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I'd be shocked if Sam Pittman doesn't win coach of the year awards in the sec.. Arkansas could lose every remaining game and dude would still deserve it .. Arkansas has a legit football team and the fans should be super happy things are getting turned around finally..chad Morris was a bad hire in first place.. He wasn't a winner at smu so I never understood why they thought he would be at Arkansas.. Even now auburn is terrible.. They should be 1-4 not 3-2 (thanks to bad officiating and auburn just always being lucky) .. Call it how you wantbut it ain't bc of Barry Odom being d coordinator either.. It's Sam Pittman.. Good job Arkansas.. I was skeptic af when y'all hired him too.. But I see it now.. Hope he becomes a legend for y'all
King at it again.. Bro I get it you're jealous and all bc we have the program you wish uga was but will never be.. Kirby is no better than mark richt was at uga.. So close but never really on top.. Even when y'all do win the. Sec championship game you still finish second to Alabama..(2017 season) And to reply to your comment we would of beat y'all last year very badly so y'all really got a break in 2019 the year uga didn't face bama.. And for those real bama fans out there reading this ....our defense is getting better... Malachi Moore is a stud db and by the sec championship game our defense will be legit enough to take us on and bring home that Natty number 18..
I think mizzou has a good program I really do but I absolutely hate y'all being in the sec.. It's not the right fit.. Big 10 or big 12 (like before with big 12) but not the southeastern conference.. Texas A&M yeah well atleast that's the south but nobody in Missouri calls themselves southern.. And then on top of that they put y'all in the sec East.. I understand the balance and all bUT y'all about Midwest as it gets ..but back to your comment .. Missouri has a good football team.. That bazelak kid is y'alls future.. Idk if y'all will represent the east in the SECCG 2 years in a row like y'all did in 13 and 14 but y'all will definitely not be the bottom of the conference with this new coach .. He looks like someone in the chess club at MIT ..
Jones gonna win the heisman.. I remember the A day game couple years ago when saban got caught on tape blasting jalen about how mac was taking the offense right down the field and he couldn't.. Mac waited his time and now it's here.. I mean the kid just has it.. He has confidence and poise with weapons all around him.. Jaylen waddle ( much respect to him) will be missed but it won't matter too much bc like saban said next man up.. Jones is no duel threat QB either he's a pure drop back passer and NFL teams gonna be all over him by draft time..
King Negan is a fool.. uga hasn't won a natty in 40 years and it won't happen this year either... That bama won't beat us twice comment was a laugh bc we beat y'all every time we play y'all.. Y'all ain't beat us since you was probably in 1st grade back in 2007 when we weren't the program we are now.. Just take a breath buddy, breathe deeply , and accept the fact Bama is just better.. Has been for a decade now and will be for another decade.. As long as saban is in title town it'll be just that ..Title town..
Lol still sore about that beat down last week? .. Y'all suppose to have the best team under Kirby and still can't beat us.. Y'all won't beat us in sec championship either bc y'all won't be there.. Florida will..
Yeah that is what I was thinking.. Just move it to Tuscaloosa or play it on Friday night primetime.. Don't postpone it.. I'd be for they to move it to ttown before moving it to Friday.. That'd be weird watching bama on Friday.. This is big boy ball in the sec not Pac 12 after dark..
I think mac Jones will be just fine as our QB..
That's my hometown.. I graduated there in 2000 and I'll be the first to say not much good comes from that place..rinky dink town population 2k and only abt 250 are black.. Don't surprise me.. There use to be a big klan hub there long ago.. There's good people there but it's mostly white trash.. I know this still because I'll see them at family reunions lol . aunt Peggy had her hair fixed last xmas I thought she was auditioning for the bachelorette show.. Uncle Roy Lee was trying to hit on her thinking she was a friend of the family because his cataracts were bothering him and between the Metamucil hits they were taking and the beer bottles he prolly didn't care who she was.. But they're still together.. 1st cousins and lovers lol
I'm surprised auburn made it.. I wentto the iron bowl in 09 at jhs and I barely made it back to my truck .. People throwing beer cans and even foam fingers at me and my brother.. Never will I go back to Jordan hare
I'm surprised auburn made it.. I wentto the iron bowl in 09 at jhs and I barely made it back to my truck .. People throwing beer cans and even foam fingers at me and my brother.. Never will I go back to Jordan hare
They're gonna use him.. Just a crazy assumption but I wouldn't doubt hurts to be the Eagles starting QB in 2021.. They better pull the reigns on that 100 million dollar contract for wentz.. He's good but he ain't superstar
I knew I was gonna see you post on this when it dropped. Lol you crazy man but good for him to transfer and get playing time bc I doubt he would for us.. He goes out to Lubbock and probably will be one of their highest recruits.. Immediate playing time...
I agree with you.. We doing spring cleaning trying to get to the set limit..
Calm down buddy calm down.. That's not why they're leaving.. They're leaving because they have to.. Remember back to signing day even we oversigned our scholarships? Then you heard saban always makes it work? This is the GOAT making it work.. These people weren't happy with their playing time and don't think their gonna get on the field more with this incoming freshmen class so they leave when saban says it may be in your best interest to do so
Manziel and Winston won the heisman as red shirt freshmen not red shirt sophmores.. Js
No he wasnt it.. Mullen gave him a talented roster on his way out.. A legit 10 win team and Moorehead managed to barely make a bowl last year.. He just wasnt the right fit..State needs someone familiar with SEC landscape and politics.. Idt Napier is the right guy either
Waddle, Metchie, and either xavier williams or tyrell shavers most likely.. Possibly even one of the freshmen coming in. But my guess is either ruggs or smith stay maybe even both.. Jeudy is gone for sure..
Uga gonna win this game by 21 i think.. Notre dame will have to have one of their greatest games to keep this close.. They gonna need turnovers to go their way and alot of luck.. Maybe steal a possesion or two and score tds not field goals on those possessions.. But im gonna be watching this game pulling for the sec .. Roll tide...
Yeah bro they were stacking the box .. Tua is much better this yr reading coverage and saw this and hit these intermediate routes behind the 6 ppl or so crowding the line .. Ruggs, devonta smith, were the two hed consistently hit on slants and crossing patterns over the middle..those were rpos we were running and if sc would have backed off we would have ran it alot more than we did
Dude you for real? That was a blowout. Sc aint there.. Hilinski is a legit qb tho
Yeah his knee was down but it did warrant a review .. And bamas te wasnt out of bounds when they called him out. Just the way it goes sometimes but both those souls been reviewed
This is gonna be yalls best shot in yrs.. But bring it bro i think lsu is legit this yr and i wanna see if they really ready .. Bc the way its looking yall gonna have to beat us twice to take that trophy away from us.. This bama team is legit too.. We alot better than last yr. Maybe not in some categories but overall as a team we are better.. Gonna make cbs regret picking this week uga nd game for primetime instead of that bama lsu Game.. Im guessin itll be like #2 against #3 or #4 by then..
Im from alabama.. I live 50 miles north of Tuscaloosa all my life with the exception of my military service of 4 yrs.. So im a huge bama homer and i grew up watching bama.. I went to games even in the bad years going 3/ 8 on the yr.. This is the best Alabama team ive seen in my lifetime.. Tua is better than last yr and the receivers are too and this is gonna carry us this yr.. Our run game is weak and our defense is gonna give up points .. However as a unit and production this is an all time cfb great team this yr even with the youth and injuries there's fight in this Bama team and we are seriously gonna have to outscore everybody this yr.. Hilinski passed for 320 plus yards i think but that dude is a legit quarterback.. He made some dime throws and he managed usc offense with a lot of poise and confidence so i was impressed.. But its only 3rd game our def is gonna get alot better as the yr goes by.. All championship teams i seen at alabama they all did too..By the end of the yr this will be talked about as one of the greatest bama teams in history..
Nope i dont think najee is alabamas best rb.. It should be brob but he aint doing it right now Either.. Our best rb is injured trey sanders
I like keilan robinson as a back.. Hes gonna be a good one
Yeah Najee and Brob aren't impressing new yet..this guy kinda has with his speed and shiftiness.. Hes not as small as i thought he was either but i dont see him as an every down back.. I hope he works in the rotation more..But i must say to B rob , man im routing for you to be our feature back bro .. You a hometown kid and you built right for this.. This needs to be your year man .. Take advantage of this opportunity..