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I 100% agree. Hell, he could end up in Kansas with Coach Miles by the time it's all said and done.
No surprises here. Just need these ladies to bring their A games to bring as many SEC Teams to OKC
There's probably more to this story, but if that is indeed the way things went down then thats a messed up situation.
BT, the idiot knows he/she/it's wrong which is why he/she/it keeps ignoring you. I can't wait until they delete this idiot
Fellas, why are yall entertaining this Jackalope? Trolls need attention and yall are giving that to Paris. Move on. BTW,I think i may have been the one to say that Paris was a Louisville fan in all honesty. Im pretty sure it was right around bowl season because of all the UK trolling he/she/it was doing. I can understand the mistake because all Marines look a like!!
Let's be real people, if he kept Will after a he peed hot, WE would have crucified him and the FL program. Sometimes the best move for your program is to move on from the talented troubled student. We eventually had to make that call with one of my favorite Tigers (The Honey Badger)
Another good showing by conference next year
Had a ACC fan tell me that the SEC is a thing of the past and that the ACC is top to bottom the best conference. If this doesn't prove otherwise I don't know what does.
PARIS10, What is your point here? You are forever on post talking nonsense about LSUSMC and then mumbling about racism and other personal shenanigans yet nobody sees it but you. Either move on with your life or get off of here.
While both of those names were the "sexy picks", i don't think Herman was right for LSU and Jimbo would be under a microscope. Not taking anything from them, I just don't think ut was the right time for them to wear the purple and gold polo. Maybe our fan base needs to be humbled a bit.
Hopefully this kid can get his head together and make something positive out of his life.
Easily a fan favorite. Wherever he ends up, they will get a hungry tiger!
This should be a interesting season. This defense is young but could be wild
I don't think he knows what he's talking about.
There are bad calls/no calls in most games. The PI in the Steelers game was NOT as decisive of a play as the one in the Saints vs ScRams.
No, just no. Keep that trainwreck away.
They have to put it on regular networks. Not everyone had CBSSports and/or the NFL Network. Put it on CBS,NBC or FOX or help ABC out and i bet the ratings go up. Ive watched at least one game each week and I'm impressed.