LSU fan all day, but overall fan of football in general.
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Say something good about Alabama and they complain. Say something bad and they complain. Dont say anything about them, and you guessed it, they complain.Some Bama fans (not all), just open their sucks to feel special. If not for football, they'd probably not have anything to say. Again not all Bama fans are this way
FL vs FSU = Tie. They both fail to score points or ratings.
Of course some Bama had to come make a UT post about them. I'm suprised you took so long.
Don't worry nobleman is a few weeks behind!!
If you just see the score, you think Bama sleep walked their way to the W. Look at the game and the stats and you, see that it was again a good game and we simply couldn't capitalize when we had the chance.
Where did you get the death threats from? You can go to SDS's FB page and see just as many stupid comments all fans make.
I didn't read it as anything more than little brother saying "I'm getting big, so I'm gonna get you" but then again I am the oldest in my family.
I'm not seeing the "bulletin board material" here. We've been getting our tails whipped by Bama and are working to get some payback. Anyone that thinks otherwise is delusional.
I've got a feeling this is just the start. I'm thinking a few more HCs will get their walking papers in Nov.
Don't put the cart before the horse LSU4. We have IMPROVED but we are still a work in progress.UGA fans, enjoy it while you can, because you will be back in the middle of the pack soon enough.
10am? Sounds like a late start to. When Bama comes to town people start drinking Thursday.
I can't help but wonder how things would look if we had gotten our trash together earlier in the season or if he was healthy for Troy or State.
Everyone wants Bama until kickoff, then they want Alabama St.,Alabama AM, or Troy (except for LSU last month).
So AFTER finishing a game against Ole Miss, we are looking ahead to out NEXT opponent? Stating the obvious here guys.Geaux Tigers!!
LSU starting to play well and Bama looking like a Juggernaut (as usual) should make for a much hyped Nov 4. I'm thinking Game Day will be there and hopefully it lives up to the hype.
That he did. I think he played better than Shea
This might be the most I've seen St. talk smack in years. Don't talk too much and then get that butt kicked in the Omelette Bowl.
Normally I'd take this time to throw up, and then say some anti-Bama stuff, but let's be real, those are pedestrian numbers by Bama standards against a sub-par team. If it were a closer game, then I think he'd be on the list.
That man is a class act. Arguably one of the people's favorite.
So what's going to be be said if and when LSU beats Ole Miss? Are we still going to hear all of the Troy jokes from Lil Siss?