LSU fan all day, but overall fan of football in general.

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Relax Bro, its not that serious. No need to be snarky over this shenanigans
Good one buddy!! Just remember aTm has beaten that Junior High how many times again?
I doubt we have any more than other universities. Except for maybe Vanderbilt.
I agree. If you have an undefeated ULL behind a 0-0 Ohio St. based solely on Ohio St. having a better potential schedule, you're wrong.
Ignore that clown, he's this years troll. I've been on this site for too long, and every year we have at minimum one or two new trolls. Apparently this year its this "Liberalhatinme"
Why do you breathe? You're only on here to troll the somewhat closed minded, right leaning posters, yet you manage to annoy ALL of us with your uncalled for political nonsense. Take that to mother Russia
By whose standards? You're probably the kinda guy that thinks wearing our service uniform every day is a good idea because it looks more "appropriate" than cammies.
100% true. I thought he and Curry would share the loads week 1.
This time last year almost no one thought Burreaux, CEH, Jefferson, or anyone of the other 11 of NFL Draft picks or however many UFA would get to the playoffs let alone win it all so that is a pointless argument.
To be fair, most Vandy home games have as many Vandy fans as their sweaty games.
That might be the most ignorant trash I've seen on this sight in all my years on here. We all know pos like yourself are weak minded keyboard tough guys and you wouldn't dare say some trash like that in real life. I dislike Bama so much I try not to stop in that state when I'm going home, but I know that you are no actual Bama fan. You are just some POS Keyboard Warrior trolling the internet. Let me find out who you really are Tidepit!!
There's some folks on social media saying that he wants to play safety vice LB
Over 20% of the draft from one conference. Let that marinate for a second
Man, I'm glad the SEC is overrated or we'd be flooding the NFL with players. Oh wait, we are.
While I'd like to question why not LSU, i already know that we are stacked at DB
Every game would have to be a night game. Like 8pm night games.