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Gotta be honest... was not expecting this kind of a reaction.
The Reffing in this game wasn't good to be sure, but my takeaway as a SC fan is positive. I don't see why we can't beat any East team not named Georgia. Hilinski looks good. He may go into 2020 as the best QB in the East.
In south Carolina, the two P5 teams (USC and Clemson) are actually required by the state (law? Legislation? Not sure what the rigt word is) yo schedule one in state team outside of the rivalry. It keeps the revenue in state, helping out both the small colleges and the local economy. So if you ever wondered why Clemson played Furman all the time... That's why.
Erm... Fuzzy, he is right. There is no way Fulmer could compete as a recruiter at Tennessee. To Southeast is way too crowded right now. You have three Top programs fighting for the cream of the crop (Bama, Clemson, Georgia) and then a bunch of very good to solid recruiting programs sprinkled around them.
Watch this kid grow up to be a 5* QB and win Tennessee a natty.
Dear Diary, I saw a strange thing today. I saw something written by Corch that I agreed with! (To be clear- I mean the recruiting part)
So much this. Just let Feaster, Dowdle, and Harris eat. Throw Denson in for a pace change. Pair this with quick hitting pass-gane and hope for the best.
I agree with this take. It also doesn't hurt to have an OC who is still a relative unknown as a play caller. I'm sure that McClendon will dig deep into the playbook to find some sort of edge.
-22... Right above 3 TDs. I would have expected a larger spread than that tbh.
Joyner is still the backup. He even took snaps at QB Saturday.
He sure does throw a pretty pass. If he can stay composed against a real pass-rush, he'll come along fine in SEC play.
I think its's extremely unlikely at this point. So long as he's completing 50% of his passes and not throwing 2+ INTs a game, he'll be an improvement over Bentley. I hope that Jake can find a new home next year and excel. I think getting away from his father and Muschamp could do him a lot of good.
Let's hope so. At the very worst, this should set us up with what to expect in 2020.
It's a glass half full or half empty type of thing. But guys like this, claiming that Bentley is fighting for his job, are simply wrong. Unless he gets hurt or throws 8 INTS, he is not getting benched for Hilinski.
If he truly took Peyton's advice to heart, it could help limit some of those INTs.
With no errors and high intensity SC can finish 2nd in the East EZ.
DawgMan, your comment implies that only educated voters support Trump. This is untrue. You also assert that education is required to have political "integrity" or common sense. This is untrue. As a matter of fact, the second half is sheer idiocy. "Common Sense" is something completely separate from education. As a matter of fact, that's why the term exists, to imply that there are some things that can be known but not taught in the traditional sense.
I agree that particular pick was not his fault. In real time it looked like a miscommunication amongst the WRs.
This is what I was thinking. I don't mind people talking smack, as long as they back it up on the field. But, I do feel like running your mouth all the time sets you up for failure in the long run.
Regardless of political affiliation, we should be able to agree that Trump has the best since of humor ever seen in a sitting president.
I'd love to know how this relates to the Article at all.
I'm not saying Florida doesn't figure things out. I made that clear. This is an SEC team, with a good coaching staff. (I really like y'all's DC if I'm honest.) They will improve, in all likelihood. And I don't disagree with you on the fact that preseason (even early season) rankings don't mean a whole lot. But, that doesn't negate what went down on the field. Florida got pushed by a young, (albeit talented) Miami team. They made mistakes consistent with those of Miami. If your a Miami fan, you can say, "Well, their young, they'll figure it out." Florida, however, should be past that. They are a veteran team. (With the exception of O-Line.) The only argument you could conceivably make is that Florida came out a bit over-hyped, and that they aren't the Top-10 team the media makes them out to be... at least not yet. In which case, I don't know what your arguing for. (Also would like to point out that I did not introduce the Clemson comparison. As a matter of fact I disputed it.)
Mullen must have forgotten how to be a good coach leading up to this game...