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Could take some pointers on the video from SC's social media department.
Yep. Biggest mistake EVER! He only brought back jobs, fought against abortion, secured our border, protected our rights, rebuilt the military, viciously cracked down on terrorism, severely crippled China, and forced NATO to honor their agreement. All this he did under greater scrutiny and attack than any other president in history. History will remember President Trump two ways. One side will remember a "racist" and an "idiot". The other side will remember him for his actions and the prosperity he oversaw. It's easy to call the other side brainwashed. I'd rather you try to understand their viewpoint, and understand that 50% of the population is not stupid, they just happen to disagree with you.
I hope you didn't just mistake USC's logo for Kentucky's...
The Russian oil War has as much to do with the volatile market as anything. I also love how when your 401k is going up, it is in spite of Trump. When it goes down, its all Trump's fault. The bottom line is this: You are trying to politicize a Natural Disaster. Trump and his admin are doing an acceptable job combating this Virus, along with all the unique variables and problems it poses. (Just as Obama did with H1N1, fyi.) You and all your friends in NYC keep enjoying your sky-high taxes, your limited freedoms, and your police-hating neighbors. We in the South know y'all all too well.
It was a more proper response than we had to H1N1. As far as quarantining and travel restrictions go, it was the most aggressive action taken against an outbreak ever.
When Dabo "starts that stuff", it doesn't sound ridiculous, it sounds like another championship run warming up.
Says thee guy who goes out of his way to comment on an obscure South Carolina article stub. *Irony 100*
Not as close as Burch is to Huntley. Don't get your hopes up.
Could not agree more. 4-0 and Will has a 95% chance of keeping his job. 3-1 and odds are still pretty good. Anything less than that and I see the season starting to slip away.
Ah yes, we must supress the lesser educated, how could they possibly know how to live their own life? Surely you know better, right? We should just scrap the whole system and crown you dictator of America. People like you are why the nation is divided. You don't care about finding solutions, you are not a patriot. You blame otherds that happen to agree with the policy of the evil orange man.
Pretty sure he had a bum ankle in that game too.
The reporter's only fault was not making sure Burrow knew of the tragedy before the interview. An honest mistake. There was no lack of compassion here. Take your vapid outrage elsewhere.
Lol you "pushed Spurrier out" only to get Muschamp and lose to him!
If that were the case he could have made the jump year three. Physical tools don't get significantly better over time, they only risk getting worse.
Honestly. Some of the greatest music on earth
Don't waist your time. Muschamp could bring in a class of 20 5*'s and Afan would not be happy.
Couldn't agree more. Also, I find it ironic that this guy wants to diss our coach while he's bringing in one of the top QB's in the nation.
This is for the top 10 SEC QB commits. Your boy didn't make the cut.
He's offering the Bama guy an on-field position, not to be S&C coach.
Super happy that Brown got extended. Rock solid position coach, and a good recruiter too.