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back in 6th grade i played against a guy about the same size as this the time senior year rolled around that guy was still the same size
As a TN fan I do like Dobbs and what he shows as a person but in the NFL running QBs dont work
if chubb stayed healthy im pretty sure he would have been at the top that guy is crazy good
pretty sure the way society views people like that is the reason he didnt try to get help
had to go against a guy like that in youth league football...6'6" 330lbs against little 8th graders rofl fun times
pretty sure in terms of talent michigan is almost a top ten state for nfl athletes
i thought how fast he had to make reads Worley did amazing...when you have the defense on you before you even take 2 steps everyplay haha
pretty sure Michigan could use a quarterback next year
Or maybe top tier teams know how to slowdown and stop the defenses best players.
he drops the ball running on that field goal and that punt...he had 30 yards of open field to run