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They don't want that smoke! Can they beat some mid/lower tier Power 5 teams? Yes Can they beat teams that are depleted by draft preparation? Yes But are they still overrated? Yes
Based on these comments, y'all really don't like Texas huh?
That's pretty awesome on the part of UT. Hopefully by then their football team is done rebuilding.
I honestly don't think some people are telling the truth about their experiences with our fan base. I've met so many people that have positive experiences with our fan base, from W.VA, USCe, Wisconsin,FL, aTm, Arkansas, both Mississippi schools Ohio St. and more. I think that some of ya'll have bad experiences because of the small percentage of douche bag fans that we DO have, y'all being douche bags yourselves, as well some made up stories. All schools have garbage fans that give their schools black eyes.
Michigan struggled at home against a service academy..........i mean seriously why should they be rewarded? LSU played a ranked opponent that was pretty solid(for now).
aTm's schedule is looking mighty fierce. Top 4 teams in the country all on the schedule.
I wonder why this isn't getting more attention to help this family in their time of need?
You're too salty to be here Gumpy!! Only time will tell how well Bureaux will play, especially against Bama.
I'd replace Auburn with aTm. I think Auburn didn't look as good as expected. the west will be fun as usual
Yes, but he and his agent tried to play the 'WHO WANTS TO PAY ME MORE MONEY' game, but without him being a HC in a Power 5 conference. No knock to what he did in Houston.
Definitely not a gimmie game. Especially playing in Austin. I think we win a close one off the leg of the Freshman kicker. 27-24 Tigahs!!
Decent video, i guess they don't know that a few of those players won't be playing this Saturday but will be playing Sunday
I'm with you on this. It's too early to be a negative Nancy. One game against a lower tier opponent is doesn't exactly mean that we are ready anything other than the next game.
I'm sure on those days that Nick feels bad about leaving LSU, he just checks on his National Championships or his bank account and feels better. We are starting to sound like that Ex that breaks up with you and doesn't want anything to do with you, but still stalks your social media accounts and calls you a creeper.
That O-line really making him earn those yards.
Game changers. Some of the more exciting play makers of recent years.
aTm is pretty stout compared to USC (no offense Cocky) and I think will fair better agaisnt that schedule than USC.
I don't know what to expect from this FL team. Too soon to tell honestly.
Okay, who let cousin Paris have his moonshine again? Y'all know how be gets when he rides the white lightning. Poor thing probably lost his tin foil hat and all trying to find something to post that didn't involve LSUSMC.
I think he meant Ohio St. The Luckeyes are known cheaters.
Paris10 speaking of trying to 'stir sh-t', here you go again with your nonsense. I'm convinced that you deliberately come to the LSU post to find a LSUSMC comment to start your cry for attention
First Ole Miss, now State. Who next Arkansas or will you cross into the east to pretend to support Vandy?