LSU fan all day, but overall fan of football in general.

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I know it's hand timed and all, but D.White is still fast as hell for his size.
Look at all of the Bama fans on LSU post. Yall probably talk about LSU fans as much as our fanatical fans talk about you.
Have you heard of Will Clapp? Yes we could have drafted more LSU/Local talent, but lets not let regional bias distract us.
Can you do me a favor and move that cart out of the way of this horse? All of this doesnt mean a thing if we can't maximize their potential and scheme well. Let's be humble and see what our boys do on the field.
Hopefully they can get some folks to shore up their O-line in the 2nd.
I agree. If not for a nagging foot injury, he'd have probably played the 18-19 season as well
Aaron Hernandez was doing Aaron Hernandez things while at FL. Let's not throw stones my friend.
He saw that no one took his bait and felt depressed so he reposted it. Just scroll past his nonsense
This ebs and flows. We will get in trouble, then it's Bama, aTm, or whoever. It's unfortunate and hopefully coming to an end with appropriate discipline being levied
Sounds like a good move for him. Vandy will be restructuring and hopefully finding some success in a couple of seasons.
Nah, I tend to be a little more reserved on my conclusions, unless they involve Ohio St., because HELL with the Luckeyes!!
They'll probably reconsider it later.
That's because this clown just made that up. He had his little heart broken by some LSU fan (not sure if it's a boy or girl, but we're not judging) and now he insists on making up dumb nonsense on our page, rather than just going kick rocks barefoot.
The character didn't seem to bring the same intensity as Coach O
Calm down! We don't know the details of the investigation or the reasoning behind any of the actions or inaction. Not justifying their actions or lack there of, just not jumping to conclusions.
I agree with most of what you said. I've had one of my guys from Brooklyn, become a "Bama fan" while we were deployed because we were playing NCAA on Playstation. Kid couldn't point to Alabama on a map, but all you hear coming from his face over the last 12 years is 'Raw Hide'. Just like the Patriots, Yankees, Lakers or Warriors they have collected some rabbit "Fans" that don't know anything about the team other than a couple of star's names and that they win.
Nah, I read the name and scrolled right past. Certain clowns aren't worth the attention.
You could not be more correct. The mere mention of LSU causes Bama fans to get angry
This is normal behavior for college kids. Happens at Tiger Stadium too often.
Of course you'd have such a positive outlook for LSU.
No, the second flag was Unsportsmanlike and was a result of them talking trash.