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That would be an interesting match up, but let's not forget that the Honey Badger doesn't care. He takes what he wants!!
Not trying to sound like a super homer here, but LSU is coming off of a National Championship season and is LOADED with talent with more inbound. Why wouldn't it be a destination for some talented coordinators the same way Bama, Clemson and the like are? Yes the SECW is a wood chipper of talented coaches leading fierce teams (and Arkansas), but getting in there could lead to great jobs else where afterwards.
That got a rowdy crowd even more crazy!
Mortemtyrannis2020. Hahaha thats what I was thinking!!
Maybe he can present the trophy and be done with it, vice teams wasting time traveling to DC. This gives either teams fan base, a chance to share in the moment.
I think we all know what you meant, but it's still funny!!
OSU had a complex call go against them and that sucks. Whose to say that they would have been able to win had the call been a TD? Too many variables.
Man, they LOVE them some Jeaux. I like seeing all the hometown love
Let me get this straight: LSU goes out and DESTROYS OU in the CFP breaking records and showcasing a offensive that we haven't seen in......EVER. Yet some how you come here with Bama on the brain? I don't think I've seen much trash from Bama in the last few days yet here you are.
Glad you enjoyed your time in the boot. The majority of our folks are gonna treat you right.
Calm down. It's not that serious. MSU isn't worth all this hate. Save some of that for later
GOHOGS, the nice part of Arkansas is what Memphis?
Super insightful. I'd like to see him break down game footage like Gruden did for QBs
The number of finalists is based on how close they are in voting. If theres a huge gap between 3rd and 4th place then they only invite 3. If it's close then they invite more. Usually its no less than 3.
It's easier to be a big fish, in a small pond than be a small fish in a sea of sharks. LSU and other SEC programs like Bama,FL and Auburn will make you compete for playing time amongst other 5* players. Not everyone is cut out to compete. No need to talk trash about the kid or the program.
I think he just didn't want tobe that far away from home or his family. Plus having to compete for some playing time against Chase and Marshall could be rough.
Man, what a speech!! You can tell that they have made some strong bonds while he was there. I hope the relationships continue to grow.
Get out of here with all that nonsense you big internet tough guy. If the Honey Badger were sitting in a room next to you, you wouldn't say a thing.
I'd much rather him become "Hollywood Jeaux" then become "Random Street in Cincinnati Joe".
I'm pretty sure this is the most obvious (at least from what I can see) Heismen winner in a long time.