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Meh. It's kind of like the idiots that get bodied by buffalo in Yellowstone, seems like a bright idea to get up close to the buffalo, until that buffalo tramples you.
Registered 2 tackles that night, prior to this one. Have you been to or even watched many games? Even Joe Burrow waived at the Texas fans. Fans chirp in the stands, and players chirp back from the field, everyone goes home.
Unlike Burton's situation, we have clear evidence of that kid's interactions with Guillory and the ground. Lol
Of all the flavors in the world, you choose to be a salty little female dog. We vacated more wins that FL had in that same time frame
No need to defend her actions. That's a part of sports. They aren't playing chess at the Army-Navy Country Club. I've heard and seen worse at the gym on Maineside Camp Pendleton.
Lol Thank you!! I was about to post this same thing. Lil buddy is from South Dakota.
You're the idiot that made the intial Biologists comment looking for attention. You add nothing relevant to the conversation, but get your knickers in a twist when someone calls you on it.
Yeah, all of them just need something to complain about while they wait on their prunes to cycle through.
Clark did it to Louisville and USCe players. ESPN did an entire segment on it before the National Championship. She knows the cameras are on her 80% of the game so it's not the cameras were not going to catch it.
100% accurate. I also think there's some SEC fatigue. The SEC beats all of their favorite schools in football, baseball and other sports so their eager to see anyone from the SEC fail.
There's always one clown that forgets he's in the circus!! How many crimes were FL players involved in during the Myers era?
Clark is a phenomenal player, but she needed help. Plus anytime either team started to get some momentum, the refs would get whistle happy
Our bench was just deeper than theirs. While I'm not a fan of the antics, all of that was what Iowa did the last few games. Either way, good game despite the Refs slowing momentum
Not sure why they aren't on the main page of this site. I get it, most of the people on here don't watch or care about basketball much less women's basketball, but an SEC team in any National Championship (especially the major 3 sports), is worth cheering for.
It's like a Flamingo at Mardi Gras. The girls played a better game, I just wish they got more attention than coach does.
Good to see he's going somewhere to help contribute immediately.
Don't egg them on. They're senior citizens that are triggered by anything that is unfamiliar to them. Let's keep on the subject of football please.
Imagine LSU @ Penn St during a white out, Mich @ BAMA, UGA @ Ohio St., MichSt.@ Tenn, or even Vandy @ Northwestern. Then flip it the next season.
Why do you idiots insist on turning this into some political nonsense? I'd rather talk about LSU @ Penn St during a white out, Mich @ BAMA, UGA @ Ohio St., MichSt.@ Tenn, or even Vandy @ Northwestern. This is what this site is for, save your political ideology for FoxNews, OANN,CNN or whatever.
Majority of the NOLA crime is within. Folks don't get sh0t on Bourbon on a regular basis. Just like any other city, there's crime, just don't be stupid and normally your find. This is coming from a guy that's been stationed in NOLA.
LSU was the better team last season. The 2 bobbled punt returns didn't help the cause. Pretty sure FSU got a TD off of the second one.
Gotta get a QB that's consistent. Cousins is either throwing darts, or throwing horseshoes. You never know which one you're gonna get until he releases the ball
I don't think I've ever seen that FSU mascot. Maybe I'm late
Clearly you're not paying attention. Kids talk to their perspective OCs to get and idea of how they will be utilized and things so He will definitely be recruiting.
Give it a rest. aTm making moves in the hopes of being able to compete with the rest of the SEC West. Do I think it's a good hire from a football perspective? Yes. Does this dude have a reputation for drama? YES, but so does Jimbo. FSU won a National Championship with Jimbo then they imploded. Now add in the Arkansas Playboy and aTm might be next on the list.