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All picks are reasonable except TCU/State. You're picking State to...WIN??? Okayy. Phenomal defense, phenomenally bad offense. I hope you're right but damm.
They're gonna take the bait. Just wait.
Mississippi State's biggest transfer was Arnett from DC to HC.
Heck yeh. I'd expect 6-8 regular season wins next year given all the talent returning. That wouldn't be a bad year at all given all things considered.
Ok Coozie, now you say: Yeh whatever. The only staff you understand is the one up your rec+um.
Defense will be a top 3 SEC. I think we're still on track for an even better team next year.
Definitely putting together a quality staff. Now we'll see how it translates on the field. GTHOM
Nahh, Coozie, I'm not him. He does have your number most times, though. You gotta come back with the same clever but silly sh$$ he does. I know you from Gene's Page until I got banned. Or was it FWTCT? Well, I got banned from there, too. But I deserved that. But not Gene's Page. Paul Jones is a little child with an ego and a highly triggered sensitivity to constructive criticism. But I digress...
I'm a yuge State fan but I have found your mastery of Coozie's emotions quite amusing the past year or so. He did get a couple of good ones in one time, but you pretty much have his number. Hilarious handle btw.
He's one of those rare ball players from time to time that specializes in one type of play and things can easily get good each and every time he gets his hands on the ball. Kickoff return is like punting-in one big way-it's taken for granted but can completely change the course of a game.
We were seriously on the right track, what with Leach calling more ball totes by the backs this year. I was really looking forward to next year's offense. If Coach Arnett can keep the a foundational Air Raid principle or two and utilize those backs a little more, then we can keep our offensive identity intact. Either way, I f'n LOVE having a defensive minded head coach!
Tough go of it, for sure. I see about a 16 win season at best. But at least we have a strong defensive identity already in Jans's first year.
IDK about 'anywho', Coozie. He was a huge weapon on special teams that most, even 'championship level', programs don't have. 'Next man up' isn't so easy when you don't have another like him on deck.
Tulsa? Must have something to do with a pass heavy offense.
Some squats and deadlifts may take care of some of that awkward as he11 running.
Good point, he is a heckuva guy. If Sawyer stuck around Will'd probably have something to worry about; I think he'll be alright, though. EXCEPT for, unless Arnett draws up schemes for a pocket passer, with no more Air Raid Will may not be athletic enough to stave off an untimely injury running a good bit more. He already looks like an epi1eptic when he tries to run.
Kiffin's waiting on Bama. Problem is, his head coaching gig at Ole Miss is his Bama job interview, as he sees it, and he has to win win win to secure the Bama job. And that's even just assuming Sat..ban finally retires in a couple 2-3 years.
Real class act. I remember getting extremely frustrated during the Moorhead tenure because I thought Williams was grossly underutilized. He could probably get some solid NFL looks with really hard work and a couple of seasons in Canada or something. In any case, he'll succeed at whatever he puts his hands to.
Ron, I see you conveniently left off the first part of my sentence. Again, thanks for playing, though.
Uhh, no. Judging by the trajectory both programs have taken over the last 10 years, going to Auburn would prove the more lateral move. Thanks for playing, though.