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What are you smoking? Jimbo has no place at Bama. One: he's an offensive coach ans Bama is traditionally a defensive school. Two: More importantly, Jimbo showed his major lack of integrity with Jameis Winston. Anyone who can let slide the things that Jimbo needn't even step foot in Bryant-Denny.
^^^^ I see peoples point about UGA fans. Lol
I'm pretty sure that was juat a play on "help me Obi Won Kanobi; you're my only hope.
I don't think Lane is ready yet. Give him another year or two under Nick to learn how to conduct himself and handle media.pressure.
Again i say... Theffastest offense in 2012 (don't have stats on 2013) was Oregon with an average of 13 second per play. The 10 second rule doesn't really effect the HUNToffenses. Only the defenses ability to substitute by gguaranteeing 10 seconds to substitute. You guys are buying into the media hype here.
Ok, this guy is being ridiculous. Satan's reasoning wasn't based on "more plays, more injuries" it is because with a hurry up offense is on the field, there is no time to substitute players. When the players can't be substituted, the get overly and dangerously exhausted and are more likely to get hurt.Also, the 10 second rule wouldn't change much anyway. Oregon, one of college football's fastest offenses, averaged 13 seconds in between plays in 2012 (unsure of 2013).
I dont wanna lose Saban but I agree about Smart. Besides, he has turned down plenty of jobs including Auburn to stay at Bama... reward the loyalty. Saban is like Jean-Luc Picard of the football world and Kirby is like Will Riker, passing up command after command fornthe big one.
I believe what johnathan means to say is this kinda thing goes on all the tine in football. Sure, it was a penalty and should have been and was called as such. However, he nor I believe he was intending to injure the player by shoving him into a cart.
I believe what johnathan means to say is this kinda thing goes on all the tine in football. Sure, it was a penalty and should have been and was called as such. However, he nor I believe he was intending to injure the player by shoving him into a cart.
Off subject... how do I select my team icon on here?
This is disgusting... I would have tore his helmet off and hit him with it. It is just a game, not worth taking the chance in blinding someone. RTR.
It is relevant because what he is saying is that he is mot a bias bama fan that is beingnunrealistic.
Why is this guy so whiney? I'm a bama fan but ive always liked the Arkansas program or at least under patrino. I really pegged this program to make a comeback this year and I was so wrong. Bret B. talked a big game last year before he left W. and trashed the SEC. Then ate a lot of crow when he took this job. I just wanna say "Bielema, if you're gonna eat crow you kight as well he the beak and talons, all, and stop crying like a *****." Ugh! RTR
Is it really necessary to insult the entire state of Alabama on a personal level with all the "inbred" comments, over a rock? A rock that is written on multiple times a week? Even if some fan did it, remember it's the radicalist who do this bull crap and the "Harvey Updykes" do not represent the whole or even a large portion of the Bama fan base. That being said, way to go everyone talking about using "adult words" and acting like children. Real mature. RTR
Just because he hasn't had the opportunity to show it much this season doesnt mean it isnt there. He probed against TAMU that hes still got it. Im sure we will see it again in november and december as well... and if all goes well, january. Point is that he has something none of these other qbs have: championships. And you keep the "weak" schedule or put him in florida's schedule, my miney is on McCarron.
People hate bama. Not only that, they love to hate them. This list is highly discombobulated. AJ definately shoukd be higher than Zack. I think Murray and AJ shoukd be tied forwhere they belong. Murray definately puts up better numbers in most aspects but AJ has an X Factor in big games that more than makes up for it coupled his accuracy and arm strength makes him formidable. Manziel is a great quarterback sure and probably as a player deserves to be above the two. So personally my ranking woukd be Manziel and 1 and AJ and Murray tied for second.Then Mettenberger, Shaw, and franklin at 4, 5, & 6. I would keep 7-9 the same but as a toss up and 10 is right where he needs to be.
In that casebthe same exists for every fan base... but more than 90% would know the name stallings as well which would render comment in error. Furthermore, most know about the "Shula era" as well. So I would say the comment would likely apply if you said most couldnt name Alabama coaches outside of Saban, Shula, Stallings, and Bryant. Although, in truth how many of the vast majority of ANY fan base can name more than 4 or 5 deep or any outside of the famous/notorious? I do get what you are saying though, I'm just being technical. This does apply to all fanbases. RTR
I'm not knocking the zou or anything but I believe when speaking of "the good tigers" we refer to LSU. Anyway, Bama's got cohesion now and is gonna start steam rollin'. RTR!