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This isn't a new thing, we've known that they picked the name and colors.
Eh, no story. College kid doing college kid things.
I hope we can compare this list to those published at the end of the season. I'm sure some of these "top 10" players stock will fall. I'm not sold on some of the QBs but then again, I'm an LSU fan so what do I know about QBs?
Just skip ahead until the 81st min or so. No need to listen to all 2hrs of this
If OU comes to the SEC they will have a stipulation that OKSt. comes with to protect a traditional in state rivalry. So does that mean we move Bama and Aub to the east or do we send the Zou and another team to the east?
Yes, I agree we need to find a QB to develop, however I think he will find someone to make his schemes work for the season in time.
Is there something at TT that I am missing, because this is the second or third underclassmen transfer this season?
Give it time, Canada hasn't been on the staff a year yet. Plus its a Spring game......thats like the Pre-Season in the NFL. If we are still throwing ducks in Sept I'll be worried.
The local Nashville news said they driver put his hands on Big Mikes face. What do you think was going to happen, have you not seen the Mixon video? I mean you lay hands on another adult during an argument you need to expect to get punched.
Good on him. Football is great and all but being able to walk is better. Good luck in whatever you do.
I'm with you on this one. I don't see why people are so high on the Gus Bus. Hell I think LSU, FL and Aub are all kinda in the same relm.
No surprise here. If he plays a full season the way he played last year, he could be one of the top RB in the draft. Having LF7 go in the 1st and DG5 possibly go in the 1st could boost recruiting.Good luck to him, Chubb, Webb, Michelle and the bad man Bo Scarbrough.
I said it last year and the year before so I'll say it again this year DONT SLEEP ON VANDY. They will cause fits for teams again this season and the last two years have been in games late. If they could get a few passes to connect they win the east. If they can get better QB play (as a LSU fan I think I know weak QB play) they can be in the SECCG
Bo is a bad man but I have to agree with the writer on this one, not saying that he couldn't go that high. It just seems that it would be unusual.
ColoradoGator: I get what you are saying. Lets all agree to disagree and just go get a beer already.
I recall reading about that study. I would be interested in this study being expanded to cover winning and losing seasons. As if Bama/LSU/FU or UGA (any school really) went 3-10 would that result in judges being stricter or a higher rate of depression/drug use or suicide?
It's a 10 year window msn. It allows for an even number of years to look at things vice 27 years (1990 NFL Draft) or as
Really? With all of the madness in the world she is tripping because of this? The man has barely been as USF 5 months now.
That doesn't change the fact LSU currently leads both FU and OSU, just like LSU beating FU in 2015 doesn't change the fact that we currently have a one game losing streak to FU.
It only makes sense that we have more defense of players coming from the conference. I think next year will have more RBs taken, like Chubb, Webb, Michael and Guice off the top of my head.
Ok John, not a bad article. I agree with you on all of this, especially on Coach Miles using this draft as a job reference.
Roughly 21% of all players drafted came from the SEC with 37% of the first round coming from the SEC. Might wanna check my math again but it looks impressive to me.
Wasn't ole Loud Mouth Bob listed as one of the toughest disciplinarians a while ago?
The pats? Are you from Tennessee? How long have you been a Pats fan?
You miss spelled Clemson.Quit being a pansy. Would you expect him to say something negative? Bama gets beat by Clemson and their fans ignore that fact by talking trash to the rest of the SEC. Typical