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Jefferson didn't have a Capable/Accurate QB throwing the ball to him last season either. Cousins is too inconsistent compared to Stafford
Technically, every team can 'win every dang game' lol
I'm calling it now, Vandy comes out of the East vs Ole Miss
I have to agree with that. We also could have been more competitive had we developed QB a little more.
Oh look, yet another LSU player going to a Ohio team. Smh.
I'd say because ND has had the majority of the same staff and a solid 2021 season, while LSU was a sub .500 dumpster fire. ND had/has much more momentum going for them than LSU. Preseason rankings matter in July and early August, but have little to no impact when the boys take the field. Too many unknowns to say we will finish with 9-10 wins, however too much talent to say we will not be competitive.
I think he's afraid of the Hogs more than he is of the Dawgs. Historic rivalries can be a bit different because there are generations of hate brewing from all of the games felt they've been robbed or embarrassed. New rivals just don't have the same animosity or hatred
These coaches are just like politicians always with "What you heard/ read wasn't what was said!!" Personally I think Ark,UT,and LSU would be a solid fit for aTm. LSU should have aTm, Ark, FL and Bama but that starts to get tricky
That's a great question. I can see Myles rocking it!!
I dislike that bailed on LSU and that he tried trolling LSU with the #7 jersey, but I hope this kid can get his act together.
"Thug club"? He's a broke college kid with pot and a heavy foot! We can go to any college/university in the US, Canada and most other countries and you will find broke kids with pot making dumb decisions. Your comment is telling.
Or look at 2020 LSU. Lost so much in the draft in' 19 they had Coach on the hot seat
Yeah, that's perplexing. I'm not understanding why they are overlooking WBB, but who knows.
All of these "I dOnT wAtCh WoKeSpN!" folks suddenly have opinions about people that "don't watch". You bunch of lying toddlers
There's always some ancient clown on here trying to take a normal article and make it political! Just read the article and keep it moving you mouth breather.
I'm glad to see them having fun, but just need them to stay focus and keep showing folks how great that 2019 LSU team was.
I don't think I've agreed with the finalist since the year Burrow, Fields and Young went up for it.
Eh, I don't know about that, kids seem to love her still.