Tennessee legacy (Arbo, '74-'78, #2), FULL BUTCH, Vol 4 LIFE.

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More on this from you soon SevenT? I mean, if CBJ gave great insight on losing with his 13-14 record, you--as a UK fan--should be able to give NEWTONIAN analysis; what, with your 7-27 record over the same span. (Drops mic...)
Monday morning armchair coaches are out in force I see...Listen, anyone who KNOWS football (and I mean has PLAYED it and COACHED it at the highest level) wouldn't be questioning Coach Jones here. When you are 17-3 UP and playing lights out defensively--with a walk-on punter who (by gosh) was flipping the dang field like Ray Guy out there--you don't get cute with your play calling (esp. when starting most drives in your own territory.) Add to that the fact that Hurd was running well and feasting on clock...the strategy was sound. When OU scored to go 10-17 down, we--appropriately--put it in gear BUT JUST DID NOT make plays. Without the level headed (read: SMART) decision making by Coach Jones, we might not even have made overtime with the Sooners, an exponentially more mature (where physicality and experience are concerned) football team. But this type of analysis and concessional thinking is difficult and demanding, thus the far-easier "out-coached" mantra. AT ROOT, the problem is really a philosophical one: we crave order and concise/pin-point explanation...loose ends are ABSOLUTELY terrifying to some. Pinning Coach Jones' head on the donkey's rear is more difficult than deconstructing the donkey produced by players not making plays. "No, wait, it's gotta be your donkey... Shut-up Richard."
Why do people hate Tebow? That's the easiest question I've ever seen on this site... "Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted," (2 Timothy 3:12)
This, perhaps, reflects a lack of understanding where front/back office business is concerned. Let's assume, as the article claims, Michigan was actually interested in Big Orange Butch. What would Michigan need to offer Butch to prize him away from Knoxville? First, they'd have to pay him more than he makes currently. Secondly, they'd have to give him a longer deal (security and buy-out incentives) than he currently has. Butch Jones, as he is worth his salt, unquestionably has an agent--or representative--who handles these matters past principle. Said agent, if he is worth HIS salt, not only knows about the Michigan inquiry--he handled the inquiry. Rest assured, as soon as contact from UMich. was recieved, Jones' rep would be in touch with UT brass. "We could get this from Michigan. Tennessee is Butch's "Dream Job," but we COULD have this at Michigan..." UT brass then does EXACTLY what it should do, which is pay CBJ more, over a longer stretch, than the UMich. bid. This, of course, looks past the obvious, common sense question: If Jones still needs to prove himself (with a winning record, which by the way is possible with the bowl,) why did Michigan inquire in the first place if Butch wasn't now a proven commodity? His results speak for themselves: consistent improvement (5-7 in '13 to 6-6+bowl in '14), unbelievable recruiting (from #24 ranked class in '13, to top 5 in both '14 & '15), image stabilization (face of the program), and national legitimacy. No, dude, Michigan came calling for a reason, and we responded--in kind--for a reason. Lock him down, Hart. Go Big Freakin' Orange and have fun today.