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LSU fan all day, but overall fan of football in general.
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I see that some of these Aggie fans are getting a little big in the britches. Most of yall are decent folks, but I'm noticing more and more douchebAggies.
Looks like that Win brought out all of the crappy "fans". Normally I can respect the Aggies, but I guess Jimbo brings out the best in you.
You created an account just to post some generic story? Your bridge miss you troll, go back to it.
Nah, they have rules in place against that, which is why LSU (and others)have played the SEC fines for it. Good try though. Plus the kid had credentials to be there.
LSUSMC these Aggie fans suddenly grew a pair, didn't they? The trend from the Naggies, seems to be downplay their favorable calls, ignore questionable penalties, or them somehow only having 3 penalties in a 7OT game. Then they go through the archives of aTm football and point out that one time in 1908 the ref didn't use instant replay to over turn a questionable targeting call which resulted in LSU getting the W. Or that a aTm fan went to the 1948 game and a LSU fan knocked their iPhone out of their wittle hands cracking the screen. Weeks ago you guppies were bellyaching about Jim Bo and how much Mond sucks, now that you've gotten the big win, that you PAID for, you think you're Alabama living high on the hog.
That's believable. We all know how loyal Bama fans are. They would rebuild the stadium if needed
It's okay, a lot of bandwagon fans don't know most players on"their" respective teams. Especially Bama!!
That mess just isn't called for. I dislike Bama as much as the next man, but at the end of the day it's a game.
So you're saying that the players mentioned being suspended doesn't count as evidence?
It's about the only thing they have going for themselves at the moment. Just wait until next week when they come back to either complain about how they were robbed or to bost on how well they played. I mean even is Vandy were to run the table next year and win the NC Bama fans would still find a way to trash talk Vandy and include LSU. It's almost as if we are that ex that broke up with them and they haven't moved on yet.
Just here to see all of the Bama comments. We get it, Bama's got a a very talented team yet again.
I think this will be a better game than what folks are predicting. This game usually is
None, although they did have a better loss than we did. The overrated Irish are #3 while UGA isn't.
From what I've seen he was also looking at a WR and some other folks.
I'll have to check, but I don't think OU has played as savage of a defense as that of Bama.
Are either of you surprised he'd say UM? Im not. He forgets the Patterson was thumped while in the SEC
So.... you're says there's a chance?? We all know this already, Bama would be hard to ignore even with a L from LSU. Now if they take an L at the hands of AweBurn.....
That had NOTHING to do with Ohio St. sneaking back into the playoffs. Let's talk about the real enemy here Ohio St. ND, Clemson and Michigan.
BT you're long winded. I think my fellow Devil Dog is simply saying that we have more Alabama Bums posting about LSU folks and our shenanigans that we have LSU folks. If you look at ALL of the stories covering anything related to this, you will see that he is right. You are one of the main voices on most of the pages, even though we know you pretty much post on EVERYTHING even if it has 0 to do with Bama.
I just came here to read ALL of the Bama comments, and you kids didn't disappoint. Now, let's talk about how Ohio St. will sneek their way in to the playoff conversation before the Iron Bowl?