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LSU had a good season, he feels like he can take shots at anybody due to one good year. I am pulling for LSU to win it all but man, some (NOT ALL) are getting a little cocky. Hope they can back it up again next year.
I loved the fact that they scored. Maybe it was to let Najee have one last one (if he leaves) but I really hope it was intended to stick it to Harbaugh. Over rated. UM fans were acting like relevancy again was a given when he took over. Nobody is afraid to play them.
Not sure Moorhead can get it done, just seems like team has no fire. But I think Louisville got them a good coach. He is not flashy but team seems to love him, they made quite a turnaround this year. Question is, how long can they keep him until another big time program snatches him up.
I was very shocked when I heard he was not there. Don’t even want to speculate. I get it if you are a 1st or 2nd rounder but I envision him being 4th, 5th best case. And he has always talked about how much he loves it at UGA, etc, etc .... And with Swift banged up, prime opportunity to show what you have to scouts. Just strange to me but who knows.
The school that graced us with Stephen Garcia now has morals. Got it.
Yea, you are correct. I read about the first 2 paragraphs idiot know it all.
Amen brother! Fields left, he is now an OSU Bucknut. I have actually not even thought about woulda, coulda, shoulda, what if, etc... It is what it is.
After a school has you on their campus and probably treats you like a king, why do something like that? Stupid and classless
If voters did not even include him on ballot, they probably should not even be given a vote going forward. You don’t have to have him #1 but no way he can be left off.
Not an AU fan but love the decision. Good for him, wish him luck in bowl game and beyond.
Legend and a darn good QB, made UGA (and others) D look silly. Looking forward to seeing what he does on next level. Safe to say he will probably never pay for another meal in LA again.
Not sure why you are obsessed with UGA. Other SEC teams will be played and teams may be out scored as well. Kinda the concept of the game. Hope Gators, Dawgs and other SEC teams take care of business in bowls.
Not sure, pretty sure he will be at UGA for quite some time. Now if he turns into a little baby like Saban, I would want him gone. “WaaaaWaaa, that play Gus ran was not fair” Get a man for a coach before you start trolling: Pretty sure Kirby will come right out and say it, Dawgs got whipped. Not gonna come up with excuses like Nicole.
Under Kirby UGA seasons are now being determined successful or not in December or later. Under Richt, it was usually determined by late October or November. Kirby is doing just fine. The idiots need to chill.
TN1967 - Get a clue dude. Bet you were cheering like heck for Jeffrey Simmons, he made a much worse mistake. Pickens is a immature freshman, made a stupid mistake and he is serving his punishment. And hopefully he learns his lesson.
I knew there would come a day when Gators and Dawgs agree on something!!!
Another thing that is not being mentioned. Pickens is a freshman and hopefully will learn from his stupid actions, and will not retaliate in the future. Jennings is a veteran who is supposed to be a leader and know better by now. Both players should have been disciplined.
Please feel free to leave the site then. We idiots are not worthy of interacting with such an intelligent person as you.
That was response to LSUSMC. Did not see the little teenage comment from Pitre.
Seems low to me as well as does the 6 - 6.5 point spread. I guess the “experts” really think the UGA defense can keep them in it. LSU seemed to be clicking in all phases last night. Guess that is why they play the games though. We shall see.
This guy is becoming an embarrassment to Clemson with his whining and “we’re just little ol’ Clemson and nobody likes us” act.
Hope nobody plans their football watching around SDS schedules, you might miss something. Saturday??? Never change SDS, never change.
Gatorboy Try to focus. Your team sucks and UGA owns real estate in your head. Maybe you will be relevant at some point but for now just enjoy your place in some irrelevant bowl.
Yep, beat him in 2017 also, in the game that really mattered. Next question?
Good, less idiots on the TV screen. Fine with them going to see that piece of trash Urb.
Title a little misleading, maybe should have said they “tried to exchange jerseys”. I can’t believe NCAA would have something against them doing that but they apparently do, at least according to the gentleman that stepped in.
Yea, I’m sure he had it all planned out. Oh, I need to copy Coach O. Really??
Ok, you have me confused. When UGA and SC played it was a gorgeous sunny and clear day. And the weather impacted Fromm?