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Don’t care if he is cleared or not but one difference in the two cases - Smith was grad transfer
Other teams claim fake post-season championships as well. Preseason is just optimism, postseason is just stupid.
Justafan22 probably nailed it above. Daddy did not know how to operate a folding chair, son paying for his ignorance and greed.
Not trying to give Bama grief. Just my opinion that had they just gone with next 2 teams in rotation (or some other consistent method) there would not be as much complaining. Honestly though, stack up all the toughest teams on UGA schedule for this year. I would just be happy to see ball played no matter who this year.
UGA got the next 2 teams that were in the rotation which is how most people thought it would be done. But Bama did not get the next 2, which included Florida. If they would have been consistent and just taken the next 2 for all teams, at least there shows a system.
LSUSMC Guess we gotta be careful these days about BIG10ers getting their feelings hurt, huh?
Um, last time I checked BIG10 came out with a schedule last week and this week they are not playing. Just because they say they intend to play does not mean they are playing. Let’s just hope that they can find a way to play
Don’t care who you support, Keep the political crap off this site. Many people come here to get a break from that.
I agree with LSUSMC. I can understand if all P5 schools dropped FCS games on their schedule. They may have financial issues to deal with. But in the grand scheme of things, what is really the difference, say between UGA flying out for a game at Mizzou and Tenn flying out to Oklahoma. Looked on flight travel site and basically same time, give or take 15 minutes. I realize neither of above mentioned schools are BIG10 but sure seems we are all headed in that direction if we play at all.
I have never once even considered. “Gator bait” racist. As an opposing fan, got sick of hearing it, but racist. C’mon
Even for a troll, that is pure low class. UF Fans - Sad news, remember him as a good player. RIP tp the young man and prayers to family and UF nation. I know it is hard but try to ignore idiots
Not sure what the “other schools” comment is about but... Tenn is doing a great job on recruiting trail. I don’t know details of all the players in class but when you load up early this is bound to happen. It is probably nothing against Tenn, he probably just did not envision much playing time. I think they will be ok
Except for the home and home scheduled for 20-21 that Ohio St, not UGA cancelled.
From the news article referenced - The other football violation involved a current player giving a hooded sweatshirt to a recruit during a recruiting visit on Oct. 25. Those involved were given “rules education,” and the recruit repaid the value of the sweatshirt to charity. Guess it was cold and recruit did not have appropriate clothing?? Who knows?
DawgNation article states copy of police report says - Wyatt and girlfriend lived together “part time”, thus the Family Violence Verbal argument, no physical altercation Wyatt allegedly kicked door causing damage
Hate to say it but you are correct. Much of the overall success of SEC can be attributed to 2 people. Mike Slive starting the dominance and Nick Saban for continuing it and forcing other schools to raise the barometer of success.
Ask most any successful in the business world and they will tell you that at some point in their career they had a boss that they consider a mentor. Guess what, CFB is pretty much a business nowadays and Kirby obviously respects Saban, what he has done and how he does it. Not sure Saban has trademarked his process though so let Kirby do his thing and you worry about Sabans underwear. Kinda weird but you do you.
1980 was not disappointing, was actually a good season. Gonna have to come with more than that Plainsman
Must be disappointing to you. Most Georgia fans have moved on.
Worst SB halftime show ever! And I say that knowing that early on they just had marching bands.
LSU had a good season, he feels like he can take shots at anybody due to one good year. I am pulling for LSU to win it all but man, some (NOT ALL) are getting a little cocky. Hope they can back it up again next year.
I loved the fact that they scored. Maybe it was to let Najee have one last one (if he leaves) but I really hope it was intended to stick it to Harbaugh. Over rated. UM fans were acting like relevancy again was a given when he took over. Nobody is afraid to play them.
Not sure Moorhead can get it done, just seems like team has no fire. But I think Louisville got them a good coach. He is not flashy but team seems to love him, they made quite a turnaround this year. Question is, how long can they keep him until another big time program snatches him up.
I was very shocked when I heard he was not there. Don’t even want to speculate. I get it if you are a 1st or 2nd rounder but I envision him being 4th, 5th best case. And he has always talked about how much he loves it at UGA, etc, etc .... And with Swift banged up, prime opportunity to show what you have to scouts. Just strange to me but who knows.
The school that graced us with Stephen Garcia now has morals. Got it.
Yea, you are correct. I read about the first 2 paragraphs idiot know it all.
Amen brother! Fields left, he is now an OSU Bucknut. I have actually not even thought about woulda, coulda, shoulda, what if, etc... It is what it is.
After a school has you on their campus and probably treats you like a king, why do something like that? Stupid and classless