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Why is this just coming to light now? I mean once he assulted the other girl this should have been brought up, now it just seems fishy
I dont think it will have any effect on his stock with the team. Its a one time issue.
What if he was drafted by GB or Den?
*left hanging in a cell.
This story should be at every rookie symposium for every sport the world over. Millions of dollars to be made while playing a game that millions of people wish they were getting paid to play and you can't leave the hood life behind. Now there are families left looking for answers and you're mleft hanging in a cell.
This shouldn't come as a surprise. Les Mentioned it when we signed Jackson and Canada has a history of doing stuff like this. Even as a decoy the kids is going to draw some attention.
As much as it pains me to agree with supporters of that school with the crimson elephant and the double wides (people not trailers), I have to agree with wondersmoke here. I get it, we should let our employers know of our plans if they may hamper us from attending official functions, however this is voluntary. Every season we see many players sitting these out in protest or doing their own stuff with their own training coaches so the fact that he is wrapping up school isn't a issue for me. Now he knows to CC his coaches on his enrollment.
I just hope he goes somewhere with some semblence of a offensive line and offense. Based off of what we have all seen, this kid is really talented, however he may not be able to carry the load of an entire offense at the NFL level as he often was asked to do at LSU (see LF7 vs Bama x3). I think he will do some damage in the NFL as long as he is not on a one demensional team.
Didn't the Governor just come out and say that we are broke and that education would take a hit? If this pays to help ULL and LSU out, why are we belly aching? Its not like them Creole and Cajun folks aren't drinking.
I thought there was something fishy about the late signing. I was thinkingit was some sorta DII rule.
Isn't this the same list as last year's minus Ole Miss?
Really? I don't see Bama as being a 2 QB kinda team. I mean not for an entire season at least. Competition can hopefully lead to improvement for both of them.
I'd imagine so because this class looks like they have a few potential studs at RB as does next season.
I'm looking into going to that game as well. I've heard good things about the stadium and want see it for myself.
I'm not going to lie, if i can get drafted #1 overall and make a few million playing a game i enjoy, guess I'll be taking my talents to Cleavland.
Bamatime for the WIN!! Seriously though, WHO CARES. This kid hasnt taken a snap in the NFL so you guys belly aching over his past stats really doesnt mean anything of what his future stats will be.
Mike and Mike airs on both ESPN and ESPN Radio simultaneously. Booger can be overly critical of the guys in the trenches, as well as LSU players. Miles could be the best thing to take the field since Reggie White or he could be a bust, just like all of the other playes trying to get drafted. Just go out and put in work!