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South Carolina at 6? ROFL! But the bigger laugh has to be Florida at #1. LOL!
I feel like Travaris Robinson could easily be on this list. He has fielded solid defenses at SC without much to work with. Even last year's team had some spunk to it, despite 10+ players being out for the season. Arguments could certainly be made for Muschamp as well.
When you break down SC's roster, they should have a team in 2020 that is capable of beating anyone. A team that will win the games they are favored in and put up a fight in the rest. And honestly, with national powers all around us, I think that could be this program's ceiling for a while. And that's OK. Maybe one of those years Carolina can score some upsets and either end the streak against Clemson or get to Atlanta. Time will tell.
I read somewhere that he was a late no-take for A&M. Not sure why though or if that's even true.
Overrated Teams, IMO: Michigan Florida (Only 2-5 spots too high) Miami Nebraska
I believe that stagnation is a misconception due to media coverage. SC has been recruiting as the same level as those two programs. Tenessee hasn't beat us in years.
Yea, a lot of posters on this site seem to think that the injuries thing was some kind of excuse... naw, literally our whole defense was out or banged up. This year, this unit should be able to make some waves in the SEC. This is the whole reason I'm optimistic about this season. That, and the fact that no one expects us to do well. SC always plays better coming out of left field.
When you really start breaking down SC's roster, position by position, the difference over last year is substantial. Our only detractor is the loss of Debo Samuel. And production wise, I Debo will be replaced w/o breaking a sweat. What we may miss is his constant scoring threat keeping defenses honest. Anyway, here's a look at our roster in comparison with last year. QB - Better. Not alot to say other than we got a new hotshot backup in Hilinski. Otherwise this position is the same. RB - Better. Could be lightyears better with the addition of Feaster. (Its a 50/50 race between VT and SC rn, with most pundits giving a slight edge to SC) But even without Feaster, we have some Freshman and Rs. Freshman who could break into the rotation and provide a spark for this unit. If all this unit does is stay healthy, it will be an improvement over last year. O-Line - Better. Both depth and talent continue to build at this position. The biggest reason for optimism this year is that the line has been reshuffled and most our starters are playing at their natural positions. This will probably be the first year that Carolina has an SEC grade O-line under Muschamp. WR/TE - The Same. Edwards, Shi Smith, Orte Smith, Vann, Davis, and even Urich will make a mean unit at WR. SC will lose no scoring ability from last year. TE remains the same. (We have a transfer coming in who could be really good, but he could also suck. Kind of a questionable take by the Staff imho) Overall, this will still be a very strong unit. Secondary - Better. With Horn and Mukuamu anchoring the CB spots, the unit will be rock solid. At safety, we have a mix of veterans and young talent that will vie for a spot in the rotation. And as a firm believer in iron sharpening iron, I think that the safety unit will come out strong this year. D-Line - Much Better. This will by far be the best D-Line unit Coach Boom has had at SC. The depth is excellent. A few of the headliners are: Javon Kinlaw, excellent run stopper, has the physical attributes to be a first rounder. DJ Wonum, who is by consensus one of the best DE's in the SEC. Has elite motor and a nose for finding sacks. And of course, the wonder-kid, Pickens. I can't wait to see this line with Wonum on one side and Pickens on the other. That will be nasty. LB - Better or the Same. This really all depends on player development. Can the young guys learn the system? Can the veterans stop making stupid mistakes? If this unit CAN figure it out, I think that this defense will be one of the best in the SEC. If not, then we will have similar LB production to last year, meaning poor TJ Brunson will be having to cover three positions from MLB. But again, if we can find guys to put around Brunson, then this unit will be fine. Overall, we are at a point where the recruiting and development are starting to pay dividends. This team will be better than our healthy 2018 squad. But, if you take into account last years injuries, this this won't just be better, it will be leaps and bounds better. So with all that said, what does Tennessee's roster look like?
Exactly. Honestly, (could be a homer here) I think that Carolina should be the favorite at home vs. Florida. And Kentucky is a game that should be in the "easy win" category, but steaks can be hard to break.
Don't yall still have Starkel? I remember him being pretty competent.
Honestly, breaking up the PAC and making a new confrence w/ those from the PAC, along with the best western G-5 teams is a good idea. Get SDSU, BYU, Utah State, Boise State, Houston, ect. Would be alot of fun.
I'd take the over on Carolina for sure. Without having their exact schedule in front of me, I'd take Vandy and A&M on the over too.
Absolutely. We can't help it that Lock melted in the rain and Scarnechia didn't...
Israel Mukuamu: 6-4, 205 Lbs. Bigger than Diggs. ???
Better yet, have his arch rival get elected and investigate his rival for the very thing he did!
If the Spring NC means nothing, then why does the Spring Ranking mean that Georgia will finish #3? /hypocrisy
I doubt an underclassmen is going to pass anyone on this list, espically since Inside LB is such a cerebral position.
I dare say Saban wanted to beat Clemson last year...
I agree the lists are lazy. I was halfway wondering why Jaycee Horn wasn't 3rd or 4th team on this list. That kid is as good a corner as anyone in the conference...
So long as the Tigers stay away from rain, they will be fine... xD
I would argue that both Turner and Denson are excellent situational backs. (Turner a 3rd down and pass catching guy, Denson a pound it in guy.) And when healthy/playing up to his ability, Dowdle is an SEC-level back. Just ask the "Elite" Michigan defense from a couple years ago what a limping Rico Dowdle can do when he goes off.