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Ah yes, we must supress the lesser educated, how could they possibly know how to live their own life? Surely you know better, right? We should just scrap the whole system and crown you dictator of America. People like you are why the nation is divided. You don't care about finding solutions, you are not a patriot. You blame otherds that happen to agree with the policy of the evil orange man.
Pretty sure he had a bum ankle in that game too.
The reporter's only fault was not making sure Burrow knew of the tragedy before the interview. An honest mistake. There was no lack of compassion here. Take your vapid outrage elsewhere.
Lol you "pushed Spurrier out" only to get Muschamp and lose to him!
If that were the case he could have made the jump year three. Physical tools don't get significantly better over time, they only risk getting worse.
Honestly. Some of the greatest music on earth
Don't waist your time. Muschamp could bring in a class of 20 5*'s and Afan would not be happy.
Couldn't agree more. Also, I find it ironic that this guy wants to diss our coach while he's bringing in one of the top QB's in the nation.
This is for the top 10 SEC QB commits. Your boy didn't make the cut.
He's offering the Bama guy an on-field position, not to be S&C coach.
Super happy that Brown got extended. Rock solid position coach, and a good recruiter too.
Look around you. Most of these Dawg fans were clamoring for Bobo to come back. With that in mind... Why do you "make a moronic statement"?
This sounds bad, but if you go and read this reporter's writing, he is extremely critical of Leach. As a matter of fact, he called Leach a troll in one of his articles. In my opinion, sanctimonious was generous.
While I agree with your sentiment, its time to move on from the ostarine thing. You're beating a dead horse.
Take it easy, it's all in good fun. There is an identical article, "Why beating Auburn is so much fun". Perhaps you would be more comfortable over there.
Yeah, your right. Under the best circumstances, our athletes are only good enough to beat Georgia. Oh, wait, they did that? The athletes aren't the problem. Muschamp can recruit and evaluate. His problem is twofold: he can't hire a good OC and he cannot manage a game to save his life. Don't dump his failures on these players.
Muschamp is a good evaluater. That is not his issue. His problem is that be cannot hire a good OC. He is also a poor game manager. These two combined make SC look like a program where good recruits come to die, especially on offense.
Gotta love it when a person creates an account on a SPORTS site to talk politics...
Let him keep it up for a few seasons before we jump to any conclusions.