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Normally I'd take this time to throw up, and then say some anti-Bama stuff, but let's be real, those are pedestrian numbers by Bama standards against a sub-par team. If it were a closer game, then I think he'd be on the list.
That man is a class act. Arguably one of the people's favorite.
So what's going to be be said if and when LSU beats Ole Miss? Are we still going to hear all of the Troy jokes from Lil Siss?
No surprise here. Joe has already out stayed his welcome.
So.....why not just try and help change things so they don't have to take a knee, because it sounds like you've sorta already read the message.
Haha don't we all though? BTW I don't think he, created this video, the people in the opening scene did.
We get SDS, every school has drunk idiot fans. Can you quit making these idiots famous?
*yawns* How many of our QBS have looked really good versus non-SEC competition?I'm not jumping to conclusion until we get past FL in FL.I don't think we've been challenged like we are about to be.
As true as it maybe, some things shouldn't be written down. That's like a LCpl posting on FB that the BnCo needs to be fired for a bad climate survey. Yes, we all know it is gonna happen, but it doesn't need to be on social media.
Hammond? Seriously, going from LSU to SELA is a bit of a drop. If he wants to stay in the area why not try Southern?
Glad to see he's back in action. Did that guy get flagged?
Good on him. Probably the highlight of that kids day.
Deforestation is eliminating most exotic animal habitats. Plus most of these animals are being rescued from crappie living situations.Harvey and most of the other live animal mascots live better than most humans in the south.
I agree. Lattimore is a fan favorite and an embodiment of what a young man should be coming back from two horrible injuries and still getting his degree.
Is this list complete, because I think La'ell Collins is still with the Cowboys.
Maybe this is a good thing for Ole Miss. They can clean house of anyone tied to this, or any NCAA violation (or accusations) and start fresh with a new coaching staff.
Florida just keeps stoking the fire and doing all that mess. There were some seriously good matches between LSU and FL through the years even more so when Hester was there.
I'm not sure why Guide would even entertain this shenanigans. Sounds like the kid has to be a fan if he's following him on twitter.
I agree that this list is subjective.1. Bama(I dislike it, but it's simple and Forrest Gump simple) 2. LSU (another classic that doesn't change much plus I'm a homer) 3. UGA (simple and iconic) 4. TENN (see #3) 5. VANDY (I like the black and gold yet simple look)
Interesting choice for the top 5.
Shots Fired on a rewritten article.......REWRITTEN OFF SEASON article. Lol
This isn't a new thing, we've known that they picked the name and colors.