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I have zero issues with a coach using his past success in recruiting. But I think it does cross the line to use their images on social media etc (unless, of course, they actually seek & get their permission)
This list is a little more nuanced that a "top NFL QB" list. Even as a die-hard Peyton fan, I can understand why anyone would put Brady ahead of him in most lists. But I also understand Peyton's placement here, as well. One thing I believe you can say about Peyton more-so than Brady is that he impacted the game at a very broad level. He changed the way the qb position was played. And no one embodied the "coach on the field" more than him. Let's be honest. In all due respect to Dungy, Fox, Kubiak, etc... When you faced the Patriots, those coaches had to be just as worried about Belicheck as they were Brady. They knew the chances of getting out-coached were very high. But up until the last year at Denver, to whom did Peyton's opponents have to give their (almost) exclusive attention? It was on slowing down Peyton, of course. Was anyone too worried about his coaches? I don't think so. Peyton obviously had some great supporting players around him on offense. But I don't know that any singular player elevated his franchises the way he did. So if you want to put him at the top of a "dominant" player list, I get it.
Big East is 2-0 (Villanova & Seton Hall). Also, I apologize that my first comment on this site is a stat correction. I guess I'm "that guy". :)