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Every game would have to be a night game. Like 8pm night games.
That wont be for a while, but next time we'll see y'all in the valley
Word around the town is he wasn't going to class.
We should invest in some better security. It's not like we don't have the money
Facts! "Not mentioning (insert name) makes this article a joke!!" *Looks up name* Oh wait, he was the number 75 in the class!!
I agree. That place is cool to see and definitely more family friendly than most stadiums. Often they walk around with the Falcons for folks to take a picture with
I wonder if his stats will go down next season because people don't want to throw his way?
At the pace they were going, they could have hung 100 on the Sooners. OU just didn't have an answer for Jet and when they tried to contain him, Marshall or Moss were free. If Coach O hadn't called off the dogs it could've gotten ugly
It's different because he's the DC and NOT HC. That's Coach Os job to give the officials an earful of gumbo breathe!!
Classy dude!! Looking forward to seeing him do great things at Baylor
TroolLied_N_Colorado, Pelini left LSU for Nebraska and just couldn't get that program over the hump. He went to YT to get away from the nonsense and rest. Nothing wrong with that.
Still better than anything with half dead rockers.
I admire your optimism. I think that you are crazy, but I aire the confidence.
That would be an interesting match up, but let's not forget that the Honey Badger doesn't care. He takes what he wants!!
Not trying to sound like a super homer here, but LSU is coming off of a National Championship season and is LOADED with talent with more inbound. Why wouldn't it be a destination for some talented coordinators the same way Bama, Clemson and the like are? Yes the SECW is a wood chipper of talented coaches leading fierce teams (and Arkansas), but getting in there could lead to great jobs else where afterwards.
That got a rowdy crowd even more crazy!
Mortemtyrannis2020. Hahaha thats what I was thinking!!
Maybe he can present the trophy and be done with it, vice teams wasting time traveling to DC. This gives either teams fan base, a chance to share in the moment.
I think we all know what you meant, but it's still funny!!
OSU had a complex call go against them and that sucks. Whose to say that they would have been able to win had the call been a TD? Too many variables.