LSU fan all day, but overall fan of football in general.
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No, just no. Keep that trainwreck away.
They have to put it on regular networks. Not everyone had CBSSports and/or the NFL Network. Put it on CBS,NBC or FOX or help ABC out and i bet the ratings go up. Ive watched at least one game each week and I'm impressed.
That's a reach. Sounds like he's just kidding with the announcer and trying to make sure he is calm
I see your point, but NONE of that matters if the coaching staff can't get the kid motivated to work. OBJ was a 3-Star coming into LSU and we see how well that has worked for him. Signing day rankings are nice but if you aint winning, they are pointless.
Should be interesting to see him on the pitch.
Just 'Haka' not "Haka dance". It's redundant to say dance, kinda like atm machine.
While im sure you're being your normal sarcastic self, you're not wrong
Okay, am I wrong here or was there a missed PI on that play? The DB grabs him on the shoulder and throws him to the side at the top of his route.
That was a crappy call. They really need to get some more clarity on this rule
Glad I wasnt the only one thinking this. I didnt want to sound like a homer!!
You don't know any more of the details or the nature of what transpired than the rest of us.
"Thug" huh? Not "criminal", "bad guy" or "suspect" but a "thug"? You're talking about that weekend when you drank all of the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and calling it an addiction as if you really hit rock bottom. Get on with it
You really should do some up to date research ossie. Look at the statistics of what you're speaking to that way you don't post some outdated ignorance.
Whoa there little fella, calm that noise down! Do a little research and you will see that Lousiana is an Open Carry State and no permit is needed as long as you are over 17.
I see that some of these Aggie fans are getting a little big in the britches. Most of yall are decent folks, but I'm noticing more and more douchebAggies.
Looks like that Win brought out all of the crappy "fans". Normally I can respect the Aggies, but I guess Jimbo brings out the best in you.
You created an account just to post some generic story? Your bridge miss you troll, go back to it.
Nah, they have rules in place against that, which is why LSU (and others)have played the SEC fines for it. Good try though. Plus the kid had credentials to be there.
LSUSMC these Aggie fans suddenly grew a pair, didn't they? The trend from the Naggies, seems to be downplay their favorable calls, ignore questionable penalties, or them somehow only having 3 penalties in a 7OT game. Then they go through the archives of aTm football and point out that one time in 1908 the ref didn't use instant replay to over turn a questionable targeting call which resulted in LSU getting the W. Or that a aTm fan went to the 1948 game and a LSU fan knocked their iPhone out of their wittle hands cracking the screen. Weeks ago you guppies were bellyaching about Jim Bo and how much Mond sucks, now that you've gotten the big win, that you PAID for, you think you're Alabama living high on the hog.