LSU fan all day, but overall fan of football in general.

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No, just no. He has birthing nothing to do with either school and possibly no knowledge of either team.
Great game, no need to get stupid Tigers. Especially when we might see them again real soon
Not only do I want LSU to get the W, but i want this game to live up to the hype. No blowouts, just a knock down drag out, who wants it more battle that leaves both teams feeling like they left it ALL on the field.
He was suspended for 2 games (Northwestern and GSA) and injured for Utah State. Overall good dude,just need to get his personal ducks in a row
I dont care about fhe rankings until 10 Nov. If we are still ranked #1 then ill get excited. Until then i aint trppin
I think it's still too soon to judge Willie. Let him get his kind of players on the field
Now iw often an we say that about our QBs in the last decade?
You have to be kidding right or maybe just read it to fast?
Hahaha you know he was probably smiling the entire time they typed that snarky reply.
Highest rated game of 2019 until Undefeated LSU vs Undefeated Alabama in Nov.
Until you win it all it, you dont rate the champions salary. Coach is awesome and hopefully will get us there soon, but until then, hes gets what he deserves
The Hoover badger was just just being sarcastic. Remember that was also an interception!! GEAUX TIGERS
50/50 ball that the Honeybadger picked off. Pretty sure he was just being sarcastic
Won't change the results of that Wyoming game
Play a real opponent then talk Luckeye
I'm gonna say Vandy plus the upset on Ole Miss. Don't know why, but I think they are a better team than their record indicates.
paris10 at least doesn't type like an idiot when he talks trash. All of the 5 Stars at UGA and ya'll haven't won a National Championship in how long again? Most UGA fans are decent folk, but you my friend are a mouth breather!!
Hard to be struggling academically when you have already graduated. Plus I doubt he needs that scholarship