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WTF does that even mean, dude? STF up or make some coherent sense, man. Good god.
Thats bc he made the mistake of thinking anyone can succeed at Kakalak. Boy's coming home now! And gonna GOAT with State!!
I usually pull for OM when they're in a big game...Lane talking that smack lately, though. Well, Mullen did too, I suppose.
All you old p!$$ $#!+stains are super excited, which makes State fans super excited as we get to watch next year in real time with uber satisfaction the looks on your faces and antics you display as all of your extremely over-inflated expectations and egos come predictably crashing down.
Whatever. Old pi$$'s ceiling is 8-9 wins, then Lame is gone to the highest bidder. State's gonna have 5-7 wins in Lebby's first year, and one of them will be over ole pi$$!!
Mr. Lazenby, you might want to adjust that last sentence.
Yep, I expected about as much. Can't defend the entirely false and judgemental drivel you typed this morning, eh?
WTH are you even trying to talk about?? Get F*(*&d!
A&M should beat State like a drum this year. State is all but head coach-less.
State would be very foolish to fire Zach now, but probably not in 3 weeks
Not the first recently and will not be the last unfortunately. If things go the way I think they will some of the people that leave may come back probably will with a good hire
But there is still hope at this point. We have three games left there is still time for him to rally the troops and drive forward. If he can win two of these next three games and compete in the other one I think he has turned a corner and we should stick with him another year. But if he beats Southern Miss but loses the other two especially the Egg Bowl we must make a change immediately after. We will see what happens and he is a good man either way but if it goes like I think it probably will and everybody else thinks it probably will then we must make a change. Zack is a good man and will land a good DC job somewhere soon.
Here is my take. While other boneheads have been calling for his house since game 3 that is just ridiculous. I noticed some red flags one or two maybe and some very bad decisions early in the season but wasn't sure at the time if it would have much of an impact and along with the injuries that has had a major impact at this point. After the Arky game I thought the team and Zach was in a good position and maybe had turned a corner but instead of capitalizing on the win he seems to have gotten even more apathetic and nonchalant and his coaching demeanor and effort resulting in the product you see on the field now which is probably the worst in a long time. No it is the worst in a very long time.
If Zach Arnett wants to really save his job, he'll $#!+can Barbay today; if he doesn't and only gets to 5 wins, he's history, and should be. Good man, very good DC, poor head coach.
He'd better be excited about securing year 2 rather than losing it; one of the two will happen with the UK game.
The general consensus even amongst 'Bulldog Media' is that Zach Arentte was a heuckuva DC and a fine man and a good sport for being thrust into a role he might not have been ready for, is indeed not ready for it. He is a good man and a competent, quality DC, but he's not quite ready for the role just yet.
I got a feel for the guy but I mean he's a young dude that's a very good defensive coordinator that probably took it out of obligation. But that decision to revamp the offense was just a terrible terrible decision even for a young first year head coach. I feel like Barbay was in his ear but I don't know that by any means
Ive not been a fan of the 'Fire Arnette' since they started their BS after game 3. But it's pretty apparent now he is NOT the answer, and that's remarkable just over halfway through year 1. Unless he wins out which I don't see even remotely close to happening cut bet immediately after the Egg Bowl and begin the rebuild and do it right this time!!
It's like these players are out there on their own. This is a terribly terribly poorly coached team with enough talent for a 9 win season.
Shoot. From what I've seen this year if I was not a Mississippi State fan I would hope he gets another one too!
You are correct, LSUSMC. I suppose I was alluding to the fact his buyout is so low it in case he IS a one-year coach
Simple. Arnette gets 6 wins, he stays. Arnette beats Southern Miss and stays quite competetive but loses the rest, he stays. Arnette beats Southern Miss but gets lost in the sauce again against the rest, he's a one-year coach. There's a reason he was signed to a rather cheap, one year contract. Hail State & GTHOM!
Hmmm. Well, hopefully you can still find a way to make it happen.
A good family friend that recently passed was a backup on the 58 LSU championship team. Had some great stories.