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We blew you out 23-6 AT Missouri in 2019 in November 16, and obliterated you 41-17 this year. Florida has a few games were they are either a legitimate underdog or at best its a toss up next year. Missouri is not one of those games...
Obviously I want what's best for the Florida Gators and it just doesn't seem like Mullen is a stable long term solution for what we covet... a national title. The recruiting has remained lackluster for 4 years there is just no sign that it will improve. Next year will be the make it or break it year for Mullen. If he can't get at least 9 wins with the entire defense returning, a QB that has been in HIS system for almost 4 years now, a veteran o-line, and 2 5 star running backs then when will he ever? Heisman finalist quarterbacks don't grow on trees, and once in a generation talents like Pitts are exactly that... a once in a generation phenomenon. Not to mention that next year will be a fully Mullen recruited Florida team. I have faith in his coaching ability, but if one stops to think, there is no "Wow" win in his resume. Georgia was a beat dog this year as much as I hate to admit. He failed against Texas AM when at one point he had a 10 point lead midway through the 3rd quarter. Last year we were on the verge of beating LSU, and we could have beat Georgia, yet we failed both those games. And the Auburn win in 2019 and LSU win in 2018 were good wins, but those teams weren't elite teams, they were very much beatable, especially since we played them at home. The fact that Mullen never beat Alabama in the decade or so he ran Mississippi State, while his in-state rival Freeze beat them twice in a row, and when pretty much every other SEC-West team had beat Bama once or twice during Mullen's tenure, should have been a red flag. Mullen is simply incapable of dealing legitimate upsets against superior opponents. And the fact that he is recruiting worse than Georgia, Bama, LSU, and TAMU does not help. In the meanwhile, he has been upset by Kentucky AT HOME, a mediocre Missouri team, and a high school team (LSU). Next year will show wether Mullen got lucky with Pitts, Trask, and McLewain's recruits, or if Mullen is a legitimately great coach that can get 9+ wins even after he has lost the best receiving unit in Florida Gator history and is in a "rebuild" year.
USF has not recruited a single 4 star in the past 2 years he's been there. He was the best recruiter in the Sun Belt Conference at Texas State but in his 3 years there as a recruiter, not only did Texas State not recruit a single 4 star, but of the 3 stars they recruited, they didn't even recruit a single 3 star that shows up in a national ranking that's how "untalented" all those prospects were. If Florida is fine with high 3 stars and few 4 stars here and there in the secondary that's fine since you know attractive P5 name brand so he should do better at Florida than Texas State obviously, this is a perfect hire, but in my eyes this hire screams that the recruiting will not improve under Mullen. It's becoming quite clear that Florida under Mullen will be a perennial middle tier SEC recruiting team and will never become a real natty contender. In any other conference Florida would be the second most talented team, but this is the SEC, and it seems quite obvious that Mullen does not have what it takes nor bothers to hire the recruiters it take to achieve that elite level of recruiting. At this point if the defense is still bad next year and we can't get at least 9 wins, Mullen should be fired on the spot. It almost feels like Mullen thinks the job is a given, and the way he coached at the bowl game and his lackluster recruiting and hires show he doesn't care and just looks forward to a NFL job. We are the University of Florida, easily the best Head Coaching gig in the nation after Texas. We should only settle for the best, there is no excuse for Alabama, Georgia, Texas AM, and LSU to out recruit us when our state has more talent than Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana combined.
#BamaTime you're a retard please go kiss your sister or something and let the rest of us civilized folk have our intellectual discussion all you do is insult your betters when they trigger you with facts. First of all, Bama had a huge homefield advantage against LSU unlike Florida against Bama. Second of all this is how the game went... "LSU went up 46–34 with 1:37 remaining with a seven-yard touchdown run by Edwards-Helaire, but Alabama scored on their next play with an 85-yard touchdown pass from Tagovailoa to DeVonta Smith with 1:21 remaining. Alabama's onside kick attempt was recovered by LSU's Justin Jefferson, and, after a first down run by Edwards-Helaire, LSU kneeled out the rest of the clock to win the game, 46–41." Bama had no time whatsoever to beat LSU the game was over. You tried using your timeouts but LSU got a first down and you ran out of timeouts and lost. Florida stopped Bama the only difference is that Florida did not have the luxury of timeouts so they lost with their ball in their hands, whereas LSU kneeled the game to an end. If Florida had as many timeouts as Bama did when LSU got the ball back, Florida would have likely had more than a minute to score another touchdown. Whereas Bama had their timeouts and they still couldn't stop LSU from getting a first down. Florida Bama was closer than LSU Bama. It is what it is. Can't help it that you're an immature fool that gets triggered by everything and everyone.
Dude they literally want to stretch their inbred logic to everything. The LSU Bama game last year was not the same as the Florida Bama game this year. Why? First of all Bama had a huge homefield advantage they should have not been dominated like they were in the first half. Yeah Florida got dominated by Bama in the first half, but they had no homefield advantage, and unlike Bama, no defense to speak of. On top of that, talent wise, LSU was more similar to Bama in 2019 than Florida was to Bama in 2020. Bama should have won that game and they lost. The spread predicted Bama to win by 17 points against Florida and they barely beat them by 6. Apples and oranges. LSU thoroughly beat Bama in 2019 whether they like it or not. There was no point when the game felt close because unlike the Florida Bama game, Bama never managed to shut out LSU for an entire quarter like Florida was somehow able to against Bama this year.
I would say more like an extra 90 seconds and a timeout away from beating Bama. With the way Florida's offense was rolling in the second half, they were virtually unstoppable Bama just got lucky because of bad clock management on Mullen's part at the end of the first half.
Lol you're delusional. The Tide was not that great last year. You guys got dominated by LSU in the first half. The game was never as close as the final score indicated even when you made the comeback it was too late. Auburn and especially Florida played LSU much tougher than Bama did. Auburn was a hair's width from beating them, and Florida was in a virtual tie until the beginning of the 4th quarter. You guys got beat by Auburn who lost to Florida, Georgia, LSU, and Minnesota give me a break. Enjoy your win this year but don't go about spreading idiocy and declaring that the 2019 Bama team was as good as LSU 2019.
Who I forgot it's "Bama Time." Yeah go kiss your sister or something I didn't even notice it was you. You're the guy that uses the "you're a walking excuse" term to make yourself look smart. You make Georgia fans look intelligent that's so sad.
It depends. Look none of us know the Florida QB room better than Mullen. Hate Mullen or love him, he turned a terrible Feleipe Franks into a good quarterback in his first year at Florida. Mullen knows his way around a quarterback. If Richardson beats Emory to the job, then Mullen will put him in. If Emory beats him, than Emory is likely better. Mullen put Trask ahead of Emory, and I think we can all agree that was the right decision, even if at first a large chunk of the Florida fanbase disagreed. Mullen knows what his quarterbacks are capable of, and he knows if they are capable of leading him to at least a NY6 bowl or not.
Well one thing I think we can all assume is that the Florida defense will significantly improve. This year was mostly a soft group of freshmen and sophomores who will be a veteran group of defensive players next year especially after a full spring and summer practice. On top of that Florida has recruited some studs on defense this last couple of years. The return of Cox and Carter is also huge. Offensively I think we're going to look completely different but not necessarily in a bad way. Florida will not be near as much of a vertical threat as it was this year that much is clear. How could we be, we lost 3 stud receivers and a Heisman finalist pro-style qb. Nonetheless, a improved veteran o-line along with 2 5 star running backs (Bowman and Lingard) as well as a dual threat QB will make the 2021 Florida Gators perhaps the most balanced offense in a while. In regard to Emory Jones. I think people are nitpicking him for no reason. We've frequently seen him be used as a backup to Trask and Feleipe back in 2018 because he was the backup and those guys simply had more experience. These guys were the starters for a reason. On top of that, Emory had barely played or practiced with the receivers from the Cotton Bowl, people don't realize it takes weeks for quarterbacks to develop relationships with their receivers. On top of that, yes Emory is a inferior passer to Trask, but I think with our 2 new 5 star running backs as well as Emory's ability to scramble, the Florida offense could nullify that weakness. Anyway we will see. Worst case scenario Florida finishes the season 9-4. Best case scenario, Florida shocks the world, and upsets Bama at home, and maybe Georgia in Jacksonville, and wins out to make it into the playoffs. Sometimes you just never know. Many of us thought Alabama this year was not going to be as good because they lost all that talent. Look at how Devonta Smith, who at best looked mediocre in the prior years, stepped up and won them a natty.
Wow a Georgia fan that isn't delusional and hasn't placed Georgia in the top 4 nor jumped in the usual Georgia pre-season hype train. I appreciate that.
Look it up there is no team in the SEC or in the country as a matter of fact that played 8 games, much the less, 8 SEC games, in a row like ever. You could argue that Florida played 9 games in a row because the bowl game only offered them 3 extra days off which ended up becoming the days of practice. Who knows if the Cotton Bowl was scheduled in January 1st like the other NY6 bowls, Florida's JV squad might've played slightly more respectfully but we will never know.
They can always claim that they played the national champion way tougher than any other team and you can't take that away. Just cause the circumstances were against Florida doesn't mean they "deserved what they got" chill. Florida had 8 straight SEC matches with no byweeks were in a regular season they would have had 2 byweeks in that span, as well as some trash Division 2 team to play around with. If this had been a regular season Florida would have likely gone 12-1 and likely gone to the playoffs because they would have not played TAMU who was scheduled because of Covid. This is why I have no respect for the AP Poll. You really gonna rank BYU, and especially Indiana who literally just lost to a unranked team in their bowl game!!! And Indiana was only missing Penix not basically all their starters like Florida!
I mean Bama almost lost to Florida. Things happen in football. It's clear because of a lack of by weeks, Mullen decided to sacrifice LSU to compete with Bama. Had Florida had a regular by week between the regular season and SEC Championship, Mullen would have probably had the squad focus more on LSU, and they would've probably blown them out. Bama saw for themselves how good that Florida squad was. The circumstances were just against them.
Alright now you surpassed every record, and no one will likely surpass your record, and Bama is probably not going to be as awesome as they were this year in a long time, I mean this was probably the greatest Alabama Saban squad. With the exception of Florida, they beat every opponent by at least 15 points, and most opponents by an average of 29 points. If you take out Florida, the outlier, Bama beat every opponent by an average of 31 points. That might just be a record but I don't know. Anyway can Saint Nick retire now, and let everybody else have some glory. Thanks.
You're an idiot I hope you know that. You got blown out by Bama when you were at full strength, AND by Florida. You allowed Florida to score 44 points on you, only Bama, Arkansas, and Ole Miss allowed Florida to score more points on them. Supposedly Georgia is the most talented team in the nation, yet you take out a few of their starters, and the UF offense wrecks them??? Vandy's defense, Missouri's defense, Tennessee's defense, LSU's defense, and Kentucky's defense all performed much better against UF's offense than Georgia's. Take that L and shut up. Georgia was garbage this year. You barely survived Cincinnati (the 59th most talented team in the country) only because Cincinnati made a horrible play call to pass instead of running the ball. Had they ran the ball Georgia would have ran out of time and lost and everybody knows it. Can't wait to see you be exposed by Clemson next year, and drop another L to Florida and maybe some other garbage team... I mean you know Kirby, he usually drops an L to some bad team.
It's great how I was literally reading all about Chris Petersen about an hour ago to study him as a potential replacement if Mullen leaves. I think Petersen would be the best option possible, even better than Brady, because Petersen has been proven as an HC, and with the talent he can amass in Florida, I can only imagine what he can do considering the success he had at Boise State and Washington. Other good options are Luke Fickell (my second choice), Hugh Freeze, and Billy Napier.
Excuse me but are any of you Georgia fans as confident as you act on JT Daniels. I mean I wouldn't be. His performance against the one good team he faced (Cincinnati) was mediocre at best and no one can deny that many things went right for Georgia in the last minute of that game for them to come out with a dub. Georgia should be favorite to win the east, but I doubt they'll be able to beat Clemson and whoever they face from the SEC West.
Finally a Georgia fan said it. JT is better than Bennet but barely, and only because he can make a cute throw here and there but in reality Bennet is far more mobile so it ends up bringing virtually the same thing at the table. JT might've kept the Florida and Bama games a touchdown closer but the difference in those blow outs were large enough for anyone to see that JT wasn't the difference maker. Plus Georgia didn't win this game, Cincy lost it. Georgia is a peripheral top 10 team this year either 9 or 10 depending on what you think about Cincinnati.
Reminder that TAMU (at full strength) lost to Bama 52-24. Florida's JV team lost 20-55 to Oklahoma. That's only a touchdown difference of a loss. TAMU would have choked again against Bama.
I mean what was he supposed to do. Guys had been playing 8 weeks straight they deserved a break and to see their families. This was meaningless bowl especially this year for most teams. Problem is Mullen overestimated the talent he has recruited. This game clearly showed that Florida is severely lacking depth. Look at LSU, they ended the season hot with their 2nd and 3rd stringers cause they had the talent, the players were raw enough to make plays.
While I won't deny that Mullen is very immature, one can't help but agree with him. I mean, he's not wrong. This team was many things but the 2020 team that played Bama it was not. It couldn't be even if it tried its hardest Florida was missing its top 4 receivers, and many other key starters in defense like Shawn Davis, Kyree Campbell, and Ventrell Miller. It's sad that this very good Florida team will always be seen in a bleak light because of tonight no team deserves that.
It's so sad cause while he might not be first round material, Trask did not deserve this. I think any fan from any team can agree with this sentiment. He gave up so much for this team, and while his selfish teammates opted out, Trask risked it all to play for his university one more time and he got screwed over for it. It's such a twisted turn of events, it would make Game of Thrones villains blush.
I can't help but agree with all of you. The problem is football has become extremely commercialized and team spirit and loyalty are being forsaken for personal glory and wealth. Football is a team sport. You commit to the team and you play with them till the end. That's the ideal version of it, but as you say if Pitts risks a torn acl his draft stock would plummet. What is the solution. Expand the playoffs to 8. Players would be far more excited to play in a play off they deserved a shot in than in a meaningless bowl. Opt outs would be minimized to star players in mediocre teams.
You just have to love the double standards. TAMU always was ranked higher than Florida because they beat them at the head to head even though TAMU got raped by Bama but since Florida lost the head to head against TAMU, it was reckoned that Florida would be beaten about the same way as TAMU was by Bama so Florida was always ranked behind. Okay that's fair I won' argue against that, same record, head to head is the tie breaker. Georgia literally got blown out by Florida and it wasn't even as close as the scoreboard showed, and they both have the same record, not to mention that Georgia got blown out by Bama too, yet somehow Georgia deserves to be ranked 9 and Florida 11. That makes sense. Upsets happen. All the mutts forget that they got upset at home by an atrocious South Carolina team last year which Florida beat. That didn't make Georgia worse than Florida, cause Georgia still beat Florida and deserved to be ranked higher even though they had the exact same record at the end except that Florida didn't get plastered by LSU like Georgia did. All of the head to head rules apply to Florida it seems only when Florida loses to another team, but when the other team loses to Florida, I guess head to heads don't matter cause you know that's fair.
As a Gator fan, I believe Trask deserves much of the blame. 2 picks and a fumble is unacceptable. The second we got that fumble it murdered us, because that fumble led to a field goal for LSU, and guess by how much we lost... that's right a field goal. Not to mention that one his picks led to a touchdown. Ever since Kentucky and Vandy figured Trask out our offense has barely been able to score in the 30s. Trask stats are blown up because he only passes we have no run game. He's a good quarterback but he's not Heisman material. I'd argue he's not even top 3 players in Florida (I believe Pitts, Toney, and Cox are better players).Trask is a great game manager and an accurate thrower but his ability to play well under pressure and his immobility have cost us too much. Trask looked Heisman worthy in the beginning when teams had yet to figure him out or when teams were missing guys on defense, but now its showing that he was always fool's gold. It's sad, but it's the truth.
Florida did blow out Ole Miss. 52-35 is a blow out in any metric especially when the game was never close unlike the Bama Ole Miss game when Bama finally got the lead in the last few minutes. Ole Miss scored a touchdown in garbage time against Florida the score difference was higher than it appeared. It appears that your third rate education from the University of Alabama has taught you the term "walking excuse" and you just love throwing it around at people to make yourself seem smart. Yet you're the same guy that is comparing the Bama Ole Miss game and saying its exactly like the Florida Ole Miss game because the scores difference was the practically the same. That couldn't be further from the truth. Bama was literally tied with Ole Miss 2 minutes before the game had ended no body knew who was going to win. Florida on the other hand was leading Ole Miss by 3 touchdowns somewhere between the end of the 3rd quarter and beginning of the 4th quarter I do not quite remember. There was no question that Florida was going to win that game. We dominated Ole Miss the entire game. Bama, on the other hand, really just got lucky against Ole Miss and could've just as easily lost that game. You magically happened to score 2 touchdowns in the last 2 minutes of the game, and somehow you did just as good as Florida against Ole Miss. Okay buddy. And no, I'm not making excuses, it is a fact that Covid affected teams disproportionally, and Florida just wasn't as prepared as lets say TAMU or Bama when it began the season. Clearly, there is a huge difference between the Florida team after covid and the Florida team pre covid that played TAMU. When Florida plays Bama toe to toe in the SEC championship, everybody will see Florida is superior to TAMU. If I had to bet, Bama will beat Florida, but it certainly won't embarrass it like it did TAMU. I find it ironic that Bama fans are the first ones to attack Gator fans when they defend their team. Its quite obvious. Bama fans are actually scared that Florida unlike any other team in the SEC, can actually beat Bama. You just love to downgrade Florida because you want to assure yourselves that you are superior as a team when deep down inside you're still not sure if you can actually beat us because no other team in the SEC except Bama can score like Florida. I can't help but remember how all you Bama fans were quiet and humble prior to playing Georgia because you were confident you would beat them and you did. It seems Florida as an opponent is making Bama fans anything but confident, hence why they attack Florida fans every chance they get.
@BamaTime here come the Roll Tide fans trying to flex their superiority to the rest of us plebeians. I don't want to hear a thing from a Bama fan unless you win the natty. Your defense allowed Ole Miss to score 48 points, the same Ole Miss team that Florida blew out, and that even Arkansas who Florida just manhandled beat. And yes unlike you, I remember when Georgia was in fact leading by the end of the half, and Georgia started the second half. If Georgia had a competent quarterback they could have easily won that game. Whereas Florida was beating Georgia 38-21 by halftime. I don't want to hear the excuse "Oh they were half a team." No Georgia is the most talented team in the country and much more talented than UF that's not an excuse. And Bama played Georgia at home, not in a neutral site, and still struggled more than Florida even though Bama is the second most talented team in the country by a long shot.
I agree with you our performance against Vandy left a bit to be desired. I mean outside the first quarter when we allowed Vandy a touchdown and a field goal, we only allowed them to have one touchdown. I think its more of a optics kind of thing. This was one of our offense's more mediocre episodes this year but can we talk about the fact that were calling a 38 point 3 touchdown difference a blow out win against Vandy mediocre. I understand the Bama will easily score three times as much as Vandy was able to, but people are giving Bama a bit of a free pass. Bama is right now on the the easiest part of its schedule. They last played Miss State whose offense is as bipolar and risky as it gets, Kentucky who literally has no offense, and Tennessee who only shows up for a quarter and a half. Bama seriously struggled against Ole Miss and if Georgia had a better quarterback that could play for more than half a game, they could have easily beat Bama but no one talks about those games but complain that UF allowed Vandy 17 points like c'mon. Florida, on the other hand, blew out at least the 4th best SEC team in Georgia, blew out Missouri who is one of the better teams in the SEC this year, Arkansas who is surprisingly also one of the better teams this year in the SEC, and still blew out Vandy 38-17. I think the story would have been very different if the score had been something like 48-17 but our offense just didn't have its best day and it still scored 38 points. What is annoying is that UF is being judged for the smallest things, but other teams like Oklahoma, TAMU, or Clemson are given a pass because they're those teams. TAMU literally got embarrassed by Bama and barely beat Vandy by 5 points but no one talks about that. Everybody loves to mention how UF lost by garbage time turnover to TAMU.
Okay but lets be honest here, Cincinnati almost lost to UCF they don't deserve to be in the top 10. Iowa State should be ahead of Oklahoma, not only did they beat them, but they destroyed Kansas State who beat Oklahoma. How come Oklahoma gets to be ahead of Iowa State even though Iowa State beat them, yet Florida is still ranked behind TAMU when clearly Florida has proven that it has vastly improved from the team that barely lost to TAMU in Kyle Field only because of a garbage time turnover. If they have the same win loss ratio, the AP should be consistent in ranking the team who won the head to head ahead of the team who lost it. Instead, the AP Poll it its bias picks and chooses and is not consistent in its metric. If Oklahoma is ahead of Iowa State, so should Florida be ahead of TAMU. Be consistent. Oh and the Washington Huskies deserve to be in the top 25. I'm sorry but I mean Tulsa, Louisiana, and Coastal Carolina. C'mon the Huskies would obliterate any of those teams. The Huskies blew out Arizona when USC could barely beat them just saying.