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I actually agree. By no means did I think this was a good performance but Miller wasn't necessarily bad considering how bad the o-line was and how we could not run the ball at all. Like if we got this kind of QB play against Kentucky, we probably would've won that game. Miller's problem is he seems to have a very low ceiling even if his floor is higher than AR's was. I did appreciate how he was a willing runner and had a lot more poise than AR who was often rattled by the smallest hit.
I think what Harbaugh has done with less talent than Kirby is more impressive. Kirby got his best opponent at home. Harbaugh had to go to the Horseshoe and play his archrival after they had circled this game for the entire offseason and season and then he just casually skull dragged them in their own home while missing his best RB and playing with an injured RB2.
Florida would skull drag Auburn lol. We finished with a better record than Auburn and we had a tougher schedule.
To be fair, USC got obliterated by Florida and we wear orange helmets too.
This is so rich coming from a Nole fan. Absolutely no one but Nole fans think FSU is more iconic than UF. Except for the fluke 2013 run, FSU has been totally irrelevant in the 21st century. Your fanbase is so down bad that you rushed the field after barely beating a 6-5 Florida team with a first year head coach. Embarrassing.
AR needs to realize that the NFL will chew you up and spit you out. Being a first rounder does not mean anything if there's another talented guy around the corner or multi year veteran that can replace you. The NFL has money to burn. The learning curve in the NFL is far steeper than in college and he would be doing himself a disservice in the long run if he declares this year because even with a first round contract and it's very likely that he won't be developed by the NFL and thus him not staying for another year could mean missing out on hundreds of millions of dollars in the future (due to his lack of development catching up to him too fast in the NFL). Sure, it is very possible that AR will be drafted somewhere in the first round if he were to declare, but I believe that if he stayed another year, he would have a hefty NIL deal to soften the blow of missing out on the draft, another full year to improve and actually reach his potential and perhaps vie for the first pick overall, and most importantly, a chance to lead his hometown school to a natty run.
What went wrong is that you have about 1/3 of the roster filled with entitled spoiled brats that have already made small fortunes just because of a couple of meaningless stars behind their name without actually proving anything on the field. College Football used to be a meritocracy where you earned to play for these schools and to start in order to have the opportunity to make millions in the future in the NFL.TAMU's players fully play for themselves. There is no team cohesion. Why would the 3 star starter that isn't making that much money go to war for the guy to his right that his making hundreds of thousands simply because he was good in high school without actually proving anything in the college field? The Florida-TAMU is a clear example of why you can't just throw money to create a super talented and good team. TAMU is more talented than Florida. In fact, because of the flu, the vast majority of TAMU's starters where the guys from the historic 2022 class. Instead, they just got dominated on both sides of the ball by a team full of Mullen recruits, because this team, for all their faults, is playing as one unit. They are brothers in arms and are willing to go to war for each other.
Could very well drop even further if they lose at Ole Miss which is a very real possibility. Lane Kiffin will throw the kitchen and then some, and I don't think this Bama team has what it takes to come back from a low point like this (an ability that they actually had last year).
That Kentucky loss hurts us even though we're clearly now the better team. The whole point of a power rating should be that, a power ranking, not a merit based ranking. Right now, I think Florida is a top 7 SEC team. There is no teams other than UGA, UT, LSU, Bama, and Ole Miss and maybe Miss State that I think would beat us in a neutral site. Our schedule has just been so difficult so our record isn't as pretty as let's Ole Miss's.
If Tennessee takes care of business it's going to be hard to keep them out of the playoffs. I think they have a leg up on the loser of Michigan-Ohio State because the CFP committee punishes more recent losses more.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves. LSU is the best team in the SEC West I agree, and they are a very very good team, but I don't think they can beat Georgia in the SEC Champ.
I'm guessing UGA is #1, Michigan-OSU is #2, Tennessee is #3, and #4 is either TCU, loser of Michigan-OSU, and the 1 loss Pac-12 Champ. I think TCU is going to get a loss so that 4th spot will really just be the 1 loss Pac-12 Champ vs the loser of Michigan-OSU. For now this is what I think will happen.
It was the best call possible. If I was in his shoes, I would make the same call 10 times out of 10.
It was good while it lasted, for nobody but ya'll.
Yes but Kelly still inherited a top 6 roster with elite talent in the WR room and D-Line. He then just added a bunch of proven transfers. Heupel inherited an absolute mess and he has one of the best teams in the country and he also went into Death Valley and obliterated LSU so he has the head to head over Kelly.
People forget that had Florida's defense not fully imploded against LSU and had just gotten one more 3rd down stop, Florida would have likely beaten LSU. Ole Miss was and is overrated. LSU is going to get exposed by Bama just like they got exposed by the only two actually good teams they have faced so far, FSU and Tennessee.
You can make an argument about SC but they played Bama without Bryce Young and they literally lost to MSU 42-24 so they didn't gift them anything they just got manhandled by a better team. With your logic, Arkansas also "gifted" TAMU a win because if that weird doink does not happen Arkansas beats TAMU. TAMU 100% deserves to have the record that they have. They also got totally outplayed by App State. You could also make the logic that Florida had #1 Tennessee on the ropes and was a flucky pick away from beating Kentucky. The reality is, both teams are not good and this game will just prove which team is a bit better.
We need to commit to the run. TAMU has proven time and time again that they cannot defend the run and Florida is probably one of the 2 best running teams they will have faced (Ole Miss being the other one). It also helps that unlike Ole Miss, we have tape on Connor Weigman. He won't surprise us the way he shellshocked Ole Miss so I expect our defense to perform better. He's only a freshman, and while very talented, the experience of our defense should rattle him. Lean on the run and make life difficult for Weigman and we might just win.
He literally almost beat the greatest Tennessee team in 2 decades in your home stadium. Hardest schedule in the country and stuck with a Mullen roster bereft of talent. Has out recruited every coach in the SEC except for Saban, Kirby, and Kelly and is about to pull in the best high school recruiting class Florida has had since a decade ago. And how could you as a Tennessee fan say "Won't have to be concerned about Florida for a few years then" when Florida is literally 16-2 and the last 18 years against your team and 5-1 in the last 6 years. It took the best Tennessee team in a generation to barely beat one of the worst Florida teams of the 21st century...
They have no deep threat. Double team Bowers and stuff the box and UGA will have a lot of difficulty scoring points.
You do get Bama in Death Valley (that hasn't meant much as you guys have actually had more success in Bryant Denny) but Bama is vulnerable. Like even against Miss State, this wasn't their most dominant performance considering they beat them 41-0 in 2020 and 49-9 last year. Bama's offense has real problems especially when they face a legit defense (like LSU's). LSU's offense is also starting to click in all cylinders and all those 5 star receivers and your 5 star QB are actually playing to their potential. At the end of the day, LSU still controls their destiny as their lone SEC loss is to an SEC East team and other than Bama, I don't see any team other than Bama that could beat you except maybe at Arkansas. Either way, if LSU beats Bama, it's almost a near certainty you go to Atlanta which would be wild.
Let's be real, Kelly was probably your 3rd choice, but I think long term he was your best choice. Lincoln can create a monster offense but he's not capable of building a program that can win out in a gauntlet like the SEC. Kelly probably can.
You guys should be thankful Jimbo didn't leave TAMU for LSU especially since your AD gunned for him so hard.
Exactly. He's had 3 years to develop Haynes King and he's failed. And honestly, the scheme is archaic in that it cannot generate more than 24 points per game. When you have the talent that TAMU has, going 3-4 with this schedule so far into the season after 5 years of being there is unacceptable.
TAMU would love to go 8-4 again lol. With Ole Miss, Florida, Auburn, UMass, and LSU left, TAMU's best case scenario is going 6-6 with wins over Auburn, UMass, and either Ole Miss or Florida (they're definitely not beating both and honestly I think they will lose to both).
Lol what average Joe would leave on the table tens of millions of dollars based on "principles" when the other guy was imbecilic enough to sign him into that contract after going 8-4. Certainly not a soulless man like Jimbo.
7 SEC Championships and 11 SEC East titles in a period of 16 years is the definition of owning your conference...
LSU are pretenders. They have never had any sort of consistency to be considered a blue blood. Neither has Auburn and certainly not TAMU. Florida owned the conference in the 1990s and 2000s. We cemented our blue blood status.