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Yea, and he only had 1 catch for 8 yards in natty game. Just think, if he would have shown up that game Dawgs may have won….oh wait. Never mind, you obviously did not read part about him being injured good part of year. Glad to have him back, good person and leadership in addition to being able to catch a few balls.
No problem at all with calling the Dawgs, would have joined in loud and proud. However if the officer got a call he had to respond, not his choice. He / she would not deserve any criticism for doing their job. Trust me, as a former LEO I went to calls that I thought were nonsense and handled them accordingly when I arrived. If situation did not warrant any action, then so be it. If someone wanted to be tough guy and shot his mouth off, then situation changed. Back the Blue, Go Dawgs!!
I don’t think this is anything to be concerned about if you are an Arky fan. Pittman is through year 1, a successful one and just weeding out players that don’t fit. Love Pittman and think he will have Arky remaining competitive in future years
Ummm, I am not sure what they are building but…. Best of luck to Caleb Williams wherever he lands. Gonna need some duct tape to hold that together
No, he should not but obviously his choice. It is called finishing what you committed to. Rare in today’s society but props to Lanning for finishing, no matter the outcome.
Pretty sure we won’t see Jamaree Salyer vs. Aidan Hutchinson in the Cotton Bowl. I am not sure Dan Mullen’s ego would allow him to enroll in the Saban rehabilitation program.
Exactly what I thought when reading and saw “major hit”, then scrolled down and saw 3 star. I think they will survive and they are probably better off this happened prior to him getting on campus.
And Ed O is having a good cocktail and chuckle about now.
This from another site back in September “ Rattler earned a 2021 Dodge Ram TRX and 2021 Dodge Charger Scat Pack a week after tossing a career-high five touchdowns” I am curious, wonder if these deals are tied to players staying at said school, or does he have to return them. Anyway, horrible choice/ luck by local car dealer. Sure there will be more stories such as this in future.
Good luck to the kid. Refreshing to see a commitment to the institution, not the coach
You bring up good point in difference in notoriety regarding each. But they are exactly alike in one way. Each is a coward POS
Posted right after you. You are correct, he is “one huge DGD”
Yes, Texas. At the end, not much to it but there WAS lots of articles and speculation
I hear what you are saying but I doubt he gets the raise. Probably end up going to a lower tier school.
They are playing, or played at Cincy, not Athens. And their hoops fans must not remember they already played in bowl game as said below.
Not sure why you are making such a big deal about that. This is the first time they have played in November since 1973. Kinda hard to win a game in November when the games have been played in September and October. But if that gives you hope so be it. Looking forward to good game and atmosphere.
Not crazy about those. They just don’t look like Tennessee to me. Just my opinion which does not matter. Looking forward to good game, should be a great atmosphere.
I like the way that season has played out so far. But, just my own opinion, Georgia is climbing the mountain to beat Bama and until that is done I consider Bama to be at the top.
I agree, but you got to get there first. Like you say, nothing is automatic. Hope to meet on Dec 4, would be a good matchup.
Report states that happened Friday morning between 12am-7am, so overnight on Thursday night into Friday morning.
LSU over Bama?? He can go ahead and tear that ticket up. I hope someone gave him that money for promotional purposes.
“ If either of you bama fans”. You are not too bright. I think my name clearly states I am not a Bama fan, but I do respect them. Enjoy the win, go to bed little man
Bunch of clueless idiots. Up 17-0, excuse me 24-0 as I type. Glad those twittter folks are not coaching
Not sure I see anywhere that would translate to him taking exception to the question.
Well, SEC avoids one for sure L with UGA not playing in it. And that coming from a Dawg fan. Tom Crean needs to show some improvement this year or time to move on.