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I would think that we'd promote Aranda first or at least give him the first crack at it.
That makes perfect sense that his 3 years with a lackluster Offense playing against a stacked college defensive should determine his NFL rating. Let's ignore the fact that the man did pretty damn good in the NFL, AGAINST other NFLers. Let's just keep his ratings low based on the only thing Alabama football. Open a window while you cook your meth, clearly you are high.
Keep Vandy, ditch Texas and KSt. They have a rich history of douching things up (SWC, Big12). We dont need that negativity.
Isnt that what it said underneath your senior picture or did you not make it to the 12th grade?
If we give up 30 on Defense, we are gonna need a new university. Might have to make UL Lafayette the flagship university of Louisiana if that happens.
For $2.5 mil a year, I'd wear Bama gear daily. Coach A is a good guy and hell of a defensive mind. I'd imagine if the HC job comes up, he might be interested.
Shhhhh......they haven't figured that we are only talking about the Playoff Era yet so don't go ruining the surprise yet. Lol
Good on him. I hope DG5 keeps things up and does well in the league.
He just needs some maturity and to get behind a solid oline.
I can respect that he decided to retire this early rather than letting a team set their 53 man roster or training camp with you thinking you will retire. Best of luck to him and his future.
Same thing Patrick Peterson did with THE Honey Badger, only he was helping him get his life straight. I like seeing players help out classmates and younger players in general.
Teams are walking away from a very talented kid because of a silent protest that hes already stated hes already put behind him, but failed drug test, domestic violence, DUI and other nonsense is okay? Priorities of the NFL are skewed.
ESPN ran an article about south's football dominance a few years back. They talked about how once the season ends for other regions, they start to focus on other things like basketball, baseball or whatever winter sports that they do. Meanwhile in the southern states the we get ready for spring ball. Our players have Spring Jamborees and other things while the other regions are playing ice hockey. I'm pretty sure the article is about Spring in the South.
I see several people like Tolliver that should have stuck around another year to work on the basics.
I think that was a picked that confused just of us. Guice should go early the 2nd round.
The writer states that in the 3rd paragraph of the Wide receiver section. We are all aware of LSU'S need to develop a QB. It's a reoccurring theme in our program.
Key definitely could have stuck around for another season to mature a bit. He has tons of talent, just needed another clean season to get his ducks in a row and show his talents. Guice, has the energy and personality to do well in the league. Especially if hes on a team that has strong offensive leadership.
I don't know of too many west coast players come to the SEC with much success.
On the one hand, I'm excited to see him getting paid and recognized for his talents. On the the other hand...... it's Cleveland.
I was thinking the same thing. Maybe he will be double rats a fill out.
Not surprised that Shaq would shop at Walmart. You don't stay rich by blowing all your money in fancy brand names.
That always good to see. I hope he continues to do great things.