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That hit only ended up ugly cause he held his upper body up trying more of his playground BS that doesn't work anymore. Sometimes you just have to eat the sack. Hopefully he isn't hurt too bad, but hopefully if he misses a game or 3 his POS fame might be shut up for a while.
Can everyone please stop with the LSU coaching carousel BS!! They are done, may end up not even making a bowl. No coach is going to take the job until the season is over. Let's stop wasting time with all the what-ifs. Concentrate on talking about the teams that actually still matter this season and still have something to play for.
The most Auburn thing ever would be to beat Ole Miss, A&M, and Bama, but lose to Miss St.
Me three, if y'all are talking about UT being in this list
Well that commercial was written by an Auburn fan.
Should have been blown dead. Forward progress had been stopped for at least 2 seconds.
Auburn wins against the Bye and gets Owen Pappoe back for the Ole Miss game.
Luckily we only have to wait a week to find out...OM-AU on the 30th. WDE!!!
Right now I am just hoping the West comes down to the Iron Bowl. Should come down to that game every year.
I'm an Auburn fan and a realist so take what I am about to say with an entire shaker of salt, but if Auburn wins out including a rematch with an unbeaten UGA in the SEC Championship Game, I see them being the first two loss team to make the playoff. Although, it would help Auburn's cause for PSU win out as well, which I also don't see happening.
From this Auburn fan, beat them by 70 Bama!!! Hate UT!! War Eagle!!!
Agre, should be both feet down in bounds. The one other rule I hate in CFB is ball carrier is down when knee goes down. Should be by contact.
LSU would be better off hiring Bustwr Brown from ULM than Gus.
Zakoby McClain needs to be on here.
The thing is Bama doesn't have a running QB. The UF would not have been close if Young would have run in that game. Been a lot of other times too he could have easily extended drives for Bama if he would have run, but chose not to and Bama punted.
NFL Rushing Leader so far this season: 1. Derrick Henry 2. Derrick Henry YAC 3. Nick Chubb
Not a UT fan: Bama fans are the absolute last team on planet earth that should be acting sanctimonious towards UT. Chick kills her best friend for not being mad enough about the Kick 6 loss. Crazy lady starts brawl in stands of Sugar Bowl as Bama is getting waxed by OU. Harvey Updyke. The Teabagger Someone was murdered after the A&M loss. The list goes on and on.
Think you mean Terry Bpwden. I heard they are so impressed with the stellar job the Gus Bus is doing at UCF that LSU is going to bring him onboard to finish destroying the program.
Something I have liked about Harsin at AU so far is he does that as well. Whoever had the best week in practice will get the start. Several new faces on the field for AU the last two games at WR, OL, DL.
What happens when you butt chug liquor...good way to get alcohol sales ended at games in the conference
Think it is more along the lines none of you can beat Bama.
Defender was lucky he wasn't called for a 15 yard penalty on the play. Do believe suplexing a ball carrier falls into the realm of unnecessary roughness so go cry somewhere else.
On the fumble play, it should have been 15 yards and a first down for Auburn due to the suplex on the tackle. Arky's first big play to Burks on the sideline, there was obvious holding. Arky got several favorable spots. All teams can play the referees suck game.
Should have been a 15 yard penalty and first down for AU for the suplex.
Who is she and why should I care? Auburn gave zero f***s about that bowl game same as Bama when they got beat by 14 by OU, who was a 17.5 underdog in the 2014 Sugar Bowl.