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Question a lot of Georgia fans did not accept it when UF fans said that the reason their offense played so poorly against Oklahoma was because literally all of our starting wide receivers were out and especially Trask had no chemistry with the back ups. And they only had 3 days of practice. THEY had an excuse for having no chemistry. Having little chemistry after an entire spring camp doesn't merit an excuse. The receivers and quarterbacks at Georgia are simply not being developed to their potential. You know this. I know this. Every college football fan knows this.
Actually that is misleading. Until 41 seconds left in the 3rd quarter (so essentially the 4th quarter), Florida was leading Georgia 41-21. Mullen literally went for a pass in one 4th down situation because Mullen just isn't the type to run up the score. Why would Mullen risk losing his players when he's literally leading Georgia by practically 3 touchdowns until the very end of the 3rd quarter? Not to mention that losing Pitts did also weaken our production so there was simply no need to actually try when we won the game. The second half was more on an expose for Florida's defense and they dominated you guys holding you to only 7 points. UGA threw around everything they could against Florida's relatively bad defense, and they still choked. Take that L like a man.
You make a great point TBlack. Georgia fans always want excuses but no one made any when UF was missing their 2 best pass rushers in 2019. Injuries happen it's part of the sport. Unlike UGA, UF does not have armies of 5 stars, so UGA had even less of an excuse to be dominated the way they were in 2020. I mean you know it's bad when the game is over by half time, and the opposing teams just decides to milk the clock for the rest of the game.
It's funny being called a football ignorant from likely an overweight uneducated inbred from one of the lowest educated states in the country, one whose rural areas have the some of the highest poverty levels in all of the western hemisphere. You're also biased because Alabama has disproportionally benefited from the 4 team playoff. So yeah all in all, your opinion is irrelevant.
Florida was a hell of a lot closer to beating Alabama than any other team other than Ole Miss. I think you can soundly make the argument that UF came the closest is because unlike Ole Miss, Florida shut out Alabama in the 3rd quarter and was very hot offensively. Florida outscored Alabama 29-17 in the second half. Ole Miss on the other hand ran out of gas and although they fought valiantly it was clear that in the last few minutes of the game that Ole Miss simply could not keep up with Alabama. Florida was one timeout away from possibly beating Bama. Who knows if Trask had not been sacked. Certainly if there had been just 30 more seconds in the clock, Florida had a legitimate chance to beat Alabama I mean they tore apart Alabama's secondary time and time again. Florida fans did not create the "narrative that UF was anywhere close to beating Bama" the experts did. Oh also... 24-13.
So yes people rightfully want a playoff expansion because most of the time the College Football Playoff committee has been wrong in their selections. They reward wins/losses over strength of schedule. It's fine that Notre Dame went undefeated in the regular season in the worst Power-5 conference in America because they of course once beat a mighty Clemson team that was missing half their team, and got blown out by a fully healthy Clemson team that got embarrassed by Ohio State. Examples of committee mistakes go on and on. Oregon absolutely was a better team than OU in 2019, and although LSU would have surely beat Oregon as well, unlike OU, Oregon had an elite defense which it complemented with a very explosive offense, so at the very least that game would have been far more entertaining and competitive than the most embarrassing playoff blow out in college football playoff history which we got with LSU vs OU.
False. This year, the #6, #7, #8, #9, and #10 were all better teams than #4 Notre Dame and #2 Clemson. #6 Oklahoma was a hot team in the end of the year and it showed in their dominating performance in the Cotton Bowl and their win over a great Iowa State team. #7 Florida played Bama closer than anybody else and was one timeout away from potentially beating them. #8 Cincinnati showed it could play with the big boys in the way that it frankly dominated Georgia for most of the game, until Georgia's inbred of a kicker miraculously made that field goal (Cincy also screwed up when they passed on that 3rd down if they had just ran the ball even if they didn't make it Georgia would have not had enough time to get within field goal range). #9 Georgia was a hot team at the end of the year, and although they barely survived Cincinnati, I think Cincinnati was a great team and Georgia at the end of the second half of the season was a much better team than they were in the first half of the season (think of UGA 2020 as a discount version of OU 2020). And then finally #10 Iowa State could have beat OU had they not thrown the interception and they did beat them once. Iowa State was a great team and it showed in the way that they dominated Oregon and carpet bombed most of the Big 12 with the exception of Oklahoma State for some reason, which was still a very good team. All these teams would have been far better opponents than Notre Dame and Clemson. Frankly UNC would have been too. Texas AM was overrated and I stand by that their win against Florida was an early season fluke and the only reason they scraped by undefeated the rest of the season is because LSU did not play Max Johnson in that game and because they did not play Ole Miss. The SEC West was atrocious in 2020 it wasn't exactly hard to go undefeated there. Precisely the reason why people complain about the playoff blow outs is because there were clearly better teams that should have been given a chance to compete for the national title.
Lmao jokes on you I'm literally a student at UF.
No the Georgia fans make a point. Alabama is a third world wasteland. But it still doesn't make sense why recruits consistently go to Georgia when Georgia has done absolutely nothing. In fact, most recruits have degraded in Georgia, not upgraded. It is what it is.
And won more national titles than Georgia has won in the last 40 years. In fact need I remind you, Georgia has not won a single national title in the last 40 years.
#Leghumper idk if you're purposely trolling or are just a moron because you seem to forget that Mullen inherited the worst and least talented Florida rooster in decades because McLewain could not recruit for his life. Yet in 2019 (Mullen's second year), Mullen managed to send as many recruits to the NFL draft as Georgia even though Georgia had been recruit top 5 for years. In 2020 Mullen is about to equal if not send more people to the NFL draft than Georgia for the second time in a row, even though Georgia had the #1 recruiting class in 2018 and the number #3 recruiting class in 2017 (far ahead of Florida's rankings). 2018 is an outlier for Mullen because there were only so many guys he could work with and they were not talented because McLewain recruited mediocre. Mullen did not have the luxury of inheriting a top 5 rooster like Kirby Dumb did. Yet, only one year after, Mullen is sending the same amount of players to the NFL than Kirby Dumb who is recruiting 3 times as many 5 stars as Mullen in any given recruiting cycle. Love how you want to use Mullen's smaller draft class of 2019 as an attack against him as if he could control all the mediocre players that McLewain recruited. Only one year later, Mullen was able to match Georgia and will likely surpass Georgia in the amount of players he sends to the nfl draft this year. Get tf out of here you don't know what you're talking about. And don't insult me and tell me I'm trolling Puppy fans nah I only troll the Inbreds from Tuscaloosa because I for one do not see Georgia as an obstacle to UF's winning the SEC therefore I would not waste my time to troll Puppy fans. We beat you, and we will continue to beat you on the regular, the UF-Georgia rivalry will never be lopsided in favor of Georgia as long as Kirby Dumb is your head coach. He got a free pass from McLewain from 2017 to 2019 but that golden period ran out and so did Kirby's last and only legitimate opportunity to win a natty for Georgia.
Georgia is not a loser organization, Georgia is a choking organization I think it just runs in the state tbh. And yes you're hauling in 5 stars like nobody, yet you're still sending to the draft about the same amount of players that Florida is sending to the draft each year. 5 stars don't mean much when you consistently fail to develop them to what they're supposed to become, whereas 3 stars and 4 stars mean a hell of a lot more when you turn them into early round NFL caliber players. This is why Florida spanked Georgia in 2020 (supposedly the most talented team in the country according to 247's Team Talent Composite) and this is why Cincinnati (the 59th most talented team) almost and frankly should have beat Georgia.
I agree that UF giving up almost 700 yard and throwing 3 picks certainly played a part but UF choked a unbelievable amount of times in the endozne (I think it was like 4 times including one of Trask's interceptions) that in most other scenarios would have netted UF somewhere between 20-24 points. Redzone offense is key and I think Georgia will realize how much they lost in Pickens. And NashvileGator, while I agree that Kyle Pitts is generational and incomparable, Pickens has an extremely high ceiling and he had a sophomore season similar to Pitt's in 2019. I think it was extremely likely that Pickens was going to be one of the 3 best if not the very best wide receiver in the country in 2021, this loss is huge for Georgia it really can't get that much worse.
Lol coming from a fan of a team that has blue balled their fan base for the last 40 plus years. Kirby Smart is literally the next Mark Richt. Makes you think you're gonna win it all, only to choke. Florida has a very decent chance to win, and especially now that your star receiver is out, it's more or less 50/50 Dan has Kirby's number and Dan and company will have a field day with Georgia's secondary this upcoming season.
#TDOWThe Great I like that "BamaTampon" name you just made. I usually just call him an inbred and leave it at that but I for one appreciate your... creativity.
Lol Georgia does not have a Heisman winning second wide receiver in their rooster like Bama did. Georgia does not have the best running back in the country like Bama did. Georgia's best receiver (Pickens) in 2020 got as many touchdowns as Bama's 3rd best receiver. Losing Pickens is the same as if Florida had hypothetically lost Pitts before the 2020 seasons except its even worse because Georgia does not have a Kadarius Toney in their rooster, and they certainly do not have an offensive playcaller of Mullen's caliber. How do I put this? Yeah, your dreams are over. Better luck in 2023, in 2021 Georgia will most certainly not win any titles, hell Georgia might not even win the SEC East.
#NashvilleGator what are you talking about it is all about redzone offense. Did you see Florida move the chains for over 500 yards against Oklahoma and still only score 2 touchdowns and 2 fieldgoals and lose by 35??? Redzone efficiency is what wins games. Without a redzone weapon like Pitts, Florida would have lost way more games in 2020. Georgia will certainly lose more games without Pickens especially against better competition. Not to mention that Georgia's secondary will be the worst its ever been since Kirby got there. Losing Pickens is exactly like if Florida had lost Pitts before the 2020 season. Fun fact, both Pitts and Pickens also put up similar stats during their sophomore seasons (Pitt's being in 2019 and Picken's being in 2020).
Awww is the widdle puppy sad that his Mutt's national title hopes are practically over. So sad too bad.
@kirkm1976 that's comparing apples and oranges. Georgia and Florida were at two completely different situations in the post-season. Florida lost its four best receivers, and half of its defense to opt outs. Granted Georgia lost a few guys on defense, but you kept pretty much your entire offense who was probably the healthiest it was all year when you played against Cincy, and even though you lost a few guys on defense, Georgia has an army of 5 stars to replace those guys unlike Florida. Second of all, Oklahoma was a significantly better team than Cincinnati and infinitely more talented. Congratulations you barely survived the 59th most talented team in the country because it's Offensive Coordinator decided to pass on a 3rd down instead of running it to milk the clock and essentially end the game right there and then. Nonetheless... 44-28.
The second JT Daniels played a good team, he virtually got shot down (Cincinnati). You guys won that game because of your kicker and because Cincinnati's OC prob made the worst decision of the decision when he went for a pass on that last 3rd down because even if Cincy had just ran it and failed to get a 3rd down, they would have milked 30-40 seconds from the clock making it practically impossible for UGA to get within field goal range. JT Daniels is trash, and when he faces healthy SEC defenses next year that have actually had a spring practice he will be exposed for the fraud he is. Clemson's defense will embarrass you. Wouldn't even be surprised if there is a scenario where Georgia loses to Clemson, Florida, Auburn, and Kentucky.
You're talking to an Alabama fan, what did you expect from him? Cultural and racial sensitivity lol
Alabama and Georgia would like to disagree with you.
You act like that's bad considering Alabama is the greatest dynasty in college football history. You literally made my point. Except for Clemson and Auburn, UF's record against Bama is no worse than UGA's, LSU's, UT's or frankly any other team's in the country. Since the dynasty began Bama's record against its SEC East rivals is 7-1 against UF, 6-0 against UGA, and 13-0 against UT. Those are all lopsided af but at least Florida has a dub over Bama. Therefore, my point is made, I'm not walking around pretending that Florida is superior to Bama, but I'm not going to pretend like I don't hate you bastards cause I very much so do. And I'm going to call you out on your bs because there is nothing "garbage" about Florida's record against Bama these last 12 years, it remains only of the only ten programs to actually have a dub against Bama, and it has overall fared better against Bama than any other SEC East team.
#BamaTime and you wear inbred skin to each their own. Oh and also the Gators are one of the only 10 programs to actually beat non-2007 Saban Bama team, and one of the only few ones to actually beat a Bama team with a very real chance of winning it all so you're also painfully ignorant.
Nick Saban wears platforms everyone knows that and it's very obvious because his height from his time as a football player at Kent State was listed as 5'6 and that was when he was young. Pretty sure a 69 year old man shrinks at least an inch so he's prob 5'5 if not shorter now. Except, when surrounded by very tall football players he does not look like a 5'5 tall man but more like an average 5'8-5'9 man. And he definitely either wears a toupee or has had a hair transplant and obviously dyes his hair it is what it is.
No one should use effort to insult Bama. Bama does not bother using effort when they recruit, clearly they're just paying their players. Therefore, I am not going to use effort to insult the twats that are accepting hundreds of thousands of $ to play for a dull midget that wears toupees and platform sneakers...
But they did almost lose the game. Had Trask not been sacked 20 seconds was enough for 2-3 deep ball throws and then who knows what could have happened. And everybody was impressed with Florida after the SEC Championship game. Killed every team in the SEC East by at least double points. Blew out Georgia. Played Bama toe to toe like nobody else. Only would count the bowl game where Florida was missing everybody. Overall in the regular season, Florida was one of the 6 most impressive teams in the country whether you like it or not. LSU was an embarrassment but upsets happen, and that was game was especially weird if you bothered actually watching it. I don't know why you Bama fans have to be so salty about the fact that Florida played you tougher than anybody else. Bama only had one close game maybe 2 if you want to count Ole Miss whereas LSU had 4 last year. Close games happen that doesn't diminish the win or Bama's historic season, if anything that makes Bama's win over Florida all the more impressive compared to let's say LSU's blow out win of a Georgia team that really wasn't that good and frankly miraculously won the SEC East last year.
Yes we all know Oklahoma has no problem recruiting academic failures and drug addicts. It's their brand!