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i was unaware that an inanimate object could be a hillbilly...the more you know
Next you'll hear that UT is foregoing this years football season or apply to be a division 2 school
There is a reason Peyton has been calling the coaches UT is reportedly interested in. He's trying to get them to take the job so they wont call and ask him to coach. Tee is more than deserving but as long as Haslam is throwing stupid money at the school it wont happen.
Ok Vol fans hear me out, as a Gator fan living in Knoxville I do thank you for allowing me to witness this dumpster fire first hand, however i may have a solution. 1.) Coach by committee this year, hope that everyone forgets how bad this is, and try again next year. 2.) Pull a page for WWE and have a special guest coach every week as a tryout...
How are you going to say that the coaching change caused Florida to lose a recruit and then immediately say that "It’s unclear how the coaching change had an impact on Goolsby’s feeling of playing at Florida, or if it was his decision"?
Butch needs this win more. As a Gator fan living in Knoxville all I hear is complaining from UT fans. Butch will be gone by the end of the year unless they pull the east out of their ass.