LSU fan all day, but overall fan of football in general.

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Yall are looking pretty stacked there. Hopefully by the time we meet in Nov both our teams are play up to speed
That's nothing new. Remember he had Dabo and Pelini at LSU and countless other coaches that have gone on to become HC or something else where. No issues, now when they drop more than 3 or more games in a season, I'll jump on board that train. Until then I'll see them in Death Valley.
Huge honor and it's really no surprise. He's hungry and probably gonna be playing om Sunday's in 2020.
You're correct that he played banged up a bit this season. You're wrong about playing Syracuse but, C'est La Vie
Here you go with that BS again. Go get a life
That might just be your setting hombre. I see it all on one page
They probably meant mid point of No Football or Middle of the year.
All of these guys are playing hungry!! I'm looking forward to the season and seeing what the numbers address at the end of the season
Crappy situation all around. Curious to see how this whole thing plays out.
Please share with the class your conspiracy theory.
Give it a rest already. No one mentioned you, yet here you are trolling..... again.
Way to go Vandy!! It's always good to see them get the championship!!
I'm pretty sure that doesn't hurt recruiting. I mean the LSU vs Bama game alternates each year (i know not the same history) and normally the kids that have one on the "Official Visit" list has the other. They go to the one game and check out BOTH teams. Same thing applies here.
Easy Killer. I'm sure he didn't mean any disrespect to the university or the village of Hammond
I like how he used the Kawhi Leonard level of excitement afterwards. This is just another game on the way to the end goal.
1. The use of the N word is just stupid these days regardless of how you say it. 2. Why were they recording the conversation in the first place? Sounds like he may have said it before or they knew they could bait him into saying it. Either way, that shaddy.
I'd like to see a break down of NFL players by position for each school. I mean the schools you mentioned seem to pump them out like it's nothing so I imagine they would be high
A game can go 24 innings, but if both teams re throwing no hitters is will still be a quick game!!
Competing at LSU as a DB for the next 2 seasons vice sitting out a season or going JUCO then hopefully starting at a new program doesn't seem like such a bad idea
I 100% agree. Hell, he could end up in Kansas with Coach Miles by the time it's all said and done.
No surprises here. Just need these ladies to bring their A games to bring as many SEC Teams to OKC
There's probably more to this story, but if that is indeed the way things went down then thats a messed up situation.
BT, the idiot knows he/she/it's wrong which is why he/she/it keeps ignoring you. I can't wait until they delete this idiot
Fellas, why are yall entertaining this Jackalope? Trolls need attention and yall are giving that to Paris. Move on. BTW,I think i may have been the one to say that Paris was a Louisville fan in all honesty. Im pretty sure it was right around bowl season because of all the UK trolling he/she/it was doing. I can understand the mistake because all Marines look a like!!