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Yes but he said they may have to beat Bama twice which is inaccurate because if UGA beats Bama in their first face off in the SEC Championship Bama will not make the playoffs, therefore UGA will not have to beat Bama twice. Bama thought may have to beat UGA twice if UGA runs the table before the SEC Championship.
You do realize if Bama loses one more game (including a potential match against UGA in the SEC Champ) Bama is done for right?
Lmao I think it's cause they have nothing better to do.
Boys we have another troll in town Saturday Down South gets more exciting every day lol
You're doing him a favor saying he simply just has a "low football IQ". He has a low IQ period...
At the end of the day Kentucky held UGA to 30 points (whereas Auburn held them to 34) and Kentucky scored 13 points whereas Auburn scored 10. Not to mention Kentucky played IN Athens and Auburn played at home. Both teams are ranked where they should be.
They beat Florida and blew out LSU. Both LSU and Kentucky beat Florida by a larger margin than Bama albeit both were one score games. Kentucky has earned the right to be in the top 10. So far they gave UGA their toughest match since Clemson, and while that didn't amount to much, I'd still rather take 30-13 any day over 34-10 or worse, 37-0.
Mullen's Florida is the definition of a team that can win or lose on any given Saturday. Almost beats Bama, routs a pretty good Tennessee team, and then loses to Kentucky and LSU. Wouldn't even surprise me if Florida upsets UGA there is no team that is more bipolar than Mullen's Florida.
The Georgia-Florida game is the very definition of a trap game for Georgia this year. It would be the most Mullen thing to do to lose to Kentucky and a mediocre LSU team, and then proceed to upset #1 Georgia. Call me crazy but I'm calling the upset. If am wrong I am wrong I have nothing to lose anymore.
Not once did I refer to his evaluation of his players we were simply focusing on his play calling ability and for all of his faults, Mullen is one of the best offensive play callers in the country. And Florida doesn't need Matt Corral. We had a Heisman finalist in Kyle Trask last year, and we have baby Cam Newton with AR 15 we will be fine. Mistakes were made, but it's clear to Mullen and everybody that AR 15 is the best QB in Florida's roster.
Tell me how scoring 4 touchdowns in a row, setting up and executing a first half Hail Mary, and a successful 2 point conversion, not to mention dropping 42 points and almost 500 yards of offense with -4 turnovers is horrible play calling. Mullen's playcalling isn't the problem here. EJ's tendency to throw picks, and Grantham's inability to defend an elite rushing attack was the problem. What is Mullen as a playcaller supposed to do when his QBs throw 4 picks and his defense cannot get off the field???
A top 5 class is an understatement. UGA is consistently recruiting top 3 and 2 classes. There is a significant gap between #2 and #5 and even bigger gap between #5 and #10-12 like Florida. Stricklin needs to beg the boosters and we need to do all it takes to grab Venebales from the sinking ship that is Clemson. Florida is not as far away talent wise from Clemson as we are from our SEC rivals, and Venebales can do wonders with the talent in our defense. Obviously this is a pipe dream but a depressed fan can dream...
Precisely because the defense was awful. Had the defense forced just one 3 and out more in the Texas A&M, LSU, and Bama games, Florida would have been undefeated and the #1 seed in the playoffs and likely faced Alabama in a rematch in the natty. Anyway with the way this offense was clicking with AR15, it has a chance to be very special in 2022, but we need to fire Grantham in order to make sure that the very least, we have an adequate defense next year.
The admin are perfectly fine with mediocrity. If they weren't we wouldn't have half of the recruiting budget that UGA has.
While I agree this offense turned into something special with AR 15. We know it, the media knows it, and Mullen most certainly knows it. This offense will likely bring everyone not named Pierce or Davis back next year, and is Mullen really willing to waste another elite offense because Grantham cannot seem to put up a good defense? I think Grantham's days are numbered, Mullen is loyal, but he's not stupid enough to go down with Todd Exotic's sinking Swan ship...
I was honestly thinking the same thing. But at least the wheel route is somewhat a difficult and complicated offensive maneuver to defend especially when you're as short handed on defense as UGA was during that game but not being able to adjust at LSU simply pounding the ball in the middle especially with a pretty healthy d-line is totally unacceptable.
I hate this rivalry it's just a heart attack waiting to happen, except Florida fans usually just get a heartbreak, whereas LSU fans are drowned in serotonin from pulling out in such a thriller game. This is a toxic relationship of a rivalry if I've ever seen one. Be done with it. Never want to see another LSU-Florida game again.
AR 15 and the way this offense was rolling with him is the only thing that is giving me hope against UGA but even coming close to beating this UGA is a tall task but then again... we always seem to keep games close with Mullen, we just don't win many of them... We're 2-6 versus Power 5 opponents since the LShoe game. Embarrassing. Not the Gator Standard whatsoever.
I hate LSU. I hate this rivalry. I hate Grantham. This is pathetic. But hey, we almost beat LSU! Embarrassing. We can't win one score games anymore. 0-6 since the 2020 season began. This defies literally all statistics. Defense got shredded by one run play over and over again. At least Mullen finally realized AR 15 is something special. Too bad it's too little too late.
Louisville dropped 24 points in the 2nd half against Ole Miss. Louisville had first game offensive problems in the first half of the Ole Miss game that the Ole Miss defense took advantage of but once they got rolling Ole Miss's defense struggled to stop Louisville. I'm sure if the two replay, Louisville would drop at least 34 points on Ole Miss. End conclusion, any competent offense is like a hot knife against Ole Miss's butter defense...
Hot take. Florida beats UGA and finishes the regular season 10-2. Tennessee will be the team of our dreams and beat Ole Miss, Kentucky, and UGA paving the way for Florida to win the SEC East and thereby make the SEC Championship where they will beat 11-1 Alabama and become the first 2 loss team ever to make the playoffs!
Well somebody has got to replace Clemson...
Nor can it account for blocked field goals that are returned for touchdowns or 8 offensive offsides!
Also I'd suggest you stop using BamaTime talking points do you really want to associate yourself with that guy??? Like really????
Nah I just called your team garbage to troll you but how in the world did you expect Florida to beat a red hot top 6 Oklahoma team with 3 days of practice while missing their top 4 offensive playmakers and half of their defense (which if you didn't remember was bad to begin with)??? That's not excuses that's just facts. You tell me how Florida could have beaten Oklahoma and I'll wait...
Florida did not have Alabama's depth in either of those years that's like comparing apples and oranges. And Bama lost those games fair and square whereas Florida lost everybody to opt outs for the Oklahoma game so that makes your OU 2020 comparison even more garbage than your team this year...
If not for a fluky first quarter against Florida, Alabama would be a 4-2 team and nothing can change my mind about that.