LSU fan all day, but overall fan of football in general.
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The West will be the West. Teams that look great at times but also look like a hot soup sandwich at others.
Only SEC school that is. UL LAFAYETTE would also fit
I guess once you get past all of the salt/ shade your throwing at OBJ you can say that you're a fan because your clearly have seen the dudes social media post, channels, etc.
I bet your yellow belly sorry excuse for a human carcas wouldn't say that to his face? Go get your hemorrhoid cream so you can quit being so butt hurt.
As usual there are more Bama fans posting some nonsense than anything else. How about ya'll just appreciate the fact the guy has more dedication to "his team(s)" than a majority of Bama "Fans"? How many people in Bama arent willing to drive up the highway let alone fly across an ocean to watch a game? If they can afford it and choose to come watch two SECW teams why hate?
We've had talented QBs that were semi accurate but inexperienced WRs that couldn't catch a cold in the Artic. Then we have had WRs that end up in the NFL as top 10 WRs but with QBs with the accuracy of Stevie Wonder. This could be another year where our QBs are playing high school varsity but our WRs are inexperienced Pop Warner. Too many questions on Offense and a few young yet to be tested gunners on the defensive side of the ball for me to get overly excited. 7 win season wouldn't be out of line, but the talent is there and if it comes together and we have a 10plus win season I wont be mad.
Im not sold on UGA going undefeated. Guess we have to let the season playout.
This article says almost nothing. You should just start off with the link to the other site
So many questions about this situation with almost no real answers.
It must be the off season because I find myself agreeing with BamaTime. This could be a really good game between two teams trying to figure themselves out.
I would think that we'd promote Aranda first or at least give him the first crack at it.
That makes perfect sense that his 3 years with a lackluster Offense playing against a stacked college defensive should determine his NFL rating. Let's ignore the fact that the man did pretty damn good in the NFL, AGAINST other NFLers. Let's just keep his ratings low based on the only thing Alabama football. Open a window while you cook your meth, clearly you are high.