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It's a 50/50 but despite how atrocious FSU has been since Jimbo left, they are still a brand name and they attract viewership. Ditto the Notre Dame game last year for example.
I think the starting rotation could compete with virtually any team in the country as we saw with 2 very close calls with Bama, playing UGA tough despite the score (more a product of that 2 minute turnover disaster at halftime), and destroying what turned out to be a pretty good UT team. The problem was culture (and yes depth too), but I think culture was even bigger issue as Florida thankfully did not get wrecked by injuries last year (despite the depth problem).
@VFL_88 I agree. Florida gets Kentucky and USC at home so that is a huge advantage. Even last year, Florida only lost one game at home, and that was by 2 points to Bama, arguably the best team in the country. On the road at Tennessee is going to be tough for Florida. If I had to bet on it, I think Florida beats Kentucky and USC and loses to UT.
I'm not even kidding. I think Dan Mullen could win a natty with Bama's rooster the first year after Saban leaves. A coaching rehab for Mullen is much needed
@9mmDave what are your thoughts on Dan Mullen as a Offensive Coordinator?
The SEC Championship was one of the best playcaller games I've seen in my life. I'm still not sure what to make of O'Brien. The offense was bad in a lot of key moments too. Shutout for essentially 2 quarters of play against Florida. Shutout by Auburn for over 3 quarters. Struggling mightily against a bad LSU defense which a freshman light up just a few weeks prior (aka AR15). Not making plays in crucial moments against TAMU and UGA in the natty. Aside from the Miami game (I guess) and the SEC Championship there's not much to brag about when it comes to O'Brien's scheme especially considering he had a Heisman QB and the best WR in the country.
To be fair when your rooster is as talented as Bama's even a mediocre coach like (Larry Cocker) could win you a championship or two. O'Brien is the choice you make if you want to have a staff continuity and lose as few players and recruits as possible. Long-term, O'Brien is not fit for the job.
D underperformed not due to a lack of talent but due to a lack of coaching and respect from the players of coaches who did the said coaching. I expect immediate vast improvements this season.
Then I suggest you go on Twitter. Whiffs after whiffs on the recruiting trail. This fanbase definitely needs a huge pickup on the recruiting tale and or most certainly a win over Utah to do away with the apathy that a lot of us are feeling.
If AR15 can play up to his billing, along with this possibly vastly improved top 20 defense, Florida can be a scary team this season. The o-line could very well be the best in the SEC. I think the rushing attack will be the best not only in the SEC, but maybe in the entire country. The AR15, Lingard, Montrell, and Wright four headed monster in the backfield will impose immense stress on any defense. The WR room while certainly not the best, is a solid room and it has depth, we just need to have some of those guys start popping off, but then again, even an average WR room is more than enough for the offense to operate at a top 10 level considering AR15, the O-Line, and Running Backs. I've said it before and I will say it again. Florida and Tennessee will be undefeated when they clash in Knoxville in what will surely be College Game Day. If Florida can beat this Tennessee team (which I believe will be the best Tennessee team since 2001) then there is no reason why Florida shouldn't be undefeated come Jacksonville in what I would guess would be a top 5 showdown with the Mutts.
Contracts mean nothing if you'll make twice the money if you leave the conference. The ACC might put a 50 million dollar tag to leave their conference, money which FSU can make back easily in a couple of years playing other SEC heavyweights. Plus it might be in the SEC's interest to play these "fees" for these schools.
ATL Buckeye I agree. After you guys probably scoop up Oregon and Washington, you own the Cascadia market (over 12 million people stretching from Eugene to Portland to Seattle all the way to Vancouver). It was a good answer by the Big Ten but predictable nonetheless.
They want a piece of the pie and the Cascadia megalopolis is too large and too attractive of a market to be rejected by the Big Ten not to mention Oregon and Washington are still brand names.
Southern Pod: Florida, Georgia, FSU, Miami, and Clemson Northern Pod: UNC, South Carolina, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Missouri Central Pod: Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Ole Miss, and Miss State Western Pod: Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Arkansas, LSU
Eh production doesn't mean as much. Florida's best player (AR) sat in the bench most of 2021. Pierce while great could easily be surpassed by Lingard, and Montrell Johnson is probably an upgrade to Malik Davis. The starters we lost to the transfer portal (Copeland, Diabate, etc.) weren't that grade and locker room cancers. Addition through subtraction as they say.
Just look at how much better Notre Dame is doing in recruiting now that Kelly is gone. He's an above average recruiter at best.
Not only that but a resurgent Miami with arguably the best recruiter in the country as the HC is also making it far more difficult than it needs to be. Florida simply doesn't have the money to compete with Miami as our alumni have mainly made their money through legitimate means... unlike theirs.
"So again, I will pose the question you conveniently forgot to answer “Please tell me the last time “a motivated team of 3 stars” has competed in any way, shape, or form for the SEC Championship and/or CFP.” You cannot." Let me know what complaints you have now as it seems I have 100% answered your question and proved my point that motivated teams full of 3 stars can compete for the playoffs, and in the day and age of NIL, this could be more common as discord resulting from the inequality of wealth distribution amongst players in a team will create a sort of "inequality strife" between the haves and have nots, especially since a lot of these freshmen are already making far more than veteran guys.
At this point you are just being asinine. I talked about Cincinnati. Cincinnati a team full of 3 stars, just made the playoffs. Utah, a team full of 3 stars just won the Pac-12 in dominant fashion, and likely beats Ohio State had their QB not gone down with an injury. This upcoming season, Utah could very well make the playoffs. BYU, a team full of 3 stars, beat every Pac-12 team they faced last year, and with the amount of returning production from last year, is a dark horse to make the playoffs this year. And as I said before, we have not seen the consequences of NIL to the locker room. What will the Juniors and Seniors at TAMU think about the newly brought in freshman many of whom have already made hundreds of thousands if not millions more than they have? Discord resulting from NIL disparity amongst players a lot of times undeservingly is a very real possibility, and you would be foolish to brush it aside. There are players that will likely be infinitely more valuable to TAMU this upcoming season that have not made a single cent in NIL while some of these freshmen have already racked up tens of thousands simply for having a couple of stars next to their name without anything to prove in the college level. How about some outside the box critical thinking pal... after all, isn't that what lawyers need to do to excel???
SC beats Florida in the Swamp? Rattler better have a round 1 type season and Florida better be devastated with injuries. Otherwise it ain't happening. I will admit SC gets Florida in an opportune time right after Florida's two toughest games of the year (UGA and at TAMU)
AR15 is more talented than Will Levis. More talented than Hooker too although Hooker is probably the better QB right now. AR15 came in against LSU when Florida was down 15 points and could have very well made the game go into overtime had he now made that freshman pick in the last drive of the game. He proved in the LSU game that he could win in a shootout if given all game (he only played for barely 2 quarters against LSU).
"Dramatic upgrades to WR and TE rooms" lmao You literally lost your best WR and Rodriguez might not even be available for the first quarter of the season
First of all, I just graduated UF with a 4.0 and will go to Law School so I'll just leave it at that... Second, TAMU lost 4 games last year. All those 4 games were to teams full of 3 stars. You're so ignorant you don't even know that this applies to your team. Third, while TAMU has long been full of 4 and 5 stars but has continued to lose to teams full of 3 stars, they are not the only ones. Have you ever looked at Texas' results in the last decade? Did we all of a sudden forget Texas losing to Kansas or getting walloped 30-7??? What about Oklahoma? How many times have they lost to teams full of 3 stars like Iowa State, Kansas State, etc. Michigan too. Heck even Ohio State has not only lost, but been blown out by teams full of 3 stars, dito Purdue 2018 Iowa 2017. Even UGA lost to South Carolina in 2019 and barely survived Cincy. Did we also forget about ND getting dominated by Cincy at home??? Heck, Florida's entire season last season is a prime example of this phenomena. The list goes on and on about teams full of 5 and 4 stars not only losing but getting dominated by motivated teams full of 3 stars. Sorry if this hits too close to home EKingGill...
Another interesting thing to consider is which one of these two teams is the better team, the one full of greedy 5 and 4 star players who are only in it for the money and couldn't care less about the team, or the team full of 3 stars with a couple of 4 stars that plays as one unit, loves their team, and plays hard every game? If I had to bet, I'd go with the motivated team full of 3 stars. We'll see a lot of these teams like TAMU that bought their recruiting classes get embarrassed by far less talented teams, because unlike TAMU, the players in these teams are fighting to be drafted and actually start making money and proving something, as opposed to being like TAMU, a team full of lazy bums that couldn't care less about football and their team and aren't near as motivated to make the NFL draft now that they've already made millions.
303Dawg you might be on to something. Both these guys are garbage coaches. I mean year in year out for 3 years straight, the O-line was one of, if not, the biggest weakness of North Carolina
Yes it doesn't work on those websites either. And then this company wonders why Saturday Down South is the only site that actually has great traffic. More often than not, people come here for the comment sections lol.
Betting isn't technically legal in like half the United States including Florida but it's not like anyone actually enforces it or follows those rules lmao