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I doubt very seriously that a patrol officer had any bearing or could have had any influence on the Epstein case. That is just like painting an entire fan base with a broad brush because of a few idiots. Now, as for what the article was referencing I thought it was some pretty good banter and fun. Would be nice to have more of that today without people taking such offense. Whoever is running that NYPD account is pretty witty to come up with that response. LSUSMC, I want to see LSU do the same thing in those lanes against Texas in September.
Hate the new format, very difficult to navigate. Old layout was perfect, not sure why they would want to screw it up. I used to check in several times per day, no longer.
BandG, I believe you are spot on. I am coming up with the family. I have been to most SEC stadiums but for whatever reason had not been to Vandy. Being a 3 day weekend I thought it would be a great time to cross that off the list and spend a great weekend in Nashville. I think there are quite a few Dawg fans with the same idea. Should be fun.
UGA did want him and he was on Bama’s radar early in recruitment as well. He did not want Bama though. His mom had stroke in 2018, not doing much better. He wanted to be closer to home, and had nothing but great things to say about UGA. I wish him all the best, better to make that decision now than enroll and do the transfer route.
Serious question - I realize the kid may be transferring down by going to Southeastern L (don’t know what level they are). Example, if a walk on at a Power 5 or Group of 5 school decide to transfer to another P5 or G5 school, do they have to sit out a year since they are not on scholarship? Chances of that happening might be slim but curious.
Nobody really made a big deal about Jones being able to coach on the sideline. Not like he was going to have any real good advice, in fact other teams would probably encourage Jones to be allowed to be more involved. It would benefit them.
Not saying he is innocent or guilty but based on the strong comments of State Attorney, do not see much happening with this. I am just surprised that SA would make that sort of statement, usually don’t hear that.
Florida is by No means UGA’s Super Bowl, it is now just a blip on the radar on the way to Atlanta. Now, if you want to say Alabama is UGA’s Super Bowl, I am all on board with that.
OK, I will be reasonable and say that “owns” may have been a strong statement. But the Dawgs lead the series in all of those categories. Now I will use the term “own” when it comes to real estate because it is very obvious that UGA owns real esrate in your coach’s and fan’s heads. Really comical to watch.
When Florida had a streak going, it was all about current when a UGA fan mentioned the past. Now that they have lost a couple in a row, they want to talk about history. Well, here are some fun facts that cover both. 2019 - UGA 36-17 Series - UGA leads 52 -43 - 2 ( I know UF whines about one game so they say 51) Largest victory in series - UGA 75-0 So, either way you want to look at it UGA owns the Gators
Exactly what I was thinking, looked as if receicer had more possession if anything. Oh well, Spring ball. Stingley should be a good one though.
TruVol, you put in same level of dedication to being a troll. At least this young man is accomplishing something and will more than likely be successful in life. He probably won’t be on message boards with multiple accounts.
You are so clever little cupcake!! Maybe change your name to Sprinkles
You beat me to it. That was what I was immediately thinking of, that would be awesome.
Well big bad Keyboard Cody, you ain’t our daddy so none of your business to tell us to get out of here. People can post their opinions respectfully as all have done except you.
I would imagine that both sides were trying to keep it in-house until after signing day, if it is indeed true. If the source was someone associated with UGA, they certainly did them no favors. Can’t imagine this helps with Haselwood. But who knows.
You are the biggest idiot. Can you not see my name is IH8BAMA but I guess you can’t figure out what that means. I am not really a fan of Alabama so not sure where you are coming up with me being a part of the y’all. I just speak the truth no matter what, UGA is not beating Bama and that is coming from a DAWG fan. You are dumber than rocks and not really a UGA fan.
Can Bama just be declared the SEC champions and let UGA and LSU play again on Dec 1? Honestly, they look unbeatable
ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Cleanup needed on aisle 9, Lexington Kroger
Ready to get this game over so we can quit hearing the talk. Enjoy it for one more night Cats fans, the dream gets crushed tomorrow. I don’t care if UGA only wins by one point or wins by double digits, the fairy tale will end. It’s been cute with all the billboards, videos, letters, etc.... but at 3:30 you gotta step between the lines. Game Over.
You make a great point. Many players from last years team and this year were recruited by Mark Richt. When being coached by Mark Richt and his staff, UGA could very well lose this Saturday. News Flash, he ain’t there anymore and these players are getting coached up. Hope you enjoyed your season, back to your normal slot in the pecking order this weekend. Dawgs by double digits.
UK players crying due to Mizzou players being mean? Now that is funny.
Honestly, I think part of that just has to do with their history. There have been a few years where they start out 4 or 5-0 and then collapse. This looks like a different team. I just think people have a hard time seeing UK at or near top-10 and believing they are for real. They get another opportunity this weekend on national TV, we shall see. I certainly don’t think UGA will be looking ahead, Kirby will make sure players are focused.
Insightful comments coming from a below average coach. He is even more brutal to listen to when in the booth calling a game.
Short video but I hate that I even wasted that little bit of time. And no, it will not get you pumped.
Well, UGA better flip the switch on in 2nd half. LSU is kicking their butt and playing and coaching like they want it more.