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Florida vs Georgia will be lots of fun. If Florida can't get their defense sorted out, yeah they'll pop over thirty on Georgia but they won't win. If Florida's defense plays their best game against a pretty mediocre Georgia offense, I don't think Georgia's offense can keep up with the Gators. At the end of the day, Florida's defense will decide this match.
All I will say is that it is a sad day when the Big Ten has more ranked teams than the SEC who only has 4 ranked teams, the same as the ACC, and Big 12. Biggest conference downgrade goes to... the SEC!!!! I will say this though, all of the SEC ranked teams are in the top 10, with Florida being the lowest ranked one at #9 no less, and I think we can all admit that all those ranked SEC teams could take care of business with the vast majority of ranked teams. On top of that, the SEC is a much harder conference and the way these rankings are measured is a bit nonsensical because yeah Arkansas is 2-2, but in reality everybody knows that they're a 3-1 team with their only loss being to Georgia who they were in fact beating the first half. Everybody else in the SEC though does not deserve to be ranked. They're all so bipolar like how you're gonna tell me that Tennessee blew out Missouri, Kentucky obliterated Tennessee, yet Kentucky losses to Missouri by 10 points. I fear the plague of the Big 12 and the ACC is slowly but surely consuming the SEC.
Again I can't stress this enough. Cincinnati has no place being ahead of Wisconsin, Florida, Miami, Oregon, Michigan, and North Carolina. I'm sorry but their opponents are subpar to any of the teams that these teams have played. And Notre Dame is overrated as usual, as much as I despise Georgia, it is a fact that Georgia would smack Notre Dame. Frankly the rest of the teams in the top 10 with the exception of maybe Oklahoma State and Cincinnati would beat Notre Dame in a head to head match up.
@waycross you make a very good point, Florida's offense struggling in the 4th quarter is something that I have noticed as well but I don't see people really talking about it. One theory that I have is that if you notice usually by the time we enter 3rd quarter we were leading by a lot which probably resulted in the offense kind of pulling the foot away from the gas. For example, when we started 4th quarter against Ole Miss we were leading by 20 points and we still scored another 10 in the 4th quarter although that was a bit less than the previous 3 quarters. Against South Carolina, we were leading by 21 points when the 4th quarter started and South Carolina only scored one touchdown that quarter while we scored zero because of a turnover. Even against A&M we scored 10 points in the 4th quarter and were on the verge of scoring another touchdown or field goal if it wasn't for that stupid turnover but mistakes happen and while our 4th quarter is not necessarily our best quarter, that's primarily because we dominate the other team so much the first 3 quarters and widen the lead so much that our tired out offense doesn't need to be perfect that quarter which frankly is a lot better than what we had last year when we won god knows how many games in 4th quarter rallies because of how poorly our offense would play the first 3 quarters.
I still think the SEC East is a toss up between Florida and UGA. The explosive UF offense (but mediocre defense) against the dominant Georgia defense (but mediocre offense) should be a lot of fun. I will say this though, the Georgia defense is a lot more likely to tire out than Florida's defense because Florida's offense will batter them quarter after quarter whereas Georgia's offense is just so soft with Bennet IV and idk if anyone has noticed but for some reason Florida's defense usually does better in the second half than in the first, and I'm guessing its because Grantham makes some very needed half time changes to make the defense more efficient. One thing is for sure though, Florida and Georgia are on a league of their own down here in the EAST, UT showed their true colors. The SEC this year is Bama back on top in a league of their own, and Florida, Georgia, and A&M vying all for that second spot.
What is this a joke, why is Georgia still a play off team. Even if they beat Florida, and that is a big IF, they're probably going to get smacked by Alabama in the SEC Championship game AGAIN. Texas A&M at this point has a higher probability than Georgia to going to the play offs because Georgia ain't coming out of December 19 with less than 2 losses, while A&M is likely to beat every team left in its schedule and only be a one loss team to Alabama. Every year Georgia is so overrated, it's like even when they lose they barely fall off the polls and they're still considered title contenders. Hell I think Miami has a higher chance to make the play offs than Georgia because its very likely Miami beast every team left in its schedule and only has one loss to Clemson (that is only if Notre Dame is picked to face off Clemson in the ACC final which is strange because Notre Dame and Miami aren't playing each other).
What I meant o say is that not the Pac 12 specifically but Oregon will become like Clemson thus basically always becoming a play off team.
The SEC is slowly turning into the Big 12. Especially the Lane Kiffin now at Ole Miss and Mike Leech at Miss State, Bama turning into a Oklahoma in steroids, and Florida becoming an offensive machine but a defensive failure the whiff of the Big 12 is ever stronger. When Nick Saban retires from Bama, the SEC will no longer be the premier conference, I'm guessing either the Big Ten, Pac-12, or ACC will take over because my guess is, the 2020s will be the decade when the Clemson dynasty under Dabo, the Ohio State machine under Ryan Day and the rising behemonth that is Oregon under Mario Cristobal will dominate college football.
Facts, Mond had to go and play the game of his life against Florida. If A&M had played against Florida the way they played against Bama and especially Vanderbilt, Florida would've beat you by double digits in any regular day. The AP Poll also looks for consistency, and Florida is consistently amazing at offense, and consistently mediocre on defense, whereas Texas A&M flip flops from an excellent team to a mediocre team each game so the AP Poll wouldn't be surprised if Texas A&M blows out everybody else in the rest of their schedule because they have the potential to do that, but then goes and loses to Arkansas. Florida on the other hand has shown especially these last 2 years under Mullen, to be a very consistent team. We've only lost games we were supposed to, or games that were a toss up like the A&M game when we were favored by less than a touchdown.
I hate Ohio State as much as the next guy, but I hate Georgia even more. Georgia is the most overrated team in America year after year. Everyone hypes them up as contenders yet they choke every year. Last year they get blown out by LSU 38-10, barely beat Florida and Auburn, get upset in their own home by South Carolina (which Florida dominated) and yet the AP Poll still ranked Georgia as the 4th best team in the country at the end of the season, even though Oregon won the Pac-12 by blowing out Utah and everybody else in the Pac-12 with only one upset and garbage time loss to Auburn, Penn State only lost 2 very close games against really good teams, and Florida barely lost to Georgia and were the only team all year to give LSU a run for their money in a close loss. So yeah, as much as I hate the AP poll's hard on for Ohio State, if you're gonna rank them you might as well be fair about it, because 9 times out of 10, Ohio State would beat Georgia in a 1 v 1.
There we go again with the bias. Georgia has no place being #4 that place should've gone to Ohio State. Cincinnati has no place being in the top 10 either I'm sorry you're not a Power 5 team.
Lol I'm a Florida fan and that's the dumbest thing Mullen has ever said.
An yeah NC and Cincinnati have no place being that high. I would argue that Notre Dame is also criminally overrated (I mean they struggled against FSU). I would place all those 3 teams behind UF and A&M.
If Ole Miss significantly improves its defense, we might be looking at a play off contender in a year or two with that offense. And they forget to mention Bama's defense as a loser. I'd love to see Florida vs Bama, the best offense in the SEC and the second worse defense, against probably the second or third best offense in the SEC against one of the more mediocore defenses. Probably not gonna happen though unfortunately. I doubt Florida can beat Georgia with that defense. It'll be a close game because of Florida's offense, but Georgia's defense and surprisingly semi-competent offense should pull through in the end.
Arkansas should've won that game. That was clearly a fumble. The referee's made a terrible call and decided it was not, and it gave Auburn a free win that they did not deserve.
No need to insult. A part of you knows that I'm right. If let's say in 3 weeks, Florida were to play Texas A&M again for whatever reason either in Gainesville or in a neutral site, can you really be confident that you'll win again? The answer is no, and if anything experts would likely still pick Florida to pull off a win. If A&M plays Bama again, however, virtually everyone will agree that Bama will most likely win again. Florida and A&M are very close when it comes to talent unlike Bama and A&M or Bama and Florida, but you would have to be living in a fantasy if you couldn't see that you could have just as easily lost that game. And yes hypotheticals do matter when they happen in the last moments of the game, that is literally how upsets happen. With your logic, Arizona State is better than Oregon because they upset them last year, but you and I both know that's certainly not the case, and idk if you watched that game or its highlights, but the only reason Oregon lost is because of a miracle Arizona Hail Mary in the last seconds of the game. The only reason you won is because of a miracle fumble. We were already at the 30 at that point in the game, we would've either scored a touchdown or a field goal, and ended the game right there and then. Nonetheless, I still think that Texas A&M is a very good team that deserves to be in the top 10, with A&M being 10 and Florida being 9 in my opinion, and Cincinnati and North Carolina to be out of the top 10 cause they're definitely overrated.
No need to throw insults, but the fact is, the only thing that is better about your team is your defense, and even that is by a very small margin. Florida's offense outclasses A&M's in all fronts. The only reason you had more yards than us is because our defense is worse than yours, and Mond had the game of his life, and you had more opportunities to play offense than us. Having more yards is not necessarily a testament to your strength. Texas A&M is a very good team, and virtually has the same talent level as Florida, and I hope that you somehow still clinch the SEC West, but you and I both know that many factors landed on your side for you to pull off that win. That fumble gave you the game that's just a fact, and while our atrocious defense didn't do anything to help matters, the simple fact is that games are very unpredictable, you can't say that a team is better than another team because they other team fumbled, and you recovered the ball to score a field goal in garbage time. And let's not forget the home field advantage as well. If Florida and Texas A&M somehow play again with each other this year, there is no clear winner, and if the game is a neutral site, I guarantee you most experts will still pick Florida to win, albeit by a small margin.
Actually if you think about it, it makes sense that Florida is ranked ahead of Texas A&M. Florida's offense is exceptional, dare I say the best in the country this year, whereas Texas A&M is mired in mediocrity on all fronts. Had Florida not turned the ball over, or had they had 2 more minutes, it would have been over for A&M. Plus Florida had 2 dominant wins against teams much better than Vandy, and one extremely close loss against a A&M team that was playing their best game in a packed Kyle's Field stadium. Texas A&Ms victories against Florida and Vanderbilt (a terrible team) where just pure luck, and they were obliterated by Bama. Florida's defense is awful (but A&M is pretty terrible as well), but I doubt Mullen won't find some way to improve it, whereas A&M played their best possible game against Florida, and still almost lost. I think the ranking is very fair. Place that game in a neutral site, and Florida will win at least 6 times out of 10 guaranteed.
It's bs that Big Ten and Pac-12 teams are in the rankings. They shouldn't even be considered for the play offs. And Auburn ahead of Florida? C'mon now. Our defense might be atrocious, but we dominated our first 2 games against much better teams than Arkansas who Auburn realistically lost to if not for a stupid referee call. And Auburn got blown out by Georgia, whereas Florida only lost because of a fumble. Let's be honest here, had Florida scored a touchdown in that run, we would've won. And we arguably have the best offense in college football right now. Also everyone is way in over their heads ranking North Carolina and Cincinnati that high.
I agree that Alabama should be number 1. The AP pollsters have too much of a hard on for Clemson, therefore a biased rating. It also makes sense that Georgia surpassed UF. While I'm a Gator myself, Georgia's dominance over a very good team like Auburn looks better than Florida's dominant win over South Carolina. The score gap should have been larger than 2 touchdowns but the offense made some lazy mistakes during the 4th quarter when we were leading by over three touchdowns. People shouldn't underestimate Florida, that offense will easily score over thirty on any defense, even Georgia's. That defense on the other hand leaves a bit to be desired. Jacksonville should be the match of the year.