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^ This. We people in the comments have the power of anonymity. You, on the other hand, do not.
Talent wise, I'd say we do. (To be fair, I'm not as familiar with Ya'lls roster as I am Carolina's). On Offense, we have: An inconsistent QB, but when he's on his game he's considerably more dangerous than Kelly. EVEN. A solid Offensive Line. But, I do remember Mizzou's line from last year being very good, so if it's still intact, Edge goes to Mizzou. A very good group of WR's. I would argue one of the most dangerous in the SEC outside of Bama. Edge Carolina. Meh group of Backs, edge goes to Tigers unless Feaster comes to Carolina. And TE absolutely goes to Ya'll. That Albert kid is special. Overall Offense v. offense is pretty even. I'd say if Bentley is on his game, ours is superior, but only slightly. On Defense, we have: A deep defensive line, with a strong mix of veterans (a la Kinlaw and Wonnum) and young elite talent (looking at you, Pickens.) They aren't getting alot of hype now, but this unit will end up being one of the best in the SEC. Edge Carolina. Linebackers- Outside of Brunson in the middle, we are pretty shaky at LB. I'm not aware of what Mizzou has at this spot, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Edge Mizzou. Secondary. - We have two studs at CB this year in Horn and Israel. Horn especially. There are a ton of guys, both young and veterans, who will compete for the safety/Nickelback spots. They'll be solid aswell. Edge Carolina. Honestly, I think defense is where SC is going to separate from Mizzou this year. If the Linebacker group can sort itself out, then this will be an excellent unit. Paired with an inconsistent but volatile offense, this team will be a tough out. I just can't imagine the Tigers having the same depth on defense as the Gamecocks. But again, I'm not terribly well versed when it comes to Mizzou's roster, so maybe I'm wrong. I doubt it :P
So... you chose the backup QB. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If these are "power rankings" I.E. How good a team is rather than what their record will look like... then I'd have Carolina ahead of Missouri. I get they got Kelly Bryant, but I fail to see why people expect them to challenge Georgia and finish in the Top 25. In my mind, Bryant is only a marginal upgrade over Lock, and only because he fits the Tigers' system better than Lock did. We'll see I guess.
The chances of Hilinski seeing any meaningful playing time this season are slim to none. As it stands, I would argue that Kevin Harris (Freshman RB) is are most important new face on the offense. Coming out of Spring Ball, the word was that he was excellent in short yard situations, which is something Carolina was horrendous at last year. (Personally, I feel like are failures in the run game in general were more due to our Backs than our offensive line.) The only other "bruising back" on the roster already was Mon Denson, whom I really like, but he was never very effective in 3rd/4th and short last year. He is more of a get 3 or 4 yards of 1st down type guy. Of course, if Feaster does transfer to Carolina, Which at this point seems like a real possibility, he will easily be our most important new addition.
There is one person people always forget when in comes to the QB position in the SEC. Connor Shaw. 6000+ Career Yards Passing 65% Completion Percentage 56/16 TD to Int Ratio Plus 1600+ Yards Rushing to go with 18 TD's on the ground. I'm not saying he deserves to be on this list, but the kid needs some love. He never once made All-SEC.
There is a simple answer to make everyone happy. Have an 8 team playoff. 1-5 go to the P5 champs, power-ranked from best to worst. 6 and 7 are At-large bids. These are either independents (Notre Dame), or teams that didn't win their Conference. Lastly, at 8, you put the best G5 team. Last year would have looked like this: (1) Alabama vs. (8) UCF. (2) Clemson vs. (7) Georgia. (3) Oklahoma vs.(6) Notre Dame. (4) Ohio State vs. (5) Washington. Interesting Slate. It would still end up being Clemson vs. Bama, however.
I never said he doesn't care about recruits. I did say however that he sat on his hands when it came to this situation. I never said he roomed with a rapist. (Hence the word allegation.) But there are certainly character issues at play. Steele didn't want his name to come up in an investigation. (Which is smart on his part.) Whose exaggerating and embellishing now?
Wait yeah... does your postseason ban include The SECCG? Or is it just bowls? If it does include the SECCG it seems kind of odd to include them in the article.
Cute. Almost as cute as your lack of a defense for your "superior coach".
I agree that Arm strength is an overrated trait in a QB. To even play at the FBS Level, let alone the P5, automatically means that you can make your throws. Who cares if the ball breaks the sound barrier getting there, all that matters is that the ball arrives on time. And that has far more to do with accuracy and decision making than power.
* Three Groups excuse me... Also is there no Edit button? :/
To me, I think the Division will shake down into 4 groups Tier 1: Georgia Tier 2: Florida?, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri. Tier 3: Vanderbilt, Kentucky. (Would love to see the Cats prove me wrong, but replacing Josh Allen and Snell will be tough.) Tier two is where all the chaos will happen. (Note that these rankings are power rankings, not where I expect certain teams to finish.)
Kind of sad not to see Carolina as a "Contender"... I would personally have them just ahead of Mizzou and Tenn this year. Ah well.
Exaggerate how Mullen and his staff completely ignored Steele's request to get moved? The kid feared damage to his reputation. (And that fear has been proved credible by the sexual assult allegations.) Shame on Mullen for not respecting his request. Almost makes me wonder if he was trying to keep the whole situation quiet...
What I was trying to say is this, Alabama has yet to rely on Tua to win a game. He has always had his defense and playmakers behind him. The one game the defense left, (vs. Clemson) he was ineffective. I'm not saying he's a bad QB by any measure, but he's not the world beater some people think he is.
Im not sold on Bama this year. I have yet to be sold on Tua. Has Bama has yet to rely on him to win a very close game? (Where he played the whole game as a starter?) There may be a game I forgot about...
Really poor leadership by Mullen in this situation. You have to take care of the kids you get. Not only does this take a crown jewel from his class, it is bound to hurt Florida's recruiting in the future. Best of luck to this kid. He seems like a class act, someone Mullen and his staff should aspire to be like.
Thats fair. But I decided to go through each game W/L rather than W/L/Coinflip. The narriative for Carolina's season next year is going to be decided by the Coinflip games, and as I said, it could easilly end up being a 6-6 season. This team is too talented to drop below that mark.
UNC (Neutral Site) - W. Not even Mack Brown can fix that dumpster fire in one offseason. Charleston Southern - W. 'Nuff Said. Alabama - L. Either Bama comes out next season angry, and spank SC and everyone else, or they come out a little flat footed and SC gives them a good run. I'd bet on the former. @Mizzu - W. This game is always entertaining, but I feel like the talent gap has either stayed the same or gotten larger from last season to this season. Kentucky - L. The Cats lost more talent this year than any other team in the conference. The game is also at home. But I will not EVER call this game a win until I see it. Bye @ Georgia - L. Part of me wants to call an upset here, as I think this game will be close. But alas, I will stick with the L here for SC. Florida - W. Personally, I think the Gators are a bit overrated headed into this season. Sc had them dead to rights last year in the Swamp, but lack of depth of Defense cost us the game. This year, the depth is better, and Florida has struggled at Willy B in recent years. @ Tennessee - W. Again with the overrated narrative. The Vols will certainly be better this year, and Jarrett G. has impressed me. But, I still feel like SC has a talent edge. Vandy - W. It's Vandy, so it will be somewhat close, but a Win none the less. App State - W. Dangerous game, but Sc should still win. @ Texas A&M - L. I feel like SC has a good shot in this game, but just like Kentucky, I'll believe it when I see it. Bye Clemson - L. Hmm. This is another game I'd like to call an upset in, but I can't bring myself to do it. It's gonna be difficult to gauge this game until we are well into the season. Final Record, 7-5. Best case scenario is 8 to 9 wins, and worst case is 6-6. If Muschamp leads this team to a 7-5 finish, with a good upset thrown in, I think the fanbase will be thrilled.