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I'm ok with bulletin board material. Also, uncle eddie has every right to his unbiased opinion.
Apparently, it doesn't take much to be an AD. All you have to be able to do is pick up the phone and pay a ton of money to a search firm to do all the work.
Crazy O's trying to come across as a "players" coach. What a poser! I say you better play or pay back some of that hard-earned booster money!
Haha! That was Miles team with Fragile Fournette fresh from sitting out that beat Ole Miss. Crazy O's hadn't had time to put his train-wreck trademark on the team yet.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. I wonder which coach in that picture won't be there next year?
Glad to see Clemson win, not solely because it was over Bama, but I love when the underdog pulls off the upset. Would've pulled for bama if they were the underdog. I think at some point, it almost becomes unethical to cheer for the team that has signed the top recruiting class for the past six years, or whatever the number may be. Saban failed with the best players and seemingly unlimited resources to get any assistant coach he wants. Bama is the Cobra Kai of college football.
I'm an OBJ fan, but I honestly don't recall much mention of him while he was at LSU.
In bummertime world, you get designated the age of one year less than it's own for posting an unfavorable comment.
Boosters bought the team so I think they make all of the decisions.
Watson should've won the Heisman. I think W underestimated Scarbo and Clemson won't. The two best teams are playing for the natty this season, no doubt.
I remember when Cut played Eli in the bowl game of Romaro's last year. I thought it was such a waste of a year of eligibility, but obviously worked out for him.
Doesn't matter your age. I've seen moms and dads try to get on the field at high school soccer games.
True. A lot of people suck at interviews. I absolutely hate them. It's the only time my lower lip gets this uncontrollable quiver.
Uga is only relevant for being consistent failures every single year with "so much talent." The media keeps them relevant with false hype. Am I right or am I right?
Uncle eddie mad that he's not mentioned as a candidate for the job. He'll probably still interview though.
You're funny! There's no way the officials, replay booth, or bham is throwing out a bama player. Good one!
Hands down, best bag men in history. They've won the bag man natty for the past seven years!
I see it the exact same as you. Similar style as Henry for bama last year.
aww pooh bummertime. It just gets your panties in a tight wad when somebody takes the cover every prediction and can't be wrong angle. Geez, post something worth reading for once in your lifetime instead of this whiny ass whining.
Gotta love fifth grade hijinks...cousin eddie strikes again!
Bama fans started tailgating today on campus. This only happens in the SEC.