intensely mediocre

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the ending was painful to watch but i was totally happy with how the season played out
im still gonna watch them. i watch all the bowl games and if sw maryland community college faces off against the nevada technical school for the blind in the am/pm yakuma tire bowl ill watch it. whatever puts more football on my tv, im for it
big difference between tenn and uga is georgia doesnt have to go far to recruit, they can stay in state and pull a couple out of florida and be just fine where tennessee doesn't have the same home grown talent.
so if we stop henry and harris plays lights out we may only lose by 10?
i wasn't really expecting the gators to win this game and i doubt they will be within 25 points of alabama but they got some great players returning and next year they should be in a much better position to contend for the sec title
yeah harris is not the answer. even if they lose 3 straight games i disagree it would damper mcelwains first season, i am a total glass half full guy and i thought 8 wins would be a stretch
save that kind of talk for bleacher report. dan mullen would be a great hire for georgia
yeah that sounds about right, probably ranked a bit high to begin with
a job like georgia is not the place for a first time head coach, as a gator fan i learned that by watching zook and muschamp.