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I agree with your post 10%, to make up for the 10% that Tua lacked. I believe your post has approximately 90% ALL CAPS, which I skipped because I don't read ALL CAPS. At the end of the day: Hope to see y'all in the playoffs.
LOL I was just having a laugh. It's good that Oklahoma has to prepare for two quarterbacks (one great, one very good as of late).
I dunno, I heard through the grapevine from a trusted source that Tua may still be iffy. They may have used a decoy in this video just to try to throw off Oklahoma so they don't expect Hurts to play.
WATCH: I say there are 2 potential things that could be 'disruptive' for Alabama: 1. Tua's left knee going out. 2. Tua's right knee going out.
I agree, although there is one question that remains to be seen: will he throw the ball away if LSU's coverage is too solid or their front seven get to him too quickly? Chances are the minds of Dan Enos and the rest of the coaching staff have prepared for this and have worked with him in practice. Honestly with Tua's skill I think he could take a sack or two and still covert.
So having one (or part of one) cigar after a game where you can suffer brain damage or tear your ACL is bad for your health?
I love the sport, but the idea that college players who may never make a dime from it end up with brain-related issues later in life bothers me. So I think this will just become like any other subjective penalty in the game. It sucks either way, whether you call the close targeting penalties or you don't.
And not to turn this into a Tua thing, but to turn it into a Tua thing: Had Tua started against Auburn, Alabama would most likely have made it to the SEC Championship, won there, and then gone on to win the playoffs. I'm not saying it would have been wise from a political standpoint, but I think it's fair to speculate.
Tua's mom was praying in the stands, so it's quite possible she and her husband wanted to pray for Tua in the tent... They seem to be pretty sincere with their faith. I don't think it had to do with "mommying" little baby Tua.