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Gotta love it when a person creates an account on a SPORTS site to talk politics...
Let him keep it up for a few seasons before we jump to any conclusions.
I guess that's a fair point about the conference tourney. I was thinking about the NCAA tournament as the "postseason" but conference tournaments count too.
If a team, any team, loses every regular season game, they have exactly a 0% chance of winning the national title.
Does reading comprehension mean anything to you?
That's one take. It could go the other way, though. Use the Florida game as motivation. Go and pound UT, regardless of what the refs do.
The first thing I would do in this situation is dial hell to make sure it hasn't frozen over.
This is brilliant. If certain referees drop below a certain number, they or the conference they represent should get penalties from the NCAA. That should clear things up quite a bit.
Having Vanderbilt behind Arkansas shows just how lazy these rankings are.
Just wanted to pop in and say this is the most civil Florida/Georgia comment section I've ever seen.
I keep remembering that Mizzou game from last year. If it limits both teams' passing game, thats a net-benefit for us.
Could you imagine, either Mizzou or SC waltzing in and beating LSU/Bama and nuking the SEC's playoff chances in the process? That would be the most college football thing to ever happen.
Key word: Mistake. Georgia made more mistakes. You know what that means? They weren't the best team on the field Saturday. Don't explain away the loss as a fluke, the bottom line is the better team won.
Everywhere but the scoreboard, and the lines of scrimmage, and downfield vs. their receivers, and on special teams, and nearly everywhere else. If it weren't for their defense pitching a shutout to our 3rd string QB in the 2nd Half, we would have won in regulation. (We still nearly did.)
This was meant to be a funny post. Also, I'm here in reality, and guess what? Ya'll still lost.
Top 25? Yes. They may even vault up as high as #15. But Top 10? No.
What I want to happen: SC and Mizzou both run the table in the SEC, leaving the Tigers in first and the Gamecocks in second. Then, I want the NCAA to lose their mind and deny the Tigers' appeal, thus sending the Gamecocks to Atlanta.
Neither of which are becoming of a #3 team, with supposedly the best O-Line in CFB. Bottom line, SC was the better team. Champ nearly choked it away at the end with fhe 57yd FG, but our defense overcame that horrendous decision and won anyway.
Also, in the leaderboard thing, you have Israel's name as Isaiah.
Yep, a tradition of losing to 2-3 South Carolina. I'm so jealous.
Don't want the hedges torn down? Don't give the other team a reason to want a souvenir.
He says right after it could happen on a given day.
ROFL! So now we need to know, is he a SC fan posing as a Georgia troll, or a Georgia drool pretending to be a Gamecock?
Thought that might be the case. It kinda stinks that Cross division games count towards division races. But, at least we are still in the hunt, witch is exciting.