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LOL.. they want the QB they lost to Kirby's love for Fromm to come back and play for them like he did for ohio state last year.. they think their other talent can help them exceed his last year's performance..
with the SEC Media days most likely being virtual this year, I don't think there will be any parking of clothes.. pruitt and smart are relieved as they weren't really looking forward to parking the cars or emptying the dumpsters.. ;)
Pretty sure ESPN did these ratings based on College Performance alone.. they have had a few that have pretty much washed out at the pro level in these lists.. some that ended up getting in trouble and only spending 2 years at college as well..
Even as a gator Fan I have to Agree Georgia was stiffed.... I also fell like Auburn should have been ranked higher.. Todd Gurley alone should have put them there.
yep.. I don't think that game will even be close.. I guess CBS just wanted More Cowbell? ;)
yet, Mizzou is unlikely to succeed in an appeal of their post season ban, so it will likely be uf,uga, or y'all in Atlanta.
yeah. kind of surprised the replay booth at the stadium and the SEC officials in Alabama both decided that 1 didn't need them to at least publicly review it, especially after the player ending up showing symptoms of a head injury after it..
says the fan of a team that lost to Friggin' Wyoming.. LOL.. and is in a team that the SEC had to confuse east and west when adding them to the SEC East.. LOL...
I'm pretty sure he's referring to the Trophy for it, not the game itself......
LOL, so funny.. not a tennessee fan.. but it seems the whole way they handled getting rid of fulmer cursed them and bit them in the butt.. with Kiffin and Dooley and so far more with butch..I wonder if lsu will face same post miles.. some similarities there.
buyout does get reduced if Charlie takes another job..
wel, LSU has already proved their Craziness....
Well, he can get some consulting on that now. ;)
at least he has QB's this year.. even if you are the best offensive coach around it's hard to do much without a QB... not sure really what happened to Treon.. but he showed he wasn't QB material last season.. like the qbs on the roster now..
Sponsor.. the company with the Money LOL... kind of like the Miami Home Stadium/Dolphins Stadium is Sun Life Stadium and was Landshark stadium.
LOL.. not likely.. unless UM improves back to 80's level.. already play FSU every year any way.......Lately Miami would just bring down the SOS.
guess you should change your team allegiance though.. 64 is not too high.. it's only 2 games in as well.. things take time..
well UGA is there.. they have just as much right as your team does. ;)
It could also have been done to prevent somebody from putting up a website like that as well maybe...A cheap method to support the new coach...
No.. the Arkansas QB had issues with injuries.. you could tell he was hurting badly if you watched the game. Luckily he didn't compound it and get a season or even career ending injury.. they probably should have replaced him with his Brother the backup instead of risking it.
Why was the supposed fan that got the hat wearing a Washington State shirt at the Vanderbilt game. I understand the thing at Gameday, but at the game itself? and If the shirt had been thrown onto the field, unless it was on the Ole MIss Sideline, I doubt game staff at the Vanderbilt game would hand it to the Ole Miss fan.. although it being at LP Field instead of their stadium maybe.. The shirt on the field almost looks like the guy with the Washington state shirt decided to change into a more appropriate shirt for the game.. ;)