LSU fan all day, but overall fan of football in general.

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The character didn't seem to bring the same intensity as Coach O
Calm down! We don't know the details of the investigation or the reasoning behind any of the actions or inaction. Not justifying their actions or lack there of, just not jumping to conclusions.
I agree with most of what you said. I've had one of my guys from Brooklyn, become a "Bama fan" while we were deployed because we were playing NCAA on Playstation. Kid couldn't point to Alabama on a map, but all you hear coming from his face over the last 12 years is 'Raw Hide'. Just like the Patriots, Yankees, Lakers or Warriors they have collected some rabbit "Fans" that don't know anything about the team other than a couple of star's names and that they win.
Nah, I read the name and scrolled right past. Certain clowns aren't worth the attention.
You could not be more correct. The mere mention of LSU causes Bama fans to get angry
This is normal behavior for college kids. Happens at Tiger Stadium too often.
Of course you'd have such a positive outlook for LSU.
No, the second flag was Unsportsmanlike and was a result of them talking trash.
Clearly you have never played a competitive sport especially one you were passionate about. Emotions happen man when you are passionate about something, people get caught up in a moment. Hell some even throw things like shoes. Move along and think about how FL will finish 3rd in the east this season.
You clearly do not watch many games with him in them. If you did, you'd know that that was not the norm. Look at him in AZ, TX or last season rather than watching your one NFL game a year and making an assumption.
The irony of a FL fan talking about trophies. When was the last time Florida made it to the National Championship again?
They definitely played well. White showing why he should be in the league for a long time.
Have you met any DBs ? Even the deaf mute DBs find a way to talk trash. It's what they do man. TB was just as guilty getting into Mathieu's face but no penalty. Remember they always catch the second guy, unless he's TB12
You are trying to stereotype that man. He will probably end up being a DB coach or motivational speaker. The man has his life together, meanwhile you're still sitting here hating on him for no valid reason.
TB12 knows he don't want that smoke. He knows the refs and other players wouldn't let the NFLs poster boy get hurt.
He's a thug? That man has done more for folks in Phoenix, Houston, Kansas City, NOLA and Baton Rouge than you have done in your pathetic life. Don't let your love of TB12 make you come across as a prick.
I see some people are still on that "LOOK EVERYONE I NO LONGER WATCH THE NFL/NBA, EVEN THOUGH I BARELY WATCHED IT TO BEGIN WITH!!" bs. Nobody cares Archibald Henderson, especially not the leagues.
I can't wait to find out who tou actually are. I'm convinced you are not an actual Bama fan at all but more than likely one of the many losers that have trolled this site in the past. Probably RebelLandShark. Either way, you need to get over the heart break of being rejected by an LSU fan.
He is a talented kid, with loads of potential. I'm all for him having a great career, just not against us.
It's true. He probably has a crush on an LSU girl(or fella), only to have them ignore him so now he's a bitter baby towards LSU.
This no life having clown, loves LSU. It's not even worth reading his dumb post. He's trying so hard to be funny, only to make actual Bama folks sound stupid
Hate tonsee him leave. Best of luck, except against LSU. I hope you fumble or drop everything against us.
I wonder if we will have this many opinionated Bama "fans" on LSU post when Bama misses the CFP again?
Garbage calling other people trash? His actions were his own, not that of his family so calling them trash is just more of an example why people HATE you personally.