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That’s funny. You literally got me to scroll through them all again, did not catch that. Happy Thanksgiving to you, LSU and all SEC fans.
Richt is actually doing well and exactly what he wants to be doing. He is heavily involved in missionary work which is his real passion. That after a 15 year career at UGA, not 4 years.
Agreed, you beat me to it. 2015, SC was 2-4 and Spurrier quit. 2020, SC is 2-5, Muschamp did not quit, he was fired. The Ol’ Ball Sack Has had some great “ zingers” over the years but should probably just stay away from this one.
Based on just this season, Pittman too low, Kirby too high
Since LSU is the home team, just cancel the game and give Bama the loss. Just kidding Bammers. In all seriousness, this year just sucks. Was looking forward to watching some good football this weekend but with each passing weekend, seeing more and more cancels.
Nash, Don’t always agree with everything but props here, You nailed it and with good reasoning. Good game by your Gators, clearly outplayed Dawgs.
No malicious intent with that hit. Pitts lowered his head, it was just unfortunate timing. I certainly wish Pitts well. But if it makes you feel any better to agree with Danny, so be it.
Corch, Depth of talent and depth of experience? I experienced several times today watching the talented and experienced Tyson Campbell get beat for TDs. Just quit with all the excuses about those players being out. Plain and simple, Florida outplayed and out coached UGA today. UGA QB play is flat out embarrassing and that is all on Kirby. Great game by you Gators today, enjoy it. Go Dawgs
I don’t recall him ever getting suspended while at UGA. What game? Dumb nonetheless.
That was my first thought when I saw title. First couple of times were fun, but every single week. Just lazy by SDS.
I think my name makes it clear that I am not a Bama fan. But there is a difference between fandom and respect. While I certainly don’t cheer for Bama, I respect them. As LSUSMC made clear, I highly doubt Bama would be the team (dynasty) that they have been for last 10 years if Saban did not care about his players. He was coming off field and had to speak without really having time to process and think about it. Maybe not the exact words he would have spoken if he really had time to think about it. Fans getting upset about this is BS. I know all of us fans take shots at each other’s programs and that will continue. But this is not one of those that merits tossing insults. I am done now, I can not type any more words defending Bama.
BamaRulz17 Where above did I complain about officiating? Please tell me. I have not made one excuse, Bama whipped them in 2nd half, no doubt. Do I think they will play better in December? Yes, what is the problem with that? Not saying UGA wins but I think it will be better game.
And no other team does, yea right. Offensive lineman hold almost every play, it gets called sometimes and sometimes it does not. Part of the game.
See you in December. Not saying UGA will win but they will be there.
Will the same thing happen in December? Guess we shall see but enjoy the talking right now.
Hope all the players and coaches can recover quickly. Don’t care who you pull for, I don’t want to see this happen to any team and it could happen to any team. Let’s hope they get it under control and can get back on the field soon.
Don’t care if they are taking shots at my school or another, these are always great. Very creative as well. Truth hurts sometimes but funny as well.
Gotcha. If UGA just had a decent offense they would put up 70 on your team. Is that what you are trying to say?
I did not watch entire A&M game but if he was a bigger violator than Pruitt, he must not have even had one with him at all. That clown Pruitt probably thought he was being compliant
I will certainly agree with that. Even when I did not have a team involved, was still great to listen to them
I think Jeremy Pruitt is confused. Does he realize that the neck gaiter is supposed to cover his face, not back of head?
Not sure why did not show up, but had me laughing
Don’t agree with call but regardless he doesn’t have to sit next week. But question, do players not have to leave field after targeting now and being ejected? I have seen both Auburn and UGA players that were ejected on the sidelines. Does not matter to me as they have no impact on game but just curious, did rule change?
Rovell is a joke. Does not surprise me he would be whining.
All fair comments and Gators jumped UGA in polls. Good news is they don’t play the games on keyboards. Hopefully they will see fit for UGA to grace the same field as the mighty Gators and allow them to play the game.
Be interesting to see if Mullen sits him next week for being stupid.
Don’t care if he is cleared or not but one difference in the two cases - Smith was grad transfer
Other teams claim fake post-season championships as well. Preseason is just optimism, postseason is just stupid.