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Kid should try to get some NIL deals that will set him up for life. A million here and a million there and some good money management and he and his family can live a happy life with nothing to ask for.
Derek Stingley is so painfully overrated it actually hurts. It's as if they have convinced themselves since 2019 that he should get drafted in the first round and they are continuing to hammer that idea even though he has done absolutely nothing to deserve such a high draft stock for 2+ years.
Bama has the greatest coach of all time, not to mention they were like 4-5 plays away from finishing with 4 losses. Oh and they also had the best quarterback in the country. UGA has neither of those two things. Keeping Bennet and not starting the more talented quarterback will only hurt UGA long term. You could already see it with guys like Burton leaving. Pickens will probably be gone to. Pretty much every receiver by Bowers, and Bowers is good, but still one man can only do so much.
Will lose to Florida and to Tennessee. Maybe South Carolina too. Too many loses to overcome, and UGA doesn't have Bama's coaching nor a Heisman quarterback just sitting in their room. Hard to see this 2022 team achieve anything of note. Now they have the crown, and when you have the crown, everybody wants to take you down.
Florida doesn't need Calzada when you have AR15. There's 4 other quarterbacks in the room we'll be fine. I've never judged a team for doing what Florida does. I've judged a team for doing things Florida doesn't do that are clearly wrong. Before NIL, paying players, having refs in your pockets, etc. Refs gave you that 31-29 game. Multiple bs P1s called on Florida two of which took of game changing interceptions. Multiple intentional grounding calls not called for Bryce Young against Florida and numerous other teams Bama played. Refs literally giftwrapped the second game against UGA and you still lost. Your luck had to run out at some point I suppose.
Bama fans and hypocrisy go hand in hand.
User warning** Incoming Georgia trolls imminent.
TDOW you should be the last person on this site to call anyone stupid with some o the sh1t you say
He's a mediocre Wide Receiver why are you mad. Florida's future outlook is bright, who cares if Florida lost by a GARGANTUAN 12 points to UCF who saw the game as their super bowl while Florida was being coached by a lame duck staff that undermined their own players.
I have Tennessee beating Florida, but it's hard to fully predict that considering the history. I think Florida will still be figuring out who they are as a team by the time they play a well rounded Tennessee team with an identity in Knoxville, so if there is any year for Tennessee to break the streak it should be this one.
I could see that. They always tend to do that it's so annoying. LSU in 2018. Florida in 2020. Alabama in 2021. The sole exception was in 2019 that schedule was brutal.
It's quite insane how he was able to play at such a high level, play college football period which demands enormous time and effort, and be able to graduate as a mechanical engineer in 3 years which requires even more time and effort.
Then there's Nakobe Dean, taking Mechanical Engineering and graduating this year. Absolute respect to that man.
Red flag when someone wears sun glasses all the time like he does. Total narcissist. Not even the best defensive player on his own team.
I think Texas A&M will have a very mediocre year next year and may finish at the bottom or near bottom of the West... However, in 2023, and especially 2024, Texas A&M will be a scary team.
I will say this. UGA's front 7 was monstrous this game. Their o-line too, and Stetson made some clutch plays. I can't discount the fact that Bama was missing their best receivers, and that this was a rematch which inherently favors the initial loser.
I wasn't being classless I was stating facts. It's hard to win rematches. UGA and Bama were the best teams in the country, but Bama blew them out once literally a month ago, the fact that that game counted for nothing is inherently unfair to Alabama, especially because Bama was plagued by injuries. I have no love for Alabama so the fact that I'm stating this pains me but facts are facts. Dare I say, I dislike Bama more than UGA...
It depends. Remember Auburn was 3-9 the year before Malzhan came in and took them to the natty where it took FSU a awesome comeback and a miracle last drive to beat Auburn. Anything is possible. This Florida team has an easier schedule this year than Auburn had in 2013. It's a long shot. It all depends on AR15.
We have 3 the vast majority of our fanbase's lifetime. You have 1.
Wishing harm on people is a line you never cross. Shame on you man.
Texas A&M should make the playoffs somewhere between 2023-2025. 2024 if I had to bet.
Also Ohio State has a tendency to drop head scratching games early on in the season killing their chances to make the playoffs. There is no reason to believe that Ohio State this year couldn't have beat UGA or Bama. True, Michigan blew out Ohio State, and UGA blew out Michigan, but those were because of matchup advantages. Big Ten needs to step up and Ohio State needs to stop dropping stupid games.
Florida is more talented. Florida is faster. Florida is bigger. Florida has a home advantage. People don't realize the awful coaching job the previous staff did this season after the Bama game. Utah also has a propensity to start off seasons slow. No reason to write off Florida in that game even if Utah is a good team.
Don't see the Texas A&M hype. I think they'll be a bottom tier SEC West team. People don't realize the incredible amount of talent they are losing. Their epic class if full of freshmen they won't contribute that much. 2023 and especially 2024 is when Texas A&M will be a true contender.
You're so classless. Why don't you grab a drink and go out with your friends (if you have any) and enjoy the fact that today you woke as fans of a national championship winning team. Instead you're here trolling a rival. Even when UGA fans wins the natty, their true obsession is Florida. So pathetic.
Quite a difference between losing to a team in a thriller the first time in their own home stadium 21-24, and then destroying them 52-20 in a rematch, over getting boat raced 41-24 in a neutral field (not really 70% of the fans were from UGA) and then barely beating them in a rematch where they are missing their 2 best receivers.
I don't even really care. You'd be surprised UGA is not even top 3 of my concerns. Florida has beaten UGA quite enough times in recent memory. Can't say that about Bama or LSU. And beating FSU is more important than UGA. There are many others out there that hate UGA the most out of my fanbase, I'm not one of them. I'm just stating facts that rematches always favor the initial loser, and losing key players on offense is much more impactful than losing key players on defense.