LSU fan all day, but overall fan of football in general.
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Just like LF7, I wanna see this kid do well in the NFL.I mean I say that about all the tigers but still.
Y'all do remember RichRod was a slightly less effective Coach Sumlin in Mich right? Az can't be that disappointed, they've not been in the title hunt since.........I don't remember
Haven't we been saying the same thing for years now? I mean I've even seen Bama fans saying 'LSU would be scary if they had a QB, Troll Pride' or something like that.
I don't think that ref was watching the same game. He grabbed the player or atleast made contract with him. Bs call
Hmmmm..... is it April already because this feels like April fools?
*yawn* Couldn't you have just said "Well done Oregon!" and moved on?
Different players, different situations. If LF7 were healthy he'd probably have played because Louisville's run D was almost as bad as Ole Miss' last year.
Mike be the only thing having fun on the sneaux.
That's what they all say. The SEC West is NOT the ACC so good luck Jumbo.
I'm seeing reports that Jumbo lost the locker room at FSU and I don't get why a Tm
SECond to None, you clearly were rejected by Mississippi State or something, because you are coming across as very bitter. Calling Columbia a better location is not a fact, it's an opinion, as is saying the Alumni is better. Personally I've not been impressed with Columbia, MO.You can't tell someone they "wasted money" by going to a school when your favorite thing to do is call people names like a 8yr old. Get your act together and quit being a internet warrior.
Calm yourself Bull, we are simply say that this was a surprising hire and that not many people, outside of Penn St./B1G, knew who this guy was.
Bunker, I'm glad you get what I was saying.Yes, I read the article. Yes, I looked this guy up on the internet, but, I didn't see that hire coming.
I was being sarcastic genius. I'm sure that went over your head but, it's okay. Every bridge needs a troll, and I guess you fill the role.
Eli isn't always accurate, but you can't blame him for dropped balls.This is just weak.
Say something good about Alabama and they complain. Say something bad and they complain. Dont say anything about them, and you guessed it, they complain.Some Bama fans (not all), just open their sucks to feel special. If not for football, they'd probably not have anything to say. Again not all Bama fans are this way
FL vs FSU = Tie. They both fail to score points or ratings.
Of course some Bama had to come make a UT post about them. I'm suprised you took so long.
Don't worry nobleman is a few weeks behind!!
If you just see the score, you think Bama sleep walked their way to the W. Look at the game and the stats and you, see that it was again a good game and we simply couldn't capitalize when we had the chance.
Where did you get the death threats from? You can go to SDS's FB page and see just as many stupid comments all fans make.
I didn't read it as anything more than little brother saying "I'm getting big, so I'm gonna get you" but then again I am the oldest in my family.