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That has to be a joke right, y'all beat us once since 2011.. and honestly we were a better team in2019 than lsu was. Bogus calls.. marshall went out and came back in when he caught that at the 1 yard line on 3 down back before half.. Night of been moss idk. That td was the difference to
Sermon is a kid from jawja that spurned the dawgs and went to Oklahoma.. Transferred to the buckeyes and has had a good couple games.. Hitting stride late in season..But man I'm gonna tell you Najee is something else entirely.. This kid is phenomenal athlete and should be the first rb off the board in the draft.. Also should be a rookie impact player in the nfl.. Good hands , falls forward, he is hard runner but he also has that wow factor as we all seen multiple times thru his bama career..
He's a vol alumni... But I respect the man that calls it for what it is..
What? You crazy dude.. Obviously he wants to play.. Why practice if not..
Isn't all great qbs the same.. I mean it is a team sport. Steve young had Jerry rice.. Mahomes has hill .. Brees has kamara.. Last year burrow had chase year before Murray had Westbrook..
Best game manager I've ever seen in my 40 years of watching this game.. Most"game managers" can't make the tight throws he does. His ball placement is unreal.. he's called game manager bc he isn't very mobile.. technically he is a game manager bc all qbs should be he's just a darn good one..
I agree.. I find it really strange fresh off a sugar bowl win where they were tested out the @$$ they were all good to go and win that revenge game. Now few days later they testing positive.. Where'd they get it from? The plane trip back from New Orleans.. Saban's daughter was right for that tweet she made.. I call bs too.. Like its already been spoken in the comments above what's another week gonna do anywaybc BIG protocols for 17 days.. Something very off here.. Whatever I want fields healthy so there's no excuses.. No bama only won bc fields was hurt.. Which is what will happen if we win on Monday regardless.. Oh and cardale can my @.. That bama team wasn't as good as this one ..
I'm just shocked Trevor got runner up.. For real? Mac shoulda got that
I thought the same thing.. Bc am I right but they don't have to identify who tested positive.. They just gotta take coaches word on it
Idk.. It just doesn't make sense to me that he would risk even practicing if he isn't set on playing.. He wants that ring and he wants to know he contributed to get that ring too.. I think bama has been saving him for this game or he would of been back already.. They were talks about him coming bask in the sec championship game.. I doubt he will be returning kickoffs and punts in this game but I do think he plays.. I bet he even scores a td. This dude is electric and him playing in this game will boost his draft stock just for the fact the gms and owners see his determination and team spirit will put there minds at ease about his injury and his willingness to play.. I hope it don't but this game could backfire for the kid also.. He's gonna be a legend in bama lore for his dedication to the team.. Wish more ere like him..
I don't see him practicing if he ain't gonna play.. Idk how it goes tho maybe he had to showthe medical staff he can for them to clear him but man what a boost if he is cleared .. That's a team player right there
Ain't gonna lie dude.. I'm from jasper alabama.. Lifelong bama fan from the early 80s and this buckeye team scares the $hit outta me. If they come out still on a roll it's gonna be like the sec championship with little better defense.. I see a 52 -48 type of game
It's Notre Dame.. They got money and they have a nationwide fan base.. That's all I can see bc I can name 4 sec teams right now that would beat Notre Dame.. As long as no one opts out.. But congrats nd for a great year.. Good thing y'all made that contract with the ACC.. Come play in the SEC and Notre Dame would probably finished 5-5 this year with all SEC schedule.. Am I wrong?
This dude is a bitter fool fool.. Don't hate just sit back and admire .. Lau 2019 was the greatest of all time until a year later if bama wins in miami.. Bama will go down as thegreatest team ever.. Better than 2019 lsu all over the board.. Accept it and move on.. Y'all have another great year somewhere around 2032..that's abt the rate lsu is going.. You Better hope bama loses its next game or this will be the goat
That's what I told my wife.. After we come out blazing coach Kelly tried to slow down the game to keep from getting embarrassed.. Coach Nick Saban saw this immediately and said I gotcha dawg I aknowledge your proposition and took his got off the gas to save plays and his players and get to the next game without hurting anyone or a lot of the rat poison from beating down Notre Dame.. But all that watched knew even tho we didn't cover the spread we still dominated this game and it could have been real ugly if he wanted it to be.. Saban is just so classy of a coach no need to embarrass a team he respects that didn't run their mouth before the game.. Just let's win and move on philosophy..
It said alabama down late? What game he watching? Bama had this gameon ice from pregame warmup
As much as I hate to say this I'm glad osu put it on clemson.. Tired of hearing dabo nag and talk abt respect all week
You hate us cause you ain't us.. Plus you obviously still hungover from last year.. Get over move on .. It's over new year new team
Ha .. Yeah just like lswho did.. I'll give it to the buckeyes.. Great game but can they do it again? You forget bama is awfully good themselves.. Better than lswho 2019 .. Yeah we are Roll tide
I'm not saying they aren't easy to go but I can't see saban speaking it to the media anyway if they were gonna play.. Keep it a surprise.. But waddle is being saved for Clemson if he is ready.. They wouldn't be prepared for him and give us an advantage .. Even putting him out there on thefields with no intention on throwing him the ball would still panic the dbs .. Maybe even draw double teams fromthe safeties leaving one less man on Mr heisman 2020
The average coach salary in NFL right now is 6 million ..which is what Dan Mullen is making now before bonuses for winning the east and making the sec championship.. If he wins against Oklahoma he'll get that bonus for ny6 bowl might be just making the ny6 he gets a bonus idk but the more money as nfl coach is not accurate..