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Really, dude? I get that the Vols are in the news and you need to capitalize on the views, but, seriously? By your reasoning, every program not named Alabama, Clemson, Ohio St should just hang it up, or, at best, hope for 1 good year every 20. Sports, are at their heart, a competition. When you compete, you compete to win or what's the point? Vols have high hopes for their program but so should every program. If not, then I agree with you, every program should hang it up. Every Vol fan knows we have been dysfunctional and have performed poorly for many years now, reminders are not something we need. Yes, we have a vocal fan base. Yes, all other teams do too. You read the comments section lately? Finally, on the recruiting front, you're just plain wrong and woefully uninformed. Have you looked at TN's 2022 class? Have you seen the boom that has been happening for awhile in Nashville? Have you looked at a map lately? We are as close to Memphis as we are GA, NC, SC, AL, and very close with FL, MS. One of our top recruits is Texas. So no, the state is not holding us back. So what's the point? We need new and better leadership to take advantage of the our program. You are right that there is only one Saban, but that's a problem every program has. Alabama was able to to hire the best coach in the history of CFB and that's a problem every program has had to deal with. He won't be coaching forever and their next hire will be just as important as everybody else's.