saying much.
Fantasy, Just because you were an extra in the Waterboy movie, that does not mean you have suited up. And just because someone has not suited up does not mean they don’t know football. Lighten up tough guy
I think the lack of previous coaching is a valid point but I would think the recruiting would be a strong point. I would think while training those guys mentioned he probably made relationships with some high school coaches. I could be wrong though.
Just do away with all those penalties and create just one for Notre Dame. Ban them from CFP playoff for 2-3 years. Everybody wins. They don’t get beat down and we don’t have to see it.
Well, no need in searching for “dumb comment of the year”. It’s only January 12 and we have our winner.
Agree, his dad has long time connections to the Bobo family. Could easily see him end up at Auburn.
You have a very broad definition of “thug” if riding a dirt bike on the road makes one that. Did he make a mistake? Yes
This is BS. All conferences and all teams had to deal with this, some did it better than others. Comments above regarding trying to get Fields healthy is probably a large part of it as well. No matter when they play I will never be a bigger Bama fan. Excuse me now, gotta go puke, hard to type that.
You are actually correct, but it is due to the culture and discipline and they figure not a good fit. On the other hand they see Mullen (runs his mouth, has players throwing shoes, tries to start brawl) and they see a perfect fit for the league”s entitled brats. Having your name mentioned to be a coach in the NFL ain’t all that it is cracked up to be. Mullen would fail miserably and NY media would feast on him. He would do well to stay at Florida.
Via AJC, From his post game press conference - “It was important for me to just to make sure the seniors go out the right way, Their last game, they worked so hard in this unpredictable season. You never know. Just got the opportunity to play for another game, so I took advantage of it, to play with my brothers. It was great.” Love that attitude and I think it is fair to say that if he had not suited up, UGA does not get the win.
If Smith does not win Heisman, just quit giving it out. He is the BEST player in college football.
That seems to be all he knows to type today. Leaves out his own team’s “struggle” though
Anyone that teased it might have been impacted but not with the actual spread
I give them props, they came to plat. Good D Don’t say this often but go out there and beat the Irish
UGA D kept them in game. Gave up the one long run but other than that, clamped down in 2nd half
Tidefan Lighten up dude, it was a joke. So, now you know I don’t actually think that. And your reason for being an idiot???
He may be on bench soon. Maybe this is his way of opting out.
Good for him. Glad to see him finishing season with his team, then think about next steps. Hope he comes back next year but wish him well no matter his decision.
Sucks for Mizzou-Iowa fans. But given the recent events in Nashville, probably not a bad thing. That area is not too far away from stadium (across river) and probably a good many bars, etc.., closed down. Nashville is a great town if you are allowed / able to enjoy all it has to offer.
You are correct. I am hoping Army gets to play and it is all laid out for that to happen. Their coach, Monken said they only needed about 48 hours notice. It should happen but somehow, like you say, somebody will screw it up.
3 star, #39 tackle, academic issues - I think Gators will be ok, may have dodged dealing with issues instead
Sept 20 - Kirby and Mary Beth Smart are contributing $1 million to the University of Georgia to go towards the Athletic Association's new social justice program, scholarships for senior athletes whose seasons were affected by the pandemic and the expansion of the Bulldogs football program. I think Kirby is doing his part, thanks for suggestion though
You and I are on same page. As I was reading, just shaking my head, “how can you do that to your team after coming this far?” Granted, I have never been in that position, upcoming money, but just can’t grasp this one
Do not no anything about him or history with Vols thus far but why the comment about finding a “true home”?