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Manziel and Winston won the heisman as red shirt freshmen not red shirt sophmores.. Js
No he wasnt it.. Mullen gave him a talented roster on his way out.. A legit 10 win team and Moorehead managed to barely make a bowl last year.. He just wasnt the right fit..State needs someone familiar with SEC landscape and politics.. Idt Napier is the right guy either
Waddle, Metchie, and either xavier williams or tyrell shavers most likely.. Possibly even one of the freshmen coming in. But my guess is either ruggs or smith stay maybe even both.. Jeudy is gone for sure..
Uga gonna win this game by 21 i think.. Notre dame will have to have one of their greatest games to keep this close.. They gonna need turnovers to go their way and alot of luck.. Maybe steal a possesion or two and score tds not field goals on those possessions.. But im gonna be watching this game pulling for the sec .. Roll tide...
Yeah bro they were stacking the box .. Tua is much better this yr reading coverage and saw this and hit these intermediate routes behind the 6 ppl or so crowding the line .. Ruggs, devonta smith, were the two hed consistently hit on slants and crossing patterns over the middle..those were rpos we were running and if sc would have backed off we would have ran it alot more than we did
Dude you for real? That was a blowout. Sc aint there.. Hilinski is a legit qb tho
Yeah his knee was down but it did warrant a review .. And bamas te wasnt out of bounds when they called him out. Just the way it goes sometimes but both those souls been reviewed
This is gonna be yalls best shot in yrs.. But bring it bro i think lsu is legit this yr and i wanna see if they really ready .. Bc the way its looking yall gonna have to beat us twice to take that trophy away from us.. This bama team is legit too.. We alot better than last yr. Maybe not in some categories but overall as a team we are better.. Gonna make cbs regret picking this week uga nd game for primetime instead of that bama lsu Game.. Im guessin itll be like #2 against #3 or #4 by then..
Im from alabama.. I live 50 miles north of Tuscaloosa all my life with the exception of my military service of 4 yrs.. So im a huge bama homer and i grew up watching bama.. I went to games even in the bad years going 3/ 8 on the yr.. This is the best Alabama team ive seen in my lifetime.. Tua is better than last yr and the receivers are too and this is gonna carry us this yr.. Our run game is weak and our defense is gonna give up points .. However as a unit and production this is an all time cfb great team this yr even with the youth and injuries there's fight in this Bama team and we are seriously gonna have to outscore everybody this yr.. Hilinski passed for 320 plus yards i think but that dude is a legit quarterback.. He made some dime throws and he managed usc offense with a lot of poise and confidence so i was impressed.. But its only 3rd game our def is gonna get alot better as the yr goes by.. All championship teams i seen at alabama they all did too..By the end of the yr this will be talked about as one of the greatest bama teams in history..
Nope i dont think najee is alabamas best rb.. It should be brob but he aint doing it right now Either.. Our best rb is injured trey sanders
I like keilan robinson as a back.. Hes gonna be a good one
Yeah Najee and Brob aren't impressing new yet..this guy kinda has with his speed and shiftiness.. Hes not as small as i thought he was either but i dont see him as an every down back.. I hope he works in the rotation more..But i must say to B rob , man im routing for you to be our feature back bro .. You a hometown kid and you built right for this.. This needs to be your year man .. Take advantage of this opportunity..
Why dont you go ahead and pull dabos britches down and give him a wrap around connor? was their schedule til the playoffs.. Cakewalk
This guy is drama.. He's not very good at his job.. Georgia definitely is top 5. I like them at 3 but def top 5 team
I dont think the play calling changed with tua entering the game in the cfpncg i just think tua eyed calvin ridley every drop back and if he wasnt open just tuck it and run.. Tua surveyed the field and went thru progressions and that's why he was hitting 5* talent that barely had any catches all yr.. He was just better.. But i do like jalen i wish him the best but big 12 defenses are not sec defenses..
Im sorry but i think emory jones is better than franks.. Feleipe was horrible in that miami game and hes gonna cost yall a couple games this yr
Will will be fine.. First game jitters.. He will turn out to be one of the greatest in bama history in place kicking
Lol youre completely making a fool of yourself for that comment.. Tua is better than jalen as a qb in ALABAMA's offense and hes also the best ive seen at alabama in my lifetime.. I remember every qb since jay barker..